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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Oklahoma Football
National Signing Day – February 5, 2014
Co-Offensive Coordinator Jay Norvell 

On if the Sugar Bowl win impacted recruits’ decisions:
I don’t know that that’s the case. I think that it gave credibility to the way they felt about our program because the bowl game was obviously seen across the country and against a great opponent like Alabama. I can’t say that one single event would make a kid want to come to your school but the combination of the hard work of the entire staff and guys crossing over and helping each other and just the credibility that all of our coaches had with these kids. I think the bowl game put an exclamation point on top of that. They could see themselves fitting in. And the way we played-it was a team effort, an inspiring effort by everybody and I think that made kids want to be a part of it. I think when you watch a team play, you can see the connection that kids have with their coaches. People connect with that feeling that our kids show and I think the young recruits can see that.”

On the size of the receivers:
“We are always looking for stature and some years are different than others. This year we happened to have several big kids that we were recruiting that we really liked and it just so happened that the pool was there with those bigger kids. Obviously we look for those types of guys. I think it’s just a reflection of the whole class, especially offensively; this is a physical, big group of kids. That physicality is really important.

“This group has it at every position. Our quarterback, Justice Hansen, is a big strong guy. Our receivers are that way too. I thought Michiah Quick was important because he kind of gives us a little jitterbug in that mix, kind of like Jalen Saunders. I thought that was important as well. The adjustments we made offensively this year reflect that personnel that we’re looking at. I think one of the things in the adjustments we made this year gave us a physical mentality and it kind of created an edge for our offense. I think it helped us going down the stretch with just our mentality of grinding a little bit. That physicality is evident in this class. You look at Joe Mixon, Samaje Perine. Samaje was up here for his visit and he looks like he’s been here for three years. He’s just chiseled and very physical for a young kid. These receivers are good size guys which is important.”

On social media as a recruiting tool:
“The world is changing all the time and you better be willing to change and adjust and I think we’ve always done that as coaches schematically every year. Recruiting is the same way. Social media is changing the world and it’s certainly changing the world of recruiting. You’re seeing the affect that it’s had on kids. It’s almost like something out of control at times but you have to be aware of it. I think we’ve made some changes the last year in how we use it. I think it’s been effective. You just have to pay attention to it and be in tune with how it’s affecting these kids out there. I think we’ve done a good job of using it. It’s a tool like anything else and it’s got to be used the right way.”

On recruiting on the West Coast:
“When you’re in California recruiting, we tell kids all the time, there’s history at Oklahoma since Coach Switzer was here of quality kids from California. I walk into places and they tell stories about Coach Switzer a lot. That helps us. I’ve had middle-aged school administrators telling me stories about being in high school and Coach Switzer came to their campus. I just think where we are in Oklahoma we’re in the middle of the country. When we need to look for players, we have a choice of East or West. We’ve had a lot of success going West. When that great player isn’t here in Oklahoma or Texas, we need to go find them elsewhere. We’ve been pretty fortunate to find some pretty great players from California. We are a great option because in California, there’s just the Pac-12. They don’t have the excitement around a lot of their programs, the Pac-12 stadiums, just the fervor that our conference does. Kenny Stills wanted to go somewhere with a fervent fan base. Those schools don’t have that but maybe one or two games a year. We’ve had some success and once you get kids from out there, you get other kids. Kids recruit other kids and I don’t think that’s any more evident than this year’s class.”

On WR Michiah Quick:
“We identified a bunch of kids and in the last month we kind of zeroed in on Michiah because of those connections. We loved him as a kid, as well. Mike did a great job with the connections there. Obviously having his teammates from last year was kind of critical. We kind of adjusted some of our recruiting down the stretch and backed off other kids because we felt good about Quick. He’s a great addition and can do so many things. He’s a talented guy and another great addition from California.”

On the offensive line recruits:
“They’re all physical, athletic and have great work ethic. Making things really simple, I thought Bill did a really great job this year of simplifying the way our guys play. I think that will continue in our offensive line play. We definitely have an identity. I am really excited about that whole group. I think we have the physicality.”



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