Michael Hunnicutt Media Day Quotes
August 02, 2014

Oklahoma Football Media Day
Kicker Michael Hunnicutt
Aug. 2, 2014

On the tweet about new iPad playbooks:
“I sat down at home and thought it would be something funny to tweet it out. Just thought of it; a good funny tweet to get the season rolling.”

On goals going into senior season:
“(My) goals just like every year are to be consistent, just try to make the next kick. I’m not a big end-of-season guy; I just try to make the next one and I should be good for the rest of the season.”

On what he did over the summer to make his leg stronger:
“Just a lot of the same stuff, working out with the strength staff here. I work out with all of the guys and do the same type workout that everyone else does.”

On the fake field goal touchdown against Oklahoma State:
“It was a really good experience, my best memory since I have been here in college so far.”

On how he prepares for a situation like kicking a game-winning field goal:
“We do a lot of stuff during practice, maybe getting out of running or something if I make a kick. And I have kicked a couple of game-tying field goals, so it’s not much different pressure I would say. I’m looking forward to the day it happens, but hopefully we are never in a situation that it happens. Hopefully we are up by two or three touchdowns.”

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