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Spacing and timing. Sonny and Cher. Batman and Robin. Some things just go together. By themselves they work, kind of. But when paired? Look out. That's when the magic happens. Beautiful basketball pivots on offensive spacing and timing. And it seems to me that life swings back and forth on the same two hinges. So every week or so we'll be examining both, or maybe just pondering about one or the other. And who knows what might happen with the right amount of space and enough time... 

 Jan. 22, 2016: Service Feeds the Soul
 Dec. 17, 2015: Basketball City
 Nov. 12, 2015: Chasing 20 Years
Nov. 30, 2013: Pulling Out the Weeds
 Nov. 19, 2013: Sell-Out Players
 Nov. 8, 2013: Due Diligence
 Sept. 30, 2013: The Art of Performance
 Sept. 26, 2013: In the Meantime
 June 25-July 16, 2013: From Russia with Love
 April 10, 2013: The Land of As Good as it Get
 October 14, 2012: Who Will We Become?
 July 23, 2012: Beacons of Hope
 June 14, 2012: My Pink Ladder
 June 3, 2012: Our Generation's Mission
 March 15, 2012: Who's Your Buddy?
 Jan. 11, 2012: Finding Your Ticket
 Nov. 15, 2011: Nobody Owes You
 Oct. 17, 2011: It Prevents Scatter
 Sept. 26, 2011: Edge of the Cliff
 Sept. 13, 2011: Social Media's Silent Killer
 August 31, 2011: Initiative is Non-Negotiable
 August 22, 2011: The Throwback Coach
 August 15, 2011: Taking a Breath
 March 15, 2011: When the Avalanche Hits
 Jan. 25, 2011: Hyperbole and a Half
 Nov. 3, 2010: The First Impression
 Oct. 11, 2010: Favorite Time of the Year
 Sept. 1, 2010: One Step at a Time
 Aug. 3, 2010: Shopping in July
 March 15, 2010: Fight One More Round
 Feb. 11, 2010: The Lesson
 Jan. 26, 2010: Number 300
 Dec. 17, 2009: The 2-For-1
 Dec. 14, 2009: Groundhog Day
 Nov. 23, 2009: Basketball is Cumulative
 Nov. 13, 2009: Hot and Cold
 Oct. 26, 2009: The Vision Part
 Oct. 16, 2009: The Write Space and Time

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