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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
AUGUST 02, 2013

Throughout the season, we’ll take an in-depth look at the unique personalities that populate the locker room at the Switzer Center. You’ll learn what motivates these Sooners, what makes them hungry and maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear about a few idiosyncrasies that they didn’t want you to know!

You have 19 watches? Who needs 19 watches? You can’t wear them all at once!
AC: “I became a fan of watches. One thing led to another and I started collecting them. I like big-faced watches, so I just kept trying to find them bigger and bigger.” 

When did you start collecting?
AC: “I liked watches in high school, but we didn’t have that much money. Once I started working in high school and started getting a paycheck monthly I started investing my money in watches.”

What’s your favorite styles?
AC: “I love Michael Kors, I like Nixon, I like everything. The sporty type, G-Shock, I like when I’m going out with some friends and whatnot, but when I’m going out at night I like something more sophisticated.”

Do you wear all of them regularly or some of them only for special occasions?
AC: “There’s probably a handful that I don’t wear that I keep excluded from the pile unless I’m going somewhere really nice. I wear most of my watches. I got boxes for them. They’re not in anything clear so that I can see them, but I know them all just by the box." 

Are you going to keep collecting or is there a limit?
AC: “I’m going to keep getting more. I hope I can make it to the next level and if I do it’s going to be out of control. I’m going to shut it down with that.”

Your favorite food is your mom’s queso. What is it that makes it so great?
AC: “I don’t know. I’ve never actually watched her cook it. She just has the right texture to it; just everything is perfect. I actually went home last week and she had made some. I can eat anything from my momma. Pork chops, potatoes, she makes good pasta, she makes it all!”

You can’t cook yourself?
AC: “No, that’s why I go out all the time.”

“What’s the best thing you can cook?”
AC: “I can cook spaghetti. Oh, I can grill. Any meat, I can grill.”

When you’re not making spaghetti, where are your favorite eating spots in Norman?
AC: “There was a point in time, I think my sophomore year, when I was at Louie’s every Sunday. I like to eat out a lot. Louie’s, I like Cheddars a lot, places like that.” 

Being a communication major, what would you like to do with that degree?
AC: “I’d love to do some type of broadcasting. I’d need a couple more classes or get a minor or something but communication is kind of broad so I could do a lot of different things. I’d just love to do some NFL broadcasting, college broadcasting, and talk about football." 

How long have you had the glasses you’re wearing (3D glasses with no lenses)?
AC: “I just found them in my locker today.”

Did you see (Detroit Lions DE) Ziggy Ansah wear the same thing at the NFL Draft?
AC: “Yeah, but he was trippin’ on those. Dude went top 10 with 3D glasses? C’mon, brother.”

What’s wrong with that?
AC: “I’m glad he kept to his roots and whatnot but c’mon man you got to be fresh! Trippin’.”

But you’re wearing them.
AC: Yeah but see I haven’t made it yet, I’m still a broke college student. I have to.

Anything else that Sooner fans should know about you?
AC: “I’ll tell you something weird. I have to watch the Travel Channel and the Food Channel all day. It relaxes my mind. Discovery, Travel and Food channels all relax my mind like no other.”

Any shows in particular?
AC: “What’s the guy that eats all the weird foods? I don’t know the name of the program. I’ll watch that and anything on Discovery Channel. I like them all.”  



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