Oklahoma players and coaches touch the traditional 'Play Like a Champion Today' sign posted above the locker room door as they head for Owen Field before every home game.
As the team enters the field, the Sooners run under a crimson banner flanked by flags representing each of Oklahoma's seven national championships. The banner displays 'Play Like a Champion' on the side facing the players and 'Oklahoma Sooners' on the side facing the field.
Away from Norman, the OU equipment staff faithfully posts a travel version of the sign for the Sooners to touch as they depart the locker room for the field. 
On the third floor of the Barry Switzer Center, one of the early 'Play Like A Champion Today' signs that once hung in Bud Wilkinson's office sits in a glass display. Wilkinson coached OU from 1947-63. 
The item was also used through Barry Switzer's era (1973-88) as a sign that players touched before walking to the field. 
When did Oklahoma first use the slogan? No one can provide a definitive answer. The origin of the saying, which is also associated with Notre Dame's program, is not known.