Sooners Finish Perfect at Big 12 Double Dual

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

NORMAN – The No. 20 Oklahoma rowing team finished a perfect day at the Big 12 Double Dual in Norfolk, Va., early Saturday morning.

Though the regatta was cut short due to inclement weather, the Sooners' 1V8, 2V8, 3V8, 1V4 and 2V4 competed with Old Dominion during the early session and their 1V8 and 2V8 raced against West Virginia later in their only two contests of the second session.

In the early session, Oklahoma picked up five victories against Old Dominion.

OU's 1V8 finished its first race with a time of 6:51.075, beating Old Dominion by nearly 20 seconds. 

The 2V8 won by more than 25 seconds, crossing the finish line at 7:00.136. 

The 1V4 finished first with a time of 7:47.900, pacing the Monarchs by over a minute.

Oklahoma claimed another victory after its 2V4 defeated Old Dominion by over a minute with a time of 8:01.900.

The 3V8 wrapped up a perfect session for the Sooners, crossing the finish line at 7:22.800.

In the second session of the morning, OU faced off against West Virginia.

The 1V8 claimed its second first-place finish of the day, beating the Mountaineers with a time of 6:35.739.

OU concluded a dominant outing with the 2V8 tallying the team's seventh straight win at the regatta, finishing first with a 7:12.597.

The Sooners return to action next week for the Clemson Invitational, a two-day regattaon April 14 and 15 in Clemson, S.C. 


First Session


1) Oklahoma - 6:51.075

2) Old Dominion 7:11.692


1) Oklahoma - 7:00.136

2) Old Dominion - 7:26.432


1) Oklahoma - 7:47.900

2) Old Dominion - 9:01.152


1) Oklahoma - 8:01.900

2) Old Dominion - 9:17.868


1) Oklahoma - 7:22.800

2) Old Dominion - 7:42.650

Second Session


1) Oklahoma - 6:35.739

2) West Virginia - 6:53.103


1) Oklahoma - 7:12.597

2) West Virginia - 7:42.465



C Rubie Hays

S Maxi Baumgart

7 Katja Ruebling

6 Andrea Batchev

5 Emma Reinsch

4 Andreja Kekic

3 Maria Pergouli

2 Breah McKay

B Melissa Patten



C Emily Coffman

S Shelby Johnson

7 Lauren Bishop

6 Brooke Baldwin

5 Sophie Salt

4 Madeleine Lange

3 Baylee Barnes

2 Kalie Heffernan

B Abby Lange



C Margaret McLenna

S Nina Chism

3 Louisa McNaughton

2 Katherine Ognovich

B Hannah Scholl



C Katherine Denney

S  Cara Hoelzl 

3 Elena Sloan

2 Emily Taylor

B Amy Pasque



C Chloe Campbell

S Amber Templin

7 Maya Martin

6 Rachel Williams

5 Katherine Krueger

4 Louise Kuehster

3 Katie Roberts

2 Sydney Stone

B Maia Cruse