2008-09 Oklahoma Women's Basketball Guide
The official source of information for Sooner basketball, this award-winning publication is now available direct from the OU Athletics Department. To purchase media guides, visit the OU Athletics Multimedia Store.

 Table of Contents/General Information - 1-5 (2.5mb)  Season Review - 134-153 (2.5mb)
 Being a Sooner, Part 1 - 6-31 (29mb)  History and Records - 154-183 (1.2mb)
 Being a Sooner, Part 2 - 32-57 (28mb)  Media Information - 184-191 (1.1mb)
 Season Preview and Player Profiles - 58-115 (31mb)  Photo Roster - 192 (16kb)
 Staff Profiles - 116-133 (8mb)  

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