Embedded: Texas Tech Gameday
October 26, 2013

The Sooners defeated No. 10 Texas Tech 38-30 at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Saturday, October 26.


Final | 38-30

The Sooners celebrate their win against Texas Tech.


4th Quarter | 38-30

Hunnicutt after putting the Sooners at 38-30 with one minute left in the game.


4th Quarter | 35-30

The Sooners calling for noise for the last quarter of the game.


4th Quarter | 35-30

Sooners take the lead once again in the 4th quarter.


3rd Quarter | 21-24

Julian Wilson and Mike talk strategy.


3rd Quarter | 21-7

Sooners are in the lead starting off the third quarter with a touchdown.


Halftime | 14-7

The defense talks during halftime.


2nd Quarter | 14-7

Jalen Saunders after the Sooners end the 2nd quarter in the lead.


2nd Quarter | 14-7

Colvin celebrating after taking the lead in the 2nd quarter.

2nd Quarter | 7-7

Celebrating a tied game.

2nd Quarter | 0-7

Stoops talking to Dom Alexander.


1st Quarter | 0-7

DJ Ward pumping up the crowd to make some noise.


1st Quarter | 0-7

Kish talks to the team.


1st Quarter | 0-7

Montgomery gives a pep talk to the Sooners.


1st Quarter | 0-0

Aaron Colvin gets an interception against Texas Tech.


1st Quarter | 0-0

The Sooners take the field to begin the first quarter.



3:40 pm | 5m to Delayed Kick-Off

The team has their pregame prayer.


3:35 pm | 10m to Delayed Kick-Off

The Sooners huddle together before the beginning of the game.

3:28 pm | 17m to Delayed Kick-Off

 Blake Bell warming up before the game begins.

3:15 pm | 30m to Delayed Kick-Off

The Sooners take the field to warm up for the game.


2:53 pm | 53m to Delayed Kick-Off

The Sooners begin to pad up for the game.

2:30 pm | 1h15m to Delayed Kick-Off 

St. Louis Ram and former Sooner R.J. Washington visits the locker room.

2:10 pm | 1h35m to Delayed Kick-Off 

The Sooners staying pumped and focused for the game during the weather delay.

1:30 pm | 2h15m to Delayed Kick-Off 

Sooners wait in the locker room.

The Sooners stretch and wait as the game has been delayed due to weather.

1:15 pm | 1h15m to Kick-Off

Corey Nelson in the locker room.

The Sooners preparing for the game in the training/equipment room.

12:50 pm | 1h40m to Kick-Off

Fist bump with Coach Stoops.

The Sooners arrive at the stadium and receive some encouragement from fans.

Sooners unloading from the bus.

12:20 pm | 2h10m to Kick-Off

Sooners getting on the bus.

 11:13 am | 3h17m to Kick-Off

Alex Ross gets his ankles taped and gets focused for the game.

Alex Ross gets ankles taped

 10:45 am | 3h45m to Kick-Off

The Sooners load up on their pregame meal at the hotel. 

Sooners load up a the buffet

Sooners pregame meal

Sooners say grace before meal

10:30 am | 4h00m to Kick-Off

Vietnam War veteran Lt. Clebe McClary leads chapel for the Sooners this morning. 

Lt. Clebe McClary leads chapel

Sooners in chapel

10:20 am | 4h10m to Kick-Off

Sooners head outside to stretch. 

Sooners stretch outside

10:15 am | 4h15m to Kick-Off

Michael Hunnicutt and Jed Barnett play some ball before getting focused for the game.

Hunnicutt and Barnett play some ball



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