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DECEMBER 07, 2012

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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"You give Texas A&M all the credit for playing a great, great football game, and in particular the second half. They played outstanding. Johnny Manziel is everything he was billed to be, expected him to be. But, again, Coach Sumlin and his staff totally outplayed us, out coached us the whole second half. It's a team effort. When you lose like that in the second half, the offense goes. We hadn't had a punt the entire first half. We come out and go three and out, three and out, three and out, giving them all the field opportunities. You can't keep giving them opportunities. Where in the first half, we played together as a team, limited them, used the clock, scored. That's how you have to play 'em. In the second half it totally broke down offensively and defensively. Defense couldn't get off the field."
On Johnny Manziel:
"I think it's both. You got to give our team at times miss a bunch. But he makes everybody miss 'em. He was what you've seen on tape the whole year.
You know, then you could see how with a month of preparation, they're adding wrinkles with the option and different plays with him, so that you play him in a one safety high, I'll say it the right way, you're out of luck. Then you play him with a two safety look, you're out of luck another way. It's difficult with what they're doing with him to handle it."
On second-half adjustments:
"No, we didn't change. We continued to play the same defense. We didn't feel we needed to change that much. We were doing some decent things.
The obvious ones, when you got a guy running up the boundary, they throw the fade right over the top of them, they could have done that in the first half, too. We just covered better or played a little bit better in the first half."
On the third quarter:
"I wouldn't say this. We talked about that. They were running the same defenses we had seen in the first half. They executed them and outplayed us. They executed them in the second half better than we executed our offense. No, they didn't come out and all of a sudden have some new defense. I'm sure they didn't feel they needed to either. We only had 13 points. They come out and played the same way and we didn't execute very well."

On settling for field goals:  
"You know, the frustrating one was when we were close, the early one. The other one, you got to give them credit, you're not always going to score a touchdown. That one, again, they kind of outplayed us up in there, didn't allow us to score. How much that would have helped, who knows. Still only gives you a few more points at half."
On lack of pass rush: 
"Yeah, but you see that a lot of the year with him. Guys that do get some pressure, when it's a four man rush, he takes off and runs because they got five guys blocking four. You're trying to get pressure and come underneath on an outside rush, then he aborts it and either waits and throws it downfield or takes off and runs for 40.
Again, it's tough."
On if Manziel is one of the best college QBs he has faced:
"Absolutely. Because of not only throwing the football, what he does with his feet is just incredibly difficult to handle. Even when guys are in position, he is so quick and strong running, he's just hard to get to."
On Landry Jones:
"He's been an incredibly positive influence on the football team in every way, on the field, off the field, great worker. Close with everybody. We'll miss him. He's been a great, great player. He threw a lot of great balls out there tonight. But we've got some young guys. We just got to move forward with them. But Landry did really all he could the way he's worked for this program."
On if this season was better than 2011:
"Obviously it is. They're not to even be compared. This game is disappointing in every way for me, for us. But the rest of the season was pretty positive, and another Big 12 championship."
On throwing downfield:
"Well, they were sitting off pretty good. We had an awful lot of yards underneath. In the end, at times when we did, if we felt there were some opportunities, when we did go for a chunk or two, we got pressured. Landry had to abort it. They did a good job on us downfield."
On the defensive performance this season:
"I don't think there's any question. The second half of the year poorly in most ways. We've got to make improvements in all areas, run defense, pass defense, pressures, whatever we're doing. But again, some of it, too, our players have got to make some improvements. We had guys in position a punch of times today to make plays, and they didn't make them. The schemes and that kind of stuff only goes so far. Bottom line, it comes down to when you get opportunities to execute, you got to execute.
  Junior C Gabe Ikard

On the difference in the second half:
"They went to a three man front on us. Couldn't run the ball well enough. Basically the same thing Notre Dame did against us. Didn't execute well when they went to that three man front in the run game. You get into predictable passing situations, they drop eight, there's not many places to go with the football, for Landry to find guys. Offensive line didn't play well enough, didn't run the ball well enough in the second half. When you get three three and outs in a row against that team on offense, you're going to fall behind pretty quickly."
On Landry Jones:
"Just the kind of guy Landry is. One of the most unselfish people I know. Has great character. Is always looking out for other people. He came back to try to lead us to a national championship.
But we dropped some games against some really good teams. Feel just disappointed that he's going out this way, getting beat like that. But just I wish him the best of luck. He's going to be a great NFL quarterback. I hope him coming back doesn't affect his financial situation, his draft status, stuff like that. But overall just feel a great friend and a great guy."
On disappointment with the offense:
"No. First half, they didn't stop us. We kind of missed out on the goal line set with Blake's package. Kicked a field goal, threw a nice pass. First half, I thought we were rolling, moving the ball well, using our tempo well. The third quarter killed us. Three three and outs when you haven't punted in the first half, when you're giving the ball to No. 2 on the other team, you got to put up points.
But, yeah, that third quarter really got us behind."
On difference between 2011 and 2012:
"This year was a lot more fun, I thought, playing all those lost games, giving you people heart attacks, it was a good time. Just disappointing it had to end like this. You know, losing to K State and Notre Dame, two great teams, then all those close games, yeah, it was a little different than last year. Last year we didn't get torched in the bowl game."
On transitioning quarterbacks:
"Obviously Landry is one of the more underappreciated talents we've had around here, just setting all kinds of records. All he got was criticism about us losing games, when normally it wasn't even much of his fault. It will be interesting to see how winter and spring goes. I know Blake is going in with probably the No. 1 guy. But I'm sure Coach Heupel will have all those guys motivated, convince them it's a quarterback battle. We'll see how that goes, just see who earns the job in spring."
  Freshman C Ty Darlington

On 2013:
"Going forward, I know we know what we have to do going forward. If anything, this will be a huge motivation through the off season, cause us to work harder through the off season, and to come back next year as good as we possibly can be."
  Senior QB Landry Jones

On his experience at Oklahoma:
"I can't say enough about my experience here at OU and the things that I've gotten to do here. Coach Heupel and coach Stoops, you can't say enough about those guys."
On OU's performance:
"It was obvious tonight that we didn't play the way we should have played. We couldn't run it. We couldn't throw it. It happens, you know. But at the end of the day, God's given me an amazing platform at this school, so I give him praise right now."
On Texas A&M:
"It's the same talent level, same guys we played last year. But they played well tonight and we didn't. We got inside the 10-yard line and we didn't score twice. We scored two field goals. In the second half, we come back out and had three three-and-outs, and I think they scored three straight touchdowns. When you do that, you can't expect to win a game. I wish we were better tonight, but that's the way it is."
  Senior S Javon Harris

On Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel:
"You've got to give it to him. He's not a Heisman winner for no reason. You've got to give him props for what we did today. It's nothing but respect for him. In the first part of the game, we tried to keep him contained and stay in the box, but once he slipped out, we were chasing him. We fell out of those holes and didn't keep him in the pocket. We knew what kind of player he was. Clearly, you saw what he did to the SEC all year. We knew exactly we were going to get into, but we wanted to keep him in the pocket and it didn't happen tonight."
  Senior DE David King

On execution of Oklahoma defense:
"We couldn't execute, much less do anything tonight. Johnny went out there and did everything that he has done all year. We had him contained and then all of a sudden he got away and makes a pinpoint throw."
On Johnny Manziel:
"He deserves it. He came out and played a great game. He made Heisman throws and executed offensively to perfection."
On frustration rising amongst the defense:
"It does get to you. We had them stopped and next thing you know they score a touchdown on fourth down. We couldn't execute as a defense tonight. But, the game is over and it is embarrassing, but you can't dwell on that; you've got to go ahead and move on."
On the defense next year:
"As long as the guys don't go through the motions and continue to attack and use this game as motivation, we can't get any worse. We will continue to work and get better. We will be back



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