Bob Stoops Post Practice Quotes: Aug. 20

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By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
AUGUST 20, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Head Coach Bob Stoops Highlights
August 20, 2013

On who has a shot to play among the newcomers:

“(Charles) Walker; question on (D.J.) Ward, depending on how he recovers from this spleenectomy, (Dominique) Alexander, (Jordan) Evans, (Dakota) Austin, (L.J.) Moore, (Stanvon) Taylor, (Hatari) Byrd, (Ahmad) Thomas and (Jed) Barnett. I always say that I expect to play all of them, why would you guys start to be surprised? We always want to play them early. I will say that this is one of our better classes, overall.”

On who will be starting opposite CB Aaron Colvin:

“We’ll see. Cortez (Johnson) has had the most snaps and does well and some of these other guys have come on. So, Zach Sanchez has had a really good camp so he’s pushing them. And the young guys are going really well.”

On whether media reports are accurate that he’s determined a starting quarterback:

I haven’t (announced the quarterback). Who reported that? Of course it isn’t true.”

On how DT Quincy Russell looked the first day in pads:

“He looked good. He’s really powerful, strong. Just getting comfortable with all the calls.”

On true freshman possibly playing on the defensive line:

“They have ability, so we’ll see.”

On how the coaches evaluate the two quarterbacks:

Well, again, we just get a feel for both of them. A lot of times we like both of them or feel that they’re capable of winning. And sometimes, we’ll feel like at that time if neither of them has got a chance to play they’ve got a chance to take the pressure off each other.”

Why he thinks people don’t play two quarterbacks that often:

“Well, probably just getting continuity with the one guy with everyone on the field. I still believe there’s a place for it in a long season. Sometimes you need more than one guy. Just think, all that development, all that quarterback competition for Paul Thompson maybe we’re not Big 12 champions in 2006 when we remove our quarterback and he takes over without any snaps in the spring. So it serves its purpose.”

On potential problems a defensive coach preparing for two diverse quarterbacks:

“Only when you have one that’s a zone read option guy and the other guy’s style changes in more of a pocket; only when the style of offense changes. When the style of offense doesn’t change, it really isn’t that much of a headache, other than one guy’s hot, one guy isn’t. But as far as schemes go, it isn’t when there isn’t different schemes.”

On the chances that he plays two quarterbacks against Louisiana-Monroe

“Never say never and there’s always a chance. Even what’s his name in Dumb & Dumber had a chance. It was one in a million, but he had a chance.”

If there’s a chance he’ll expound more on who will play QB against Louisiana-Monroe:

No, no chance of me saying more.”

On exposing the quarterbacks to more hits and the importance of developing the quarterback:

“These guys are all capable of moving around the ball than some of the guys we’ve had. If that happens, they’re likely to take a few more shots or get fatigued. When you’re not an older guy that’s done it a bunch, that takes a while to get used to. There may be plays with two guys set to go out there.”

If he knows more from scrimmages as the days go by:

“Definitely.  There’s pressure there and there has been for the last three or four days and we’re aware of that.”

On if he gives one quarterback more attention on any given day

“We rotate on who’s going with the ones and who’s going with the twos. The reps are fairly equal so it’s fairly easy to see; sometimes, as coaches, who is elevating the group more. You keep trying to look at them.”

On scouting Louisiana-Monroe and seeing that they play two quarterbacks at the same time occasionally:

“Yeah, to a degree, definitely. We’re working on them.”

If he has plans to put two quarterbacks on the field at the same time

“It’s always possible. There’s always a chance.”

On how different the offense will look to non-football experts:

“Not much different, you’ll see a bunch of the same formations and plays. Not much at all, really.”

On how he feels playing RB Roy Finch:

“We feel good to a degree. We’re not going to be designing our offense around him, we’re not doing that. Things that we feel he’s doing well, we’ll have him in there. It also depends on what Roy does when he’s in there. Or what he doesn’t do. Now Trey (Millard) with formations and using him more, we do want to have him on the field in a lot of different positions.”

On the status of WR Jaz Reynolds:

“He’s set to play (next) Saturday, when we do play.”

On (Oklahoma State coach) Mike Gundy waiting to announce his quarterback until Aug. 31:

“No kidding? I might try that. Mike should’ve called me. You never know what we’ll do.”

On his appreciation for WR Jaz Reynolds, who is the only current player to catch a pass in a game from QB Sam Bradford:

“He has not been here longer than any senior or fifth-year senior. He’s been on the field maybe. Heck, he took a whole year off last year. No, I don’t have any appreciation for how long he’s been here, any more than I do for any of my kids that have been here four and five years. I tell all my guys that have been here, it’s a lot of work. He isn’t the only one, all of those guys have put in a lot of time.”

On the lack of fifth-year seniors on the roster because of the decision to not redshirt as many:

“Probably. Again, we’d prefer to play all of them right off the bat. Today’s world, with the number of snaps, special teams, injuries; you can run thin pretty fast. We like to play them while we can.”

On the progress of DB Quentin Hayes

“Quentin’s had a really good camp. He’s really covering well, playing smart. Doing really well. I’ve been really excited with what he’s done.”

On the development of another offensive tackle and the offensive line

“I think we’re close enough. Derek Farniok’s coming along, Josiah’s (St. John) coming along. We even play Bronson Irwin out there sometimes and he does really well.”



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