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Oklahoma Athletics
JULY 26, 2017

Oklahoma Sooners Tickets

Order OU tickets online anytime or call (405) 325-2424 or toll-free (800) 456-GoOU from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (CT) Monday through Friday.

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Free Admission

Enjoy free regular season admission to the following sports all year long:

  • Cross Country
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Rowing
  • Men's Tennis
  • Women's Tennis
  • Track & Field

Special Seating Requirements

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and continues to make every effort to accommodate individuals consistent with both ADA and State of Oklahoma accessibility mandates. In addition, the University of Oklahoma strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities and has adopted the following ticket policies:

ADA Seating
The University of Oklahoma maintains ADA seating for all venues. View information on accessible seating online, call the Ticket Office at (800) 456-GoOU or visit the office located on the plaza level of the Asp Avenue Parking Facility on the west side of Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.
Elevator Passes
The season ticket holder must provide a doctor's note stating that an elevator is required due to a medical condition. This letter must be presented to the Ticket Office prior to the day of the event.

Admission Policies

Ticket holders are restricted to seating in the location that appears on their ticket and agree to abide by facility and University policies, as well as State and Federal laws. The University of Oklahoma reserves the right to revoke tickets by refund of purchase.

For football, all persons, including children of any age, must have a ticket for admission into the stadium. For men's basketball, children ages two (2) and under are free. For women's basketball and Olympic sports, children under Kindergarten age are free.

Payment Options

Payment for season tickets can be made in cash, by check payable to The University of Oklahoma, or charged to VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. No refunds or exchanges are made unless an order cannot be filled. Processing fees are not refunded. Single-game tickets purchased at the event location must be paid for with cash.

If you have additional questions, please call the OU Athletics Ticket Office during regular business hours at (405) 325-2424 or toll-free (800) 456-GoOU, or email

Secondary Ticket Markets

The following terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all Oklahoma Athletics ticket purchases, including but not limited to single game, mini-plan, and season ticket purchases. All of the rights herein inure to the benefit of the Original Purchaser only. The rights and remedies of ticket holders who purchase their tickets as Secondary Purchasers, through ticket resellers or other secondary markets may be limited as provided herein. Oklahoma Athletics expressly reserves the right not to refund or reissue any ticket purchased through ticket resellers or secondary markets.

Will Call

Tickets are available for pick up at the OU Athletics Ticket Office 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Access tickets you have ordered online or over the phone as early as the next business afternoon following the date of purchase. Tickets ordered eleven (11) days or more prior to an event are mailed, or kept in Will-Call if specified by the ticket holder. 

 Sport  Pick-Up Location  Pick-Up Time
 Football  Main Ticket Office  3 hours prior to kickoff
 Basketball  LNC North Box Office  1.5 hours prior to tip
 Baseball & Softball  Main Ticket Booth   1.5 hours prior to first pitch
 Women's Gymnastics  LNC East Box Office  1.5 hours prior to start of event
 Men's Gymnastics/  Soccer/ Volleyball/ Wrestling Ticket Booths at venue 1 hour prior to start of event 

A photo ID is required to pick up tickets in Will-Call. Only the ticket holder may pick up tickets unless arrangements are made through the OU Athletics Ticket Office in advance.