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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 08, 2013

Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
Opening comment:
“Stetson is extremely well coached, I’ll start with that. They played hard and did a great job. They’re better than people might be giving them credit for. Maybe they’re better than they think they are right now but they’ve got some young pieces and they play really hard. They drive it at you, which puts you in a precarious situation with how the game is being called now. We gave them too many trips to the free throw line, we gave up too many offensive rebounds but they’re not a simple team to defend either. Hats off to them, pardon the pun.”

On the allowing 17 offensive rebounds:
“It is a concern. It’s not something we can’t do, it’s something we’re not doing. And that’s where we all have to individually check and see what we’re focusing on. Right now we still have a little bit of, ‘Was I in the right place defensively? Where should I be next?’ and then, all of a sudden, a shot comes up and it’s going off the rim and they’ve forgotten to block out because their brains are behind. Sometimes it’s thinking about what they’re going to do on offense and it’s a step ahead. I do think it will get a lot better but it’s just not habitual yet.”

On redshirt-freshman forward Kaylon Williams:
“I loved what Kaylon (Williams) was able to do tonight. I thought she showed great confidence, especially in the second half. She looked a little different in the second half than she did the first. She was really determined and adamant about receiving the ball and doing something good with it.”

On team’s progress:
“The one thing I will say though is that everybody needs to relax a little bit. It’s the first time we’ve seen the zone and we’ve maybe spent 10 or 15 minutes on zone offense in practice. The lack of rhythm and the second guessing and just some of it felt disjointed. It’s just because we don’t run a half-court zone ourselves and so we don’t see it in practice very much. I don’t think we’ll see it a lot during the year. Maybe I’m wrong. If we continue to shoot 23 percent from the 3, we’re probably going to see it a lot. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Obviously that exposed us a little bit but considering we only spent about 10 to 15 minutes on it, I think we did okay.”

On senior point guard Morgan Hook:
“She gets everybody organized in defensive transitions. She knows about pace and cadence on the offensive end. She carries herself with great confidence. That bleeds over. Everyone looks at her if there’s a panic moment and she’s calm than they’re calm. She’s playing with one hand and half a hand and I thought going to the rim she was fearless and did some really good things in transition.”

On what she hopes is better Sunday:
“Defensive communication. There were many of trips in defensive transitions where we weren’t matched up and a really volatile offensive team will make you pay for that. It’s just as simple as communicating. They were a little bit problematic because they didn’t have a true post and so our 5-man always had to be out on the perimeter away from the basket. They were kind of switching up who our 5-man had. We kept getting confused about who we had. It can be easily corrected if they just communicate. I kept telling them that it doesn’t matter who they have, just get one. Everybody has to have someone and we can all domino after that. We’ve just been so good at that; I was shocked that we weren’t. I guess that’s maybe first game, real-life jitters. I don’t know what it was. That has not been a problem for us but that has to improve.”

On outstanding performances:
“I would add Sharane Campbell to the mix. She really just saved us early. She calmed the storm and then she made a couple of plays that ignited us -- the one in the second half where she jumped over the cheerleaders and did a roll. I thought she played really hard and contested shots and got some key rebounds. Nicole Griffin is going to play a lot better than she did tonight, that’s for sure. Nicole Kornet is going to make shots. I didn’t think she played poorly, she just couldn’t make any shots. We have a lot of contributors. And then we’ve got those two little freshmen, T’ona Edwards and Gioya Carter, who you could just see sparks of brilliance from late in the game, I thought they were little glimpses of themselves. They were just trying to not mess up. Second half it looked like they just said, ‘Whatever I’m going to do something even if it’s wrong.’ And that’s great. That’s exactly how we want them to play. You could see what their capability level is. These two (Aaryn and Kaylon), Morgan (Hook) and Sharane carried the load tonight.”

Oklahoma Senior Guard Aaryn Ellenberg
On what changed during the game:
“I think we got frantic really early, but when we started gaining confidence and slowing down we started getting some good looks. I had plenty of those I just need to get them down. I just think when we slow down and relax we do well and that is what it comes down to.”

On having high-scoring games:
“I kind of just take it as it comes. Obviously I expect myself to knock down shots. When I do that the numbers should be there, regardless, I don’t think about it do much. I just go with the flow of the game.”

On driving inside more:
“Well it depends on what they are giving me. I think they know that I am going to shoot the 3 so I need to expand and do something different. I mean, it is going to be there a lot of the time, but if I can get down to the bucket, it will help my team.”

Oklahoma Redshirt-Freshman Forward Kaylon Williams
On coming back from an injury:
“Tonight I just remember talking to (Assistant) Coach (Pam) DeCosta and we talked about having confidence. At first I was a little nervous about being really physical but I remembered that is my favorite part of the game. I love rebounding and that was a big asset for us to as a team. I just needed to not be scared and just go out there and play and act like it is normal and nothing is wrong. I don’t really think about my Achilles when I am out there and even when I get hit, I just think go get the ball.”

On feeling successful after game:
“Well there is kind of a feeling, and I felt it on the bench and Nicole [Griffin] was in. Parts where she struggled at, I thought about how I could help her when I got in. So when we both came in I said we need some rebounds and I talked to her. I said I need you to score and she said I need you to get some rebounds. It was kind of like a tag team looking at what we could do for each other. I just looked at Nicole and it kept me calm in the game with all the chaos. I tend to speed up sometimes and that right there helped me through it.”



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