Woodley Qualifies for World Team at U23 Trials

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By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

AKRON, Ohio - Nine Sooner wrestlers wrapped up competition on Saturday at the UWW U23 World Team Trials, highlighted by Jake Woodley's win in the 92 kg finals to clinch a spot on the 2019 World Team.

Woodley cruised through the early rounds of the championship bracket, winning three consecutive bouts via technical fall and surrendering just two points to his opponents. In the semifinals, Woodley outlasted Drew Phipps (Buffalo Valley RTC) 10-3 to clinch a spot in the finals. The Sooner avenged his 2018 loss in the semifinals to Christian Brunner by sweeping Brunner in the best-of-three finals and clinching a spot on the 2019 World Team. Woodley leaves Akron with a 6-0 record on the weekend.

Wrestling at 79 kg, Anthony Mantanona went on a run of his own through the championship bracket to the finals. Mantanona won six bouts in a row to secure a spot in his class' championship series, including an upset of No. 1 seed Connor Flynn (Mizzou) via fall. Mantanona finished as the 79 kg runner-up, falling to Muhamed Mcbryde (Buffalo) in the finals series and tallying a weekend record of 6-2.

Three other Sooners placed at the annual World Team Trial event. Tommy Hoskins (57 kg) finished sixth overall with a 3-3 record. Hoskins won his first three bouts before entering consolation, but was defeated in the fifth-place match. Justin Thomas upset the No. 4- and No. 5-seeded wrestlers on his way to sixth place and a 5-3 record, but fell to No. 1 seed Brady Berge (Nittany Lion WC) in the semifinals. Anthony Madrigal was the remaining wrestler to place, finishing in seventh place with a 7-2 record.

Dom Demas competed in both the freestyle and the Greco Roman divisions. At 67 kg in the Greco Roman division, Demas took fourth place going 3-2. In the freestyle bracket, Demas advanced to quarterfinals with two technical fall victories and another via fall.

Although he lost his opening bout, Zack Zeamer went 4-2 after making run through the 65 kg freestyle consolation bracket, winning four straight matches. 

With five Sooners finishing in the top seven of their respective classes, Oklahoma collected 37 points at the tournament, claiming the second-best total of all competing teams. 

Results from the tournament are below. For updates, follow @OU_Wrestling on Twitter, or like Oklahoma Wrestling on Facebook.


Tommy Hoskins (57 kg)
Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma) VSU Joe Manchio (NYC RTC), 10-0, 1:37
Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma) VPO1 Robert Garcia IV (Valley RTC), 3-2
Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma) NC Austin Assad (Michigan RTC)
Danny Vega (Jackrabbit WC) VPO1 Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma), 7-3
Paxton Rosen (Campbell) VSU Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma), 10-0, 1:14
Nicolas Aguilar (NJRTC) VPO1 Tommy Hoskins (Oklahoma), 12-7

Anthony Madrigal (61 kg)
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VPO1 Brendon Fenton (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 14-7
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VPO1 Jake Gilva (Minnesota Storm), 8-4
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VSU Jack Cheney (Boilermaker RTC), 10-0, 0:45
Charles Tucker (Cornell) VPO1 Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma), 8-4
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VPO1 Matthew Berlin (Wisconsin), 12-10
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VSU Codi Russell (Blue Ridge RTC), 10-0, 1:02
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VPO1 King Sandoval (Terrapin WC), 8-2
Jake Gilva (Minnesota Storm) VSU Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma), 11-0, 2:26
Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VSU Zach Price (Jackrabbit WC), 10-0, 0:48

Dom Demas (65 kg) - Freestyle
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VSU Jackson Renicker (Michigan State), 10-0, 0:58
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VSU Lawrence Saenz (Valley RTC), 10-0, 1:14
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VFA Jose Rodriguez (Cleveland Falcon Wrestling), 3:32, 6-5
Luke Pletcher (TMWC/Ohio RTC) NC Dom Demas (Oklahoma)
Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh WC) NC Dom Demas (Oklahoma)

Zack Zeamer (65 kg)
Peter Lipari (NJRTC) VSU Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma), 12-0, 3:14
Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma) VPO1 Trey McCartney (Knights WC), 10-4
Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma) VSU1 Marcanthony Macrino (Husky Elite WC), 14-4, 2:11
Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma) VSU Imran Heard (Mat-Town USA), 11-0, 1:38
Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma) VPO1 Aric Williams (Jackrabbit WC), 3-1
Allan Hart (Missouri) VSU Zack Zeamer (Oklahoma), 10-0, 2:23

Jacob Butler (70 kg)
Jacob Butler (Oklahoma) VSU1 Joeseph Sanchez (Indiana), 12-2, 4:49
Benjamin Lamantia (Michigan RTC) VSU Jacob Butler (Oklahoma), 11-0, 4:47
Laken Cook (Jackrabbit WC) VSU Jacob Butler (Oklahoma), 11-0, 1:25

Justin Thomas (74 kg)
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) VSU Ricky Padilla (Valley RTC), 10-0, 1:59
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) VSU Luke Weiland (West Point RTC), 10-0, 1:00
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) VSU Shane Gantz (Grizzly WC), 11-0, 4:20
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) VFA Ebed Jarrell (PRTC), 3:38, 8-8
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) VPO1 Maaziah Bethea (PRTC), 8-2
Brady Berge (Nittany Lion WC) VSU Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), 10-0, 0:33
Quentin Perez (Campbell) VPO1 Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), 8-5
Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh WC) VFA Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), 4:45, 10-8

Anthony Mantanona (79 kg)
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VSU Malik Barr (BRWC), 10-0, 0:44
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VSU Neil Schuster (George Mason), 10-0, 1:18
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VFO Kevin Almond (Lion WC), 10-0
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VPO1 Luke Hodsden (West Point RTC), 9-9
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VFA Connor Flynn (Missouri), 1:19, 8-6
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) VSU Jacob Oliver (Edinboro), 10-0, 0:56
Muhamed Mcbryde (Buffalo) VPO1 Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma), 6-6
Muhamed Mcbryde (Buffalo) VSU1 Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma), 12-2, 2:12

Jeremy Thomas (79 kg)
Laurence Kosoy (NYC RTC) VPO1 Jeremy Thomas (Oklahoma), 12-3
Nicolas White (Triton Wrestling) VIN Jeremy Thomas (Oklahoma)

Jake Woodley (92 kg)
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VSU Bear Hughes (Unattached), 11-0, 3:32
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VSU Vince Dietz (SCSU), 10-0, 2:12
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VSU1 Matthew Correnti (NJRTC), 12-2, 4:41
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VPO1 Drew Phipps (Buffalo Valley RTC), 10-3
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VSU Christian Brunner (Boilermaker RTC), 10-0, 2:25
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) VPO1 Christian Brunner (Boilermaker RTC), 7-4

Dom Demas (67 kg) - Greco-Roman
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VSU Pernevlon Sheppard (Grizzly WC), 8-0, 1:51
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VSU Delon Kanari (NMU-OTS), 11-0, 3:12
Peyton Omania (Michigan State) VPO1 Dom Demas (Oklahoma), 6-3
Dom Demas (Oklahoma) VPO1 Dominic Damon (NMU-OTS), 6-2
Benjamin Peak (Sunkist Kids WC) VSU1 Dom Demas (Oklahoma), 13-4, 0:57