Behind the Team
June 06, 2014

Throughout the summer, will go "behind the team" with features on the support staff all across campus that help Oklahoma soccer succeed. Find the full archive of Behind the Team features here.

Behind the Team #1: SoonerVision
"Every fall, thousands of Sooner fans gather at John Crain Field to enjoy watching the Oklahoma women’s soccer team. But for the thousands more who aren’t able to catch the action in person, Craig Moran helps create a rare opportunity."

Behind the Team #2: Buddy Huttanus
"To compete at the highest level of NCAA soccer requires the utmost level of physical fitness, but reaching that point is no simple thing... An advocate, educator and coach in his own right, Buddy Huttanus joined the Oklahoma soccer staff to help his student-athletes maximize their own potential."

Behind the Team #3: John Crain Field
"When it comes to maintaining a top-notch facility, Oklahoma counts on Desmond Stephens to keep the OU Soccer Complex among the best. The Sooners train at one of the finest facilities in the nation and compete under the lights at John Crain Field in the heart of the OU campus."

Behind the Team #4: Headington Hall
"Bryan Hinnen and the rest of the staff at Headington Hall have a greater goal in mind. For them, Headington Hall is not just a residence facility. It is a family, a community and a genuine experience all its own."

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