Michael Hunnicutt Media Session
November 11, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Kicker Michael Hunnicutt
Nov. 11, 2013

On the field goal that he missed:
“I just didn’t hit it as well as I needed to. If I had hit it like the first one it would have been better. I just didn’t hit it like I needed to.”

On what needs to happen for the rest of the season to go the right way:
We just need to do all the little things right this week and not overlook anyone and keep getting better each practice. There’s definitely some things we need to correct and we need to come out and play better.”

On if you worry about morale after a loss like that:
“Not really. We still have a lot of good guys on the team and a lot of good talent. Our mindset will be that we still have to win every game. We’re still Oklahoma; we’re still expected to win.”

On the mindset of the locker room after the game and going into this week:
“We’re definitely disappointed. It was kind of a shame that we had three days to think about it: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re really excited to get back out there today and get some work in.”

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