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Spring Break
Video  April 14 - Senior DS Derek Shaw
Video  April 14 - Receivers Challenge Secondary
Video  April 14 - Offense Works on Owen Field
Video  April 14 - Final Spring Practice with LBs
Video  April 14 - D-Backs in Last Spring Session
Video  April 14 - Offense Runs Skeletons Tuesday
Video  April 14 - Wide Receivers at Owen Field
Photos  April 14 - Practice Gallery (72 Photos)
Video  April 11 - 2009 Spring Game Highlights
Video  April 11 - Legends Flag Football Classic
Video  April 11 - R-Freshman K Tress Way
Video  April 11 - Senior LB Keenan Clayton
Video  April 11 - Junior DT Adrian Taylor
Video  April 11 - Junior TE Eric Mensik
Video  April 11 - Senior DE Auston English
Video  April 11 - Sooners Sign Autographs
Video  April 11 - Young Sooners Cheer Team
Photos  April 11 - Spring Game Atmosphere
Video  April 9 - R-Freshman DE David King
Video  April 9 - Senior RB Chris Brown
Video  April 9 - Senior DB Emmanuel Jones
Video  April 9 - Senior WR Brandon Caleb
Video  April 9 - Coach V & Linebacker Corps
Video  April 9 - Running Backs Coming at You
Video  April 9 - Defensive Ends Work in Everest
Video  April 9 - Linebackers Blitzing Line
Video  April 9 - Coach Norvell & Receivers
Video  April 9 - Running Backs Catching Passes
Video  April 9 - Defensive Backs Find the Football
Video  April 9 - Coach Wilson & Defensive Ends
Video  April 9 - LBs Wrap Up the Ballcarrier
Photos  April 9 - Practice Gallery (20 Photos)
Video  April 6 - Senior Linebacker J.R. Bryant
Video  April 6 - Defensive Tackles & Footwork
Video  April 6 - Wide Receivers vs. Secondary
Video  April 6 - DBs Work Against WR Corps
Video  April 6 - Defensive Backs & Tackling
Video  April 6 - Norvell's WRs Challenge DBs
Video  April 6 - Coach Shipp Drills D-Tackles
Video  April 6 - Secondary Works at Everest
Photos  April 6 - Defensive Backs (41 Photos)
Photos  April 6 - Offensive Line (11 Photos)
Video  April 4 - Sophomore LB Travis Lewis
Video  April 4 - Junior DE Jeremy Beal
Video  April 4 - Linebackers in Position Drills
Video  April 4 - Scrimmage Highlights 1
Video  April 4 - Scrimmage Highlights 2
Video  April 4 - Scrimmage Highlights 3
Video  April 4 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 1
Video  April 4 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 2
Video  April 4 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 3
Video  April 4 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 4
Video  April 4 - Stevens, Way Kicking FGs
Video  April 4 - Coach Wright & Secondary
Photos  April 4 - Defensive Ends (22 Photos)
Photos  April 4 - Defensive Tackles (14 Photos)
Photos  April 4 - Linebackers (29 Photos)
Photos  April 4 - Secondary (13 Photos)
Photos  April 4 - Offense & More (29 Photos)
Video  April 2 - Junior CB Dominique Franks
Video  April 2 - Junior OT Cory Brandon
Video  April 2 - Sooners Shoot for End Zone
Video  April 2 - Running Backs Getting Reps
Video  April 2 - Shipp & Defensive Tackles
Video  April 2 - O-Line Works on Punches
Video  April 2 - Coach Venables, Linebackers
Video  April 2 - Washington, Defensive Ends
Video  April 2 - Way, Stevens Practice FGs
Video  April 2 - No Lazy Feet in Shipp's Drill
Video  March 31 - Senior OT Trent Williams
Video  March 31 - Senior WR Adron Tennell
Video  March 31 - Coach Patton with the O-Line
Video  March 31 - DEs & DTs React to the Snap
Video  March 31 - TEs, FBs One-on-One Blocking
Video  March 31 - D-Line Explodes Off the Ball
Video  March 31 - Receivers vs. Defensive Backs
Photos  March 31 - Wide Receivers (41 Photos)
Photos  March 31 - Practice Gallery (35 Photos)

Video  March 28 - R-Freshman LB Daniel Franklin
Video  March 28 - Soph. OT Donald Stephenson
Video  March 28 - R-Freshman CB Lamar Harris
Video  March 28 - Shipp: Exploding Out of Stance
Video  March 28 - Coach Wilson with TEs & FBs
Video  March 28 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 1
Video  March 28 - Pass Skeleton Highlights 2
Video  March 28 - Ones, Twos at Full Speed
Video  March 28 - Sooners Pop Pads Inside
Video  March 28 - Kickers Practice Field Goals
Video  March 27 - Sophomore WR Jameel Owens
Video  March 27 - Junior DB Jonathan Nelson
Video  March 27 - Offensive Center Brian Lepak
Video  March 27 - Up Close with the D-Ends
Video  March 27 - Quarterbacks Rapid Fire
Video  March 27 - Venables with Freshman LBs
Video  March 27 - Focus on Wide Receivers
Video  March 27 - DBs & WRs Go One-on-One
Video  March 27 - Offense Not Slowing in Spring
Video  March 27 - HS Coaches Invited to Practice
Video  March 27 - Coach Gundy Throws to RBs
Video  March 27 - DTs Work on Technique
Video  March 27 - Overhead Look at the DBs
Video  March 25 - Senior OL Brian Simmons
Video  March 25 - R-Fr. DE R.J. Washington
Video  March 25 - Sophomore RB Justin Johnson
Video  March 25 - Coach Stoops & Secondary
Video  March 25 - DBs Work on Tackling
Video  March 25 - Running Backs in Pass Drills
Video  March 25 - Dejuan Miller, WR vs. DB
Video  March 25 - Coach Wright & Secondary
Video  March 25 - Coach Norvell & Receivers
Photos  March 25 - Running Backs (26 Photos)
Photos  March 25 - Practice Gallery (24 Photos)
Video  March 12 - Junior OL Jarvis Jones
Video  March 12 - Junior DB Quinton Carter
Video  March 12 - Senior LB Mike Balogun
Video  March 12 - Junior RB Mossis Madu
Video  March 12 - Wilson Coaches TEs & FBs
Video  March 12 - QBs During 7-on-7 Drills
Video  March 12 - D-Backs Break on the Ball
Video  March 12 - Coach Patton with O-Line
Video  March 12 - LBs Fine-Tune Technique
Video  March 12 - TEs & FBs Catching Passes
Video  March 12 - Receivers Running Routes
Video  March 12 - D-Backs Work on Tackling
Video  March 10 - Sophomore WR Ryan Broyles
Video  March 10 - Freshman DB Javon Harris
Video  March 10 - R-Freshman DL Stacy McGee
Video  March 10 - Receivers Protect the Football
Video  March 10 - DBs Stand Up Ball Carriers
Video  March 10 - Venables Coaches Up LBs
Video  March 10 - RBs Drill on Getting Upfield
Video  March 10 - D-Backs Stress Footwork
Photos  March 10 - Secondary (60 Photos)
Photos  March 10 - Offensive Line (34 Photos)
Video  March 7 - Freshman LB Tom Wort
Video  March 7 - Sophomore TE James Hanna
Video  March 7 - DEs Stress Lateral Movement
Video  March 7 - TEs and FBs Work Blocking
Video  March 7 - D-Line Explodes Off the Ball
Video  March 7 - QBs: Jones, Allen & Bradford
Video  March 7 - DBs One-on-One with WRs
Video  March 7 - DTs Work with Coach Shipp
Photos  March 7 - Linebackers (49 Photos)
Photos  March 7 - Defensive Line (24 Photos)
Photos  March 7 - Practice Gallery (18 Photos)
Video  March 5 - Sophomore WR Dejuan Miller
Video  March 5 - Freshman LB Jaydan Bird
Video  March 5 - Sophomore OL Stephen Good
Video  March 5 - R-Freshman DB Joseph Ibiloye
Video  March 5 - LBs Work Changing Direction
Video  March 5 - Franks Comes Up with INT
Video  March 5 - Receivers vs. Defensive Backs
Video  March 5 - Coach Gundy Throws to RBs
Video  March 5 - Receivers Making Catches
Video  March 5 - Venables Drills LB Technique
Video  March 5 - FG Team Displays Accuracy
Video  March 5 - Stoops Works the Safeties
Video  March 5 - Tight Ends Practice Blocking
Video  March 5 - Quarterbacks' Quick Release
Photos  March 5 - Practice Gallery (63 Photos)
Video  March 3 - Sophomore OL Ben Habern
Video  March 3 - Freshman LB Ronnell Lewis
Video  March 3 - R-Freshman RB Jermie Calhoun
Video  March 3 - Senior CB Brian Jackson
Video  March 3 - Coach Stoops Meets Media
Video  March 3 - Drew Allen & Quarterbacks
Video  March 3 - OU Begins Spring Inside Everest
Video  March 3 - Offensive Line Drills Technique
Video  March 3 - DEs Drill on Initiating Contact
Video  March 3 - Coach Shipp with the DTs
Video  March 3 - Tight Ends & Wide Receivers
Video  March 3 - D-Ends & Lateral Movement
Video  March 3 - O-Line vs. Defensive Line
Video  March 3 - Deep Snappers & Punters
Video  March 3 - WRs & DBs Go One-on-One
Video  March 3 - Overhead Look at the DBs
Video  March 3 - Coach Gundy & Running Backs

 2009 Spring Schedule
 03/03  Practice No. 1 (No Pads)
 03/05  Practice No. 2 (No Pads)
 03/07  Practice No. 3
 03/10  Practice No. 4 (+Pro Day)
 03/12  Scrimmage No. 1
 03/25  Practice No. 6
 03/27  Practice No. 7
 03/28  Scrimmage No. 2
 03/31  Practice No. 9
 04/02  Practice No. 10
 04/03  Practice No. 11
 04/06  Practice No. 12
 04/08  Practice No. 13
 04/10  Practice No. 14 (No Pads)
 04/11  2009 Spring Game
 2009 Schedule | Tickets
 09/05  Oklahoma vs. BYU (Arlington)
 09/12  Oklahoma vs. Idaho State
 09/19  Oklahoma vs. Tulsa
 10/03  Oklahoma at Miami
 10/10  Oklahoma vs. Baylor
 10/17  Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas)
 10/24  Oklahoma at Kansas
 10/31  Oklahoma vs. Kansas State
 11/07  Oklahoma at Nebraska
 11/14  Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M
 11/21  Oklahoma at Texas Tech
 11/28  Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
 12/05  Big 12 Championship (Arlington)
OU History & Tradition
The Sooners and great college football. For as long as anyone can remember the two have been one and the same. Unlike some schools where tradition represents ancient history, or others where it harkens back only a few years, OU's tradition is a constant accomplishment unfettered by eras or time.

OU Football History & Tradition | Quick Facts
2000s Dominance | Modern Era | All-Time
Seven National Championships Since 1950
42 Conference Titles | 24 Bowl Crowns
148 All-Americans | 439 All-Conference
5 Heismans | 63 National Award Winners
Record 47-Game Win Streak | Coaches
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All-Time in AP | BCS | 334 NFL Draft Picks
Dominique Franks Dominique Franks 2009 Spring Practice 2009 Spring Practice
  Tuesday, April 14

The setting sun on Tuesday evening provided a fitting backdrop to the final session of 2009 spring practice for the Sooner football team. The workout, held three days after the Spring Game, provided the team an opportunity to polish after reviewing film from Saturday's action. View practice highlights and photos plus an interview with senior deep snapper Derek Shaw. Thanks for staying with us throughout the spring for coverage of Sooner football.
OU Football Headlines
Sam Bradford Tries to Retain Normalcy - The Oklahoman
Boz Impressed by OU Facilities - Tulsa World
Bradford Adjusting to Being Role Model- Associated Press
Playing at Oklahoma a "Dream Come True" - Seattle Times
The Boz Still Draws Attention - Tulsa World
Bradford Has Earned Celebrity Status - The OU Daily
Duke Robinson: Big Man Makes Good -
Big 12 Conference News and Notes - ESPN
  Monday, April 13

The Sooner football team will hold its final practice of the spring on Tuesday afternoon. Below, catch up on local and national media reaction to OU's Spring Game held Saturday at Owen Field.
OU Football Headlines
Jeremy Beal an Underrated Star for OU - ESPN
OU Aims to Profit From Returning Talent - Tulsa World
QB Bradford Has Easy Afternoon - Associated Press
Dominique Franks Dominant in Spring - Tulsa World
Defense Dominate at Spring Game - OKC Gazette
What We Learned About OU This Spring - The Oklahoman
Sooner vs. Sooner on Saturday - Norman Transcript
Bradford Lionized by Young Sooner Fans - The Oklahoman
OU Eyes QBs to Back Up Bradford - Tulsa World
Freshman LBs Have Big Performances - The Oklahoman
Defense Shines Against Patchwork Offense - Tulsa World
OU's Projected Fall Depth Chart - The Oklahoman
Bradford, Defense Spring Statements - Dallas Morning News
Backup QBs' Day Mix of Good, Bad - Tulsa World
Defense Looks Promising in Spring Game - The OU Daily
Sooner Running Game is Slowed - The Oklahoman
Five Questions from OU's Spring Game - Tulsa World
Berry Tramel's Report Card - The Oklahoman
Former Sooners Play Flag Football - Norman Transcript
Emmanuel Jones Emerges at Safety - Tulsa World
Beal Ready for Breakout Season - Yahoo Sports
OU Seeks Helping Hands - Tulsa World
  Saturday, April 11

A shorted-handed offense, playing without numerous starters, punched in three touchdowns Saturday in the Oklahoma's Annual Spring Game. The team used a scoring system that also awarded points to the defense and it was the defense that prevailed, 63-36.
A crowd of 28,592 watched the Sooners reel off 126 plays on a sun-kissed afternoon at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

2009 OU Spring Game Recap & Stats
We caught up with redshirt freshman kicker Tress Way, senior LB Keenan Clayton, junior DT Adrian Taylor, junior TE Eric Mensik and senior DE Auston English after the game to tape their impressions. Check out the interviews by clicking the links to the right.
  Friday, April 10

Oklahoma's annual spring football game is set for Saturday, April 11, with a kickoff time of 1:15 p.m. at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Purchase tickets online, call or visit the OU Athletics ticket office. Tickets will also be sold beginning at 10 a.m. at Gates 5 and 7 (north side of stadium) on Saturday.

Spring Game Tickets | Legends Flag Football Classic
OU Football Headlines
Who Will Be OU's Go-To Receiver? - The Oklahoman
Big 12 Conference News & Notes - ESPN
OL Responds to Stoops' Bark - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Tress Way Coming on Strong - The Oklahoman
The Lowdown on Loadholt - Tulsa World
Broyles on Spot, Ready to Lead - The Oklahoman
Colorado Closes Practice to Public - ESPN
Don't Let Roadwork Block OU Football - The Oklahoman
Sooners Set to Conclude with Spring Game - The OU Daily
Gresham Won't Catch Many Passes - Norman Transcript
  Thursday, April 9

Gusting winds drove the Sooners back inside Everest on Thursday for the team's final action before Saturday's Spring Game. We've posted practice highlights and photos plus interviews with two seniors, RB Chris Brown and WR Brandon Caleb, plus two up-and-coming players for the defense in redshirt-freshman DE David King and senior transfer Emmanuel Jones working at safety. Also remember to view the second half of the season preview covering the defense and special teams here.
Oklahoma fans can follow the Sooners on Twitter. The OU Athletics Department initiated its official feed which provides short text updates to subscribers. The service is free and easy to set up. Check us out on Twitter and don't forget our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Who couldn't use a little more Sooners in their day?

OU on Twitter | OU on Facebook | OU on YouTube
  Wednesday, April 8

Check out our spring preview of the Oklahoma offense: "Now the Sooners look toward 2009 with a good chunk of its Big 12 Championship and BCS title game team still intact. New faces will be introduced along the offensive line, at wide receiver and in the secondary, but those are manageable holes, the kind often opened by graduation..." We'll release a preview of the defense and special teams on Thursday. Remember, the Spring Game is on Saturday.
OU Football Headlines
Sooner D Wants to Eliminate Mistakes - The Oklahoman
McCoy Among "Scariest" Players on D - Yahoo Sports
Texas' Big 12 Display is Embarrassing - The OU Daily
C'mon Mack, You've Got to be Kidding - Tulsa World
Adrian Peterson Due Big Pay Hike - The Oklahoman
News & Notes Around the Big 12 Conference - ESPN
Fallen Officer, Sooner, Honored - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Texas Coaches Get Bonuses for Title* - Tulsa World
  Monday, April 6

Unsettled weather again forced Oklahoma inside Everest for the 12th session of spring ball Monday evening. The Sooners worked out the kinks from Saturday's scrimmage with just one practice to go before the annual Spring Game on April 11. We've posted practice highlights plus photo galleries showcasing the secondary and offensive line. Also watch an interview with linebacker J.R. Bryant.
Oklahoma's annual spring football game is set for Saturday, April 11, with a kickoff time of 1:15 p.m. at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Tomorrow is the final day to purchase advance tickets at a 50% discount. Fans can also vote for the participants in the first annual Varsity "O" Legends Flag Football Classic:

Spring Game Information & Tickets | Legends Flag Football
OU Football Headlines
Quinton Carter is OU's Hitman - The Oklahoman
Practice Field is Perfect for Bradford - Yahoo Sports
Notes and Quotes From Around the Big 12 - ESPN
Fresh Asterisk in Texas - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles & More - The Oklahoman
Sam Bradford & Blake Griffin - Tulsa World
Texas Claims 2008 Title* - Austin American-Statesman
  Saturday, April 4

Oklahoma held its first scrimmage of the spring on Saturday at Owen Field. The Sooners started practice with individual drills and then worked pass skeleton before popping pads in live action.
The wind, as is normal in April in Oklahoma, whipped down through the stadium across the field from the south. You will hear some wind buffering in our video highlights and interviews. We have plenty of photos with an emphasis on the defense (because it's easier to shoot from behind the offense to avoid getting run over).
At the end of the scrimmage, we talked with two All-Big 12 performers from the Sooner defense: junior end Jeremy Beal (the leading tackler and sackmaster on the line last season) and sophomore linebacker Travis Lewis who garnered Big 12 defensive newcomer of the year honors in 2008. Click the links to the right.
OU Football Headlines
Sooners Have Big 12's Best Defensive Line - ESPN
Predicting the Next BCS Matchups - College Football News
  Friday, April 3

Sooner fans can choose the team members for the Varsity "O" Legends Flag Football Classic to be held prior to the 2009 OU Football Spring Game on Saturday, April 11. Just click the link below:

Vote for Players in Flag Football Game | 2009 Spring Game
Coach Stoops will help kick off the fifth annual American Red Cross Blood Drive to be held on Monday, April 6, and Tuesday, April 7, on the second floor of Memorial Stadium. Stoops will once again be the first donor beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Monday.

OU Athletics Department & Red Cross Blood Drive
OU Football Headlines
Ryan Broyles Working Into Role - Norman Transcript
Oklahoma Football Notebook - Tulsa World
Sooner Football Notebook - The Oklahoman
Boomer Bytes: Local & National Sooner Headlines
  Tuesday, April 2

Oklahoma held its tenth session of spring practice on Thursday afternoon at the Everest Indoor Facility. In addition to forcing the Sooners inside, April's blustery start scrambled the remainder of OU's practice schedule. If conditions improve, the team will hold a 100-play closed scrimmage on Saturday. Two more practices will follow next week prior to the Spring Game on April 11. Coach Stoops moved the final practice of spring ball to Tuesday, April 14.
We've posted video highlights from Thursday's action at Everest (links on the right). We also caught up with junior corner Dominique Franks (who explains his jersey number and the potential of OU's defense) plus junior offensive tackle Cory Brandon.
OU Football Headlines
Oklahoma No. 3 in Spring Top 25 - CBS Sports
Who's Going to Win the North? Who Knows? - ESPN
April Cruelest Month for Football Fans - Sporting News
OU-Texas No. 1 Game of the Year - NBC Sports
  Wednesday, April 1

A quick note from OU Senior Associate A.D. Kenny Mossman: By virtue of their performance on the field, Oklahoma football players contributed $17,000 to the university's general scholarship fund for the 2008 season.
The largest part of that contribution, $10,000, came from the Davey O'Brien Foundation in honor of Sam Bradford's Davey O'Brien Award.
The University of Oklahoma also received seven, $1,000 gifts as part of Chevrolet's Most Valuable Player Award, which is presented during some televised games. The contributions to the university's general scholarship fund benefit non-student-athletes at OU.
  Tuesday, March 31

Sunny skies and warming temps greeted the OU football team on Tuesday as the Sooners worked outside on Owen Field for the first time in nearly a week. We've got limited video due to the wind noise but plenty of photos with a focus on the wide receivers.
Also check video interviews with two key seniors: offensive tackle Trent Williams (who's shifted to the left to protect the quarterback's blind side) and wide receiver Adron "Pooh" Tennell. We've interviewed 28 players so far (click the video links posted to the right) and updated all player and coaching staff bios for 2009:

OU Coaching Staff Bios | OU Player Bios & Video Links
Tom Dienhart of Rivals provides his ranking of Big 12 coaches and it's no surprise that Stoops is at the top of the list. Dienhart rates OU as the top program in the Big 12 and perhaps the best in the land:

Dienhart: Stoops, Oklahoma Enjoy Consistent Success
A reminder that advance tickets are now on sale for OU's annual spring game slated for Saturday, April 11 (kickoff set for 1:15 p.m.) Purchase before April 7 and get your tickets at a 50% discount:

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
  Monday, March 30

Oklahoma is scheduled to return to the practice field on Tuesday as the Sooners roll through spring ball in Norman. Go inside practice with exclusive highlights, features and player interviews at 2009 Spring Football Central only at

NFL on Hold: Fun Times for Gerald McCoy - The Oklahoman
Six Names That Could Blossom - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Life's Journey Testing Travis Wilson - Tulsa World
  Saturday, March 28

Weather in Oklahoma is anything but boring. With big snowflakes swirling outside, the Sooners worked once again inside the Everest Practice Facility on Saturday. OU's planned scrimmage will be pushed back to another date in the spring schedule. takes you inside Everest with complete video coverage. First, line up with DTs Casey Walker, Gerald McCoy and Stacy McGee as Coach Shipp drills the proper technique of exploding off the line. Then, go with Coach Kevin Wilson as he instructs the tight ends and fullbacks. Next, watch the quarterbacks and receivers work a crisp pass skeleton drill and finally, watch highlights as the ones and twos go at it full-speed.
We also notched interviews with sophomore offensive tackle Donald Stephenson (a Missouri native unfazed by the snow), redshirt-freshman linebacker Daniel Franklin and redshirt-freshman defensive back Lamar Harris. Click the links to the right.
  Friday, March 27

With the weather in Norman rapidly deteriorating Friday afternoon, the Sooners headed for the warm confines of the Everest Indoor Practice Facility just east of Memorial Stadium. The team worked in full pads in front of an attentive cadre of coaches in town for Oklahoma's annual high school coaches' clinic.
As always, click the links to the right for exclusive video coverage. We take you all over practice with highlights of the quarterbacks, receivers, defensive backs, running backs and defensive tackles.
Also watch interviews with Muskogee's Jameel Owens (back in action at receiver after missing the first two weeks of spring ball due to an ankle injury), junior defensive back Jonathan Nelson and transfer Brian Lepak, a native of Claremore, rotating with Ben Habern at center in Coach Patton's offensive line.
  Wednesday, March 25

The Sooners strapped on the pads once again for spring ball on Wednesday afternoon at Owen Field in the team's first practice since March 12. Two former Sooner All-Americans, defensive end Dan Cody and linebacker Teddy Lehman, observed from the sideline.
We've posted practice highlights plus interviews with senior offensive guard Brian Simmons, sophomore running back Justin Johnson and redshirt-freshman defensive end R.J. Washington in addition to a practice photo gallery and a gallery focusing on the running backs. Click the links to the right to hit the field with the Sooners.
  Tuesday, March 24

The OU Athletics Department released highlight DVDs of the 2008 football season plus each of the 12 regular-season games in the official multimedia store. Want to re-live the dramatic home wins against Nebraska and Texas Tech or the road victories at K-State and the Bedlam Game in Stillwater? Now's your chance:

2008 Season DVD | Game DVDs | Big 12 Championship DVD
OU also announced a kickoff time of 1:15 p.m. for the 2009 Spring Game on Saturday, April 11. Purchase your tickets online, by phone or at the ticket office early and enjoy a 50% discount:

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
  Monday, March 23

The OU campus returns from spring break on Monday and the Sooner football team is back in action on Wednesday with the first practice since March 12. Stay in the huddle with our exclusive coverage of 2009 Spring Ball direct from the OU Athletics Department.
A reminder that advance tickets are now on sale for OU's annual spring game slated for Saturday, April 11 (kickoff is tentatively set for 1 p.m.) Purchase early and get your tickets at a 50% discount:

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
Be sure to check out the latest football items in the online auction including a full-size, authentic OU helmet signed by all three Selmon brothers, a No. 47 Oklahoma jersey (for the win streak) signed by Jerry Tubbs and a print signed by Coach Barry Switzer.

Authentic Oklahoma Football Auction Items
  Tuesday, March 17

Fairly quiet on the home front this week as students are off campus for spring break. Perhaps some members of the Oklahoma football team are taking the opportunity to go home, back to their old stomping grounds, if you will...
Want to see where the Sooner football players tore it up during their high school careers? Using GoogleMaps, we put together a pretty cool feature we think you'll enjoy. Take a virtual road trip to each of the 85 current players' home fields.

Friday Night Lights: High School Fields of the 2009 Sooners
  Thursday, March 12

In the final action before spring break, the Oklahoma football team escaped from the cold temps in Norman with a scrimmage inside Everest Indoor Facility. View video from today's practice, in addition to interviews with senior LB Mike Balogun, junior DB Quinton Carter, junior OL Jarvis Jones and junior RB Mossis Madu.
The Sooners will return to the practice field on Wednesday, March 25. Stay tuned to for complete coverage throughout 2009 spring practice direct from Norman.
A reminder that advance tickets are now on sale for OU's annual spring game slated for Saturday, April 11 (kickoff is tentatively set for 1 p.m.) Purchase early and get your tickets at a 50% discount:

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
  Tuesday, March 10

With the temperature rapidly dropping in Norman, the OU football team returned to the field for its fourth session of spring practice Tuesday afternoon. View video highlights and interviews plus photo galleries featuring the defensive backs and the offensive line.
Earlier today, Oklahoma held its annual pro day inside the Everest Indoor Training Facility. Several former Oklahoma players worked out for the group, which included Vikings head coach Brad Childress and former Steelers great "Mean" Joe Greene. View complete results and numbers from pro day at the following link:

Official 2009 Oklahoma Pro Day Numbers
Read headlines from local OU football beat writers and coverage from national media at Football Boomer Bytes. The page is updated daily along with the main Boomer Bytes to keep you informed on all the latest news on the Sooners from across the web.

Football Boomer Bytes | Boomer Bytes | Spring Roster (PDF)
  Saturday, March 7

Oklahoma broke out full pads for the third practice of spring ball on a breezy Saturday in Norman. View highlights from today's practice including interviews with freshman LB Tom Wort and sophomore TE James Hanna. Also view an extensive collection of photos with a special emphasis on the linebackers and defensive line.
Stay tuned to as we continue exclusive coverage of spring ball 2009 direct from Norman. The Sooners return to the practice field on Tuesday, March 10.
Advance tickets are on sale now for Oklahoma's annual spring game slated for Saturday, April 11 (kickoff a tentative 1 p.m.) Purchase early and get your tickets at a 50% discount:

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
  Friday, March 6

The OU Athletics Media Relations Department released the official 2009 OU football spring guide online. We're experimenting with a new presentation of our PDFs -- check it out here:

2009 Oklahoma Football Spring Media Guide (PDF)
  Thursday, March 5

Rapidly warming weather in Norman brought the Sooners outside to Owen Field on Thursday afternoon for the second session of spring ball. The players were decked in shells (shorts and shoulder pads) for the second workout and -- as is typical of all Oklahoma practices -- flew around the field on the coaches' precisely-timed schedule. View interviews with another group of up-and-coming Sooners in addition to practice highlights as we continue to post video this evening.
The OU Athletics Department announced that tickets for the annual Spring Football Game (April 11) will go on sale Friday, March 6. Purchase early and get your tickets at a 50% discount.

April 11th Spring Game Ticket Information
Read headlines from local OU football beat writers and coverage from national media at Football Boomer Bytes. The page is updated daily along with the main Boomer Bytes to keep you informed on all the latest news on the Sooners from across the web.

Football Boomer Bytes | Boomer Bytes | Spring Roster (PDF)
  Tuesday, March 3

The footballs were flying again in Norman this afternoon as the Sooners began spring practice at the Everest Indoor Training Facility. We've posted extensive video from practice No. 1 (click links to right) including interviews with redshirt freshman running back Jermie Calhoun, sophomore center Ben Habern, senior corner Brian Jackson and freshman linebacker Ronnell Lewis (one of five true freshmen experiencing their first OU practice today).
The OU Athletics Department released an official updated 2009 spring football roster in a one-page PDF suitable for printing.

2009 Oklahoma Spring Football Roster (PDF)
Head Coach Bob Stoops Quotes | Video Watch Video
"We're excited to get going again this spring. It seems like it's fairly early, but in the end I like starting it early and getting a good number of practices in before we take spring break and start stretching it out. Just anxious to get going and get back out on the field and working with our guys.
"It's a disappointing and hurtful time; I know everyone's heard about the accident with Corey Wilson, or if you haven't, it's a tragic accident. We're all just praying for Corey and his family. It's a really difficult time. Medically, what was out from his family I'm not going to elaborate on anything else than what was said yesterday. We're all just continuing to pray for him and have him in our thoughts and his family.
"Getting into practice again, I feel really positive about the team. We had a great winter. Coach Schmidt was really pleased with the overall work of our players which is always a big indicator of what kind of team we have a chance to have; the way they work out of season and the attitude and toughness they have going through our winter program. He was overall very pleased with the progress of most all of our positions.
"When you look at us defensively, there is a great number of players back, so you would expect significant improvement there. Offensively, in a couple of areas we have a good number of big-time players that everyone knows. I'm pleased with our attitude with the receivers throughout the winter was fabulous, but they have to come on the field and show the ability to make plays.
"Offensive line, of course losing four of the five starters from a year ago, that's where another major issue will be, and we'll see. Those guys are at this point, it's just everything, whether it's with their work ethic, their attitude, those things need to improve. They haven't had the winter everyone else has had. They right now are the weak link of the team and we'll see if they can respond and have any kind of spring and summer to help us be a team that can contend for a Big 12 Championship.
"They'll be a big part of whether we will or will not depending on their attitude, work habits, those kinds of things; if we're going to be able to do it. They've been very inconsistent that way in how they work and their toughness and discipline. It'll be something we'll see as time goes whether they can develop that kind of toughness and attitude to get it done.
"Overall, I think special teams-wise, same thing. I expect us to improve. Tress Way will start off taking over for Mike Knall in punting. Through the year last year I thought he did a nice job and he's had a good winter too with kickoffs, field goals, all of that. We expect Jimmy [Stevens] to be better, but I also expect Matt Moreland and Tress Way to be better. Also we have a newcomer in Bryce Easley coming in from Norman North who is a guy that we're excited about as well. I do feel that overall those positions will be improved for us, and that'll be a big plus as well."
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2009 OU Spring Football Central | Football Auction Items
Oklahoma lawmakers lauded head coach Bob Stoops and representatives of the OU football team with brief ceremonies at the state capitol Monday afternoon in Oklahoma City. View video here:

Stoops, Bradford, Sooners Honored at State Capitol
• From Rivals: "OU always has national championship aspirations. Some seasons, they are more realistic than others. The 2009 hopes are realistic. Any team featuring four likely first-round picks has to be taken seriously, and OU has at least that many. Though Oklahoma lost to Florida in last year's..."
• John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "One of the first things Kevin Wilson said when he was promoted to offensive coordinator four years ago was something to the effect of, "You're only as good as what your line can block." For Oklahoma football fans all jazzed up over the start of spring practice..."
• Julie Bisbee of the Oklahoman: "By his own account, not much intimidates University of Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops. But standing before the full state Senate on Monday was a little daunting, he said. It was a good thing the Senate gallery was full of fans and senators who couldn't wait to..."
• Jimmy Burch of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "By winning last year's Heisman Trophy and bypassing an opportunity to enter April's NFL Draft, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford looms as the face of the Sooners' football program for the 2009 season. That's especially true on offense..."
• Dave Curtis of the Sporting News: "If tackle Trent Williams doesn't leap on the winter's back-to-school bandwagon and shun a potential top 50 spot in the draft, the Sooners would need five new starters up front. Williams and veteran backup Brian Simmons, last year's No. 6 offensive lineman..."
  Monday, March 2

Spring football kicks off on Tuesday for Oklahoma and we'll get you in the huddle. Watch for complete coverage including daily updates, video features and interviews plus photo galleries direct from Norman as the Sooners strap on the pads for spring ball 2009.

2009 Oklahoma Spring Football Central
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Selmon Brothers, Jerry Tubbs and Barry Switzer Auction Items
• Charles Ward of the Oklahoma City Examiner: "As the other spring sport, spring football, begins in Norman on Tuesday, Oklahoma will primarily be looking for the men that will reload three positions: Offensive line, wide receiver and both safety slots. Offensive line: Four of Oklahoma's starters..."
• Dennis Dodd of CBS: "Six-foot-seven LSU transfer Jarvis Jones should slide into the right tackle spot. Jones played on the 2007 LSU national championship team but was dismissed for a violation of team rules. Trent Williams, considered by the staff to be the best overall offensive lineman last year..."
• From Rivals: "Last season, Oklahoma averaged 4.8 yards per rush to rank 20th in the country. Even more impressive, the Sooners ranked third in sacks allowed and the teams ahead of them - Air Force and Navy - attempted less than half as many passes as the Sooners did..."
  Tuesday, February 24

Hard to believe but we're just one week out from the start of 2009 spring ball on Tuesday, March 3. OU will hold practices on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday next week followed by two sessions on March 10th and 12th before a week off for Spring Break.
Take a look back at spring practice from last year including the 19 daily updates, 146 video features and 474 photos we posted online for Sooner fans to follow the action direct from Norman:

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  Monday, February 23

• John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is excited about finally getting some quality time with his new receiver corps. The Sooners open spring football practice on March 3, and Bradford must build an on-field rapport with guys he already knows but doesn't know well..."
• Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "On the field I don't think my role changes as much probably off the field and here in the offseason, because I do feel there is a little more responsibility on me this year to step up and lead these guys and show them the ropes, that this is Oklahoma and this is how we play and this..."
  Monday, February 16

Sooner fans will have several changes to watch during spring ball, including 10 returning players with different jersey numbers. Numbers have also been assigned to newcomers already on campus:
 Returner  New Number  Old
 Dominique Franks (DB)  No. 1  15
 Ryan Reynolds (LB)  No. 4  8
 Joseph Ibiloye (DB)  No. 5  41
 Ben Sherrard (QB)  No. 10  6
 Corey Wilson (WR)  No. 13  11
 Lamar Harris (DB)  No. 15  19
 Turner Troup (LB)  No. 41  45
 Sean Morrison (DS)  No. 58  56
 Jarvis Jones (OL)  No. 76  75
 James Winchester (DS)  No. 86  46
 Newcomer  Number
 Drew Allen (QB)  No. 15
 Javon Harris (DB)  No. 30
 Tom Wort (LB)  No. 42
 Jaydan Bird (LB)  No. 55
 Ronnell Lewis (LB)  No. 56
  Thursday, February 5

The OU Athletics Department released the 2009 spring football practice schedule this afternoon. The Sooners will open spring ball on Tuesday, March 3, and conclude with the annual Spring Game at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, April 11.
In addition to the spring game, the Oklahoma football team is slated for two additional scrimmages on Thursday, March 12, and Saturday, March 28. Dates are subject to change. Please visit this page for the latest information from the OU Athletics Department.  Daily Coverage provides daily spring practice updates with video features, photo galleries, blogs and more direct from Norman. Coverage begins with the first practice on Tuesday, March 3, and ends on Tuesday, April 14.