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All-Americans (63)
Year Name
2019 Quade Cummins
Garett Reband
Patrick Welch
2018 Quade Cummins
  Brad Dalke
  Blaine Hale
  Grant Hirschman
2017 Brad Dalke
  Blaine Hale
  Grant Hirschman
  Max McGreevy
2016 Max McGreevy
2015 Michael Gellerman
  Grant Hirschman
2012 Will Kropp
2011 Abraham Ancer
2006 Anthony Kim
2005 Anthony Kim
2004 Anthony Kim
  Carlos Del Moral
2002 Cody Freeman
  John Kidwell
1999 Hunter Haas
1998 Hunter Haas
1996 Grant Masson
1995 Craig Cozby
  Grant Masson
1994 Craig Cozby
  Patrick Lee
1993 Grant Masson
1992 Patrick Lee
1991 Jeff Lee
1990 Matthew Lane
  Jeff Lee
1989 Rick Bell
  Tripp Davis
  Matthew Lane
  Jeff Lee
  Doug Martin
1988 Glen Day
  Matthew Lane
  Doug Martin
1987 Glen Day
  Todd Hamilton
  Doug Martin
  Craig Perks
  Grant Waite
1986 Todd Hamilton
1985 Todd Hamilton
  Grant Waite
1984 Jim Begwin
  Andrew Magee
  Greg Turner
1983 Andrew Magee
  Greg Turner
1982 Bill Hildenbrand
  Andrew Magee
1975 Mark Witt
1974 Mark Witt
1973 Jim Zimmerman
1970 Carl Higgens
1969 George Rives
1961 Robert O. Smith
1952 Jim Vickers

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