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This section is dedicated to answering some of the questions you may have in regard to living in Headington Hall. If you have other questions or have a unique variation of a question below, please call our office at (405) 325-8403, and reference Headington Hall in your question.


Can we get a tour of Headington Hall?
If you wish to take a tour, you can call our office at (405) 325-8403. We will do our best to accommodate all requests scheduled in advance. Walk-in requests will be granted based on the availability of staff.

If I am taking a campus tour with Prospective Student Services, will we automatically get to see Headington Hall?
No. Headington Hall will not be part of the usual campus tour. You will need to request a separate tour. The Prospective Student Service Office can help you with scheduling a tour or you can do it yourself by calling us at (405) 325-8403.

Opening/Applying to Live in Headingtion

What are the four types of rooms and what are the differences?
2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / 2 people (own bedroom, own bathroom)
2 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms / 2 people (own bedroom, shared bathroom)
4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / 4 people (own bedroom, shared bathroom)
2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / 4 people living (two people share a bedroom and a bathroom, and the other two people share the other bedroom and bathroom)

All units have a kitchenette and a living room that all roommates share.

How do I apply to live in Headington Hall?
Apply just as if you were applying to the Towers/Quads/Boren Hall. We are using the same applications and contracts. Here are the steps for what you should do:

1. Apply to be a student at the University of Oklahoma.
2. Get admitted to the University.
3. Fill out a Housing Application/Contract online at housingcontract.ou.edu.Once you are admitted to OU, you will be able to access your Housing Contract online. Use your 4 x 4 and password that the University provides you.
4. Complete your Enrollment Commitment. You can fill out your Enrollment Commitment at OU.edu.
5. We strive to honor every student's housing preference based on their priority date. Priority dates are determined by when we received your completed contract. If you did not receive a room assignment that matched your request, sufficient space in our facilities was not available at the time of your assignment.

How close is Headington Hall to classes?
Headington Hall is located on the corner of Lindsey Street and Jenkins Avenue. If you are unfamiliar with the OU campus, that is very close to classes.

Room Availability

Can upperclassmen apply to live in Headington Hall?
No. Headington Hall will not be on the Upperclassman Contracts. We suggest looking into other options on campus. Please contact Housing and Food at 405-325-2511 for more information.

How many Units are available in Headington Hall?
We have approximately 380 students staying with us in Headington Hall. Due to the size of Headington Hall, space is very limited.

When will I find out if I am staying in Headington Hall?
Room assignments for all residence halls on campus will come out around the same time. That should be sometime in June, unless something unexpected slows us down.

If I am not an athlete, can I live in Headington Hall?
Yes. We will actually have more non-athletes in Headington Hall. Non-athletes love living with us.

Roommates & Suitemates

If 4 people live in some of the Units, can all four of us request each other as roommates?
No, you can request one (1) roommate online utilizing the roommate selection section of your housing application/contract. Your roommate will have to mutually select you as well.

What happens if I do not know my roommate's OU ID Number?
Go ahead and complete your housing contract. Your completion of your Housing Contract and your completion of your Enrollment Commitment is going to weigh heavily into where you are assigned. Even if you do not know if your roommate is going to be admitted to OU, do not know their OU ID number yet or if they want to room with you, you should still fill out your contract.

If you want, you can update your roommate selection by logging in your contract before May 1. All roommate requests must be mutual. Both parties need to put each other as their roommate preference.

How will you pick the other people in my Unit/Apartment?
If you have a roommate preference, then we will try to grant that request. But you can only request one roommate. If you do not have a roommate request, then the computer will randomly assign someone to be your roommate. You will have just one roommate in the A Unit, or three roommates in the B Unit and C Unit, of which you can only pick one roommate.

How many people am I sharing a bathroom with in Headington Hall?
If you live in A Unit, you will have a private bathroom to yourself. If you share a bathroom, it will be with only one other person.

What to Bring

What types of things do we need for the bathroom?
Each bathroom will have a toilet, shower, and 1 or 2 sinks. There is some storage space in each bathroom. Everything else a bathroom usually needs, you should bring. Including a "Hotel Length Shower Curtin" for the 7' showers. Don't forget, you will have to clean the bathroom all year also.

What size are the beds in Headington Hall? What size sheets do I need?
All the beds in Headington Hall are Full size beds. So you will need Full size sheets, etc. All Headington Hall beds are adjustable; you can lower or raise them in height. This also allows taller people to place the footboard in a lower position and out of the way. Keep in mind that Full size beds are only available in Headington Hall, so you may want to wait to confirm where you have been assigned, before purchasing sheets.

Can we bring our own furniture?
You can bring whatever furniture you choose to your room. However we will not remove/store any of the furniture provided with the room. So you may want to wait until you move in, to see if it will fit. All Headington Hall furniture is required to stay in the Unit through the whole year.

Is there carpet?
Yes. Headington Hall has beautiful carpet. The carpet is dark tan, with streaks of crimson and blue. It is fairly neutral, so it will go well with most basic colors.

May we paint the walls a different color?
No, you may not paint the walls. All the walls are an eggshell white tone, except one accent wall in the kitchenette area that is crimson.

May we hang curtains?
Each window comes with a shade, so curtains are not necessary. If you do wish to put up curtains, you must use an extension rod to hold them up. No drilling/screwing into our walls to hang curtains.

May we hang things on the wall?
Yes, you may. We prefer you use 3M Command Strips to hang up your things on the walls. These items will not damage the paint or walls. Each resident will be responsible for paying for repairs of ANY holes found in the walls.

May we hang a TV on the wall?
No, you may not. This would cause considerable damage to the walls, as we do not have studs in our walls to support the weight of a TV.

Can we bring an extra fridge?
No, you may not bring an extra fridge. You will have plenty of space in the apartment size fridge provided in the Kitchenette.

May I have a pet?
No. The only exception is fish. We will let you have fish that swim in a small tank of water. Absolutely no snakes, spiders, frogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, cats or dogs.

Suite Amenities

Do we have cable?
Yes you will receive the first 70 channels of analog cable for free. That includes all the basic channels as well as HD Sporting Channels.

Do we have internet?
Yes you will have wireless service in each and every room of Headington Hall.

Do the windows open?
No they do not.

May we cook in the kitchenette?
Each Kitchenette will be provided with a microwave. There is not a stove or oven. You will not be able to bring or use appliances that create a flame. Remember, fire safety is very important in residence halls, so be smart about how you cook things in your room.

May we sit in the kitchenette?
Yes there is a counter with two bar stools.

Dining Plans

Does my meal plan include weekend meals?
Not really. As noted directly above, Wagner Dining Hall is closed from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. So that is 6 meals that you will have to provide yourself. If you have meal points they may be redeemed anywhere across campus that accepts them.

Why is the Dining Hall closed so much on the weekends?
We have found that most students prefer us not to be open on weekends. It gives them an opportunity to eat when and where they want on the weekends. In the past, we have found that many meals go unused over the weekends.

Laundry & Cleaning

Where do we do our laundry?
There will be a laundry room on each floor. One on the men's wing and one on the women's wing. So we should have plenty of washers and dryers for your use.

Will somebody be cleaning my room?
No. You and your roommates will have to clean your whole Unit yourselves. Janitorial service is provided for common areas only.


What parking permit do I need?
You will need to obtain a Headington Hall Parking Permit with the Parking Office here on campus. You can apply for this online at http://parking.ou.edu.