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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
AUGUST 07, 2013

Throughout the season, we’ll take an in-depth look at the unique personalities that populate the locker room at the Switzer Center. You’ll learn what motivates these Sooners, what makes them hungry and maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear about a few idiosyncrasies that they didn’t want you to know!

You’re the last remaining third of the original Cali Trio. Do you feel like you’re carrying on a legacy?
BC: “I feel like I’m definitely carrying on a legacy. Being the last one here, I know I have to finish strong. I’m proud of my boys Tony (Jefferson) and Kenny (Stills) for going on to the next level, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

Are you hoping to follow in their footsteps and put all three of the Cali Trio in the NFL?
BC: “Of course. That’s the main goal, to get to the next level. Not just for the Cali Trio, but for my mom, as well.”

Did you have any culture shock coming to Oklahoma from California?
BC: “Definitely, but I knew coming into it that it was going to be different, especially coming out to the Midwest. The weather is much different—that’s a significant difference. The heat is just something that I didn’t know if I could stand or not, but I’m used to it now after three or four years. I definitely just like the culture and the people as a whole. They’re much nicer than in California, where everyone’s in a rush and seems to be busy. It’s much more laid back here in Oklahoma.”

You talked about the hot, but what about the cold in Oklahoma?
BC: “The first time I ever touched snow was that big blizzard in December when I had just turned 18. I liked it for about three minutes, and that was about it.”

What’s the best part about living in Norman?
BC: “The best part about living in Norman is definitely in the fall with game day. I’ll say the summers are pretty nice as well, with the sunsets and being laid back. Being able to be outside and it’s not chilly out at 8 or 9 p.m., so you can relax and enjoy the weather.”

Since you mentioned the fall, you had one of the most memorable moments of last fall when you ran in the game-winning touchdown in overtime against Oklahoma State. Take Sooner fans through that moment.
BC: “It was surreal. I just knew coming into that game that it was going to be a close one. Trey (Millard) did a great job on my backside cutting the guy off. They opened the hole and I found the lane; saw one defender and ran through him, saw another defender and knew I had to make him miss. Crossing that goal line with the stadium erupting, it kind of went quiet. It was kind of like one of those movies, of course. It’s so hard to reenact something like that. It was just a great experience.”

What was it like in the locker room after that game?
BC: “It was wild. We were so happy to come out with the W, especially down here in Norman. Everyone was getting ready to go out and celebrate. It was just a great experience for our team as well.”

What do you think the best part of winning a national title would be?
BC: “Just to prove the haters and naysayers wrong. I would say that we would get the most criticism because we are a program that always thrives. We’re so used to this 10-3 season, 11-2 season—we need to come out and go undefeated, and actually prove to them that we’re a 13-0 championship-worthy. That would be the biggest thing for me, being able to prove the ones that always doubt us wrong.”

Rumor has it you’d like to go into broadcasting someday after football.
BC: “I would like to do that one day. I have dreams and aspirations of becoming an ESPN sports analyst and I would love to do so one day. In a few years, after I’m doing with the game, I would love to be around it and be able to talk about it. What’s better than that?”

Is there a particular show you’d like to work on?
BC: “I would love to be on Sports Nation or ESPN First Take. I’d love to be on there and put my two cents in and be able to critique everybody in the league.”

Do you have a favorite sports broadcaster?
BC: “For some reason, every time I think of it, I think of Shaq. It’s the way he talks. One time, (comedian) Katt Williams talked about how Shaq talks and how there should be a basketball over every word he says. That’s just something I would like—I thought that was funny.”

Is there anything else that Sooner fans should know about you?
BC: “I love to sing, but I can’t sing at all. If you follow me, you can catch me carrying a tune, whether it’s good or bad.”

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
BC: “There’s no go-to karaoke song—you just throw it up there for me and I’ll do it.”

What’s your most memorable karaoke performance?
BC: “Probably with all my boys on my 21st birthday. We did “This Is How We Do It” by Montel Jordan. It was a great night.”



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