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We know the adjustment process from living at home with your family to living in a residence hall with many new friends can be difficult.  The Headington Hall Administration Team has put together some common living standards that all must abide by in order to maintain a safe, educationally conducive learning environment for the residents of Headington Hall.

Alcohol is prohibited in our community due to its contributions to the disruption of the academic environment, regardless of age.  In addition to the University of Oklahoma's Student Alcohol Policy Headington Hall prohibits the possession of empty alcohol containers for any purpose. 

In accordance with state law the use of Tobacco or any other illicit drugs on campus, and thus, in Headington Hall is prohibited.  Usage of these items could result in Conduct Process/Fines/Legal Action.

Headington Hall also restricts “Vaping”, or the use of any vaporizers within the halls.

Safety & Security
OU ID Card:  To access the building, each student will need their OU ID card (Sooner One Card).  If the card is lost a new Sooner One Card can be purchased at the One Card office in the Oklahoma Memorial Union for $15.  Your ID Card should never be given to another individual as it has access to your meals, points & grants access to the residence halls

Doors:  Doors are not permitted to be propped open for the safety and security of the residents of Headington Hall.  Safety & Security is everybody's responsibility and we should limit the amount of unknown individuals that follow us into the hall.  If somebody you do not know follows you into the building they should be directed to the desk for assistance.

Emergency Exits:  Emergency exits in Headington are alarmed; these exits should only be used in the event of an emergency.

Decorations:  For the safety of the community there are multiple decorations that are not allowed such as; unsecured lighting/wiring stretched in front of a doorway or across common areas, decorative lighting should be turned off while unattended, you should not have live cut Christmas trees or greenery in your suite.

Solicitation:  There is no solicitation in the residence halls whether by a resident or a guest/friend of Headington Hall.

Lofts:  The rooms in Headington Hall are of adequate size and furnished with a full sized bed, however, should you wish to construct a loft you are allowed to as long as they are freestanding (not attaching to any walls and utilize only the floor for support) allow 36 inches of clearance from the ceiling, and do not cause any damage to the room.  Wooden lofts must be made of fire retardant wood.  ALL lofts must be inspected by Headington Hall Staff before approved and the University is not responsible for any accidents/injuries that may result from use of your personal lofting system.

Guest Policies
For the safety and security of our residents, Headington Hall regulates access to residential spaces within the building.  In support of privacy and the academic environment, it is important that members of the community feel comfortable with guests in their living space.

Visitation:  The hosting of guests is a privilege and all residents of a suite must approve of any guests.  All guests must be escorted by their host at all times and residents are responsible for the guests in regards to policy education and violations.  Guests are not allowed on the residential floors of Headington Hall except during designated visitation hours. After visitation hours only members of the Headington Hall community are allowed to be in their respective wings. The Headington Hall resident will check his/her guest in at the front desk of Headington Hall with either an OU ID or a valid state identification.   The guest will leave his/her ID at the desk and pick it up upon exit from the building to ensure accurate counts in the event of an emergency evacuation.  Guests must be at least 16 years old. Support of the visitation policy is your responsibility as well as the university's.  If you feel your roommate or other members of your community are abusing the visitation policy, please contact your RA. 

Visitation Hours

10 am – Midnight (Sunday–Wednesday)

10 am – 2am (Thursday–Saturday)

Visitation Hours:  

Violations of the visitation policy and/or tardiness in checking out one's guest will cause fines and/or sanctions.

Facility Usage
Trash:  It is the responsibility of residents to keep the living space in the community clean and free from waste.  Trash, food containers, and unsanitary situations can attract pests as well as create unpleasant living situations for the community.  Residents and their guests are required to keep trash inside their suite until they dispose of it in the identified “Trash Room” on each floor.  Leaving trash in common spaces and hallways could result in fines.

Furniture:  All furniture is designated for use in the space to which it is assigned.  Removal of furniture from its designated location is prohibited.  At no time may furniture be removed from the suite.  Headington Hall & the Athletics Department STRONGLY DISCOURAGES residents from purchasing used furniture and placing it in your suite.  Residents who bring into Headington furniture that contains pests will bear remediation costs to rid the space of said pests.  A prime example would be purchasing a used sofa that contains bed bugs.

Shared Living Spaces:  As you are never aware of when a resident may move into a space, residents are not permitted to occupy or use any space in their unit to which they are not assigned.  This includes vacant beds, bedrooms and/or a bathroom on an unoccupied side of suite.  Residents found in violation of this policy will be responsible for any and all charges necessary to return the room(s) to a move-in ready state by Headington Hall Standards.

Pets & Service Animals:  Residents are not allowed to have pets in Headington Hall except fish, small crustaceans, mollusks, water turtles, and small amphibians, all living under water and in aquariums no larger than 20 gallons in size.  Pets must remain in their aquarium at all times, should a pet cause a community disturbance it will be required to be removed.  Unapproved pets must be removed immediately and may be removed by University officials.  Headington Hall is not responsible for what happens to any pet when it is removed or while it is living within the hall.  Service Animals are welcome in Headington Hall provided all necessary paperwork, evaluation and authorization has been submitted/approved with the Disability Resource Center PRIOR to the animal's arrival to Headington.

Sports in the Halls:  Sports, throwing objects, roughhousing, water fights and practical jokes are not allowed in Headington Hall.  Riding  bicycles, roller blades, and skateboarding are not allowed in the hall or common spaces.

Motor Vehicles:  In no circumstance should a motorized vehicle be in Headington Hall, this includes any recreational vehicle.

Approved/Unapproved Items
Approved items in Headington Hall Rooms
Candle Warmers
Curling Irons
Hair Straighteners
Clothing Irons
Surge Protectors

Approved items in Headington Hall Kitchenette spaces ONLY
*Items must be UL approved (will be labeled) and must remain in kitchen area
Toaster ovens

Items NOT allowed anywhere in Headington Hall rooms
Halogen lamps
George Foreman Grills
Crock Pots
Anything that causes cooking grease
Anything with an open flame
Space Heaters
Extension cords (can be used temporarily)
Multi-prong adaptor
Illegal drugs
Weapons (including BB, air, and pellet guns)
Explosives, firecrackers, ammunition, flammable liquid

Severe Weather
In the case of severe weather, residents of Headington Hall can take shelter in the designated interior stairwells.

In the case of a fire alarm, residents who exit a door on the north side of the building will cross Lindsey Street and head north to the area of the Sooner Housing Center.  Residents who exit a door on the south side will head to the Headington Hall parking lot, residents who exit a west door will cross Jenkins Ave. and go to the multipurpose lot, and residents who enter an east door will head to the closest of the three areas.

Headington Hall will have their own parking permits and they are available through the parking office.  You can either visit them in person or go online to parking.ou.edu to purchase your permit.