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University of Oklahoma
MAY 20, 2013

138 Conference Champions

OU Men's Gymnastics Tradition

 Honors  Name Years at OU  Events
 10  Jonathan Horton  2005-08  AA (3), FX (2), SR (4), HB
 9  Yul Moldauer  2016-present  AA, FX (2), PH, SR (2), PB (3)
 8  Jake Dalton  2010-12  AA (2), FX, SR, V, PB (2), HB
 7  Bart Conner  1977-79, 81  AA (4), PB (2), HB
 6  Mike Rice  1983-87  AA (2), FX, PH, SR, PB
 4  Steven Legendre  2008-11  FX (3), V
 4  Todd Bishop  1996-99  PH, PB (2), HB
 4  Daniel Stover  1992-95  FX (2), V (2)
 4  Mark Steves  1985-88  FX, V, HB (2)


 Year  Name  Events
2018  Yul Moldauer  All-Around, Floor, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Parallel Bars
 Tanner Justus  Vault
2017  Yul Moldauer  Floor, Rings, Parallel Bars
   Matt Wenske  Vault
   Levi Anderson  High Bar
2016  Allan Bower  All-Around
   Yul Moldauer  Parallel Bars
   Kanji Oyama  Vault
2015  Danny Berardini  High Bar
   Allan Bower  Vault
   Kanji Oyama  Vault
   Michael Reid  Pommel Horse
   Michael Squires  Still Rings
 2014  Kanji Oyama  Vault
   Michael Squires  Still Rings
   Raymond White Floor Exercise
 2013  William Clement  High Bar
   Presten Ellsworth  Parallel Bars
   Sergey Resnick  Pommel Horse
   Alec Robin  Vault
   Michael Squires  Still Rings
 2012  Jacob Dalton  All-Around, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Still Rings
2011 Jacob Dalton  All-Around, Floor Exercise, Vault, Parallel Bars
  Steven Legendre Floor Exercise
  Alex Naddour Pommel Horse
2010 Steven Legendre Floor Exercise
  Ian Jackson Vault
2009 Steven Legendre Vault
2008 Jonathan Horton All-Around, Still Rings
  Steven Legendre Floor Exercise
2007 Jonathan Horton All-Around, Floor Exercise, Still Rings, High Bar
2006 Jonathan Horton Floor Exercise, Still Rings
  Chris Brooks High Bar
2005 David Henderson Vault
  Jamie Henderson Pommel Horse
  Jonathan Horton All-Around, Still Rings
2004 Josh Gore Parallel Bars
  Quinn Rowell High Bar
 2003  Daniel Furney  All-Around
  Josh Landis Pommel Horse
  Jock Stevens Vault
2002 Everette Bierker High Bar
   Brett Covey  Still Rings
  Josh Landis Pommel Horse
  Jock Stevens Floor Exercise
2001 Brenan O'Neil Floor Exercise
   Steve Van Etten  Vault
  Bretty Covey Still Rings
2000 Everette Bierker Parallel Bars
  Daniel Furney Pommel Horse
  Robby Rome High Bar
1999 Todd Bishop Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
  Brendan O'Neil Floor Exercise
1998 Todd Bishop Parallel Bars
  Dan Fink Still Rings
1997 Jeremy Killen Floor Exercise, Vault
1996 Casey Bryan All-Around
  Dan Fink Still Rings
  Jeremy Killen Vault
  Kyle Johnson Floor Exercise
1995 Dan Fink Still Rings
1994 Aaron Basham High Bar
  Daniel Stover Floor Exercise, Vault
1993 Aaron Basham High Bar
  Marcus Jordan High Bar
  Tom Meadows Still Rings
  Daniel Stover Floor Exercise, Vault
1992 Tom Meadows Still Rings
  Orson Sykes Vault
1991 Ricky Armstrong High Bar
  Brian Halstead Parallel Bars
  Jeff Lutz Still Rings
1990 Jarrod Hanks Still Rings
1989 Brian Halstead Vault, High Bar
1988 Mark Steves Floor Exercise, High Bar
  Jeff Lutz Vault
1987 Mike Rice All-Around, Floor Exercise
  Carlo Sabino Pommel Horse
  Mark Steves High Bar
1986 MIke Rice All-Around, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars
  Carlo Sabino Floor Exercise
  Mark Steves Vault
1985 Mark Oates Parallel Bars
1984 Rob Mahurin Parallel Bars
  Mark Oates Floor Exercise
  Mike Rice Still Rings
  Mike Sims Pommel Horse, High Bar
1982 Mike Sims Parallel Bars
1981 Mark Biespiel Floor Exercise
  Bart Conner All-Around, Parallel Bars
  Peter Stout High Bar
1980 Peter Stout Pommel Horse
1979 Bart Conner All-Around, Parallel Bars, High Bar
  Leslie Moore Floor Exercise
1978 Gary Beasley Pommel Horse
  Bart Conner All-Around
1977 Paul Black Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars
  Bart Conner All-Around
1976 Greg Buwick Floor Exercise
  Mike Wilson Parallel Bars
1975 Greg Buwick Floor Exercise
1974 Rich Bova High Bar
1973 Odess Lovin Floor Exercise
1972 Odess Lovin Floor Exercise
1968 Rich Carr Trampoline
  Tom Sexton High Bar



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