#YourChoice Gives Fans Control
November 13, 2013

NORMAN, Okla. -- Do you want to pick Lon Kruger’s tie for a game? Or Sherri Coale’s shoes? What type of shot would you try for a chance at a cash prize?

Now, those choices can be yours. 

The University of Oklahoma Athletics Department announced today the launch of a social media initiative for both the OU men’s and women’s basketball programs.  The “Your Choice” initiative will allow students and fans a vote for different choices at designated home games during the 2013-14 season.   Throughout the year, fans will be able to vote for items ranging from giveaway prizes to a coach’s attire for the game.

Each weekday game when school is in session will be designated as a “Your Choice” game.  For these designated games, the @OU_MBBall and @OU_WBBall Twitter accounts will announce the choice for that game.  Fans can vote for their choice using by tweeting at either account with the hashtag #yOUrchoice

The campaign will start at Wednesday night’s men’s basketball game as the Sooner take on Idaho at 7 p.m. CT.   It will continue for Thursday night’s women’s game as the Sooners host the semifinals of the Preseason WNIT against no. 25 Gonzaga at 7 p.m. CT. 

The choices for these two games will allow fans the opportunity to pick the prize for each game.   Fans can vote between a Fitbit or an iPod Shuffle at the men’s game and an iPod Shuffle or an OUIT $100 gift card for the women’s game.  One fan will be randomly selected to win the selected prize at the game. 

To help choose tonight’s prize and for a chance to win, tweet @OU_MBBall using the hashtag #yOUrchoice along with your prize of choice: “Fitbit” or “iPod”.  For tomorrow’s prize, tweet @OU_WBBall using hashtag #yOUrchoice along with your selection: “iPod” or “Card.” 

Be sure to follow @OU_MBBall and @OU_WBBall throughout the year to participate in the “Your Choice” initiative.

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