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University of Oklahoma
MAY 20, 2013

Conference Awards & Honors

Women's Gymnastics History & Tradition

Big 12 Sportsperson of the Year (1)
 Year  Name  
 2010  Hollie Vise  

Big 12 Gymnast of the Year (12)
 Year  Name
 2018  Maggie Nichols
 2017  Chayse Capps
 2016  Chayse Capps
 2015  Haley Scaman
 2014  Haley Scaman
 2013  Taylor Spears
 2008  Kiara Redmond
 2005  Erin LaBarr
 2004  Kasie Tamayo
 2002  Mariana Goncalves
 1999  Amber McCracken
 1998  Ginger Russell
Big 12 Coach of the Year (12)
 Year  Name
 2018  K.J. Kindler
 2017  K.J. Kindler
 2016  K.J. Kindler
 2015  K.J. Kindler
 2014  K.J. Kindler
 2013  K.J. Kindler
 2012  K.J. Kindler
 2010  K.J. Kindler
 2008  K.J. Kindler
 2002  Steve Nunno
 2001  Steve Nunno, Becky Switzer
Big 12 Specialist of the Year (6)
 Year  Name
 2018  Stefani Catour
 2017  AJ Jackson
 2016  McKenzie Wofford
 2015  AJ Jackson
 2013   Lauren Alexander
 2012  Megan Ferguson
Big 12 Newcomer of the Year (6)
 Year  Name
 2018  Anastasia Webb
 2017  Maggie Nichols
 2015  Brenna Dowell
 2014  Chayse Capps
 2013  Haley Scaman
 2010  Natasha Kelley

Individual Conference Champions (149)
 Year  Name  Event
 2018  Brenna Dowell  Floor
   AJ Jackson  Vault
   Nicole Lehrmann  Bars
   Maggie Nichols  All-Around, Floor
   Anastasia Webb  Floor
 2017  Natalie Brown  Balance Beam
   Chayse Capps  All-Around, Balance Beam
   Brenna Dowell  Bars
   AJ Jackson  Floor
   Maggie Nichols  Vault, Bars
   McKenzie Wofford  Bars
 2016  Natalie Brown  Balance Beam
   Chayse Capps  All-Around, Balance Beam
   Chayse Capps  All-Around, Balance Beam
   AJ Jackson  Vault
   Keeley Kmieciak  Vault, Bars
   Haley Scaman  Floor
 2015  Erica Brewer  Balance Beam
   Chayse Capps  Balance Beam
   Brenna Dowell  Floor Exercise
   AJ Jackson  Vault
 2014  Mail'eana Kanewa  Vault
   Haley Scaman  Floor Exercise
   Taylor Spears  Balance Beam
 2013  Rebecca Clark  Balance Beam
   Maile'ana Kanewa  Vault
   Brie Olson  Uneven Bars
   Haley Scaman  Floor Exercise
   Taylor Spears  All-Around, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam
 2012  Megan Ferguson  Balance Beam, Uneven Bars
   Brie Olson  All-Around
 2011  Megan Ferguson  Balance Beam
   Natasha Kelley  Balance Beam
   Kayla Nowak  Floor Exercise
 2010  Jackie Flanery  Floor Exercise, Vault
   Brie Olson  Vault
   Natalie Ratcliff  Vault
   Hollie Vise  Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars
 2009  Haley DeProspero  Balance Beam
   Megan Ferguson  Uneven Bars, Balance Beam
   Ashley Jackson  Uneven Bars
 2008  Hollie Vise  Uneven Bars
   Haley DeProspero  Balance Beam
   Kiara Redmond  Floor Exercise, Vault
 2007  Brittney Koncak-Schumann  Floor Exercise
 2006  Brittney Koncak-Schumann  All-Around
   Stephanie LoPiccolo  Uneven Bars
 2004  Ashley Cooney  Vault
   Kasie Tamayo  All-Around, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise
 2003  Erin LaBarr  Uneven Bars
 2002  Kasie Tamayo  Floor Exercise
 2000  Amber McCracken  Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise
 1999  Amber McCracken  Uneven Bars
 1997  Teresa McGrath  Vault, Balance Beam
 1996  Melissa Griffith  Floor Exercise
 1995  Tracey Cole  Balance Beam
   Melissa Griffith  Balance Beam
   Chelle Stack  Uneven Bars
 1994  Melissa Griffith  Floor Exercise
   Amy Smith  Vault
 1993  Tracey Cole  Balance Beam
   Shannon Gilbreath  Vault
 1992  Tina Gamboa  Vault
   Linda Haverly  Uneven Bars
   Shanna Kennedy  Uneven Bars
 1991  Tricia Bonomo  Balance Beam
   Monica Fields  Vault
   Jessica Frey  Uneven Bars
 1990  Monica Fields  Balance Beam
 1989  Cassie Frey  Vault, Floor Exercise
 1988  Kelly Garrison  All-Around, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise
 1987  Tatiana Figuiredo  Vault
   Kelly Garrison  All-Around, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise
 1986  Tatiana Figuiredo  All-Around, Vault
   Mary Jean Mylott  Floor Exercise
   Dayna Rose  Uneven Bars
 1985  Amy Priest  Vault, Uneven Bars
 1984  Mary Jane Ousley  Balance Beam
   Amy Priest  All-Around
 1983  Mary Jane Ousley  Balance Beam



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