Winning Streak Continues, OU Beats Gonzaga

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University of Oklahoma

NORMAN – The No. 34 Oklahoma women’s tennis team pushed its winning streak to five straight matches Saturday with a 4-1 rout of No. 39 Gonzaga at the Headington Family Tennis Center.

OU (10-3) won the doubles point, then reeled off four singles wins to put away the Zags (6-4) in its tenth win this season. Oleksandra Korashvili once again clinched the match for the Sooners, defeating the No. 7 player in the nation in straight sets. 

“I’m really proud of how well our team stepped up today,” said OU head coach Audra Cohen. “They took all of the little lessons they learned from yesterday and applied them to today very well.

It was a huge win for [Korashvili] at one to beat a top-10 player and do so with a lot of composure and belief in herself. Martina [Capurro] really stepped up well today too and played solid tennis.”

In doubles, No. 75 Camila Romero and Martina Capurro downed Sara Komer and Dominique Garley 6-4 at the No. 2 line. Romero sealed the match with an ace.

Oleksandra Korashvili and Kianah Motosono captured the point with a 6-4 victory over Kate Ketels and Haruna Tsuruta on court three.

When play was abandoned, Jasmine Asghar and Ivana Corley trailed Sophie Whittle and Graciela Rosas 6-5.

Motosono was the first Sooner to grab a singles win when she took down Ketels 6-4, 6-2. The win was Motosono’s fifth of the season and fifth in striaight sets.

Capurro notched a comeback win over Rosas at the No. 2 line 6-2, 6-4. Capurro dominated the first set but trailed 4-1 in the second. The sophomore put up five straight games to work her way back to a victory.   

No. 40 Korashvili notched her third straight win over a ranked opponent and third over a top-25 opponent when she defeated Whittle 6-4, 6-4 at the top spot.  

The Big 12 Player of the Week took the first set handily, but trailed 4-1 in the second before winning five consecutive games to win her match and clinch for OU.

Skyler Miller was defeated by Komer 6-1, 6-2 at the No. 6 line.

Up Next

The Sooners open Big 12 play at home on March 15 with Kansas State, followed by Kansas on March 17. 


Singles Results
1. #40 Oleksandra Korashvil (OU) def. #7 WHITTLE, Sophie (GON) 6-4, 6-4
2. Martina Capurro (OU) def. ROSAS, Graciela (GON) 6-2, 6-4
3. Jasmine Asghar (OU) vs. GARLEY, Domonique (GON) 7-5, 6-5, unfinished
4. Camila Romero (OU) vs. TSURUTA, Haruna (GON) 7-6 (7-1), 5-1, unfinished
5. Kianah Motosono (OU) def. KETELS, Kate (GON) 6-4, 6-2
6. KOMER, Sara (GON) def. Skyler Miller (OU) 6-1, 6-2

Doubles Results
1. Jasmine Asghar/Ivana Corley (OU) vs. WHITTLE, Sophie/ROSAS, Graciela (GON) 5-6, unfinished
2. #75 Martina Capurro/Camila Romero (OU) def. KOMER, Sara/GARLEY, Domonique (GON) 6-4
3. Kianah Motosono/Oleksandra Korashvil (OU) def. KETELS, Kate/TSURUTA, Haruna (GON) 6-4

Order of finish: Doubles (2,3); Singles (6,2,5,1

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