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The State of Oklahoma Uniform Athlete Agent Act ("UAAA") and University of Oklahoma Athlete Agent Policy require agents (and individuals acting as agents) to register themselves with both the Secretary of State and University prior to contacting any student-athlete. Contact is defined in broad based terms and includes Facebook friending.

Contact of any type with a student-athlete who is not eligible to enter into a professional sports contract is prohibited. Therefore, any contact by agents (or their associates, runners, etc.) with any University of Oklahoma football student-athletes who are not at least three (3) NFL seasons removed from high school would be a violation of both the State of Oklahoma UAAA and University of Oklahoma policy. Any conduct contrary to the parameters of state law and/or university policy may subject you to both criminal and civil penalty.

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Compliance Department at 405-325-7004.


Agents seeking to represent OU student-athletes in their future professional activities and want to participate in our agent education program must agree to the conditions of this policy, apply for registration and receive approval from the Athletics Compliance Department.

Agent Advisor Registration

Agents/advisors seeking to represent University of Oklahoma student-athletes in their future professional activities must apply for registration with the University of Oklahoma Athletics Compliance Office. Additionally, agents must be registered with the State of Oklahoma.

University of Oklahoma Registration

  Agent/Advisor Registration
  Financial Planner Registration Application

State of Oklahoma Agent Registration

  Athlete Agent Registration Information
  Application for Registration of Athlete Agent
  Athlete Agent Renewal Application

State Contact

Office of the Secretary of State, Filing Department
2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard - Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 522-2520

Applicable Statute Governing Athlete Agents:

Title 70, Section 821

Agent Information for Student-Athletes:

  MLB Educational Memo
  NBA Educational Memo
  NFL Educational Memo
  Track & Field Educational Memo
  WNBA Educational Memo


Please review the articles below regarding possible representation of University of Oklahoma student-athletes.

  University of Oklahoma Athlete Agent Policy
  NCAA Agent/Student-Athlete Brochure
  State of Oklahoma Athlete Agent Law

Disability Insurance

Student-athletes who realistically anticipate receiving a significant amount of money as professional athletes because of their present market value may want to consider obtaining disability insurance coverage. The cost of disability insurance depends on the type of policy, the particular sport, and how much coverage is offered. Please review the following information concerning disability insurance.

  Disability Insurance Provider Registration Application
  Disability Insurance NCAA FAQs