OU 38, Texas Tech 30 Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 26, 2013

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement: “Like always, I would like to compliment Texas Tech. I thought they had a well-played, hard fought, game. Kliff (Kingsbury), Matt Wallerstedt their defensive coordinator and all those guys over there are doing an excellent job. It was a really exciting, hard-played game. I’m really proud of our team to answer back a couple of different times during the game. On both sides of the ball we made some plays when we needed to have them. In particular, the offense answering back and scoring, the way we rushed the football I’m really pleased with. Blake (Bell) and his receivers made some critical third down plays that we needed. That’s part of the game. We were 8 of 15 on third and fourth downs. That was pretty good. Fortunately, offensively, we executed a little bit better and we made those plays. I thought we were obviously, again, poor in our awareness and reaction to some of the special teams plays. We have got to be more aware and alert and be in better position there. Again, I’m really excited about our team’s ability to win the game. Unfortunately, we lost Trey Millard. He has a bad knee injury. The anterior cruciate and another ligament. It will end his season. I’m sure it will take a few weeks before they operate on him. I’m just crushed by it. I hate it. He’s such a strong part of our football team. It will be tough to overcome that loss. Just an amazing young man. Hopefully, he can recover from it. He will be a guy that will have a bright NFL career and hopefully he can get past this and move on at some point. Outside of that, I will open it up for questions.”

On responding to the onside kick and following touchdown:

“That was huge. We come out and we have the momentum coming out of the half. Then they make all those plays and steal it back. I’m really excited about our resilience and our fight to keep coming back. Lacoltan (Bester) made a huge play. We were trying to get the ball out to Blake (Bell), they covered him, so LaColtan pulled it down and made a play. Jalen Saunders had a great block on that play to spring it.”

On if the long touchdown pass to Jalen Saunders in the second quarter sparked the offense:

“We need to get some chunks and it did spark us to get some big plays and to get a chunk like that is a huge play in the game. It’s a great throw by Blake and a great job by Jalen by running it down and making that play.

On if the first touchdown drive gave the offense confidence:

“Yeah, it did. I thought that drive was really good whenever you can use eight minutes. I’m not really sure how long it was but it was a lot. You get a bunch of plays and you stick it in the end zone it makes a big difference.”

On being able to run the clock down and win the game late:

“Yeah, we burned probably five or six minutes off the clock at the end of the game being physical and running the football. I’m really excited about our offensive line to go through a game and rush for I think it was 277 and no sacks. We also had Aaron Ripkowski and Trey Millard out there blocking. Damien Williams had a great game running the ball as did Roy (Finch). Roy made some nice plays again.”

On how Blake Bell threw the ball today:

“I know at times it’s not as consistent as it needs to be but Blake is throwing the ball well. Usually, when we are off a little bit it’s not always him. Usually it’s not him. In the end he’s a good thrower and we have got to keep getting it better with players around him and some of the plays we are going to and all of that I think we can keep improving on.”

On Blake Bell’s throw to Damien Williams:

“Those are things I think that as the more he plays I think those will even smooth out some where he can buy some extra time and find someone late to get it to like he did on that play.”

On if he saw the offense coming around despite the slow start:

“Yeah, you know I’d rather us not start off slow. We just have to come out and execute better. A lot of the plays that were working in the second and third quarter were some plays that were also called in the first quarter. They blocked cleaner and executed better and that’s what we have to keep working for.”

On being able to run the ball when they needed to:

“Primarily, in the fourth quarter, one of the drives we took it down and handed it off the whole way and put it in the end zone. I guess that was in the third quarter. When you’re blocking it that way and running it that way you have got to keep calling it until they can stop it. Fortunately, we were able to do it well enough to get some points and win.”

On having multiple backs that can carry the ball:

“It shows why we need to have two or three backs. Everybody wants to have one guy in the whole time but those guys are running hard. They need a spell. To go down and have a 10 or 12-play drive you’re going to have a few different guys carrying the ball. I thought they complimented each other really well.”

On going up-tempo:

“We’re still picking and choosing when we have our opportunities to go up-tempo. It worked today when we did. I was really proud, defensively, we were set all of the time and had very few mistakes with alignments and that sort of thing. Compliments to two true freshmen out there at linebacker playing the whole way. Jordan Evans knocked some balls down and really did a good job as did Dominique (Alexander). Two young guys. I’m unsure of what Frank’s (Shannon) situation will be. I thought those guys, again, young true freshmen in a big game like this did an excellent job.”

On Jalen Saunders’ performance:

“We just have to keep trying to find opportunities for him to get those chunks. He’s a great receiver, great quickness, great route runner and we just have to keep finding his spots.”

On if he went into this game thinking it was a critical game:

“Obviously. Same with next week and the week after that. It is. Did I go into the week knowing that? Oh yeah. I may look dumb but I’m not.”

On what flipping the momentum today says about this team:

They’re resilient. We don’t get down. Our guys stayed positive and kept fighting. We knew we were capable of making our plays and we do and we steal momentum back. I’ve got to compliment our fans, student body and fans, they jumped in when they were able to and that helps charge the players’ energy. All of it together we able to make the plays to get people charged up and get back the momentum that we did lose.”

On the role Blake Bell played in getting momentum back:

“The quarterback has his hand in it sure. Sometimes guys are getting open and I thought our protection was good all day but the guys around him to need to execute. A quarterback is always a major part of that by getting the momentuum back and making big plays.”

On the upcoming game against Baylor:

“I feel good about what we’re doing. I think defensively the way we play gives ourselves a really good chance to win games. We got great pressure today and forced turnovers. They had seven at half and you don’t see much of that from them (Texas Tech). We’re playing together really well, defense, offense, and the way we ran the football. I said that early in the week but that’s a big part of it in this game and I think we complimented each other really well that way. Offense keeping them off the field and defense getting their stops. I feel good. I’m excited, we’re excited. We don’t have a true off week because we will practice on a Saturday like we would a Monday practice because we play on Thursday. We’re going to give them Thursday and Friday off this week just to relax and practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday leading into the Baylor game.”

On how Trey Millard’s injury will affect the running game:

“We’ll see. We have got some other guys in there. Brannon Green did a good job in some our bigger sets and Aaron Ripkowski continues to. We’ll see. That’s tough because Trey is so versatile. We don’t have anybody else like that nor does anybody else. He’s pretty unique.”

On how they handled the weather delay:

“We talked about it earlier in the week and we talked about it Thursday. Regardless of the weather we need to come out ready to play. I thought our people here handled the best way that they could and the right way. Instead of letting us go out and warm up for 10 minutes, get us off the field and have an hour and a half break and warm up again they got word that there was lightning around and there’s no sense in going out there for 10 minutes and then having to do it again. For them and us. You already have your pads loaded up and your already out there and by the time you get out there you’re sititng for an hour and a half. So having us sit ahead of that was really smart by everyone involved in that decision and we went out and did our thing when it was time to go. Last time it was late at night and our situations were a little different. We did make our players aware of it Thursday and earlier today. We told them that this is what happened two years ago and how we handled it. We need to handle it the right way and be ready to go when they say go.”

On if he still has a fresh team:

Yeah, I love our team and their attitude and the way they work and the way they’re willing to be coached. Obviously, I have to mention the key pieces that we don’t have now. They were all great players, a couple of captains, so are we in great shape? No. Am I excited about our team? Yeah, and our opportunity and willingness to fight and all of that, I am.”

On making interceptions as opposed to dropping them last week:

Yeah. There’s a lot of batted balls and guys competing for them and we did make some nice interceptions and I thought our guys did a nice job of competing that way.”

On if Blake Bell’s performance today is the sign of a young quarterback maturing:

“I think it can be. I think he is more and more comfortable every week. Hopefully it is.”

On kicking the field goal instead of going for it at the end:

“If it was fourth and one I probably would have gone for it to finish the game. It was fourth and two and we had just run a play that didn’t get anything and I figured they have to get a touchdown and we had already stopped a two-point conversion so they would have had to get into the endzone twice. I felt it was the right thing to do.

On how his players responded to Texas Tech’s aggressive playcalling:

“I thought they did an excellent job, they got us on a couple of things. Primarily, our special teams plays we have to be more alert. The rest of it, for the most part, I thought our guys handled it pretty well.”

On the long punt return by Texas Tech:

“It was designed. They did a nice job of returning a decoy and they’re running down the field getting all of their blocks and locating the return man. One guy is trailing outside, trailing the ball and seeing if anyone is covering the ball. I said on the sidelines ‘Hey, that’s pretty good I haven’t seen that’.”

On if he feels okay after the shot he took from Aaron Colvin:

“Yeah, I didn’t even go all the way down. Did you see me spin out of it? My right knee is hurting. That old football injury and not having that anterior cruciate in my knee right now. I’m having some episodes where it’s moving on me. I might be like (local broadcaster & former OU quarterback) Dean (Blevins) and have to get a replacement.”

OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione

On the weather delay:
"Today, weather with significant lightning was tracking towards Norman and did in fact arrive at the time the teams were scheduled to be on the field for warm-ups.  This required us to delay the kickoff. Three lightning strikes occurred within a six-mile radius of the stadium at 1:45 p.m., with multiple strikes within a 10-mile radius. We were advised by our on-site meteorologists of an expected clearance at 2:15-2:30 p.m. In order to provide the teams with their normal 75-minute pre-game warm-up, kickoff was set at 3:45. We followed our procedures, which are in place for the safety of our players and fans."

OU Coaches

Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On Blake Bell’s performance:
“Blake did a great job on third downs. He didn’t have a lot of opportunities on first and second down, especially in the second half, but he made the most of everything on third down, made some critical conversions. We were backed up in our own end zone with some third-and-longs, and that one at the end of the game was a huge play.”

“I thought Blake played really well early on, even before the spear shot (78-yard TD pass). I thought he did a good job when given the opportunities.”

On the offense:
"It’s disappointing that we didn’t start faster. Multiple things- guys not hitting the hole, Blake not hitting the right holes in the run game, getting behind the chains... We had the fumble early, too. There are a lot of things we need to clean up. We need to start faster. You look a week and a half down the road against Baylor, you’re going to have to start faster.”

On converting third-and-longs:
“I think Blake’s played with some confidence the first couple of starts, and he’s been playing with some confidence here the last couple of weeks. I thought he did a really good job tonight of reading the defenses, getting to the guy that had the right leverage. They are one of the best in the country on third downs defensively, and a lot of it is because of their success on third-and-longs ... I’ve said for a couple of weeks now that I think our wide receivers are doing a better job of winning some one-on-ones. We missed a couple of things, our quarterback did the last week or two. Hopefully the trend that we saw tonight continues.”

On losing Trey Millard to injury:
“All you can say about Trey is he is the best in the country in doing what he does. It’s been that way for a long time. We’re going to miss him. Other guys are going to have to step up and play well.”

Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops

On the young linebackers:
“It doesn’t get much tougher from a defensive perspective when you’re playing with three freshmen right in the middle of your line. There aren’t many people in America doing that. To beat a team of that caliber says a lot about those kids, and it says a lot about our team and our depth. I am really, really pleased. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we made the plays when we needed to.”

On covering Tech’s offense:
“They’re an outstanding offensive football team, that’s for sure. He (Kingsbury) does a great job. They execute very well, and they make you execute your defense. They understand your defense well. We missed some things, but again, we had some trap coverages off our blitzes that we didn’t execute. We were showing a lot of blitz pressure. We were dropping down. We missed a couple of traps on the tight end on those quick throws that could have been good for us. Really overall, pretty good effort. I thought our pressure most of the night was pretty good.”

On the defense’s pressure tonight:
“Our pressure’s been good. People get the ball out quick anymore, and you’re not going to have a ton of sacks when we play teams. Our pressure’s been pretty consistent all year. I’ve been pretty happy with it. We’ve gotten decent pressure.

On the offense’s performance:
“I thought that was important in the beginning of the game. We were struggling to get some rhythm offensively, and our defense didn’t give them anything. You could tell, we were on point early on in the game and saw things very well. The more opportunities, you keep giving them opportunities, that’s what you can’t do. I thought our offense did a much better job in the second half in controlling the game with the run game. You rush it for 278 yards, you ought to win. That was the difference in the game."

On the offensive and defensive balance tonight:
“That’s what good teams do. That’s what we’ve got to do is play together as a team. They bailed us out in the second half. We hung in there the first half. When you’re playing good, winning games like this, you’re not going to win one-sided games. It’s impossible. Special teams, offense, defense, you need to play well in all three phases. I thought we carried each other throughout parts of that game, and that’s really what you have to do because there is going to be some adversity.”

OU Player Quotes

Junior Quarterback Blake Bell

On FB Trey Millard’s injury:
“I really didn’t know what happened on the sidelines, but obviously I found out after the game. It’s a bad deal and we have to get around him. Trey’s a competitor and he’ll do what he can to fight.”

On having long possessions:
“That was big-time for us tonight, especially against that great Texas Tech offense. They spread it out and they can swing it all over the field. Obviously our defense did a great job of getting us stops when they needed to, but we felt as an offense, whenever we had the opportunity, there was a sense of urgency to move the ball down the field.”

On the importance of the win:
“It’s definitely big for the team to be able to win against a great Texas Tech football team. It’s definitely, for offense, a sign that we’re moving in the right direction. We’re making big plays and throwing the football. We’re going to get in there Monday, start watching Baylor and getting ready.”

On if this was an ideal game for offense:
“When we can move the ball up the field like we did and those long plays and long chunks, that’s what you want as an offense; along with putting points on the board. Coach (Jay) Norvell and Coach (Josh) Heupel will help us do whatever we can do to get the ball down the field.”

Senior Defensive Back Aaron Colvin

On playing with an excited crowd:
"It’s always fun, especially when you win. Anytime you win, it’s fun. We definitely appreciate the fans and everything they did for us. They were a big part of this game. Getting a win was huge against a great, undefeated team. That win is definitely good for us.”

On him and DB Gabe Lynn having interceptions tonight:
“We were just trying to make plays. I told Gabe before the game tonight that we needed to have big games tonight and make some plays. I’m proud of Gabe; it was big-time for him to get that interception.”

On the defense’s improvements tonight:
“Every week we have to take a step. I feel like our schedule only gets harder and teams only get better, so if we’re not getting better as a defense and as a team then we’re going to lose games.”

Senior Defensive Back Gabe Lynn

On FB Trey Millard’s injury:
“It hurts. He’s probably one of the best people I’ve played with. He’s a great teammate and player, so it’s going to hurt. But this isn’t the first loss. Corey (Nelson) and Trey are probably the best guys that I know, but we’ll be back.”

On the turnovers:

“We knew we had to get the turnovers. Whenever we had an opportunity, we had to. We missed one on a fumble, but besides that, I think we capitalized on them pretty well.”

Senior Running Back Damien Williams

On the start of the third quarter:
"We came in and the coaches were telling us that we needed to pound them in the next half and that’s exactly what happened. We came out prepared and ready. We practiced this throughout the week. We pound the ball and we knew it was going to be our game plan. We came out with a different mindset at the half.”

On taking turns running the ball with RB Roy Finch:
“Our coach, Coach (Cale) Gundy, knows what kinds of players that he has. We all can do the same things and we all can hold our own. Anytime that you can get some fresh legs in there, get them in and let them go.”

Junior Defensive Tackle Chuka Ndulue

On holding in the fourth quarter:
“I think we did a pretty well as a team. We had a couple of guys down and overall I like how we stayed together as a team and kept fighting and playing.”

On FB Trey Millard’s injury:
“That hurts. He’s great player, great athlete and a dynamic triple threat for us. It really hurts to lose a leader. But there are other people behind him who can step up. We just need everyone to be all in and just get ready for Baylor.”

Senior Center Gabe Ikard

On tonight’s gameplan:
“Our offense was very run-heavy. I thought we had some really good matchups. We had them outsized in some positions because they’re built for a spread offense. We had two tight ends playing some formation. We ran power a lot. I don’t know how many times we ran it, but we ran it over and over and over again. We had a lot of success with it whether it was with Blake (Bell), Damien (Williams) or Brennan (Clay) or Roy (Finch). All of those guys had quality carries. We controlled the line of scrimmage pretty well. Obviously there are several things that could be better. We left some things out there, but we got a tough win in some tough conditions against a good team.”

On losing Trey Millard:
“He’s the best player on our football team. He’s the most versatile person on our football team. My heart is just broken for him. He’s one of those guys who just loves the game, and for it to happen on something like getting rolled up on a kickoff, that’s tough to swallow for everyone on this team. He’s the heart and soul of this team, and he’s one of the leaders. We’re going to miss him a lot, and we’re going to have to make some serious adjustments on the offensive side of the football without No. 33 out there.”

On losing three key players:
“We’ve lost three of our top five or six guys, and I’m just really proud of the way, people like Jordan Evans and Dom (Dominique

Alexander) stepped in today. It wasn’t beautiful, but it got the job done. Those three are huge losses for this football team, and we’re going to have to play extremely well on both sides of the football. Everyone is going to have to do their job to win this

conference. We’ve got the meat of our schedule left. This game, Baylor and [Oklahoma] State, those teams are very, very good on both sides of the football, so we’re going to have to make some adjustments and throw some guys into the fire, but they’re at Oklahoma for a reason. All of our guys can play, so we have to get those guys ready. We have a great challenge with Baylor ahead of us. I feel terrible for those guys that they’re missing the time, but we’ve got to adjust.”

Sophomore Linebacker Eric Striker

On playing Tech’s offense:
“That was a tough-fought game. They did a great job all night, Texas Tech’s offense, but we kept pushing every time we went out there, and it worked out.”

On his performance:
“Being able to get in the backfield definitely helped. I go hard every play I’m out there, so that’s just doing what you’re supposed to do.”

On preparing for Baylor:
“Oh, I’m definitely excited. I’ve been keeping that game in the back of my mind for a long time. I can’t wait to get out there.”

Senior Receiver Jalen Saunders

On his and Blake Bell’s connection:
“I guess you could say he was looking for me, but I was just really able to get open. That’s our job is being able to get open, and I think we were doing a really good job of that.”

On playing as a team:
“I felt like we really played like a team today. We did a great job offensively and defensively. They had a high-powered offense, and we knew that. We knew that as an offense, we had to control the ball. I feel like we just did a great job all-together.”

Senior Running Back Roy Finch

On his first catch:
“I feel good. I feel good that we were really able to wear them down toward the end of the game by running the football. The coaches trusted me enough to get in there and see if I could pound it, and I just was excited to play today.”

On his team’s play:
“I feel pretty great. We’re far from where we need to be. We have a lot of work to do and we can’t get complacent at all. We have to go back to the drawing board and continue to work on things that we didn’t do well. The positive points are good, but we have to focus on the negative points so we can be stronger.”

On the difference in the second half:
“We just were able to establish the run game. The first quarter we established it a bit, but we had more of a mental focus and more of an aggressiveness to run the football in the second half. The line up front really pushed those guys off the ball so we could get in there and make cuts.”

Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

On Texas Tech’s final possession:
“They got us on that sack and you cannot take sacks in that situation with no timeouts. But I was really proud of the way (Davis Webb) played. He hung in there the whole game and made some big time throws. He had a rough start, but he got it rolling there after the first quarter.”

On Davis Webb gaining confidence:
“He has gotten better. He works at it and has a great mental approach. We haven’t pulled anything off the playbook. He has got the whole thing and he is running with it. I just think early on in these games he has to settle down a little bit quicker and make the right plays with the ball.  Like I said, proud of the way he fought the whole game.

“I just said that it was all out in front of us. If we want to win it, we have got to win the rest of the games, and we would have win or lose this game. He’ll keep getting better and he will keep fighting. His teammates lift him up and they made some big time plays for him.”

On Texas Tech’s turnovers:
“That’s huge. You cannot come into this stadium against this team with those coaches and those athletes and do that. Especially plus-50 turnovers were going in, on all of them. We knew that coming in that we couldn’t have the turnovers, but we didn’t take care of business.”

On coming back after giving up 17 points in a row:
“That’s the senior leadership. They have done a great job of buying in and they stepped up and made plays and got us back in the game. We just couldn’t hold up and the turnovers really hurt. But I was proud of that leadership from the older guys.”

On trying to stop the Oklahoma running game:
“You try to make them one dimensional and make them throw it. Because if they are running like they are it is going to be tough, and with that quarterback, he is a tough kid and he falls forward five yards. Their running backs are very, very talented. They did a great, great job mixing up pass and run and we never got them off schedule. Then when we got them on third down, a bunch of third and longs, (Bell) made great throws.”

On lack of execution in scoring position:
“I don’t know the reason. It wasn’t good. They had a great plan defensively and showed us a bunch of different looks. They do a good job coaching their players.”

On using trick plays:
“That was good execution by those guys making plays. We had to make plays to stay in the game and they did it.”

On the onside kick:
“It was something that Coach (Trey) Haverty saw on film and said it would be there. Our guys executed perfectly. I thought we had a chance with the wet ball, maybe it would kind of slip out somewhere. We did a good job executing.”

On contending in the Big 12 moving on:
“You’ve got win them all, whether you win this game or lose this game. That is what I told our team. Next game up, we have a great Oklahoma State team coming so we better be ready to go.”

On making a statement as a program today by continuing to fight instead of fold:
“That senior leadership, those guys have been through a lot. Three coaches and five DC’s for those guys on defense. Those guys are a resilient group. They kept battling, kept fighting and kept leading, they just didn’t get it done.”

On Kenny Williams’ Touchdown Pass:
“(Williams) had been asking for it. We just saw an opportunity. Those corners are really aggressive and really good in the run game and they stepped up, and (Williams) made a nice throw.”

On the fake punt return:
“That was something Coach Morris came up with. We saw it on film and we were hoping that he would punt it a little bit farther the other way, the bounce kind of hurt it. We would have scored, I think. It was a big time momentum change in that game.”

On preparing for trick plays:
“It was things we saw in the gameplan and we do that every week. If we think that something is gonna work we put it in and go for it. The team did a good job executing on what we worked on this week. The last couple weeks we have had them put in, but we have never got to them for whatever reason.”

On whether or not he had any fears for Texas Tech’s defense against Oklahoma’s offense:
“Like I said, they are really good in the run game, and they have been all year and (Bell) is really hard to get down. I thought if we could get them off schedule and get ahead a little bit then we could try to make them one dimensional and we may have a better chance. But they had a great plan and they converted a bunch of third and longs, which is what we wanted to do, but (Bell) stepped up and made some good throws on third and long.

On Oklahoma’s 97 yard drive:
“That was a big drive for them. As an offensive coordinator that is what you want to see from your offense after the defense gets a stop. Like I said, they are one of the best coached teams you are going to play against and they do a tremendous job with their players and their plays.

On defending Oklahoma’s running back by committee:
“I think they have got a stable of talented running backs. They do a good job of keeping them fresh and mixing them in. And then up front they are physical and do a great job making holes.”

Texas Tech Players

Texas Tech Junior Tight End Jace Amaro
On Texas Tech’s second-half response:
“It really showed how mature our team is, and how young we are, too. I felt like we had a lot of momentum when it was 24-21, we just needed one more stop. We had a good chance of putting it away if we would’ve had one more score. Twenty-four unanswered points is tough, especially on the road. You can’t be having turnovers on the offensive side and penalties, that really killed us.”

On getting open in the second half:
“I just forced myself to get open and ran better routes. I had cleaner cuts. They did a good job on me the first half and it took me a while to get going, but Coach [Kliff] Kingsbury called it my way. I told him I was going to be open and just to get it to me.”

On the physicality of Oklahoma’s secondary defense:
“They’re a really tough secondary, up there with TCU. We had a lot of success on them, almost 500 total yards. We were only one stop away from winning this game.”

On the fumble he had:
“I’ve never fumbled in my life. I fumbled for the first time ever in the biggest game I’ve ever played. It was a 14-point swing because they score on that 75-yard bomb the next play and I put a lot of that on myself. I dropped the ball towards the end. It may have not affected the game, but I just don’t do those things. I was just trying to get extra yards, but it ended up hurting us more.”

Texas Tech Senior Wide Receiver Eric Ward

On ‘letting this game get away’:
“There were a lot of opportunities we didn’t execute on. It’s just a lack of execution on our part. We gave them a lot of opportunities to score and they took advantage of that. We need to do better on offense.”

On resiliency:
“We’re actually a good team. Even the young players on the team that stepped up as true freshmen, including Davis [Webb]. We have a lot of growth to do on this team and we have a lot of opportunities to get better.”

Texas Tech Sophomore Linebacker Branden Jackson

On OU game:
“We do feel like we let one get away. We didn’t play our best game and we came up against a great opponent who was prepared and executed. They outplayed and outcoached us today.”

On the 97-yard drive by OU:
“As a defense, we pride ourselves on winning third down. That’s what we call ‘money down’ and today, we didn’t get paid. They

converted a lot. They moved the big field. We always want to take our chances against the offense trying to move the big field against our defense, and they did just that. They did it well and effeciently.”

Texas Tech Senior Defensive Back Tre’ Porter

On giving up 500 yards on defense:
“We never though anybody could put up that many yards or that many points. As a defense, we didn’t do well today, but we’re still confident.”

On keeping up confidence going into rest of season:
“It’s very important. We’ve got to keep going. We learned a lot about our defense today. We have to make plays when the ball comes to us. We got to do our job on assignments. We have to trust in the plan.”



Sooner Sports Properties, LLC, is the multimedia rights holder for athletics at the University of Oklahoma.
Sooner Sports Properties is a joint venture of Learfield Communications and Tyler Media, LLC.


Sooner Sports Powered by FOX Sports is a multi-platform network that provides distribution of 1,000+ hours of Sooner sports programming annually on a variety of FOX Sports outlets, including FOX Sports Oklahoma, FOX Sports Southwest, and FOX College Sports.