Charles Tapper Media Day Quotes
August 02, 2014

Oklahoma Football Media Day
Defensive End Charles Tapper
Aug. 2, 2014

On the coaches wanting the defensive line to be more physical:
“We all put on a couple of more pounds, but kept the same speed to still be able to move when we need to.”

On Coach Jerry Montgomery and his impact on the defensive line:
“Coach Montgomery, he has come in and made a great impact, as you can see. He’s been teaching us techniques from all the coaches he has learned from in the past. Like with Coach Montgomery, if we do the wrong thing, he actually sits us down and teaches us the right thing to do, like how we got our hands wrong or something. He will bring us in and sit us down after practice and keep going over it; like repetition of shooting our hands or working your feet.”

On whether he will get the dreadlocks back:
“I’m going to try to, it’s just a process.”
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