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Headington Hall has been designed to be flexible in addressing the needs of all residents. Our units/rooms will feature big, adjustable beds, numerous places to study or just hang out and a wide variety of dining options. More details:

Laundry Rooms
On both the men's and women's side, each floor has a laundry room for student use. Each washer and dryer will take Sooner Sense only. Headington Hall is happy to provide laundry to its residents at no additional cost.

Study Lounge
Each floor has a Study Lounge available 24/7 to residents.

Floor Commons
Each floor has a Floor Commons. The Headington Hall staff will host programs in these lounges. These programs may be social or educational in nature. Residents have regular access to these lounges.

Game Room
The game room is located on the first floor of Headington Hall. The game room provides an opportunity for students to have some fun and interact with fellow residents. This area is equipped with pool tables, ping pong tables and other games for residents to enjoy.

Media Lounge
The first floor of Headington Hall also features a high tech Media Lounge. Flat screen televisions, equipped with high definition picture and surround sound, are among some of the features found in the Media Lounge. Residents have access to DVD and BluRay players as well.

Academic Commons
Above all, the University of Oklahoma strives to provide an excellent education for our students. Headington Hall was designed specifically to support this mission. Headington Hall's Academic Commons provides a variety of great places to study. This area includes:

Seminar Room
The seminar room functions similarly to a classroom.
Other programs and student meetings can also be held in this room.

Reading Room
With a view onto the Headington Hall Courtyard, the Reading Room provides an excellent environment for residents to read and study.
Residents can enjoy a noise free environment in the Reading Room.

Private Study Rooms
With the ability to seat up to four students at a time, private study rooms are the ideal place for small group work and group study sessions, or for a distraction-free study environment.

Academic Lounge
The Academic Lounge will offer a comfortable atmosphere for group or individual study.

Technology Center
Residents have access to computers and printing services in the Technology Center.

Headington Hall is the only OU residence hall with its own theatre. The 75-seat theatre screens movies, television shows, and other events. The theatre will also host academic programs, including lectures from our world-renowned faculty.

Bike Storage
Many students on campus choose to ride their bikes. Headington Hall houses an indoor high density bike storage room. This room is monitored by cameras and you will need your OU ID Card to gain access. This provides convenient, climate controlled bike storage for Headington Hall residents.

Dining Hall
Available meal plans are unique to Headington Hall. The Dining Hall is located on the first floor, and offers a variety of food that is nutritious and appetizing. To find out more about Dining Hall options, visit our Headington Hall Dining Page. To learn more about Dining Hall options, go here.

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