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Video  Aug. 25 - Junior DB Quinton Carter
Video  Aug. 25 - Soph. DE Frank Alexander
Video  Aug. 24 - Soph. OL Donald Stephenson
Video  Aug. 24 - Sophomore OL Jarvis Jones
Video  Aug. 24 - Wide Receiver Jameel Owens
Video  Aug. 21 - Stoops, Coaches in Dunk Tank
Video  Aug. 21 - Offensive Line vs. D-Line
Video  Aug. 21 - WRs Roll in Friday Practice
Video  Aug. 21 - Quick Scrimmage Highlights
Video  Aug. 21 - Coach V and the Linebackers
Video  Aug. 21 - Secondary Challenges WRs
Photos  Aug. 21 - Practice Gallery (38 Photos)
Video  Aug. 20 - Stadium Scrimmage Highlights
Photos  Aug. 20 - Scrimmage Gallery (63 Photos)
Video  Aug. 19 - Receivers, DBs & Footwork
Video  Aug. 19 - OL Punches Sled for Patton
Video  Aug. 19 - D-Tackles Drill with Sled
Video  Aug. 19 - Receivers Fight Off D-Backs
Video  Aug. 19 - O-Line vs. Defensive Line
Video  Aug. 19 - Norvell Works the Receivers
Video  Aug. 19 - Tailbacks Drill Ball Security
Video  Aug. 19 - Quick Scrimmage Highlights
Photos  Aug. 19 - Evening Practice (41 Photos)
Video  Aug. 19 - WRs, RBs in Perimeter Drill
Video  Aug. 19 - RBs Work Short Pass Routes
Video  Aug. 19 - Linebackers Work Positioning
Video  Aug. 19 - Defensive Line Drills Chute
Video  Aug. 19 - Stoops with the Cornerbacks
Video  Aug. 19 - Defensive Line & Dive Drill
Video  Aug. 19 - Gundy, Tailbacks at Practice
Video  Aug. 19 - RBs... And Some Field Goals
Photos  Aug. 19 - Morning Practice (53 Photos)
Video  Aug. 18 - Coach Stoops with Corners
Video  Aug. 18 - Tailbacks Catch Ball Tuesday
Video  Aug. 18 - Defensive Ends in Shuffle Drill
Video  Aug. 18 - Coach Gundy, Running Backs
Video  Aug. 18 - D-Backs Challenge Receivers
Video  Aug. 18 - RBs and Ball Control in Chute
Video  Aug. 18 - Coach Wilson, Defensive Ends
Video  Aug. 18 - Coach Norvell & Receivers
Photos  Aug. 18 - Practice Gallery (42 Photos)
Video  Aug. 17 - Quick Scrimmage Highlights
Video  Aug. 17 - RBs & TEs in Blitz Protection
Video  Aug. 17 - Linebacking Corps Tackling
Photos  Aug. 17 - Evening Practice (14 Photos)
Video  Aug. 17 - Receivers Block, Drop & Roll
Video  Aug. 17 - Linemen Go Head-to-Head
Video  Aug. 17 - Coach Wilson Works the DEs
Video  Aug. 17 - Coach Stoops with WRs, DBs
Video  Aug. 17 - Patton, Wilson with O-Line
Video  Aug. 17 - Defense Works Ball Drill
Video  Aug. 17 - QBs Warm Up with Receivers
Video  Aug. 17 - Offensive Line vs. D-Line
Video  Aug. 17 - Receivers Go Against DBs
Photos  Aug. 17 - Morning Practice (29 Photos)
Video  Aug. 15 - Scrimmage No. 1 Highlights
Video  Aug. 15 - Senior DE Auston English
Video  Aug. 15 - Freshman Center Ben Habern
Video  Aug. 15 - R-Freshman DB Lamar Harris
Photos  Aug. 15 - Scrimmage Gallery (53 Photos)
Video  Aug. 14 - Linemen Go Head-to-Head
Video  Aug. 14 - Patton, Wilson Work O-Line
Video  Aug. 14 - Receivers vs. Defensive Backs
Video  Aug. 14 - O-Line vs. Defensive Line
Video  Aug. 14 - Battle at Line of Scrimmage
Video  Aug. 14 - Secondary Works Chute
Video  Aug. 14 - DTs, DEs vs. Offensive Line
Photos  Aug. 14 - Practice Gallery (54 Photos)
Video  Aug. 13 - WRs, DBs Work First Steps
Video  Aug. 13 - Sooners Work Blitz Protection
Video  Aug. 13 - D-Tackles Battle Cones
Video  Aug. 13 - Receivers vs. Secondary
Video  Aug. 13 - Quick Scrimmage Highlights
Photos  Aug. 13 - Evening Practice (25 Photos)
Video  Aug. 13 - Sophomore DB Sam Proctor
Video  Aug. 13 - Junior OT Cory Brandon
Video  Aug. 13 - Defensive Tackles Hit Sled
Video  Aug. 13 - Wide Receivers vs. Secondary
Video  Aug. 13 - Kicking FGs, Blocking Kicks
Video  Aug. 13 - Coach Wilson & D-Ends
Video  Aug. 13 - WRs, DBs Battle in Red Zone
Video  Aug. 13 - Stoops Works Special Teams
Photos  Aug. 13 - Morning Practice (63 Photos)
Video  Aug. 12 - WRs Condition to Contact
Video  Aug. 12 - D-Backs Challenge Receivers
Video  Aug. 12 - O-Linemen vs. Blocking Sled
Video  Aug. 12 - Offensive & Defensive Lines
Video  Aug. 12 - Coach Norvell & Receivers
Video  Aug. 12 - Linemen Go Head-to-Head
Video  Aug. 12 - WRs Drill Patterns, Footwork
Photos  Aug. 12 - Practice Gallery (37 Photos)
Video  Aug. 11 - RBs, TEs, FBs Pick Up Blitz
Video  Aug. 11 - DBs Bumping Receivers
Video  Aug. 11 - More One-on-One Blitzes
Video  Aug. 11 - Receivers Work for the Ball
Video  Aug. 11 - Protecting the Quarterback
Video  Aug. 11 - Kickers Rotate for Stoops
Photos  Aug. 11 - Evening Practice (46 Photos)
Video  Aug. 11 - OL and DL Go One-on-One
Video  Aug. 11 - WRs vs. DBs in Red Zone
Video  Aug. 11 - Running Backs Hit the Shuttle
Video  Aug. 11 - Wilson Works DEs on Sled
Video  Aug. 11 - RBs Catch Out of Backfield
Video  Aug. 10 - Sooners Start Oklahoma Drill
Video  Aug. 10 - Oklahoma Drill: OL vs. DL
Video  Aug. 10 - Okla. Drill: TEs/FBs vs. LBs
Video  Aug. 10 - Oklahoma Drill: WRs vs. DBs
Video  Aug. 10 - Gundy Works Special Teams
Video  Aug. 10 - Defensive Backs Warm Up
Video  Aug. 10 - Kickers Take Turns on FGs
Video  Aug. 10 - Coach Patton & O-Line
Video  Aug. 10 - Coach Heupel Works the QBs
Video  Aug. 10 - Receivers Run Bubble Screens
Video  Aug. 10 - DBs Work Tackling Drill
Photos  Aug. 10 - Practice Gallery (29 Photos)
Video  Aug. 9 - Coach Gundy & Running Backs
Video  Aug. 9 - Stoops Coaches DBs vs. WRs
Video  Aug. 9 - Receivers Test Defensive Backs
Video  Aug. 9 - Coach Shipp & D-Tackles
Video  Aug. 9 - Receivers Run Routes vs. DBs
Video  Aug. 9 - Coach Wilson Works DEs
Video  Aug. 9 - Coach Norvell & Receivers
Video  Aug. 9 - Defensive Ends Work Sled
Video  Aug. 9 - Receivers Drill Sunday Practice
Video  Aug. 8 - Senior LB Keenan Clayton
Video  Aug. 8 - Clayton on Corey Wilson
Video  Aug. 8 - Junior Receiver Brandon Caleb
Video  Aug. 8 - Coach V and the Linebackers
Video  Aug. 8 - Coach Stoops with Secondary
Video  Aug. 8 - Coach Wilson Works TEs, FBs
Video  Aug. 8 - Linebackers in Tackling Drills
Video  Aug. 8 - Coach Patton & Offensive Line
Video  Aug. 8 - Coach Wilson: "Look in Eye"
Video  Aug. 8 - Sooners Warm Up for Saturday
Photos  Aug. 8 - Practice Gallery (28 Photos)
  Aug. 7 - Press Conference Quotes
Video  Aug. 7 - Media Day Sights & Sounds
Video  Aug. 7 - Follow RB Mossis Madu
Video  Aug. 7 - Head Coach Bob Stoops
Video  Aug. 7 - Off. Coord. Kevin Wilson
Video  Aug. 7 - Def. Coord. Brent Venables
Video  Aug. 7 - Junior QB Sam Bradford
Video  Aug. 7 - Sophomore LB Travis Lewis
Video  Aug. 7 - Senior OL Trent Williams
Video  Aug. 7 - Senior LB Keenan Clayton
Video  Aug. 7 - Senior Fullback Matt Clapp
Video  Aug. 7 - Senior OL Trent Williams
Video  Aug. 7 - Junior RB Mossis Madu
Aug. 7 - Junior D-Tackle Gerald McCoy
Video  Aug. 7 - Sophomore WR Ryan Broyles
Aug. 7 - R-Fr. DE R.J. Washington
Video  Aug. 7 - OU A.D. Joe Castiglione
Photos  Aug. 7 - Media Day (69 Photos)
Photos  Aug. 7 - Meet the Sooners (50 Photos)
Video  Aug. 6 - Senior OL Brian Simmons
Video  Aug. 6 - Sophomore WR Dejuan Miller
Video  Aug. 6 - Junior DE Jeremy Beal
Video  Aug. 6 - Senior WR Adron Tennell
Video  Aug. 6 - Tight Ends Catching Short Ball
Video  Aug. 6 - Defensive Backs in Action
Video  Aug. 6 - Coach Shipp Works D-Line
Video  Aug. 6 - Receivers Focus on Footwork
Video  Aug. 6 - QBs Bradford, Jones & Allen
Video  Aug. 6 - Wilson Works the Tight Ends
Video  Aug. 6 - Secondary Works In Everest
Video  Aug. 6 - D-Tackles in Preseason Drills
Video  Aug. 6 - Sooners Drill Bubble Screens
Photos  Aug. 6 - Practice Gallery (30 Photos)
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 08/10  Practice No. 5
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2009 Brian Jackson - Preseason Central
  Wednesday, August 25

From Mike Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Begin with McCoy and emerging Adrian Taylor and look to the usual deep and talented cast at defensive end, now paced by Jeremy Beal. But the real key to the strength in the middle is the return of middle linebacker Ryan Reynolds, who's flanked by all-conference candidates Travis Lewis and Keenan Clayton, plus a solid group of backups."

Can OU Tackle the Big One? - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
From John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "(Jarvis) Jones transferred from LSU -- where he played as a freshman -- and redshirted in 2008 and, by all accounts, has been exceptional. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson called him "special" and left guard Brian Simmons said he's as good as there is..."

Right Guard Competition, Bradford's Backup - Tulsa World
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Group Versatility Bonus for OU Offense - Norman Transcript
Facing the North-South Divide - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Building a Better Sam Bradford - The Oklahoman
BYU Begins Preparations for Sooners Friday - 1320 KFAN
Gresham, Williams Top Big 12 Seniors - CBS Sports
Kiper's Board Stacked with Sooners - ESPN
Demontre Hurst, Marcus Trice Ready - The Oklahoman
Stoops: Great if Punter Hits Board - Dallas Morning News
Trotter: Hurst, Trice Have Nose for Ball - The Oklahoman
A Look at Each School's Golden Years - USA Today
BYU Stars Go Down With Injuries - Salt Lake Tribune
Fiutak: Texas to Use OU for Inspiration - FOX Sports
Dodd: Texas Using OU for Inspiration Part 2 - CBS Sports
Red River Rivalry Takes Center Stage - Yahoo Sports
SI to Use Freedom of Information Act - Sports Illustrated
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Tuesday, August 24

It was the defense's turn to speak Tuesday at the Bud Wilkinson Practice Facility. After practice, we caught up with junior safety Quinton Carter and sophomore defensive end Frank Alexander. View the interviews by clicking the links to the right. Also check out today's position preview on the defensive line:

2009 Position Preview: Defensive Line
From John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "Many boxers had one great punch, but the greats always used combinations to reach the top. Football is no different when it comes to running the ball. One quality running back -- no matter how good -- is never enough. That's why the duo of seniors DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown gives Oklahoma one of the best backfields in college football..."

Murray, Brown Bring Versatility - Norman Transcript
From Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "Position coach Cale Gundy pronounces DeMarco Murray "100 percent" following a hamstring injury suffered during summer workouts. That's promising news for Oklahoma, considering Murray has been a gamebreaker the past two years when healthy. Chris Brown, the Sooners' second 1,000-yard rusher from a year ago is even more fit..."

Running Backs, Ryan Reynolds, Receivers - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
BYU Not Leery About Season Opener vs. OU - ESPN
Habern, BYU, Kickers, Class Begins - The Oklahoman
Analyzing the Top 5 Teams - Austin American-Statesman
Video: Musburger, Herbstreit Preview the Big 12 - ESPN
Getting to Know: Brian Simmons - Tulsa World
Trotter: Habern 100%, Miller, Tyler Evans - The Oklahoman
Analyzing the Top 12 Contenders' Fatal Flaws - Rivals
Mike Balogun's Court Date Postponed - Tulsa World
Balogun Fighting for Eligibility - The Oklahoman
BYU Football: Max's Mind? - Salt Lake Tribune
Balogun's Court Hearing Cancelled - Norman Transcript
BYU Practice Update: August 24th - KSL Channel 5
Could Adrian Peterson Catch Emmitt? - FOX Sports
Peterson's Next-Door Locker Mate? Favre - Pioneer Press
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Monday, August 24

With preseason camp complete and classes now in session, the Sooners moved back to Memorial Stadium for practice Monday. View post-practice interviews with sophomore offensive linemen Donald Stephenson and Jarvis Jones, and wide receiver Jameel Owens by clicking the links to the right.
Earlier Monday, we released the second installment in our 2009 position-by-position previews, this time focusing on the offensive line. Stay tuned throughout the week as highlights a different position on the OU football team each day.

'09 Position Preview: Offensive Line | Quarterbacks
Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News: "A young man, a few years removed from Putnam City North High School, driven to become the second two-time Heisman Trophy winner in history. A young man reluctant to acknowledge he's already won one..."

QB Sam Bradford Has Drive - San Antonio Express-News
Randall Perry of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "The Sooners christen the new Cowboys Stadium for college teams with a game against BYU on Sept. 5. The Sooners also have road games against Kansas and Nebraska. Then there's that Red River Shootout with Texas. Despite all that, another berth in the BCS title game is not out of..."

Preview: No. 2 Oklahoma - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
OU Football Headlines
Emig: Coming to OU's Defense - Tulsa World
Trotter: Reclaiming Heisman Not Easy - The Oklahoman
Balogun Case Key for Sooners - Tulsa World
Balogun, NCAA Working It Out - Norman Transcript
Mike Balogun Hearing Expected Today - The Oklahoman
Chris Brown | Brian Jackson | Ryan Broyles - Tulsa World
OU Receivers Have Chance to Shine - Norman Transcript
Kenney, Murray, Middle Linebacker - Tulsa World
Keenan Clayton | Eldridge | Auston English - Tulsa World
Will Sam Bradford Take a Pounding? - Sporting News
O-Line, Schedule Are Obstacles for OU - Tulsa World
Hall, Offense Roll in BYU Scrimmage - Salt Lake Tribune
Receiver Adron Tennell Thinks Back - The Oklahoman
Working on Compromise - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
BYU's Beleaguered Line Shows Improvement - Deseret News
Twelve Big Questions - Austin American-Statesman
Rhode: Oklahoma in Familiar Spot - The Oklahoman
Seasoned O-Line May Favor Texas - Dallas Morning News
Center the Key for Oklahoma - Tulsa World
Winning Kicks Rare for OU Anymore - The Oklahoman
Bob Stoops and the BCS - Oklahoma City Examiner
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Friday, August 21

With classes beginning on Monday in Norman, the Sooners held their final session of two-a-days Friday morning at the rugby fields. View photos and video of the receivers, linebackers and linemen. At the end of practice, Stoops and OU's coaching staff brought in a couple of dunk tanks to let the players have the last word.
From David Ubben of the Oklahoman: "Since last season, Tennell's made sure he's more than an afterthought in an Oklahoma offense oozing with star power. In the Sooners' spring game, he caught a touchdown and was named team MVP of spring practice. In their first open practice of the fall, fans watched Tennell catch a deep pass over cornerback Brian Jackson on the first play from scrimmage."

Is Adron Tennell Ready to Break Out? - The Oklahoman
Coach Stoops was recently a guest on the Dan Patrick radio show: "Stoops said Sam Bradford scoffed at the idea that he couldn't get any better by coming back for one more season at Oklahoma. Bradford knew he could get bigger, stronger and smarter. Stoops said it is part of his job to prepare Bradford for the NFL, but that..."

Stoops: Bradford Has Plenty to Gain - Sports Illustrated
OU Football Headlines
Secondary, Kick Coverage, Kiper - Tulsa World
Sooners Believe Specialists Improved - Norman Transcript
OU Leads All Teams With 10 Players on Top 200 - ESPN
Analyzing Oklahoma's Offensive Line - Burnt Orange Nation
Will the Pollsters Bypass OU? - College Football News
Getting to Know: RB Chris Brown - Tulsa World
Auston English Says He's Feeling Good - The Oklahoman
Gresham Top Tight End Power Ratings - Yahoo Sports
Murray Not Playing Yet, But Healthy - Tulsa World
Trotter: Box, Habern & Murray - The Oklahoman
The Best of the Best in the Big 12 - Sporting News
Andre Ware's Prediction: 8-4 for OU - The Oklahoman
Balogun Continues Practice for Oklahoma - Associated Press
Balogun's Case Still Proceeding - Tulsa World
Big 12 Conference Predictions - Sporting News
Turned in by FSU? That is Cold, Noles - Yahoo Sports
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  Thursday, August 20

After two practices on Wednesday, the Sooners held a closed scrimmage at Owen Field inside Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Thursday evening. View scrimmage highlights and photos of the action by clicking the links to the right.
From Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "The Sooners boast one of the top defensive lines in the nation, headlined by All-American defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. But coach Bob Stoops made a point this week of commending the efforts so far this fall camp of young defensive tackles Stacy McGee, Casey Walker and Jamarkus McFarland."

Stoops Lauds Young Defensive Tackles - The Oklahoman
Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World has this quote from Keenan Clayton: "It's a whole different approach, man," said the starting strongside linebacker. "It's my last preseason with guys I've grown up with. I've been with most of these guys for four or five years. It hasn't really hit that it's my last one with these guys, but after the week is over it's gonna really hit me, that this was the last one with the guys that, really, you can call a brotherhood."

McFarland, Tress Way, Keenan Clayton - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Big 12 Conference Landmine Games - College Football News
Getting to Know: DE Frank Alexander - Tulsa World
OU-Texas an In-Demand Game - Austin Business Journal
Trent Williams, Okung Are Game Changers - The Oklahoman
BYU Confident Against Oklahoma - FOX 13 Utah
OU-Idaho State Set for 6 p.m., Pay-per-View - Tulsa World
Questions Remain for BYU - Salt Lake Tribune
BYU Cornerbacks Still a Concern - Deseret News
Attorney Unsure of Balogun's Future - Tulsa World
FSU Blew Whistle on Mike Balogun - The Oklahoman
Plenty Going On in Balogun Case - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Emig: Sooners Salute Michael Jackson - Tulsa World
Nagging Injuries Scramble CB Position - Salt Lake Tribune
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Wednesday, August 19

Oklahoma practices twice on Wednesday beginning with a morning practice at the rugby fields. Check back for the latest photos and video features in a few hours from
David Ubben of the Oklahoman has a Q&A with Sam Proctor: "What did you learn in your first year on the field, after redshirting your first year here? I just learned that the biggest thing about playing here, especially on defense, is accountability to your coaches, accountability to your..."

Safety Proctor Learning Accountability - The Oklahoman
John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "As the sun sets behind Memorial Stadium and the skies grow dark, DeMarcus Granger is shifting his weight, leaning against a light pole. The questions never seem to stop, and Granger has just endured a two-hour practice in the searing Oklahoma heat. Still, with beads of sweat trickling..."

DeMarcus Granger Coming Back Strong - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Sooner Offensive Line Looks Good - Norman Transcript
Maisel: Red River Rivalry Rooted in Revenge - ESPN
Offensive Line Shines in Scrimmage - The Oklahoman
Getting to Know: OT Cory Brandon - Tulsa World
McCoy, Gresham Preseason All-Americans - Sporting News
Trotter: Balogun, Stevens, McCoy, Franks - The Oklahoman
Offensive Line, Scrimmage, Beal & McCoy - Tulsa World
Big 12 Preview: North Features Balance - ESPN
Rhode: Sooners, Gators Rivals with Cause - The Oklahoman
Landry Jones: Young Guns - College Football News
Emig: Maybe This Will Be Mack's Last Word - Tulsa World
Mike Balogun Files Suit Against NCAA - The Oklahoman
Balogun Sues NCAA Over Eligibility - Tulsa World
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Tuesday, August 18

After two sessions on Monday, the Sooners returned to the practice field for an evening workout on Tuesday. View a photo gallery of OU's 13th practice of the preseason along with video highlights of the defensive ends, wide receivers, running backs and Coach Stoops with the cornerbacks by clicking the links to the right. It's back to two practices for the Sooners on Wednesday.
From Mike Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "The offensive line picture still is not in focus, but I get the sense that the sharp edges will eventually evolve and this will not be the problem that some feel it will be. Probably the best five at the moment..."

OU's Big Picture Into Focus - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
From David Ubben of the Oklahoman: "Frank Alexander is ready. Senior offensive lineman Trent Williams sees it. So does the man he lines up alongside, Gerald McCoy. Linebacker Travis Lewis can't help but see it, lined up behind two of the best defensive linemen in the Big 12. Alexander, though, isn't so sure about..."

Teammates See Big Year From Alexander - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Running Backs, Physical Practice, Etc. - Tulsa World
Trotter: Monday Practice Report - The Oklahoman
Previewing the Oklahoma Sooners - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Emig: Something's Different About Stevens - Tulsa World
Gresham, McCoy, Bradford in Top 10 - Sports Illustrated
Getting to Know: Receiver Adron Tennell - Tulsa World
Trotter: Sooner Practice Notebook - The Oklahoman
NCAA Continues to Review Balogun Case - Tulsa World
McCoy, Alexander as Freshmen - The Oklahoman
Sam Bradford on Manning Watch List - Tulsa World
Gresham Speaks, Maybe He Shouldn't - The Oklahoman
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Monday, August 17

Coach Stoops invited Sooner fans to watch the first hour of OU's evening practice and hundreds accepted his invitation, lining the berm on the south side of the rugby fields Monday. Watch video of the offensive line and tight ends working on footwork and pad level, o-line and d-line facing off head-to-head, linebackers tackling plus running backs and TEs practicing blitz protection.
Oklahoma opened its third two-a-days session of the preseason with a morning practice at the rugby fields Monday. View video highlights of the receivers and defensive backs, quarterbacks, offensive and defensive lines plus photos by clicking the links to the right.
Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman asks Coach Stoops which players under the radar have caught his eye: "Hard for a 1,000-yard rusher to be underrated, but I think Stoops is right. "I don't know that anybody has truly appreciated how good he is," Stoops said. (Chris) Brown scored 20 touchdowns last season, averaged 5.6 yards per carry and gained 1,220 yards. Brown needs just 1,025 yards as a senior to become the No. 7 rusher in OU history..."

Five Sooners Who've Caught Stoops' Eye - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Meet the Sooner Offensive Line - Tulsa World
Cameron Kenney Steps Up at Receiver - The Oklahoman
Kenney Continues Impressive Camp - Norman Transcript
Three Storylines from OU Practice - Tulsa World
Sooner Football Notebook - The Oklahoman
Preview: Oklahoma Sooners - Dallas Morning News
Stoops Expects Defense to Be Strong - Associated Press
Best OU Season Openers of All Time - The Oklahoman
  Sunday, August 16

Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World with a feature on Mossis Madu: "He's a talented guy," Stoops said of Madu. "I've watched him catch the ball for a long time. He's got excellent hands. He makes people miss him. He's just a versatile athlete." Said Broyles: "We just want to get him the ball. Any way he can get on the field..."

Madu's Motor Offers Options - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Big 12 Teams Rated by Position - Kansas City Star
Demarcus Granger's Growing Pains - Norman Transcript
OU Game Biggest for BYU Since 1990? - CBS Sports
Tress Way, Cameron Kenney Vie at Punting - Tulsa World
Toughest Division? It's the Big 12 South - Sporting News
Getting to Know: Stephen Good - Tulsa World
Converted TE Eldridge Enjoys Dabbling at Center - ESPN
Sittler: News About Balogun Not Dejavu - Tulsa World
Tebow vs. Bradford: Let Debate Begin - OKC Examiner
Former Sooners in NFL Camps - Tulsa World
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Saturday, August 15

We've reached the midpoint of preseason practice with Oklahoma's season opener against BYU at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington just three weeks away. The Sooners held a closed scrimmage at Memorial Stadium Saturday morning -- the first scrimmage of the preseason for OU.
View video highlights and photos by clicking the links to the right including interviews with senior defensive end Auston English, freshman center Ben Habern and redshirt-freshman DB Lamar Harris.
  Friday, August 14

After a full day with two practices yesterday, the Sooners worked once in a morning session on Friday at the rugby fields on OU's Norman campus. View photos and video features including highlights of the linemen going head-to-head, receivers vs. defensive backs and Coaches Patton and Wilson working the offensive line. Latest headlines on Sooner football are listed below.
From John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "For the Sooner defense to run at top speed, it needs English. He's proven to be a disruptive force on the defensive line when his body allows him. Think back to 2007 when English experienced a breakout season..."

Auston English Healthy, Ready to Play - Norman Transcript
CBS Sports has this quote from Sam Bradford: "I want to leave the program better than when I first got here. If we can win a national championship this year and be known as [Oklahoma's] eighth national championship team, that would mean the world to me."

OU's Offense Relying on New Group - CBS Sports
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Kelly Not Thinking About Last Year - Washington Post
Brown Wants to Improve Run Blocking - The Times-Picayune
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Thursday, August 13

Oklahoma completed its second session of two-a-days Thursday evening with a practice that was open the first hour to the fans. Several hundred lined the berm on the south end of the rugby fields for a glimpse of the Sooners in action. Watch video of the receivers and secondary as they work one-on-one, blitz protection and quick scrimmage highlights plus photos from the evening.
View video of the defensive ends and tackles, special teams working on making and blocking field goals plus interviews with sophomore safety Sam Proctor and junior offensive tackle Cory Brandon from Thursday morning's session.
ESPN's Big 12 beat writer Tim Griffin was in Norman last night to talk with the players after practice: "Extreme competition at defensive end is keeping OU players on their toes throughout practice. Senior Auston English, junior Jeremy Beal, redshirt freshman R.J. Washington and sophomore Frank Alexander all are involved in a close battle for playing time that has raged since..."

Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "But what was surprising was Wilson talking up former blue-chip recruit R.J. Washington, who had fallen to the No. 5 DE during the spring."He had that label of being the top player a couple of years ago and that's a lot of pressure for a young guy," Wilson said. "Now with some reps..."

Trotter: News & Notes After Practice - The Oklahoman
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Gresham Has Become "Big-Game"- The Oklahoman
Sooners See Tight Battle at Defensive End - ESPN
Scouting Report: No. 3 Oklahoma - Sports Illustrated
Freshman LB Tom Wort Growing in OU Defense - ESPN
Kenney, Reynolds Making Moves at Receiver - Tulsa World
Does Miami Have Enough to Beat OU? - Sporting News
Emig: Sooners, ESPN Off to a Rough Start - Tulsa World
New OU Safeties Thriving in Starting Roles - ESPN
Offense Has Upper Hand in Scrimmage - The Oklahoman
Tramel: Three Returning Heisman Winners - The Oklahoman
Holmes Looking for Spot in Secondary - Washington Post
Maisel: QB Triumvirate Share Common Bond - ESPN
Loadholt Making Impression in Minnesota - The Oklahoman
Bradford Third in Initial Heisman Watch - ESPN
  Wednesday, August 12

The Sooners practiced at the rugby fields for the eighth session of the preseason Wednesday evening. View highlights including video on Coach Norvell and the receivers, Coach Patton and the offensive line, o-line vs. d-line and receivers vs. DBs by clicking the links to the right. Two-a-days return on Thursday with the evening practice open for the first hour to the public.

Complete Information on Open Practices
From John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "To clarify for Oklahoma football fans, the 2009 season is not Adron Tennell's time. It's his opportunity. Three pretty talented receivers, three wasted seasons and one devastating knee injury have kept Tennell on the..."

Tennell Grabs Hold of His Chance - Tulsa World
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It's the Vets Job to Lead - Norman Transcript
Broyles Loves Virtual Self in Game - The Oklahoman
Crimson and Cream Machine is Back - Denver Post
Sooner Preseason News & Notes - Tulsa World
Madu Now a Triple Threat - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Wilson Extremely High on Trent Williams - The Oklahoman
McCoy, Williams on Outland List - Norman Transcript
Sittler: Backup QBs the big Issue - Tulsa World
OU Supplies Three Preseason All-Americans - NBC Sports
BYU the New "Fun Bunch" - Salt Lake Tribune
Bradford Looks at Title Game Loss for Inspiration - ESPN
Peterson a Workout Warrior at OU - OKC Examiner
Williams, McCoy Make Outland List - The Oklahoman
Schlabach: What's Hot (And Not) for 2009 - ESPN
Oklahoma Facing Center Shortage - Associated Press
Mandel Picks Florida and Texas - Sports Illustrated
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Tuesday, August 11

Oklahoma completed its first session of two-a-days with a final practice Tuesday evening. It's back to a single practice tomorrow evening for the Sooners before another couple practices on Thursday. View complete video and photos from both the morning and evening practices on Tuesday by clicking the links to the right.
From Pete Fiutak of College Football News: "So now the question will be whether or not OU has the makeup to get back over the hump and finally get Bob Stoops his second national title. Considering this might be Stoops' best team yet, get ready for yet another run..."

Sooners Set to Come Roaring Back - College Football News
From Tim Griffin of ESPN: "The breakout player on Oklahoma's defensive line will be Frank Alexander. With all of the other playmakers vying for time, it might be hard for one player to stand out above the rest in a talented, deep unit. But if there is such a player, look for it to be Alexander. His strong freshman season ..."

Griffin: Three Predictions for Oklahoma in 2009 - ESPN
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  Monday, August 10

The Sooners broke out full pads and battled in the traditional Oklahoma Drill to the delight of the players Monday evening. Wide receivers matched up against defensive backs, offensive linemen took on defensive lineman, and fullbacks faced off against linebackers while running backs were forced to hit a hole and make contact with a defender.
Developed by legendary Sooner coach Bud Wilkinson, the Oklahoma Drill is a tradition not only at OU, but at football practices across the country from high school to the pros. View video highlights and photos from Monday's practice by clicking the links to the right.
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Ryan Reynolds Returns For Last Chance - Tulsa World
Madu Will Have More Chances - Norman Transcript
Is It Ryan Reynolds' Lucky Year?- The Oklahoman
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Four Sooners Land on All-Decade Team - CBS Sports
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Corey Wilson Tackles His Recovery - Tulsa World
Granger Looks to End Career in Style - The Oklahoman
OU Fans Still Love Their Sooners - Dallas Morning News
Eyes of Nation Will Be on OU-Texas - Dallas Morning News
Big 12 Football Seems Headed South - The Oklahoman
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  Sunday, August 9

The Sooners wrapped up their first weekend of preseason camp with a late practice Sunday evening at the rugby fields on the Norman campus. Oklahoma is expected to break out full pads for the first time this preseason for Monday's session. View practice highlights featuring the receivers, running backs, defensive backs and defensive line by clicking the links to the right.
  Saturday, August 8

Oklahoma conducted its third preseason practice in shells at the rugby fields Saturday morning. The Sooners will practice again on Sunday and Monday evenings before holding the first two-a-day session on Tuesday. View photos and video features including interviews with senior linebacker Keenan Clayton and junior receiver Brandon Caleb by clicking the links to the right.
  Friday, August 7

The Sooners held their annual Media Day at Owen Field Friday before heading down to the rugby fields for Meet the Sooners Day, where an estimated 14,000 fans showed up in support of their favorite team.
View video and photos from Media Day by clicking the links to the right. Complete press conference quotes are available here.
Oklahoma will enter the 2009 season ranked No. 3 in the USA Today Top 25 Coaches' Poll released Friday. The Sooners were one of four teams with at least one first-place vote.

Sooners Debut at No. 3 in Preseason Coaches' Poll
  Thursday, August 6

View multimedia coverage of OU's first practice of the 2009 preseason by clicking the video and photo links to the right. We interviewed seniors Brian Simmons and Adron Tennell along with junior defensive end Jeremy Beal and sophomore receiver Dejuan Miller following practice. Also check out exclusive practice clips from the Everest Indoor facility on Thursday afternoon...
The OU Athletics Department released the latest printable football roster in advance of Thursday's opening practice of the preseason. Earlier, the official 2009 OU football guide was released online.

Printable Football Preseason Roster (PDF)
Purchase Guide
John Hoover of the Tulsa World has an interview with tight end Jermaine Gresham as the Sooners report for preseason camp: "Anything less than a national championship would be (a disappointment)," Gresham said. "That's what we work for and play for. Nobody on this team plays for individual awards -- nobody. We play as one and the ultimate goal is to win every game."

Jermaine Gresham Back for Title Run - Tulsa World
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Last week, OU receiver Corey Wilson agreed to let four members of our communications, and SoonerVision staffs accompany him to physical therapy at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. To say that it was sobering would be an understatement. But it wasn't sobering out of sympathy for Corey...

Corey Wilson Making the Journey | Watch the Video
Oklahoma City will be the final stop for the 2009 Sooner Caravan on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 6:30 p.m. The event will be held at the National Cowboy & Western History Museum. Complete information:

2009 Sooner Caravan: Final Stop in Oklahoma City
  Wednesday, August 5

Click the links below to view the latest photos of construction on the football locker room, training room, equipment room, meeting room and SoonerVision facilities plus OU's updated equipment truck.

Football Construction Photos | Equipment Truck Photos
From Ivan Maisel of ESPN: "My top pick has been a consistent winner for the last 10 years under Bob Stoops and he's not even 50 yet. This is a pick for the long haul. Oklahoma has one of the smartest athletic directors in Joe Castiglione, and he's nowhere near retirement either. The Sooners have one of the most loyal fan bases in the nation..."

Sooners No. 3 in College Football Mock Draft - ESPN
From College Football News: "It's not an overstatement to suggest that OU has six legitimate pro prospects to rotate around up front, while the linebacking trio of Ryan Reynolds in the middle, leading-tackler Travis Lewis on the weakside, and Keenan Clayton on the strongside will make its pitch to be among the best..."

OU No. 3 in Power Rankings - College Football News
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Sittler: Stoops, Saban Share Ideas - Tulsa World
Habern, Ibiloye Land on Redshirt Freshman Team - ESPN
Murray, Brown on Walker Watch List - The Oklahoman
OU at Forefront of Sickle Cell Trait Detection - Tulsa World
Army in Oklahoma's Football Future - Norman Transcript
Sooners to Play Series with Army - The Oklahoman
Oklahoma, Army to Revive Storied Series - Tulsa World
OU-Texas Top Neutral Site Game - Sporting News
Grading the Non-Conference Schedules - CSB Sports
Lopsided? Try the Big 12 On For Size - Hutchinson News
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Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
  Wednesday, July 29

Not surprisingly, the morning following OU's turn at Big 12 Media Days usually produces one of the year's longest list of headlines on the Sooners from across the region. Let's get to the coverage:
From Mike Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Four players of such talent and high regard shunning NFL riches and notoriety in favor of returning to their team for another collegiate season is rare if not unprecedented. "It is pretty special," Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said Tuesday. It could make OU's season..."

Biggest OU Comeback Ever? - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Oklahoma Beat Writers
Trotter: Thoughts from Big 12 Media Days - The Oklahoman
McCoy Has Message for Sooners Fans - Tulsa World
Sooners Back for Another Shot - Norman Transcript
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Just Being "Sam" is Difficult Now - Tulsa World
Price of Fame for OU's Bradford - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
OU-Texas Game Not a Big Deal? - Tulsa World
Bradford and McCoy Feel Your Pain - The Oklahoman
Sam Bradford is Mr. Celebrity - Norman Transcript
OU Notes from Big 12 Media Days - Tulsa World
Previewing the 2009 Sooners - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Expectations the Same for Sam Bradford - The Oklahoman
Amazing Stadium Has New-Car Smell - Tulsa World
Tramel: Jerry Jones' New House a Treat - The Oklahoman
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN
From the Austin American-Statesman: " might mean Save Our Season to the Sooners if they get embroiled with Texas in another beauty contest for post-season bowl berths and Strength of Schedule becomes an unofficial factor. Mark Schlabach of ranks OU's nonconference strength of schedule as the fourth toughest in the country. Texas' nonconference SOS? Schlabach regards it as the nation's sixth easiest..."

Sooners No. 3 in Austin Poll - Austin American-Statesman
Big 12 Regional Media
OU's O-Line Its Only Question - San Antonio Express-News
Sam Bradford's Life Has Changed - Kansas City Star
Close Call Teaches Stoops on Voting - Dallas Morning News
McCoy Glad Bradford's Back - Grand Island Independent
Bradford Deals with Increased Fame - Boulder Daily Camera
New Levels of Intensity for OU - Austin American-Statesman
Life in the Red: OU Notes - Lincoln Journal-Star
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Quarterbacks Talk of the League - Des Moines Register
OU, Big 12 Notebook - Austin American-Statesman
Football World is Sam's Town - Topeka Capital-Journal
OU, Big 12 Notebook - Bryan-College Station Eagle
From Jason King of Yahoo Sports: "Tebow isn't the best quarterback in the history of college football. Shoot, he wasn't the best quarterback last season. Sam Bradford was - and he will be this year, too. Bradford won the Heisman Trophy in 2008 and - just as he would've been last spring - will likely be the first player taken in the 2010 NFL draft..."

Bradford: The "Other" Heisman Guy - Yahoo Sports

National Media
Big 12 Considers Cowboys Stadium - Associated Press
Contenders Again, Sooners Face Questions - New York Times
Dodd: Notes from Big 12 Media Days - CBS Sports
Autograph Incident Sign of the Times for Sam - USA Today
Bradford Back for Another Title Shot - Associated Press
  Tuesday, July 28 is providing complete coverage of Coach Stoops and the Sooners on Tuesday direct from Irving: Coverage of Big 12 Media Days
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Tim Griffin's Big 12 Conference Blog - ESPN  Exclusive Coverage provides daily preseason practice updates with video features, photo galleries, blogs and more direct from Norman. Coverage begins with the first practice on Thursday, August 6.