Owen Hewett Award
Owen Hewett Award

Owen Hewett

The Owen Hewett Award is given to a track & field athlete who embodies the characteristics of the ultimate student-athlete. It is annually awarded to a male and female who holds a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better and is an outstanding performer on the track.

Hewett was a former manager for the track team and is currently on the 'O' Club board. He remains a fixture among Sooner athletics.

Owen Hewett Award Winners

1990 Kay Gooch, Bryan Yockers
1991 Kay Gooch, Paul Causey
1992 Kay Gooch, Bryan Yockers
1993 Kay Gooch, Conor Holt
1994 Kay Gooch, Conor Holt
1995 Jenny Bramer, Justin Chapman
1996 Jenny Bramer, Justin Chapman
1997 Silke Vogel, Chris Westfield
1998 Amy Tinker, Jason Larabee, Katie Webster
1999 Jennifer Fontenot, Kino Roberts
2000 Janel Hayes, Jonas Lusk
2001 Janel Hayes, Marcus Bivines
2002 Sande Swaby, Aldwyn Sappleton
2003 Jimyria Hicks, Aldwyn Sappleton
2004 Renea' Burns, Dan Strong
2005 Catherine Odell, Kevin Bookout