Jalen Saunders Press Conference

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Wide Receiver Jalen Saunders
Sept. 3, 2013

On getting more one-on-one opportunities:
“Yeah, it’s putting a lot of corners on the island and doing the safest play to run. Our offense is looking way better with the style we have switched to. I am really excited for it.”

On the chance for bigger plays:
“Definitely, it brings the safeties down to the box and you can run.”

On more players wanting the outside position:
“I think so, yes. You have to work more for that position because it is one-on-one, but we went the season without a DB so it’s a tough job that we’re all capable of doing.”

On the receivers in the ULM game:
“I will give the offense overall about a ‘B’. We left some plays on the field; a couple dropped passes with myself. There were a couple other things we did wrong, but we will clean it up and watch film and lead off from there.”

On dropping the ball in last week’s game:
“I was looking at it and I looked at the field and I looked back at the ball and dropped it. I had seen a lot of green grass but I was really upset. I went home, watched film, I did a hundred push-ups alone. Man, I just hate dropping passes, so I was really upset about it.”

On seeing West Virginia on Saturday:
“It was shootout last year and they are going to come hungry this year. Last year we put up 50 points and this year both defenses are going to be very hungry. Last week, they didn’t show too much on the offense side of the ball, which we know they are a way better team.”

How the West Virginia game compared to other games from last season:
“It was probably one of my top games behind the Oklahoma State game. That was a great win we had and it came down to the last few seconds for us to get that W.”

On his thoughts when Kenny Stills was getting the slant pass:
“I really didn’t even know they had signaled for the slant formation, I thought we had called for a whole different play. I was very surprised, not that he caught the ball, but that we switched the play like we did. I was very excited that he caught it and we got the win of the game. “

On his thoughts from the sidelines during West Virginia’s final drive:
“I was just hoping and praying that we would hurry up and get it over it with. Let’s just get this over with and get the win.”

On his favorite game day tradition:
“I usually come in and watch a little motivational video and then I always read the Bible and listen to my music; I get ready like that, get mentally focused. Then we all step out onto the field, I like to dance around and have a little fun. Then we come back in and I just pray some more. I’m ready to go then.

On the difference between walking down the tunnel here and at Fresno State:
“Just hearing the roar of the fans when they see the athletes coming out of the locker room. It is very exciting to listen to the crowd getting excited for us.”

On relaxing Trevor Knight during games:
“It was his first game, his first collegiate game period; ever. So I kind of expected him to be a little nervous, but he’s calm. We talked after the game and I am excited for him at the next game, and the coming season as he becomes more composed as a player. Like I have been saying, he is really mature for his age and I think he will do very well.”