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 Conference Rower of the Year (6)
 Year  Rower  Conference  Class
 2014  Kristin Clift  Big 12  Senior
   Kristin Clift  Conference USA  Senior
 2013  Nikki Furmanek  Big 12  Senior
   Nikki Furmanek  Conference USA  Senior
 2012  Rebecca Staff  Big 12  Junior
   Nikki Furmanek  Conference USA  Junior

 Conference Coach of the Year (5)
 Year  Coach  Conference  NCAA Finish
 2014  Leeanne Crain  Big 12  --
   Leeanne Crain  Conference USA  --
 2013  Leeanne Crain  Big 12  17th
   Leeanne Crain  Conference USA  17th
 2012  Leeanne Crain  Big 12  --

 Conference Newcomer of the Year (3)
 Year  Rower  Class  Conference
 2014  Victoria Wallace  Freshman  C-USA
 2013  Taylor Gillespie  Freshman  C-USA
 2012  Kellie O'Reilly  Freshman  Big 12

 All-Big 12 Conference (13 First Team, 21 Overall)
 Year  Team  Rower  Class
 2014  First  Ashley Carpenter  Junior
   First  Kristin Clift  Senior
   First  Marilyn Kozlowski  Senior
   First  Heather Morris  Senior
   First  Emmie Preskitt  Junior
   Second  Laura Combs  Senior
   Second  Kim Moldenhauer  Junior
   Second  Kellie O'Reilly  Junior
 2013  First  Kristin Clift  Junior
   First  Meghan Farrell  Senior
   First  Nikki Furmanek  Senior
   First  Kellie O'Reilly  Sophomore
   First  Carly Schueler  Senior
   Second  Ivy Brown  Senior
   Second  Kelsey O'Grady  Senior
   Second  Emmie Preskitt  Sophomore
 2012  First  Nikki Furmanek  Junior
   First  Carly Schueler  Junior
   First  Rebecca Staff  Junior
   Second  Nicole Bladow  Senior
   Second  Meghan Farrell  Junior
- First Awarded in 2012

 All-Conference USA (15)
 Year  Team  Rower  Class
 2014  First  Kristin Clift  Senior
   First  Marilyn Kozlowski  Senior
   First  Heather Morris  Senior
   First  Emmie Preskitt  Junior
 2013  First  Meghan Farrell  Senior
   First  Nikki Furmanek  Senior
   First  Ashley LaFollette  Senior
   First  Rebecca Staff  Senior
 2012  First  Nikki Furmanek  Junior
   First  Rebecca Staff  Junior
 2011  First  Rebecca Staff  Sophomore
   First  Kelsey Witten  Senior
 2010  First  Chelsea Moore  Senior
   First  Rebecca Staff  Freshman
   First  Meagan Harrell  Junior
- First Awarded in 2010

 Conference Boats of the Week (11)
 Year  Date  Boat  Conference
 2014  May 6  Varsity Eight  Conference USA
   April 16  Varsity Eight  Big 12
 2013  April 24  Second Varsity Eight  Conference USA
   April 24  Second Varsity Eight  Big 12
   April 2  Second Varsity Eight  Conference USA
   March 27  Varsity Eight  Big 12
   March 26  Second Varsity Eight  Conference USA
   March 19  Varsity Four  Conference USA
 2012  May 1  Varsity Eight  Conference USA
   March  Varsity Eight  Big 12
   March 20  Varsity Eight  Conference USA
- Conference USA Boat of the Week first awarded in 2011.
- Big 12 Boat of the Week awarded monthly in 2012, bi-weekly starting in 2013.