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 Monday, July 27
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  Thursday, July 30

8:35 a.m. - Up Next
The OU football team kicks off preseason practice next week while hosting Media Day and Meet the Sooners Day on Friday, Aug. 7.
8:24 a.m. - Wrapping Up
The Big 12 wrapped up its Media Days on Wednesday in Irving. Many of the headlines below cover the final four teams in attendance.

Boomer Bytes: Thursday Headlines from Big 12
  Wednesday, July 29

8:42 a.m. - Final Day will stream live the formal press conferences for Kansas State (9 a.m.), Texas Tech (9:45 a.m.), Colorado (10:30 a.m.) and Texas (11:15 a.m.). Just click the links to the right. The schedule may be altered due to travel for the team representatives.
8:13 a.m. - Sooner Headlines
Not surprisingly, the morning following OU's turn at Big 12 Media Days usually produces one of the year's longest list of headlines on the Sooners from across the region. Let's get to the coverage:

Boomer Bytes: Wednesday Headlines on the Sooners
  Tuesday, July 28

6:12 p.m. - Elusive Gresham
As previously mentioned, Jermaine Gresham is not eager to be in the media limelight. Since he was here on Coach Stoops' request, we figured it was a good time to compile a few video clips on the star TE:

VideoVideo: Gresham on Representing OU, Role Models
5:33 p.m. - No Heisman Head
Coach Stoops, Jermaine Gresham and Gerald McCoy knew Sam well before he won the Heisman and see him every day now that he's a "returning Heisman-winning quarterback". What do they think of how Sam has handled the award and the adoration that follows?

VideoVideo: Coach Stoops on Bradford and the Heisman
VideoVideo: Gresham, McCoy Provide Locker Room Perspective
5:14 p.m. - Repeat Yourself?
We haven't had time to talk with the players after their media day experience this morning but we'd guess their least favorite session was with local TV (no disrespect to those hard-working media). First, it was one of the final sessions of the day so the guys were starting to tire of the bright lights. But it was mostly the format that was tough. Each of the four Sooner reps (the players and Coach Stoops) rotated every 10 minutes between four groups of TV cameras. After answering questions from one group, the guys repeated the procedure, often with the same questions from a new set of cameras. We don't have any suggestions on how to improve the format -- we're just glad we weren't on the hot seats trying to provide four interesting segments for 40 minutes...

VideoVideo: Sooners Rotate Through the Local TV Gauntlet
5:04 p.m. - The Sooner State
All three players Coach Stoops chose to represent Oklahoma at Big 12 Media Days are from the Sooner State: Sam Bradford (Oklahoma City), Jermaine Gresham (Ardmore) and Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma City). In this clip, Bradford explains what it means personally for him to star at quarterback for Oklahoma:

VideoVideo: Bradford on Playing for Home-State Sooners
4:50 p.m. - Hitting the Dial
Another interesting aspect of Media Days is watching football players sit down at one of the numerous tables in the radio section, put on headsets and answer questions from a show host located hundreds of miles from here. You listen to the product every day but rarely see the guys in action as their voices go out over the airwaves:

VideoVideo: Gresham, McCoy & Bradford in Radio Interviews
4:39 p.m. - Northern Perspectives
One of the cool aspects of Big 12 Media Days is reading articles on your team from media outlets that don't cover them on a daily basis. The Big 12 mixes its divisions on all three days. For example, OU and Baylor from the south joined Kansas and Missouri from the north for Tuesday's session. Here's an entertaining article from Rick Dean of the Topeka Capital-Journal on OU's Sam Bradford:

Football World is Sam's Town - Topeka Capital-Journal
4:23 p.m. - Sam Center Stage
Texas fans may disagree but Sam Bradford is arguably the highest-profile football player in the conference. He earned the media's vote as preseason first-team All-Big 12 quarterback and was selected preseason Offensive Player of the Year. In this clip, Bradford holds court on the Big 12 dais in the center of media day:

VideoVideo: Sam Bradford Takes Stage at Big 12 Media Days
4:12 p.m. - Gresham with FSN
Our second video features OU All-American tight end Jermaine Gresham. Although Gresham likes to act shy and attempts to defer all media attention to his teammates, No. 18 can open up from time to time in front of the camera. In this clip, FSN gets the honors:

VideoVideo: Jermaine Gresham with FOX Sports Net
3:59 p.m. - Gerald Being Gerald

For our first video from media day, we chose to share behind-the-scenes clips of OU All-American defensive tackle Gerald McCoy excelling at his best trait, namely, just being Gerald. The guy is a complete natural with the media and holds nothing back. No wonder most media down here would vote No. 93 "Best Interview".

VideoVideo: Gerald McCoy Being Himself at Media Day
3:06 p.m. - Official Quotes
We're waiting on archived video of OU's formal press conference but just a reminder that you can click the links to the right for complete quotes courtesy the Big 12. Here's the direct link for OU:

Oklahoma Quotes from 2009 Big 12 Media Days (PDF)
2:58 p.m. - OU-BYU Sold Out
Just received word from the OU Athletics Ticket Office that the Dallas Cowboys notified OU that they had sold out of their allotment of single-game tickets for the OU-BYU game on September 5 in the new Cowboys Stadium.
2:31 p.m. - This is Your Conscious
Funniest thing from today I witnessed happened in the print room. All three Sooner players were seated on small risers and surrounded by press. The Big 12 had thoughtfully provided wireless mikes for the guys to pin to their shirts so everyone gathered around could hear their answers. As the session winded down, Gresham and McCoy were entertaining about four media members while more than 30 people were still crammed around Bradford. McCoy rose off his seat and, still miked, headed towards Bradford's end of the room. Through the speakers, McCoy whispered in a deep voice, "This is your conscious.... you've asked Sam enough questions...". At that, everyone laughed and Bradford fielded his final question.
2:27 p.m. - Big 12 Blog
Keith Whitmire is writing a blog for the Big 12 on their official site and he's just included several segments on the Sooners. View it here:

Big 12 Blog: Stoops, Bradford, Gresham & McCoy
2:19 p.m. - Photos

Tory Kukowski is adding photos to our media days gallery as I type this but you can go ahead and start looking now:

PhotosOklahoma Sooners at 2009 Big 12 Media Days
2:11 p.m. - Sooners Out
Kenny Mossman and David Bassity, OU's media relations reps, are packing up and heading out. That signals to us Coach Stoops and the players are right behind. It had to be an intense four hours of media scrutiny -- especially for Bradford, Gresham and McCoy. All three were up at 5 a.m. for workouts before flying down here. Obviously, no special treatment just because you're a media magnet. Quick thanks to Bassity for sending tweets throughout the morning. He had plenty on his plate just shuttling the players to their appointments and found time to keep Sooner fans updated via his Blackberry.
1:53 p.m. - Headlines
Below is a quick rundown of headlines on the Sooners from today. Tomorrow should be heavy on OU stories with plenty of material for the media from today's session:

Football World is Sam's Town - Topeka Capital-Journal
Return of Sooner Stars "Says a Lot" - Tulsa World
Sooners Don't Discount Winning Big 12 Titles - ESPN
Stoops: 2009 Can Be Better Than 2008 - Norman Transcript
Rhode: Reality Checks in the Big 12 - The Oklahoman
OSU to Challenge OU, UT - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
OU's OL Under Scrutiny After Losing Four Starters - ESPN
Who Might Stop Florida's March? - Auburn-Opelika News
Trotter: Notes from Big 12 Media Days - The Oklahoman
Stoops Will Participate in Poll Again - Dallas Morning News
For the Sooners, It's About Who's Back - Big Red Report
Hoover: Blogging from Big 12 Media Days - Tulsa World
Texas' Bitterness is the Real McCoy - CBS Sports
Tramel: A&M, Iowa State Paying Price - The Oklahoman
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
1:06 p.m. - Quick Break for Lunch
We're going to take a quick break for lunch and process a bunch of photos. We'll post plenty of pics and behind-the-scenes shots from today's action shortly.
12:58 p.m. - Tweets from Irving
If you haven't been following our live Twitter feed from Big 12 media days, check it out now. You'll get updates on Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham and Gerald McCoy plus some of the best quotes from OU's contingent. Did you realize that all three stars representing the Sooners today are Oklahoma natives?
12:54 p.m. - Radio to Go
After navigating rooms filled with print and TV media, Coach Stoops and the players finish their time here in Irving with regional and national radio crews. We have plenty of video and photos but the internet connection here at the hotel is spotty so we may be forced to complete our coverage back in Norman later this afternoon.
9:28 a.m. - Late Start
Missouri was a little late arriving at the hotel. Our counterpart at Mizzou, Kevin Fletcher, said the Tigers orbited the airport numerous times trying to get here. They finally arrived, and head coach Gary Pinkel is now on the dais. The schedule on the right may be a little behind, but stay tuned as continues to provide a live stream of each team's press conference. The Sooners first round of action is at 10 a.m., and OU's live press conference is scheduled to begin around 11:15.
9:11 a.m. - Technical Difficulties

We're having some technical difficulties here in the media work room. Our internet connection has been a bit spotty but we will do everything we can to keep you updated throughout the day.
8:58 a.m. - Sooners Arrive

Associate A.D. for Communications Kenny Mossman, Assistant Media Relations Director David Bassity and the rest of the OU contingent just arrived at the hotel. You can be sure the media relations staff has the Sooners aptly prepared. A reminder to also follow us on Twitter, as Mossman and Bassity will provide real-time updates throughout all of today's events.

Follow the Sooners at Big 12 Media Days on Twitter
8:47 a.m. - Welcome to Media Day

Just arrived at the Westin-DFW North for Tuesday's session of Big 12 Media Days. The lobby is buzzing with activity as Oklahoma, Baylor, Kansas and Missouri are slated to national, regional and local media from around the conference.
OU representatives Bob Stoops, Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham and Gerald McCoy will not begin until approximately 10 a.m., but we will be perusing the TV, radio and print rooms to see what the other teams are saying about the Sooners. Stay tuned throughout the day as we post video, photos and quotes.
  Monday, July 27

10:30 p.m. - Cowboys Stadium staff arrived in Dallas Monday evening in advance of OU's appearance at Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday. Rain accompanied our drive down I-35 from Norman to the metroplex. Late July in this part of the country is usually a scorcher but the wet weather cut the temps down into the 70s.

After checking into the hotel and grabbing a quick dinner, we headed past Six Flags and the Rangers' game to eyeball Cowboys Stadium. The civil engineering surrounding the structure is impressive. New roads, bridges, parking areas, lighting and landscaping are designed to lead the eye to the stadium.

After parking, we walked around the entire stadium shooting photos and video despite the rain. Check out a photo gallery here:

Photos360 Degrees Around the New Cowboys Stadium
8:00 a.m. - Boomer Bytes
The 2009 Big 12 Football Media Days begin Monday in Irving, Texas, with four teams scheduled each day through Wednesday. Oklahoma is slated for the final session on Tuesday. Head coach Bob Stoops, junior quarterback Sam Bradford, senior tight end Jermaine Gresham and junior defensive tackle Gerald McCoy will represent the Sooners.
From the Tulsa World: "Did last year's controversial tiebreaker for the South title work, and is it fair? It worked perfectly. OU played the nation's most difficult schedule and was rewarded for its hubris. The system was in place for 10 years before anyone gave it a second thought. The tiebreaker's design is to give the highest-ranked team the best shot at the BCS title game and still get a second team into the BCS. That was a $22 million payday last year. So yes..."

Twelve Questions for the Big 12 - Tulsa World

OU Football Headlines
Seven Teams That Could Pose Problems - The Oklahoman
Five Questions About the Big 12 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Tramel: Remembering Ricky Bryan - The Oklahoman
OU Great Rick Bryan Passes Away at 47 - Tulsa World
Ex-Sooner Rick Bryan Dies at 47 - The Oklahoman
Bryan a Great Player, Had Coach's Respect - Tulsa World
Media Days Should be Entertaining - Dallas Morning News
Season Kicks Off This Week - Grand Island Independent
Bradford Wins Offensive Honor - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Manuel Johnson Agrees to Dallas Deal - The Oklahoman
Football Answers Are What Readers Want - Tulsa World
Bradford Tops McCoy in Poll - Austin American-Statesman
In the Big 12, QBs Are The Story - Kansas City Star
Who's Boss in Big 12 North? - Columbia Daily Tribune
Sooners Headline All-Big 12 Team - Tulsa World
Tough Start Could Sink Miami Hurricanes - CBS Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Tuesday, July 21

Coach Stoops will take Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy and Jermaine Gresham to Arlington as OU's representatives for the annual Big 12 media days on Tuesday, July 28. Follow all the action on as we blog and post video throughout the day from Arlington. View this page for a schedule and a look at which players the other Big 12 coaches are making available.
  Monday, July 20

The 2009 OU Football Guide is online. The official source of information for OU football, this award-winning publication is produced by the OU Athletics Media Relations Department. View updated player and coaching staff bios, rosters and more..."

OU Releases 2009 Football Guide Online
  Follow the Sooners will provide complete coverage of Coach Stoops and the Sooners on Tuesday direct from Irving. Watch for a live blog throughout the day, video clips, interviews, photos and more.