Texas 36, OU 20 - Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 12, 2013


Head coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement: Congratulations to Texas, Coach Brown and their staff, and players did an excellent job here today. Really executed a great game plan and really made the big plays in the game. When you give up an interception for a touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown, those are always difference-makers in the game, and they were a big part of the game again today. They made a couple of big pass plays. Again, they were big plays in the game. We didn't have hardly any big plays that way, offensively. So, really, again, I think in each part of the game I thought they outplayed us. Again, I still believe in our football team. We'll continue to improve as we go through the year. You have a long season still in front of us with six games. I still see a lot of potential here with our team; we just have to get some things ironed out and play better in some areas. Again, you can't have big turnovers and you can't have big special teams plays.

On what was happening on the third and long: Definitely they executed better than we were able to blitz and cover. They found their way open, and that was a big part of the first half was third downs where we have been, through five games, really, really good, and you know they outplayed us on those third downs and picked them up and was a big part of the first half.

On what he saw from his quarterback today: Well, he needs support. I thought in some areas, I thought our protection broke down. Again, you've got to give them credit. They beat us in protections, they covered us, so it isn't all on [junior quarterback] Blake [Bell]. Blake needs to keep making improvement, but he needs, like all quarterbacks do, they need some support around them too.

On defending the running game: It was tough. They did a good job in there. Those guys weren't able to play; [senior linebacker] Corey [Nelson] won't be playing the rest of the year. So we've got to try and find ways to absorb it. It doesn't make it easy, but I'm not making an excuse about it. But when they are able to do that, it allowed for some more manageable third downs as opposed to a little more predictable longer-yardage third downs.

On exploiting the quarterback running game and the game planning that went into that: That just the way [Co-Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Josh] Heupel and all of our offensive coaches wanted to go into the football game. Again, there were just some things we don't feel so comfortable with in some areas always with Blake.

On how the end of the game they kept their offense moving with the passing game: Vertical passing game, I said that earlier, they covered us and at times if we did feel somebody coming open, they beat us in protection. It goes hand-in-hand. We weren't able to complete any [passes], and they did a better job defending it.

On if he felt like his players were a little overconfident entering the game based on all the press coverage this week: I can't speak for them. At the end of the day, these are all young people. I felt we had a really good week of practice. I don't have any complaints there. But I think in all competitive arenas, there is a very fine edge between what somebody's listening to and what their mindset is when you have to go compete. I'm not going to say we were, but at the end of the day, they played a lot better than we did.

On if the 11 handoffs in the first half was a game plan or predictability: Well, we always want to work the run game, and this game, that's always a big part of it. Some of our better drives today, when we did have success, was the running game. Then you get a big return on you, and all of a sudden the score gets a little bit skewed. That changes things. So it takes you out of some of what you wanted to do.

On if play action passes on first down would have been another option: Yeah, that would be nice sometimes, when you could complete them. Sure.

On what they saw from Texas today that they hadn't seen on film in the first five games: Well, I would say you have been seeing it. It's probably more consistent as they've been playing more and more here in the last few games. They played very sound. They played great technique defensively. Like I said, I thought coverage they were really sound in what they were doing, and their front seven played well.

Junior QB Blake Bell
On what had him shaking his head after the game: We didn't play well as an offense; it's as simple as that. Obviously third down conversions were not good for us, and just simply moving the football. We need to be better at getting positive plays on first and second so we stay out of as many 3rd-and-longs and 3rd-and-mediums as we can. Overall we did not play well as an offense.

On if Texas gave quarterback Blake Bell any looks that surprised him: No. Not really. They did some stuff that obviously, some stuff, we haven't seen, but no we were prepared. A lot of the looks we've seen we knew we thought we were going to see, we saw. It just comes down to executing. Obviously I take full blame for the picks I threw. Obviously you can't turn the ball over in a rivalry game like this. That's big. Bottom line, we've just got to execute.

On how he looked more poised at Notre Dame and less so today, and what the cause of that change was: Not really. I wouldn't say so. Today, like I said, just a couple of those balls that bring maybe a blitz and I'm drifting and throwing. You know, when you're drifting and throwing the ball on your back foot, it sails on you. I can't do that; I've got to sit in there. That one to [senior wide receiver] Jaz [Reynolds], I don't think he was looking at me. I was hot; trying to put it on him and he wasn't looking, and that's when it was caught. We can't do that.

On the last the last four or five plays for OU and if that was indicative of how the whole game went: When we're in the red zone, we need to score. I felt like when we were down in the red zone that last drive, we had a few opportunities to score. Obviously [senior wide receiver] Jaz [Reynolds] dropped that one, but there were many plays before that that we could do stuff. The delay of game, that was on us. The sack, we need to get that out too. But yes, it seemed as though things like that were happening all game.

On what was different from his previous starts from this season: I am the same player today as any other day. There were just a couple plays me and the receiver just weren't on the same page. That first one we weren't; I threw it and he wasn't even looking, and a guy was standing right behind him and caught it. The next one I was drifting away from pressure and I threw it off my back foot, and you can't do that as a quarterback, because the ball is going to sail on you and it's not good.

On throwing his first interception of the season and whether there is a learning process with that: Yeah a little bit. But you know, like I said with every job, you have to forget about the last play. You can't turn the ball over like I did on those two, whether that is me, the receiver, or the protection, but overall I have to sit in there and not turn the ball over.

On whether he wished he would have gotten to run the ball more: Yeah, you know you don't want to get in third and long, I thought we weren't getting anything on first or second down, which turns into third and medium, which is not good for us. As an offense I think we need to stay ahead of the chains, and that will help us out a lot.

On whether the ball was sailing on him today: That is what I said, you know I drifted in the pocket feeling a little pressure, and that is what happens as a quarterback, when you're on your back foot and throw it, it sails, so yeah, but credit them their defense bringing pressure and making me move a little bit in the pocket.

On whether the passing game struggled due to not getting the ball to their big play receivers enough: All of those guys are doing a great job, we need to get in and look at the film, and see what I did wrong and what they did wrong, and the whole offense. I think if we put it all together we are probably going to be real good, out there today the little things were going wrong and we just didn't, like I said move the ball on first or second down and were getting into third and medium.

Senior OL Gabe Ikard
On the possibility of overconfidence and if they felt that they came in sharp and on edge: I feel we prepared very well this week. We had a couple of hard practices. I know, speaking for the offensive line, we got a lot of tape in. We knew they were a very talented team, and if we weren't at our best that they could beat us. Today, they just outplayed us. We didn't play well in any facet of the game. It's just, I'm very disappointed with the way we played. They got us today.

On whether the players were sensing blood in the water with Texas this year, with the troubles and struggles they've had: Obviously we'd seen the stuff that's been put out in the media, but we knew the level of talent of their players. We knew that we couldn't be overconfident and overlook them because they could definitely beat us with the players they have. We just came out and we didn't play well. We didn't play well on offense for sure. Didn't play well on defense. Gave up some big plays on special teams, so we just got outplayed.

Junior DT Chuka Ndulue
On stopping Texas run: We just needed to be more physical at the line of scrimmage and didn't do that. They out-executed us and we were driven back. That's pretty much it.

On not having sophomore defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and senior linebacker Corey Nelson: Well, that's not really an excuse because anyone has to step up, so missing them was…they outplayed us, and that's basically it.

On whether his solid production eases the pain of the loss: It's a team game, that is how I feel. This isn't golf or whatever, this is football. If the team doesn't do well, it doesn't matter how many tackles or whatever. So no it doesn't ease the pain.

On whether this team can bounce back next week: Yes we can. Everyone has faced adversity, I faced adversity, just have to bounce back and come prepared to play, and get ready for the next game.

On how important it is to set the tone in practice this week as a leader: Last week, this week, next week, it doesn't matter what week it is I am always going to set the tone no matter what it is. I am going to have the same attitude I had last week, get ready to play some football, because anybody can beat you any given Saturday.


Head coach Mack Brown
Opening statement: I'm proud of our guys. It's the way the Red River Rivalry should be. It's two football teams that fought hard. I give Oklahoma credit, they kept coming back, kept hanging in there, they never quit, and never gave up. That is the type of coach Bob (Stoops) is and the type of team that they have always had.

Proud of our guys. The difference in this game was we ran the ball much better than we have in the last two years, we stopped the run better than we did the last two years, we forced more turnovers than we did turn the ball over, and we had a big play in the kicking game even though we gave them one.

So proud of our guys, you can tell our defense is learning more of what (defensive coordinator) Greg Robinson taught; we are tackling better in space. We were in great shape today with that heat it, was treacherous out there compared to what we thought it would be coming in and it got to be an issue with cramps. Chris Whaley showed his running back skills as he ran it back as he had it high and tight and tucked it away as he dove into the endzone. We had said that if it had been 40 yards away instead of 30 he wouldn't have made it because he had given up going in. Case played great. We protected the ball, we ran it well, we took some deep shots and hit them and we are 3-0 in big 12.

On when was the last time Texas was this physical on offense against Oklahoma: It has been a while. I don't know, I think we would have to go back to probably that [2005, 2006, 2007] in there somewhere, maybe [2008], but I don't think so. I think this is probably as well as we have run the ball against them since 2005.

On is this the special teams you expected going into this season: Yes. Yes, it was. We got a good kicker, we got a good punter, we got a good kickoff guy, we got speed. Daje (Johnson's) punt return was huge. We thought he would be returning punts at the first of the year until he got hurt. He still didn't get as many touches on offense as we'd like for him to and we will keep working him in that area. But this is what we expected—Kansas State is what we expected. Hopefully we will have that for six more weeks.

On was the decision to go 4th-and-2 part of the scheme of being aggressive going into this game: I think so. We told them we were going to be aggressive coming in and we weren't going to kick long field goals and we were going to try and make points. I thought also with a 1:06 left right before the half going back down that the team scoring right before the half has an advantage going into the second. I thought the fact that the guys made a big play or two, Case made a big play or two to Jaxon (Shipley), Johnathan made a really good run for 10 or 12 yards, and then we get the long field goal to take points into the half. I thought that was huge.

On being the 14-point dog going in, what does this say about the rivalry that they can be the underdog and win: I think it says more about the state of college football and that anybody can beat anybody on Saturday if you play better than the other team. It is all about how you play and if you go out there and stand around you probably can't beat anybody. If you go out there ready to play, even if you mess things up like we messed some things up today but we were focus, we were tough, we were confident, resilient, in great shape, and these guys did not let up at all. So I think that's why people love college football so much and that is why you have to be careful with what you say. Somebody wins you get too high, somebody loses you get too low and we can't do that. We have to go back to work and that is what these guys did.

On how good of a feeling is this win after a three-game losing streak and where does this game rank for his career: The second one I don't know and I would have to go back and put a lot of thought into that. Where it ranks is that it is so special for two reasons in my mind and this is what I said after the game in the dressing room. Number one, it puts us 3-0 in the league and still have a chance to win the Big 12 and go to a BCS game. That is very, very important to these guys and has been since January. That is what they have talked about every day and what they have worked for and this team has worked as hard as any team we have had. Secondly, these two seniors sitting on my right and the one on my left have never beaten Oklahoma and you shouldn't leave this school without beating Oklahoma. You need to do that. The Golden Hat is a symbol of something really important for these two schools, so I am most proud of the fact that these three guys get to walk out of here hopefully starting a new streak because this thing goes in streaks. I guess we have won five of the last nine now for those who are counting. So this starts a streak forward.

On what feelings were going through his head after the win: I didn't think I was very emotional at all and I thought I did a great job so I think you all wanted me to be more emotional than I was in the past. I had 97 cameras in my face so I couldn't even see the band. I said if y'all could please get out of the way because what you do after a game is you have to sing 'The Eyes of Texas' and in this game you have to go out and get The Golden Hat, which I hadn't done in a while so I really wasn't sure what to do and I needed them to show me what to do. Then I wanted the seniors to get it and they wanted to take pictures with it and I think that is cool that both teams do it when they have it. Then the guys were scattered all over the place because they we so excited. It's fun to see them so excited but we have to get on a plane and get back to Austin too. I like winning football games – that's my job. When you win one, you are supposed to and that is it. You put all your time and energy into one and when you win it, it's really fun and I like seeing these guys be happy. When you lose it, it's devastating because you put the same amount of time in it and the same amount of energy into it and it kills you. So I thought I was appropriately really happy and that's the way I am. I am already trying to find out the TCU-Kansas score and that's the way my mind works.

On why did it come together today after the last three years and what was the mindset of the seniors: I think it is really amazing to see what Greg Robinson and those other three defensive coaches have done to tie this together, to put in the run-stopping defense they put in today. We didn't blitz a whole lot but the guys still put pressure on (Blake) Bell and it is just amazing to see after the change after Brigham Young what this has become.

On this streak usually ends when the players feel sick hearing about it from the outside and did he feel that this year: Absolutely. The one thing the outside can't predict is the will and determination of young people. I told them in there, when they all decide when something is really important to them and this was really important to them today and they all decide to do whatever they can to make this team win, this is a really good football team. It's hard to get everybody to do that every week and that is what they have got to do to be a really good football team before this year is over. To me, I thought we would win today. I knew we would play really hard and I knew we would play really well. I didn't know if it would be good enough to win but I thought we would win. But I knew this was going to be a different mindset coming into this game because they were not happy with the last two years and the way it has looked. As I said, walking out of here last year there were a lot of things said in that dressing room that affected today.

On thoughts about their success on third down and how important was it to this game: When you can stay balanced, you win football games. When you can stay balanced, I thought (offensive coordinator) Major (Applewhite) called a very good game today, I thought Case managed the passing game—touchdown pass on 3rd-and-11 to Marcus Johnson was a great throw when we were in some trouble. When you stay ahead of the chains then you are going to get half of your third down conversions. They did not. So I think they ended up 2-of-13 or something like that and that is all about stopping the run and running the football. That hasn't changed in 100-something years of this game and it won't ever change.

Co-offensive Coordinator Major Applewhite
On QB Case McCoy: He did great job throughout the week. He spent a lot of time in the film room, a lot of time understanding (Oklahoma DB) Zack Sanchez and (Oklahoma DB) Aaron Colvin and understanding that (Oklahoma defensive coordinator) Mike Stoops is going to be aggressive and going to play man coverage. That is their strength. We put some things in to get them one-on-one and get some double moves outside for clear throws.

On throwing to isolated receivers: We just felt that they were so good outside -- Colvin and Sanchez are so good outside -- that it is one of those deals that you've got to make their strength their weakness. If they're going to jump routes and sit on things, then we have got to do some things at quarterback to make them bite. It gets easier when your line is blocking well and your two running backs run for more than 100 yards each. It was one of those game-day things. What we have to do is enjoy it for a few days and realize that TCU is pretty good.

On variety of run calls: I think the back slugging percentage was great today. They didn't miss many holes. Up there, from up top, you could see they were sticking the ball in the right place and the line was giving a great push. We were able to mix up some inside zone schemes and some outside zone schemes and power runs. This game is made way too much about coaches and I just think these guys had had enough. They played hard, went out, took care of the ball and did it.

On if this was QB Case McCoy's best performance: Yeah, it was. He played solid. He had the one bad play on the screen but that's going to happen. You're going to make a bad play here and there. If he gets the ball out another two feet, it probably would've been a really nice play. I'm proud of him. He didn't get rattled. They got it back to a two possession game and he went right back out there and did what he needed to do.

On how important this win was for head coach Mack Brown: I think they're all important but especially this game, the Oklahoma game. I know it's hard to believe, but as a coaching staff we really don't pay a whole lot of attention to what media says. We really try to keep our kids in line and make sure their minds are ready to go. We understand that things can flow either way each and every week. I think it was every bit as important for coach Brown as it for me, as it was for the equipment manager, as it was for (RB) Johnathan Gray.

On Texas' running game: I think playing this game is something different than playing all the other ones. The fact that Johnathan Gray was in his second one and Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron were in their third one, I felt more comfortable. I remember talking to running backs coach Larry Porter during the week and saying, "This is a man's game so find your two that are going to roll. This isn't for little kids. So, the players you trust and the players that will take care of the ball, put them in those spots. We're going to have to run the ball and take some pressure off Case."

On RB Malcolm Brown: I think he's finally become fully healthy. I think this was a game that really called for us to have that balance between two backs. They had 52 carries combined. That is a lot for one guy. Those guys have to be able to share that load.

On handling adversity early: Well that has a lot to do with who you are playing at quarterback. You have to be committed to the run and take some pressure off the passing game. You know it is a man's game and if you're not ready to handle the adversity you can get blown out. Our team has seen that the last couple years. We had to go into the game understanding there would be some adversity but that we could create some adversity, too. It helped to go down and get a field goal to start off with. We got back down there again and had a chance to score but turned it over and then we ended up getting a defensive touchdown. That's huge in terms of developing some momentum and some confidence early. Then, we were able to run the ball some and I think the guys just kept feeding as the game went on.

On QB Case McCoy's confidence heading into game: I think the guys did a great job and Case did, too. He has been in big games. He has played at College Station, he has been where it's loud and so on and so forth. He has just done a great job preparing this week. Going to offense meetings at seven o'clock, we take a break at 8:30 and I'll walk into my office and he's in there watching tape. He was ready for this. I think he had this one circled on his calendar. It was a bit of redemption for him and I'm proud of him. You're going to struggle in life and things are going to happen. He has fought to get back with his teammates and be a leader and prove himself as a quarterback. I'm proud of him.

On the offensive line playing consistently: I think it had a lot to do with our line. They were determined to go play, determined to move the ball and they understood the game plan. I think we spelled it out for them in terms of where we wanted to be on 3rd down so we could possess the ball and convert and keep the chains moving. We understand that that offense, when they get clicking, can score a lot of points. We've seen that the last two years. I think the game plan was a lot more simplified, the schemes were very simple, but this game is not about coaches, it's about players. It's about players and it's a man's game and we found that out the last two years when we didn't show up. Today, I think our guys had enough and they showed up and played well.

On WR/RB Daje Johnson: He's just so explosive. Daje, going into the Iowa State week, was not practicing hard. He was kind of limping around. Then we had the Iowa State game and he could some things. We actually had a limited package for him the Iowa State game because we didn't really know his health. Today we wanted to open it up and let him go a little bit more. It just goes to show no matter how he touches the ball – kickoff, punt return, sweep, throw – he can change field positions and score points. I see him back in that August mode of wanting to prove something to everybody this year. It's good to see him in that frame of mind and hungry. He's a hard athlete to stop.

On tough times against OU: No doubt. This is the best feeling in the world minus your childhood life. It's incredible. We're happy to be here. For the team and coaches, there's been so much adversity. Quite honestly, if the interception returned for a touchdown is the worse that can happen, we'll be all right. There has been a lot more to hit us than that. Guys just kept going and fighting. Again, I'm just more proud of these guys than I am of us as a coaching staff. We've been through a lot as coaches in our careers and these guys are young in their careers and to be able to overcome some stuff and learn some life lessons, it was sentimental.

On how much outside talk team hears: We hear it all but we don't really pay much attention to it. As coaches, we've dealt with that probably at different universities some time before. All that doesn't matter. This team is going to fight, keep our up-mind and focus on our players. That's the most important thing. It is about our players and getting them in the right frame of mind to go win. Some of that stuff will filter through and we'll hear about it, but you'll realize that's just football. You have to continue to focus on your team.

Defensive coordinator Greg Robinson
On containing Blake Bell: Well we really didn't do much to try and get him out of the pocket. Our intent was to keep him from going up the gut, like he does to everybody else. Our guys were so disciplined and our defensive line coaches did such a good job of just working their way patiently back to him. We covered well and when we pressured, we pressured well. The discipline of the rush jumped out at us.

On how well the team played: I'm not surprised that we played well against them. We have good players that are getting better and I think that systematically, we found some things that we can do and we stuck to them. We did it, we did it, we did it, we did it. I really was not surprised.

On the defense getting better: I think as we keep going on, we should improve because there are some young players in that group and as you gain confidence it goes a long ways.

On the teams confidence: I think we knew it was just a matter of getting it all pulled together and getting on the same page. It was nice that we had a couple of extra days last week where we could spend more time preparing.

On comparing to the 2004 game: This was better. We won. I really have to say that I don't pay much attention to it but I hear from my family and others around the building, it didn't sound like anyone thought we had a chance. Quite frankly we knew we had a chance, it was just a matter of us putting it together. I'm glad I am back. I'm happy for the team, I'm happy for the coaches and I'm happy for the fans because I believe that they truly deserve it. We have a nice football team here and I think there is more good to come.

On Mack Brown: It is all-important for Mack Brown because let me tell you something, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Mack Brown. I just wanted to come help him because he is that kind of guy. I think that our players feel the same way and I know our coaches feel the same way. He is a good person and he has had tough situations that he has been having to deal with here for a while. I'm just so happy for him, I really am. I really think he deserves it. I think he guided our team and our coaching staff well.

On Adrian Phillips: Adrian Phillips is an outstanding football player. Coaches sometimes get seduced by physical skills, but you have got to learn how to quantify the intangible characteristics. That kid is physically gifted but the intangible characteristics that he brings to our defense is hard to quantify. He brings a lot to the table. He gets guys lined up, he's always the same guy every day and he's a good football player.

On the defense since BYU: Well I didn't watch any of the BYU footage but I just know this, we are working hard. That's all I can say that we are working hard. We had some young mistakes against Iowa State, but the next day we began our adjustment period to fix those things. We are a work in progress and I look forward to continuing to grow.

On the Oklahoma QB run game: We took it away. We were very determined not to let that happen. I'd already been saying that but we decided that we had a style that we were going to take and we stuck to it the whole game. I think that Blake Bell got frustrated.

On what you continue to do for this defense: It is a lot of things. It's the X's and O's, it's hard work, discipline, it's being unselfish. All of those things come in to play when trying to win and play really good defense.

Senior QB Case McCoy
General thoughts about Texas' win over OU: I am extremely proud of the team, first off. I am looking at the stats and we had two backs that rushed over 100 yards. You can ask any quarterback on any team and they will tell you that if two backs rushed over 100 yards each, they are going to win the ball game and make your job a lot easier. So we didn't really have to do much. We had some matchups on the outside that we really liked, but we missed a couple too. We could have had more (points) than we had but we connected and we made plays when we needed to make plays. We grinded it out at the end, Johnathan (Gray) played unbelievable, Malcolm (Brown) played great, and our defense, just like Coach (Mack) Brown said, they are coming on and playing unreal. We are excited where this team is going.

On Texas-OU being a legacy game for the team: Yes. That is what everyone says about this game. We heard a great speech before the game about stepping up to the challenge. I feel like I did my job. I feel like I did but more importantly, I am excited about what comes after this game. You can study the history of Texas and when we win this game our season tends to go where we want. When we don't win, you can see how it has gone the last couple of years. I am excited about where this team is headed after this game.

On this being a defining game for you: It was dream. I came to Texas to play in this game, and so did a lot of the seniors. This game has gotten even bigger over the years. We haven't played as well in this game the last couple years, so this will be one that the other seniors and I will remember for a long time.

On moving forward from this game: We just have to continue to keep playing like we can. We proved not only everyone else, but also to ourselves that we can play with the best of them. That's where we are at right now, and we are excited to get a week to get healthy and then move on to the next one.

On playing a strong complete game: We have been playing well in spurts. I think a full week of having the reigns of the offense for a couple weeks now played a big part. I started getting timing down with these guys and things really started to click. We are excited.

On the success of the offense: We had a great week of preparation, and I loved the game plan. Major is doing a great job working with me, and working with my strengths and the team's strengths. I was confident in the plan and knew in any situation what was going on and what I was doing. We played hard and played to the plan, and that's the exciting part.

On the feeling after throwing two touchdown passes: That's the fun part of this position. Marcus's was on 3rd-and-11, so we knew they were bringing blitz and the offensive line did a great job on the protection. The offensive line played a great game all day. There are a lot of things that go into each play, and I have to thank all of five of the lineman for their performance today.

Junior WR Jaxon Shipley
On how this wins feels: It feels great. I've been on the losing end of this deal the last two years. Just to come out here and compete, and to know that we can come out and get a win like this as the underdogs is important. It is huge for our season and can get us on a roll.

On Case McCoy's performance: He played extremely well today, and we are all proud of him and the toughness that he showed. The composure that he showed was unbelievable. He is always very confident, and his confidence kept building as the game went on. That is an important trait to have, especially if you are a QB. It is a big time game with crazy fans, and for him to be able to keep a level head just shows the kind of player that he is.

On what was different about today than the past two years against OU: The big thing today was that we came in here and drew blood first. We had a lot of confidence coming into this game, and we started getting some things going early. The early momentum showed and we kept rolling and rolling and kept making plays. A lot of things went our way today.

On where the confidence of the team came from: The win that we got last week, and the fact we are always looking forward to the game against OU. It is a huge game, so we were all really excited in the locker room, and just ready to play.

On the message in the locker room before the game: Case was one of the guys that was really speaking up. We all rallied around the big-time leaders of the team. We had a lot of confidence in those guys. I felt like everyone did their job for the most part, and to come out of here with a victory is a great feeling.

Junior DE Cedric Reed
On the feeling of winning this game: The excitement is high right now. We haven't won this game for a few years, so the emotions are high. We prepared well for this game, so we knew we would come out here today and play well.

On the performance of the defense: Since Coach Robinson came in, we have been learning more and more each week so it is starting to all come together. Everyone came together today, and it just clicked. The defensive line came out played well as a team today.

On Chris Whaley's touchdown: We work on that play a lot in practice, where the defensive lineman drops back into coverage. When I saw him catch it, I saw everyone stop for a second, and then I tried to get a chip block on the corner. It was a great play.

On how big the defensive touchdown was for the team: It was a really big play. That is a momentum changer. Plays like an interception for a touchdown are confidence killers for the offense, and momentum boosters for the defense.

On moving forward to TCU and the rest of the Big 12: Our seniors are very mature and we have great leadership. It especially shows when we have guys stepping in successfully as the starters get injured. We will be ready to move forward correctly. We want to get going early next game and keep pushing.

Senior DE Jackson Jeffcoat
On last defensive stop: You have to stop them. You can't let them have any kind of hope that they can stay in the game so we had to make sure we got a stop. It's what we were doing through the game. Making sure we get those third down stops that we needed.

On improvement of the defense since BYU: Just we're improving. We realize, like I said before, we found out what the mistakes were and we worked to correct it. We're not the best we can be right now but we're going in that direction. We're starting to get better each week.

On if OU game is indicative of how good of a team Texas is: It certainly shows where we can go. We can definitely get better than that. We still made mistakes that we are going to go back and look at. You always have to do that. You can't always be satisfied because you got the win. We got to go correct anything we did wrong. We're excited to beat OU today.

On preparation throughout the week: It's that. Be prepared and that's what we did. We prepared ourselves for this game all through the week. We determined this was a big game for us and it's important for us to get this win. A lot of times, teams that go on to win this game go on to win either the conference championship or do real well in conference. It can tear you down if you lose.

On momentum change that helped Texas win: (Chris) Whaley's touchdown really helped us. I mean we knew we could win this game but when Whaley got it, we kept saying "stay on it." Kill their will. Keep going. Stay on it.

On beating Oklahoma senior year and holding the Golden Hat: Oh it was great. I mean I look back and see all of the guys that have held it before me in a Texas uniform. They are legends and this game is a game of legends. It was great to just put it on. I have this golden hat here and I've always dreamed of putting the hat on.

Senior OG Trey Hopkins
On preparation throughout the week: Just the intensity in practice. Everything is about preparation. This week we really had a sense of urgency going into practice. Coaches, players, everybody was just focused on a single goal. They made sure anybody didn't sway away from that in practice. That's the stuff that leads us to games like this.

On quick start: We started off fast like we want to start fast. That's how we plan to do it. Again, there was no overconfidence in there. We know that's a talented team and it was all about being consistent. That's one thing we made sure on the sideline, no one got complacent after that first drive because we know their a talented team and they can be explosive at times.

On having an edge on offense: Definitely there's an edge. I mean that's just from three years of losing. Three years coming up here, and for me, it's probably the worst experience I had here the past three years. That's where that edge came from. It just gets to the point where you say "we aren't going to lose anymore" and that's definitely where the edge was.

Senior OG Mason Walters
On what the team focused on before the OU game: We definitely have thought about this game a lot the past year. I know ourselves along with our coaches put everything we had into it for a long time working on a great plan against what was a good defense and committing ourselves to knowing that it was going to work because we are going to make it work. As an offensive line unit, we went out, executed the way we were supposed to, Case (McCoy) made some great checks to the second positions and we were able to run to soft spots in their defense.

On what the team thought the keys to the game would be: Out-rushing the opponent is a big team stat for us. We knew they had a good offense. We knew we were going to have to establish a run game early, give Case some confidence in the pocket, and you know when things go as planned you usually win. We did today. I know we faced adversity in the game and have to come out at the end with a long drive. I really think that was indicative of the attitude and mentality we went into practice with this week that we were going to give them the best shot up front and we were going to win the game's line of scrimmage.

On what this should show the young guys on the team: To build on it. Because two weeks from now we will play a good TCU team. It's going to be a great battle. I think one thing we have to do is celebrate this game. It's been a long time coming. We put a lot of work into it. Thankfully we have the bye week to get everyone to stop patting us on the back and get ready to go play TCU. But that's the focus of next week. What do we need to do to go to 4-0 in the conference? Start thinking about this team after we beat a good OU team building confidence and going forward there is still a lot of great opportunities out there for us.

On mindset going into today after last two years: In that locker room, there was never any doubt we could come out and beat this team. We knew they were good and we had to put our best foot forward to do that. We knew we couldn't turn the ball over and we battled with them the whole way. I don't remember what the turnover ratio was comparatively but good enough to win. Running the ball was something we knew we were going to be able to do. We saw on film and our coaches had a great plan for us. Hopefully that builds confidence because that was a good team out there and they fought us to the end. We need to do more things to put teams away.

On how the win feels: One of the best feelings ever. I've been in that locker room three years prior and you do, maybe in the offseason, begin to doubt yourself. This year as a senior, I knew I didn't want to go down without giving them the best fight I had. We hadn't brought that the last two years. We came to this game like Texas should and helped the younger guy understand that's what you need to do year in and year out to continue to be a great program. This is a great game. Remember this feeling because nothing is better than this.

Sophomore WR/RB Daje Johnson
On punt return touchdown: All the players are saying I should have fair caught it. I was thinking the same thing but I don't like fair catching that much. Then I don't like the players after I fair catch saying "you could have taken that one back." I just said I'm taking every one back after this one. It felt great. I was excited. My first punt return in my college career so I'm excited.

On ankle injury: My ankle is feeling good. It was feeling great. I wasn't really thinking about it much in the game. Little sore when I was just chilling on the sidelines. When I got out there, it was fine.

On ankle injury hampering returning punts: I'm not sure. I guess I have to work my way up because I was behind (Jaxon) Shipley and Quandre (Diggs) and they've been doing it.

Senior DT Chris Whaley
On his pick-six: I didn't dream about a pick six but I did dream about making a big play and it came through. It actually surprised me when the ball hit me in the hands. I knew I was going to be in a running position to make a play and when I was running all I was thinking about was scoring. I saw the quarterback I wasn't going to cut it or anything I was going to run straight through.

On the mindset of the seniors: Being a senior we hadn't won a game at this Red River Rivalry, so we knew coming into this game that we had to play hard for 60 minutes. Jackson (Jeffcoat) and I talked about it and we were telling the guys that we have to come out and punch them in the mouth the whole game and that is what we did. We realized that we could play like this every Saturday and if we play like this every Saturday, there is no limit to what we can do.

On how excited he is on his interception: I'm pretty excited. It took a whole lot out of me though of course, but it's just the fact that I caught an interception and returned it for a touchdown. It's just a great feeling. I don't know how to express my excitement. I just ran back on the field.

On the difference between coming out of the locker room today versus leaving here last year: Leaving here last year, I knew we came out and we fought pretty hard, but they fought harder than we did and we know that being this Texas team, we have a lot of talent and we're able to play with anybody. This year, we came out with the mindset that we're going to step out on this field, and we're going to leave it all out there no matter what. Being able to walk off this field with a great win as a senior, no words can describe it.

On what was said in the locker room last year: A bunch of people were mad, mad that we lost the game like that. A lot of people were saying we got everything turned around and be able to play this well.

On what his interception did for the mindset of the defense: The mindset of the defense sparked up a little. Everybody came and played together, and that's what we need to do every week.

On the mentality of today: The mentality today was to go out and be the more physical team throughout the whole game. We fought hard for 60 minutes, and we came out for the win.

Sophomore RB Johnathan Gray
On why he was able to run so well in this game: Our offensive line played great. We know, as any running back does, if your offensive line plays great you will be able to run the ball. They played great, Case (McCoy) played great, and our wide receivers had some great catches and deep balls for scores so when your passing game and running game so it was a great day today.

On after today, how the team will make sure they come back and fire on all cylinders like today: We take this day and enjoy it. Sunday, we'll enjoy it but after that, we'll get ready for TCU and focus on those guys to get prepared for them.

On what worked in the run game and the offensive line today: Our offensive line worked hard this week. They were getting criticized by how soft they were. They took it to heart, prepared and got ready and today they dug guys out of the way and made open holes for us. We got to the secondary and it was our job to do what we were supposed to do and we did it.

On if he and junior RB Malcolm Brown's run game could break their will: Yeah, we saw it early in the game running the ball with the up-tempo and tapping their helmets, we just kept coming and pounding. We knew it would break eventually and it did, and we came out with the win.

On if this is the type of team they've been to hoping to be all season: Yeah, we knew we had it in us. It just takes guys to finally realize what they can do, and the sky's the limit for us. All we have to do is keep working and keep grinding to prepare for TCU and keep going.

On why the mindset worked today: The mindset was always there. It was just execution. We didn't execute as much as we wanted in Iowa State. We didn't execute as much as we did in the second half of the Ole Miss game. We didn't execute in BYU. That's all it comes down to is execution. The mindset and execution was out today and we did a great job of it and came out with the win.

Senior CB Carrington Byndom
On how it feels to finally beat OU: It's a great feeling to actually win one and not be on the losing side, to actually see your fans there at the end of the game; it's a great feeling.

On what he heard this week: We hear a lot of things but we know what things we're capable of. We knew we were going to have to come in and play, and we did that today.

On what the defense picked up from this game: That we can get better. We made a lot of mistakes on defense. We have to go back and look at the film and make sure we get those mistakes fixed for the next upcoming weeks. We didn't play perfect on defense. The offense didn't play as perfect as they could, either.

On what the defense learned about themselves that they did not know: We knew our guys were going to fight. We knew that each week, we're going to come to play. Our mission is to win the Big 12 and beat OU. We came out and did the best we could and we prevailed.

Junior RB Malcolm Brown

On him doubling his season yardage today: I wasn't paying attention. I was just running. Our offensive line was big for us today with crazy open holes.

On what was the momentum swing: Whaley's touchdown, that great shot from Case to Marcus Johnson. Those were some big plays for us and I believe those two shifted the momentum for us.

On how pleasing it is to be the more confident team today: It's a great feeling for us. I was waiting a long time to wear that hat and just to get that is great. It's a blessing to be on this team and have these great coaches and forget about the negativity.

On what changed from Iowa State: From the start of preparing for Oklahoma. Coaches told us running backs and o-linemen that we're trying to pound it and we responded well to it. The offensive line did a great job like I said earlier. We got some good backs that can run the hole and hit it and they made a huge hole for us.

Junior DB Quandre Diggs
On how satisfying today was: Very satisfying. We've got out of that little funk we were in the last two years, and we needed this. We came out and played all four quarters very well and ended it with a victory.

On who challenged who on defense: I think we challenged each other. No single person can take that credit. I feel like we all came out with a lot of energy. If I had to be the spark plug to get my guys going, I was going to be that guy. It's what I need to do each and every week.

On what the guys have to do to not let down anyone after this big game: Keep playing like we played today. Let everybody know how we can play at home.

Senior WR Mike Davis

On the success of today's game plan: It feels good knowing that we knew our game plan was going to work. We came out and made plays. The line blocked well, the running backs ran great, the receivers made plays on the ball, so everything came out well today.

On if the mentality was different today: Yes, totally different. We turned up to another level. It was great. We came out here and had more fight than they did.

On what it means to win so close to his home: It's great. I always have wanted this since I have been here. To go out with a bang my senior year and win this game means a lot to me.




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