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OU Football History & Tradition

Since 2000, Oklahoma boasts 165 players (95 drafted) who entered the NFL. The 95 draft picks is 27 more than the next closest Big 12 program during the time period (Texas, 68) and 48 more than the second-closest (TCU, 47).

2018 Team Pos. 2019 NFL Draft
Kyler Murray QB Arizona Cardinals, 1st Round
Marquise Brown WR Baltimore Ravens, 1st Round
Cody Ford OL Buffalo Bills, 2nd Round
Bobby Evans OL LA Rams, 3rd Round
Dru Samia OL Minnesota Vikings, 4th Round
Ben Powers OL Baltimore Ravens, 4th Round
Austin Seibert PK Cleveland Browns, 5th Round
Rodney Anderson RB Cincinnati Bengals, 6th Round
Free Agents    
Amani Bledsoe DE Tennessee Titans, FA
Curtis Bolton LB Green Bay Packers, FA
Carson Meier TE Jacksonville Jaguars, FA
Marcelias Sutton RB Seattle Seahawks, FA

2017 Team Pos. 2018 NFL Draft
Baker Mayfield QB Cleveland Browns, 1st Round
Orlando Brown OL Baltimore Ravens, 3rd Round
Mark Andrews TE Baltimore Ravens, 3rd Round
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo LB Los Angeles Rams, 5th Round
Free Agents    
Jeff Badet WR Minnesota Vikings, FA
Emmanuel Beal LB Seattle Seahawks, FA
Dimitri Flowers FB New York Jets, FA
Du'Vonta Lampkin DT Tennessee Titans, FA
Steven Parker S Los Angeles Rams, FA
Jordan Smallwood WR Kansas City Chiefs, FA
Erick Wren OG Los Angeles Chargers, FA

2016 Team Pos. 2017 NFL Draft
Joe Mixon RB Cincinnati Bengals, 2nd Round
Dede Westbrook WR Jacksonville Jaguars, 4th Round
Samaje Perine RB Washington Redskins, 4th Round
Jordan Evans LB Cincinnati Bengals, 6th Round
Free Agents    
Geno Lewis WR Cincinnati Bengals, FA
Ahmad Thomas DB Oakland Raiders, FA
Jordan Wade DT Oakland Raiders, FA
Charles Walker DT Philadelphia Eagles, FA

2015 Team Pos. 2016 NFL Draft
Sterling Shepard WR New York Giants, 2nd Round
Charles Tapper DE Dallas Cowboys, 4th Round
Zack Sanchez DB Carolina Panthers, 5th Round
Devante Bond LB Tampa Bay Buccanneers, 6th Round
Free Agents    
Dominique Alexander LB Cleveland Browns, FA
Ty Darlington OL Tennessee Titans, FA
Nila Kasitati OL Washington Redskins, FA
Durron Neal WR Denver Broncos, FA
Frank Shannon LB Denver Broncos, FA
Eric Striker LB Buffalo Bills, FA
2014 Team Pos. 2015 NFL Draft
Jordan Phillips NT Miami Dolphins, 2nd Round
Geneo Grissom CB New England Patriots, 3rd Round
Daryl Williams LB Carolina Panthers, 4th Round
Blake Bell FB San Francisco 49ers, 4th Round
Tyrus Thompson FB Minnesota Vikings, 6th Round
Aaron Ripkowski FB Green Bay Packers, 6th Round
Free Agents
Dionte Savage OL Miami Dolphins, FA
Adam Shead OL Chicago Bears, FA
Chuka Ndulue DL Denver Broncos, FA
Julian Wilson DB Baltimore Ravens, FA
Quentin Hayes DB Seattle Seahawks, FA
2013 Team Pos. 2014 NFL Draft
Jalen Saunders WR New York Jets, 4th Round
Aaron Colvin CB Jacksonville Jaguars, 4th Round
Corey Nelson LB Denver Broncos, 7th Round
Trey Millard FB San Francisco 49ers, 7th Round
Free Agents
Lacoltan Bester WR Houston Texans, FA
Brennan Clay RB Denver Broncos, FA
Roy Finch RB New England Patriots, FA
Gabe Ikard OL Tennessee Tians, FA
Bronson Irwin OL Seattle Seahawks, FA
Gabe Lynn S Detroit Lions, FA
Jaz Reynolds WR Tennessee Titans, FA
Damien Williams RB Miami Dolphins, FA
2012 Team Pos. 2013 NFL Draft
Lane Johnson OT Philadelphia Eagles, 1st Round
Landry Jones QB Pittsburgh Steelers, 4th Round
Kenny Stills WR New Orleans Saints, 5th Round
Justin Brown WR Pittsburgh Steelers, 6th Round
Stacy McGee DT Oakland Raiders, 6th Round
David King DE Philadelphia Eagles, 7th Round
Free Agents
Javon Harris DB Arizona Cardinals, FA
Demontre Hurst CB Chicago Bears, FA
Tony Jefferson S Arizona Cardinals, FA
Jamarkus McFarland DT San Diego Chargers, FA
Casey Walker DT Carolina Panthers, FA
Tress Way P Chicago Bears, FA
2011 Team Pos. 2012 NFL Draft
Ryan Broyles WR Detroit Lions, 2nd Round
Donald Stephenson OL Kansas City Chiefs, 3rd Round
Jamell Fleming DB Arizona Cardinals, 3rd Round
Frank Alexander DE Carolina Panthers, 4th Round
Ronnell Lewis LB Detroit Lions, 4th Round
James Hanna TE Dallas Cowboys, 6th Round
Travis Lewis LB Detroit Lions, 7th Round
Free Agents
Sam Proctor DB Detroit Lions, FA
James Winchester LS Kansas City Chiefs, FA
2010 Team Pos. 2011 NFL Draft
DeMarco Murray RB Dallas Cowboys, 3rd Round
Quinton Carter DB Denver Broncos, 4th Round
Jonathan Nelson DB St. Louis Rams, 7th Round
Jeremy Beal DE Denver Broncos, 7th Round
Free Agents
Cory Brandon OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, FA
Cameron Kenney WR San Diego Chargers, FA
Mossis Madu RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers, FA
Eric Mensik OL Arizona Cardinals, FA
Adrian Taylor DL Houston Texans, FA
2009 Team Pos. 2010 NFL Draft
Sam Bradford QB St. Louis Rams, 1st Round
Gerald McCoy DT Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1st Round
Trent Williams OT Washington Redskins, 1st Round
Jermaine Gresham TE Cincinnati Bengals, 1st Round
Keenan Clayton LB Philadelphia Eagles, 4th Round
Dominique Franks DB Atlanta Falcons, 5th Round
Brody Eldridge TE Indianapolis Colts, 5th Round
Free Agents
Mike Balogun LB San Francisco 49ers , FA
Chris Brown RB Denver Broncos, FA
Matt Clapp FB Detroit Lions, FA
Auston English DE Cleveland Browns, FA
DeMarcus Granger DT Seattle Seahawks, FA
Brian Jackson DB New York Jets, FA
Adron Tennell WR New Orleans Saints, FA
2008 Team Pos. 2009 NFL Draft
Phil Loadholt OT Minnesota Vikings, 2nd Round
Juaquin Iglesias WR Chicago Bears, 3rd Round
Nic Harris S Buffalo Bills, 5th Round
Duke Robinson OL Carolina Panthers, 5th Round
Manuel Johnson WR Dallas Cowboys, 7th Round
Free Agents
Branndon Braxton OL Cleveland Browns, FA
Quentin Chaney WR St. Louis Rams, FA
Jon Cooper OL Minnesota Vikings, FA
Lendy Holmes S Washington Redskins, FA
Brandon Walker OL Houston Texans, FA
2007 Team Pos. 2008 NFL Draft
Curtis Lofton LB Atlanta Falcons, 2nd Round
Malcolm Kelly WR Washington Redskins, 2nd Round
Reggie Smith DB San Francisco 49ers, 3rd Round
Allen Patrick RB Baltimore Ravens, 7th Round
Free Agents
Lewis Baker LB San Francisco 49ers, FA
Alonzo Dotson DE Washington Redskins, FA
Joe Jon Finley TE San Francisco 49ers, FA
Garrett Hartley K Denver Broncos, FA
Marcus Walker DB Minnesota Vikings, FA
D.J. Wolfe DB Atlanta Falcons, FA
2006 Team Pos. 2007 NFL Draft
Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings, 1st Round
Rufus Alexander LB Minnesota Vikings, 6th Round
C.J. Ah You DE Buffalo Bills, 7th Round
2005 Team Pos. 2006 NFL Draft
Davin Joseph OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1st Round
Chris Chester OL Baltimore Ravens, 2nd Round
Dusty Dvoracek DT Chicago Bears, 3rd Round
Travis Wilson WR Cleveland Browns, 3rd Round
Clint Ingram LB Jacksonville Jaguars, 3rd Round
J.D. Runnels FB Chicago Bears, 6th Round
Free Agents
Remi Ayodele DT New England Patriots, FA
Eric Bassey DB Buffalo Bills, FA
Kelvin Chaisson OL Houston Texans, FA
Chijioke Onyenegecha DB Washington Redskins, FA
2004 Team Pos. 2005 NFL Draft
Jammal Brown OT New Orleans Saints, 1st Round
Mark Clayton WR Baltimore Ravens, 1st Round
Brodney Pool DB Cleveland Browns, 2nd Round
Mark Bradley WR Chicago Bears, 2nd Round
Dan Cody DE Baltimore Ravens, 2nd Round
Brandon Jones WR Tennessee Titans, 3rd Round
Antonio Perkins DB Cleveland Browns, 4th Round
Donte Nicholson DB Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5th Round
Lance Mitchell LB Arizona Cardinals, 5th Round
Wes Sims OL San Diego Chargers, 6th Round
Free Agents
Vince Carter OL Oakland Raiders, FA
Jonathan Jackson DE Chicago Bears, FA
Lynn McGruder DT Tampa Bay Buccaneers, FA
Will Peoples WR Buffalo Bills, FA
Jason White QB Tennessee Titans, FA
2003 Team Pos. 2004 NFL Draft
Tommie Harris DT Chicago Bears, 1st Round
Teddy Lehman LB Detroit Lions, 2nd Round
Derrick Strait DB New York Jets, 3rd Round
2002 Team Pos. 2003 NFL Draft
Andre Woolfolk DB Tennessee Titans, 1st Round
Quentin Griffin RB Denver Broncos, 4th Round
Jimmy Wilkerson DE Kansas City Chiefs, 6th Round
Trent Smith TE Baltimore Ravens, 7th Round
Free Agents
Nate Hybl QB Cleveland Browns, FA
Antwone Savage WR Arizona Cardinals, FA
2001 Team Pos. 2002 NFL Draft
Roy Williams DB Dallas Cowboys, 1st Round
Rocky Calmus LB Tennessee Titans, 3rd Round
Free Agents
Howard Duncan OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, FA
Tim Duncan K Arizona Cardinals, FA
Bary Holleyman DL Pittsburgh Steelers, FA
Brandon Moore LB San Francisco 49ers, FA
Josh Norman WR San Diego Chargers, FA
Frank Romero OL Philadelphia Eagles, FA
2000 Team Pos. 2001 NFL Draft
Torrance Marshall LB Green Bay Packers, 3rd Round
Josh Heupel QB Miami Dolphins, 6th Round
Free Agents
Ryan Fisher DL Baltimore Ravens, FA
Corey Callens DE Baltimore Ravens, FA
Ontei Jones DB Indianapolis Colts, FA
1999 Team Pos. 2000 NFL Draft
Stockar McDougle OL Detroit Lions, 1st Round
William Bartee DB Kansas City Chiefs, 2nd Round
Free Agents
Rodney Rideau DB New England Patriots, FA
Mike Woods DB New England Patriots, FA
Matt O'Neal OL Atlanta Falcons, FA

OU Football History & Tradition

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