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2006-07 Men's Basketball Game Notes

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Game 1: OU vs. Norfolk State
Game 2: OU vs. Liberty
Game 3: OU vs. Memphis (Maui Invitational)
Game 4: OU vs. Purdue (Maui Invitational)
Game 5: OU vs. Chaminade (Maui Invitational)
Game 6: OU vs. TCU
Game 7: OU vs. Villanova
Game 8: OU vs. Coppin State
Game 9: OU vs. UT Arlington
Game 10: OU vs. Tulsa (All-College Classic)
Game 11: OU vs. SMU
Game 12: OU vs. Alabama
Game 13: OU vs. Texas Tech
Game 14: OU vs. Colorado
Game 15: OU vs. Texas
Game 16: OU vs. Nebraska
Game 17: OU vs. Baylor
Game 18: OU vs. Oklahoma State
Game 19: OU vs. Texas A&M
Game 20: OU vs. Longwood
Game 21: OU vs. Texas Tech
Game 22: OU vs. Oklahoma State
Game 23: OU vs. Baylor
Game 24: OU vs. Iowa State
Game 25: OU vs. Texas A&M
Game 26: OU vs. Missouri
Game 27: OU vs. Texas
Game 28: OU vs. Kansas
Game 29: OU vs. Kansas State
Big 12 First Round (OU vs. Iowa State)
Big 12 Quarterfinals (OU vs. Kansas)

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