OU 33, OSU 24 Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
DECEMBER 07, 2013

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement
"First off, like always, I'd like to congratulate Coach Gundy and his staff, players for an excellent, well-played football game. They've had a really good year, and they're a good football team. So, we knew it was a challenge coming in here to play them and we'd have to play well, and I'm really proud of our players for the way they've responded and the way they've played through today and have competed until the end. We've had some adversity, it's safe to say, now I can speak about some of it with all the injuries, but the guys kept going. Nobody flinched, nobody said anything about it and everybody kept working. I thought Derek Farniok came in and did a great job for Tyrus Thompson and without Adam Shead. And to top it off we lost Trevor [Knight] at the end of the first half, I'm really proud of Kendall Thompson and Blake Bell, the way they came in and were prepared and ready to play. We stayed with Kendall to start the second half because for two weeks a big part of our game plan was obviously the zone read and option, and we felt like Kendall would operate in it a little better than Blake would but they were just bringing everybody in the box and we knew had to get out of that. Blake went in and did a great job, I'm really proud of his poise, he scrambled around and made some plays on his own. Jalen Saunders again was sensational.

"And defense, I thought for a good part of the day we played really well. The first half we were out of position on some of the run hits, our linebacker was scraping a little on some of the inside runs. We got that straightened out and settled down in the first half. They had that one big drive at the end of the game; they got us off balance with some quick tempo and throws. But then, again I'm really proud of the way our offense came and got the ball and drove right down the field and scored.

"Kicking game was great again, and Jed Barnett puts them on the one a few times. Jalen Saunders again made the plays, and in this game that's a big factor, he makes the big play, it makes a difference in the game. Defense at the end got some pressure, so really pleased again. I'm excited about the attitude and resilience and toughness of our team and the way they competed in the game."

On the fake field goal
"I felt at that point, here we are on our third quarterback and I just thought a field goal wasn't going to be good enough. I knew we were going to need more than that, we had a numbers advantage out to that side and the way they were lining up and it worked out that way. Grant Bothun and Hunnicutt executed it really well."

On going for it on close situations

"When you're away from home, in these situations, you have to make some fourth-and-ones. I don't really look at that as rolling the dice, in my eyes. So sure, you're on your own end of the field, fourt- and-one, you have to go for it sometimes to get an advantage."

On Trevor Knight's status
"He banged up his shoulder. It's not his throwing shoulder, I'm not sure how severe it is. With all of the zone reads and option read type stuff, we didn't feel like it would be right to put him out there again."

On completing the fake field goal
"Of course, everybody was charged up instead of a field goal, you tie it up. It's a big boost."

On playing through adversity this season
"You're without your best linebacker, he's gone. You're without your best defensive lineman, he's gone. We played a game or two without Aaron Colvin, he's out there banged up with a bad turf toe. You're missing Adam Shead and Tyrus Thompson, two of your starting offensive lineman, and so on. Trevor goes down and I'm probably missing somebody with all of the injuries we had, it's just how it is. Other guys have stepped up and kept competing and playing well and I'm proud of them for that."

Oklahoma special teams coordinator Jay Boulware

On the fake field goal:
"Coach Stoops brought that to the table. I was so pumped this week when he came into my office on Thursday and recognized a fake that he had run earlier in his career. He was just on it. I put a couple other fakes in for us on the punt team and had some stuff ready to go there and some other stuff ready to go on some other units. I guess he got his swag and started to feel it the end of the week.  He was ready for it. That was something that he had brought to the table. I just instructed the kids on what to do and make sure the look was right in situations and coached them up. It's his call."

On everything to go right for the play to work:
"It was an excellent call and an excellent play. First of all, it was a tremendous blessing for those types of things to work out. As you guys well know it has to be divine intervention to get the exact look that you look for. It was wide open. We had a run-pass option and I thought he could have ran it, and I was happy he threw it for Hunnicutt's purposes and getting the love for throwing a touchdown pass."

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops

On adjusting in the second half:
"They blocked a couple plays, plays we had worked on pretty consistently throughout the two weeks. They blocked them a little different and with this scheme they run, you're going to get different blocking schemes. They hurt us in the first half with the spread zones. On the run play, our backs were over-scraping. It was just an adjustment. We just played it a little different the second half. They spread the ball out a little more in the second half. It was a lot of what we saw leading up to the game."

On the goal line stand:
"With the extra two weeks we had extra time to work, and we really overloaded the run and we forced them to throw the fade out there with our defense. They threw 10 guys up there, and it's hard to block all 10. We really committed to blocking the goal line run when they got into their big sets."

Oklahoma wide receiver Jalen Saunders

On the last drive:
"It wasn't just me running routes. Give credit to all of our receivers. Route running is something you have to really key in on and stay disciplined. I tell everyone to make sure you are at the right depth on these routes and then you can be wide open. I think everyone did a great job running their routes in the final drive."

On the touchdown catch
"On the touchdown catch, we called a time out. We practiced that play in the red zone about every week. We practiced red zone plays every week period. It was like second nature to us. We knew what we had to get done and we had our composure out there and did a great job of going out there and scoring a touchdown."

Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell

On the last drive
"I'm still in shock of the whole deal. That was everyone being out there doing a great job, and everyone doing their job and marching down the field and getting the game winning drive."

On the touchdown pass to Saunders:
"Right coverage. I was even licking my chops because I was ready for that one. Once we got the play call and Jalen ran a great route on that play, I just put it out there to him and he went and got it."

On how hard the touchdown pass was to make:
"It's a tough one. You're down there and scrunched down in a tight zone and you only have so much room to throw it. He did a great job of getting the guy off of him, and I just threw it out there for him."

Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt

On having confidence in him to make the throw:
"I think that they have faith, and Grant Bothun is a good athlete and was able to get him a good throw."

On Coach Stoops putting the play in on Thursday:
"He trusted us that we would make a play"

On if he was nervous:
"I was more excited for this than a normal kick. It wasn't too bad. I was just super excited."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement
"That was a heck of a football game. It's unfortunate that we came up short. What the game really came down to was that Oklahoma made some key plays on fourth down, and we didn't. We lost the kicking game. We gave up 14 points in the kicking game. When you do that, it's always really tough to win. There are always three phases, offense, defense and kicking game, and giving up 14 points in the kicking game is really tough to overcome.

"I'm very proud of our players for what they've done up to this point. I told them that in the locker room. I'm certainly not disappointed in them; I'm just disappointed for them because they've been a really good group for us. They've been fun to coach and be around and just to see how they've developed as a team. Unfortunately, we just came up a little bit short today.

"We were able to rush the ball. We just didn't convert. In the third quarter, I thought our defense just really had good control of the game. Offensively, we had too many three and outs. We never extended the game to more than a one-score lead, which I think really was a big factor. We had done that earlier in the year, so it was a tough one. You have to give credit to Oklahoma. They had some nice plays and came up with a decent plan. Ultimately in the end, we just didn't play well enough in the kicking game and didn't convert in the third quarter when we had an opportunity and our defense was playing really well."

On Desmond Roland
"Well, Des played well. He ran the football. We were able to rush the football. We were balanced today, 200-200. Turnovers were even, I think. Again, you have to talk about the kicking game, and we didn't convert on fourth down. Overall, Des rushed the football well today."

On OU's touchdown to go up 27-24
"It got into an all-pass situation. Games change like that. We got into a little bit of it on the drive before, not quite as hurry-up as they were in. They were able to make some throws. The quarterback made some good plays, and there were some good catches that moved the ball down the field. Our defense was tremendous all year, and you play the percentages based on what we've done all year, and in most cases we would have been able to get that stop."

On some of the officials' calls
"There were two plays that we were unsure about. One time, we thought that they crossed the line of scrimmage before the throw. I asked the official that was on the side that made the call, and he said he didn't. He didn't really see a need to challenge it. I said, `Are you sure?' and he said `Yes'. Then, on (Justin) Gilbert's interception, I thought he caught the ball. He came down, and he had it. I thought after he was on the ground that it rolled out, but again, I don't have as good a view as you guys do."

On his thoughts on the team
"Without getting too deep, I think we all understand that we live in a society where the things that we do in our profession are based on wins and losses. That's OK. It's just a sport that has got a tremendous amount of money involved in it, and people only want to accept wins and losses. I feel the same way now about this team as I did after the Baylor game because of what they do. The longer that I'm in this profession, I appreciate a man trying to work toward a goal in something they do as a team, which I think is going to help them in life. I think that's lost in our society today. We don't do as much as a team, and everybody is always out for themselves. This team doesn't think like that, and I really mean that. It doesn't have anything to do with wins and losses today. Do we want to win? Shoot yeah. Am I upset at myself for not doing a better job of coaching? Yes. That doesn't take away from these kids.

"I really feel that way, and they know if I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't tell them that. These guys are busting their butts academically. We don't have many issues. They had their backs against the wall and won several in a row. They won at Texas. They played the No. 3 team in the country and got a great experience. I wish they would've won today. I think it's important that they know that I feel the same way about them now as I did before the game. I just wish we could've made a play there at the end so we could enjoy a Big 12 championship."

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer

On Oklahoma having to play three different quarterbacks:
"I always feel like our tail is on the line every snap. I don't care what quarterback is in. They threw (Kendall Thompson) in there, and he started throwing deep balls on us. He's got a strong arm. They all do good things. They tried to run the ball like we knew they would and when they passed, they hit some passes on us near the end."

On the disappointment of the loss:
"It was very disappointing. It's what you would think. If anybody's ever competed or been on a team, you know it hurts. It's our job to get them back, and we will. There's a lot of character in that room and a lot of fine young men. I hurt for them for having to go through this, but they'll be fine. They'll bounce back."

On Oklahoma's final drive:
"They were just throwing and catching. They hit us on a couple of intermediate routes. They got ahead of a seam player. We had an opportunity. Justin (Gilbert) made a heck of a play, it just bounced out. We pressured them some. We dropped back some. We mixed it up. We had to make a play, and we didn't."

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich

On the disappointment of the loss:
"They put in so much effort. In a big game like this, you want to see them come through because they earned it. Unfortunately in this game, someone had to lose."

On looking forward to the bowl game:
"It's going to be fun (to see where we end up). We'll worry about that as it comes."

Oklahoma State running back Desmond Roland

On the team's strong ground attack today:
"The running back group really worked hard all week. The offensive line did a tremendous job of blocking, and our receivers did a great job blocking downfield. We couldn't get it done at the end of the day."

On consistently moving the ball but not putting points on the board:
"We didn't really score points the way we wanted to, and we couldn't put enough points on the board to help our defense out. They played great the whole game."

On his individual improvement over the course of the year:
"It just shows that hard work and dedication pays off. Staying motivated and keeping a positive attitude is going to help throughout the year. You never know when your name is going to be called, and you have to take advantage of it when it is."

Oklahoma State linebacker Caleb Lavey

On OU's game-winning drive:
"They had some good plans, and they've got some good players. They made plays when they needed to. They kind of grabbed the momentum with a few big plays, and they were able to get the points they needed."

On what qualities today's loss can show in this team:
"One of the biggest things that's really going to show with this team is the maturity by how we respond to this game. It's very easy to get down on yourself, feel sorry and make excuses, but we have to prepare for the bowl and get excited to play our last game together as a team."

On what the team will work on leading up to the bowl game:
"It's just going to be decided on whoever we end up playing. Based on whoever that is, we're going to try and figure out what we need to do there. I have no clue where we're going to be headed, but we'll get started on it as soon as we do."

Oklahoma State Offensive lineman Parker Graham

On how the team can recover from this loss:
"I think the best positive out of this game was that our team didn't give up. We fought until the end. They came in with a great game plan, and it didn't work out for us. We're going to take what we see on film, adjust from it and get ready to play in whatever bowl we're in."

On if this year's seniors can regroup and motivate the team for its bowl game:
"Definitely. It's one more opportunity for me to go out there with my teammates and play football. That's all that really matters to me right now. In a game like this, it's emotional, but you have to pick yourself up and move on to the next one. I'm lucky that we get to have that next game because a lot of teams don't get to say that on their senior night. We'll be looking forward to it."

On the offensive line helping the running game today:
"Our game plan going in was to establish the run in order to open up the pass, and regardless of the weather, I think we ended up doing that pretty well. I don't know what our figures were, but it didn't work out for us. We'll move on from here and see what happens with the bowl selections."

Oklahoma State defensive end Tyler Johnson

On the positives the team can take out of today's game:
"I just think when we get in the film room and study, we'll look at the things we did wrong that we need to correct. It's a tough loss, obviously, but we're family. A family stays together and prays together so we'll get things corrected together. We did some good things and we did some bad things, but sometimes it doesn't always go the way that you would like for it to go."

On the defense's consistent pressure on the quarterback:
"We played hard. I think we did what we wanted to do, and that was to put some heat on the quarterback. There were times when we got back there and we weren't able to finish, but that's part of the game. You win some and you lose some. We just got the lower end of the stick on this one."

On finishing out the year on a high note:
"We're still in the moment of right now, so I don't think we've taken that step forward toward the bowl game yet. It's obviously a tough loss for us, but we'll eventually get back on track and start preparing for the bowl game."



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