Video  08/26 - Sophomore DE R.J. Washington
Video  08/26 - Drew Allen Reports on Tryouts
 08/26 - OU Football Tops Big 12 APR
Video  08/24 - Senior WR Cameron Kenney
 08/24 - Strength & Conditioning Leaders
Video  08/23 - Sophomore DT Casey Walker
Video  08/23 - R-Freshman OL Gabe Ikard
Video  08/20 - Sophomore OL Tyler Evans
Video  08/20 - DBs Break on the Football
Video  08/20 - D-Tackles Explode Off the Snap
Video  08/20 - WRs Stress Protecting the Ball
Video  08/20 - LBs Rapid-Fire Angle-Tackling
Video  08/20 - DBs Work on Shedding Blocks
Photos  08/20 - Practice No. 19 Photo Gallery
Video  08/19 - Senior RB Mossis Madu
Video  08/19 - Running Backs Prior to Scrimmage
Video  08/19 - Martinez, DBs Prior to Scrimmage
Video  08/19 - Gundy, RBs Work the Sideline
Video  08/19 - Warmups On Owen Field
Photos  08/19 - Practice No. 18 Photo Gallery
Video  08/18 - Senior Safety Quinton Carter
Video  08/18 - TEs, FBs Hit the Blocking Sled
Video  08/18 - RBs Burst Through the Chute
Video  08/18 - DBs Stay Low in Tackling Drill
Video  08/18 - QBs, RBs Work on Exchanges
Photos  08/18 - Practice No. 16 Photo Gallery
Video  08/17 - Sophomore Punter Tress Way
Video  08/17 - Junior DS James Winchester
Video  08/17 - Lewis Keeps LB Corps Hopping
Video  08/17 - O-Linemen Head-to-Head
Video  08/17 - Coach V, Linebackers Up Close
Photos  08/17 - Practice No. 15 Photo Gallery
Video  08/17 - Sooners Host Special Olympians
Photos  08/17 - OU, Special Olympians Photos
Video  08/16 - Sophomore DE David King
Video  08/16 - Junior Receiver Ryan Broyles
Video  08/16 - WRs & DBs Go One-on-One
Video  08/16 - Head to Head on Short Routes
Video  08/16 - Coach Shipp and the D-Tackles
Video  08/16 - TEs, FBs on Blocking Technique
Photos  08/16 - Practice No. 13 Photo Gallery
Video  08/14 - R-Freshman Linebacker Tom Wort
Video  08/14 - Senior Receiver Brandon Caleb
Video  08/14 - RBs Cut and Absorb Contact
Video  08/14 - Running Backs Catching Balls
Photos  08/14 - Practice No. 12 Photo Gallery
Video  08/13 - Sophomore CB Demontre Hurst
Video  08/13 - Coach Wright & Defensive Ends
Video  08/13 - Coach Shipp, Defensive Tackles
Photos  08/13 - Practice No. 11 Photo Gallery
Video  08/12 - Junior DB Jamell Fleming
Video  08/12 - Gundy Emphasizes Blitz Pickup
Video  08/12 - WRs Go One-on-One with DBs
Video  08/12 - D-Backs Focus on Staying Low
Video  08/12 - LBs Stress Angles to Sideline
Video  08/12 - Defensive Backs Turn & React
Video  08/12 - Kickers Get Practice on FGs
Video  08/11 - Martinez, DBs in Backpedal Drill
Video  08/11 - Wright, Defensive Ends Hit Sled
Video  08/11 - Short Oklahoma Drill Clips
Photos  08/11 - Practice No. 8 Photo Gallery
Video  08/10 - Sophomore DB Joseph Ibiloye
Video  08/10 - Sophomore WR Jaz Reynolds
Video  08/10 - OL, DL Go Head to Head
Video  08/10 - WRs vs. DBs One-on-Ones
Video  08/10 - Coach Wilson with TEs & FBs
Video  08/10 - Def. Backs Shed Cut Blocks
Video  08/10 - WRs Focus on Ball Control
Video  08/10 - Schmidt Gets Team Warmed Up
Photos  08/10 - Practice No. 6 Photo Gallery
Video  08/09 - Sophomore LB Ronnell Lewis
Video  08/09 - R-Freshman FB Marshall Musil
Video  08/09 - Sooners in Oklahoma Drill
Video  08/09 - Offensive Line vs. Defensive Line
Video  08/09 - Coach Martinez with Secondary
Video  08/09 - DBs Shed Blocks, Go for Ball
Video  08/09 - Martinez Leads Secondary Drill
Photos  08/09 - Practice No. 5 Photo Gallery
Video  08/08 - Junior Safety Sam Proctor
Video  08/08 - Junior Off. Tackle Jarvis Jones
Video  08/08 - Coach Gundy & Running Backs
Video  08/08 - Coach Venables & Linebackers
Video  08/08 - RBs Focus on Ball Security
Video  08/08 - Linebackers Work Angle Tackling
Photos  08/08 - Practice No. 4 Photo Gallery
Video  08/07 - Receivers Work Routes, Hands
Video  08/07 - Coach Shipp with the D-Tackles
Video  08/07 - Defensive Ends with Coach Wright
Video  08/07 - Patton, O-Line Stress Technique
Video  08/07 - Receivers Challenge Secondary
Video  08/07 - Pre-Practice Focus on Footwork
Video  08/07 - Shipp, DTs Work on First Steps
Video  08/07 - Strength Staff Warms Up Offense
Video  08/07 - Sooners Warm Up Saturday
Photos  08/07 - Practice No. 3 Photo Gallery
Video  08/06 - Stoops Surprises Early Risers
Video  08/06 - Junior TE Trent Ratterree
Video  08/06 - Senior OL Eric Mensik
Video  08/06 - Senior DE Pryce Macon
Video  08/06 - Junior LB Austin Box
Video  08/06 - Freshman WR Kenny Stills
Video  08/06 - Junior OL Stephen Good
Video  08/06 - Freshman RB Brennan Clay
Video  08/06 - Landry Jones on Radio Interview
Video  08/06 - Ronnell Lewis With Media
Video  08/06 - Coach Stoops Press Conference
Video  08/06 - Landry Jones Press Conference
Photos  08/06 - Media Day Photo Gallery
 08/06 - Quotes from Football Media Day
Video  08/06 - Meet the Sooners: Offense
Video  08/06 - Meet the Sooners: Defense
Video  08/06 - Meet the Sooners: Special Teams
Photos  08/06 - Meet the Sooners Day Photos
Video  08/06 - Coach Wilson with Tight Ends
Video  08/06 - Coach Norvell with Receivers
Photos  08/06 - Practice No. 2 Photo Gallery
Video  08/05 - Soph. DT Jamarkus McFarland
Video  08/05 - Junior OT Donald Stephenson
Video  08/05 - LBs Open Preseason Practice
Video  08/05 - Linebackers & Coach Venables
Video  08/05 - Coach Norvell and Receivers
Video  08/05 - LBs Work on Shedding Blocks
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 09/04  Season Opener (6 p.m.)

 2010 Schedule | Ticket Info
 09/04  Utah State  Norman
 09/11  Florida State  Norman
 09/18  Air Force  Norman
 09/25  Cincinnati  @ Cincinnati
 10/02  Texas  @ Dallas
 10/16  Iowa State  Norman
 10/23  Missouri  @ Columbia
 10/30  Colorado  Norman
 11/06  Texas A&M  @ College Station
 11/13  Texas Tech  Norman
 11/20  Baylor  @ Waco
 11/27  Okla. State  @ Stillwater
 12/04  Big 12 Title  @ Dallas

OU History & Tradition
The Sooners and great college football. For as long as anyone can remember the two have been one and the same. Unlike some schools where tradition represents ancient history, or others where it harkens back only a few years, OU's tradition is a constant accomplishment unfettered by eras or time.

OU Football History & Tradition | Quick Facts
2000s Dominance | Modern Era | All-Time
Seven National Championships Since 1950
42 Conference Titles | 25 Bowl Crowns
150 All-Americans | 443 All-Conference
5 Heismans | 63 National Award Winners
Record 47-Game Win Streak | Coaches
Season-by-Season Results | Quick Results
All-Time in AP | BCS | 339 NFL Draft Picks
Video  Preseason Practice Video Coverage
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  Official Quotes & Notes on the Sooners
  Friday, August 27

The OU football team held its final preseason practice on Friday in Norman. The long summer has finally brought the Sooners just one week away from the season opener against Utah State under the lights at Owen Field on Saturday, Sept. 4.
Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops said Friday that he does not expect anyone who participated in Thursday's tryouts to play for this year's team.
"That was an event that we had planned for months to further develop our roster at all positions," he said. "Too much was made about it being put together on short notice and just for kickers. We were looking to add depth at all positions.
"I appreciate the guys who came out. We don't take their time for granted. But none of them will be playing for us this season."
As for kickers, Stoops said five kickers and two punters were invited back on Friday. One of those, a kicker, is being asked to return on Monday, "just to observe how we do things," Stoops said.
Saturday is an off-day for the Sooners, who will resume practice sessions on Monday in preparation for the Sept. 4 opener against Utah State.
Mike Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Lewis has been OU's leading tackler in consecutive seasons. He gained near-consensus All-Big 12 recognition in 2009 and received similar preseason notice this summer. Teammates know him as a guy who injects fun into both the locker room and practice, but one who..."

Lewis Talks the Talk, Produces - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated: "You can talk about Running Back U all over the place," Stoops said, "but we take a backseat to no one when it comes to running backs." Murray, who redshirted Peterson's junior year and spent much of his career sharing carries with Chris Brown, isn't worried about the records..."

Sooners Looking to Build Championship - Sports Illustrated
Offensive Line, DeJuan Miller, McFarland - Tulsa World
Kickers, Trey Millard, Austin Haywood - The Oklahoman
Kenny Stills Freshman to Watch in Big 12 - Houston Chronicle
OU's Experienced LB Has Been Coaching - Norman Transcript
Stoops, College Coaches & Playing Days - Yahoo Sports
OU Leads Big 12 in Academics for Third Year - Tulsa World
TCU, OU Ranked Higher Than Texas - Dallas Morning News
Stoops Kicking It Into Higher Gear - NBC Sports
Sooners Full of Nicknames, Coach Norvell - Tulsa World
Drew Allen Pulls Away From Blake Bell - The Oklahoman
Jammal Brown's Lost Super Bowl Driving Him - FanHouse
Three Questions for Big 12 Teams - Austin American-Statesman
Sam Bradford Sharp in Return for Rams - Tulsa World
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Thursday, August 26

Just two days remain in preseason practice before the Sooners begin game week preparations for the season opener on Monday.
The University of Oklahoma football program leads the Big 12 Conference in Academic Performance Rate for a third consecutive year.  The Sooners scored a rate of 962, which is 19 points higher than the league average.

Sooners Lead Big 12 in Academics for Third Year
Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News: "The standards at Oklahoma are higher than most schools. They're even more ambitious than most traditional powers. An 8-5 record last season could be dismissed as simply wretched luck, thanks to significant injuries. The onus is on Oklahoma to bounce back and reclaim..."

OU Players to Watch, Predictions - Dallas Morning News
Mike Jones of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Reports of the line's summer work appear to have played out during August practice. Neither Stoops nor anyone else has offered a discouraging word about a group that spent much of the off-season becoming just that. "We spent a lot of the winter and spring..."

OU Expects OL to Pull Together - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Sooner Secondary Has Legacy to Uphold - Norman Transcript
Owasso's Colvin Making Impression in Norman - Tulsa World
Wilson: Haywood Best Receiving Tight End - The Oklahoman
Video: Stoops, Oklahoma Back to Full Strength - ESPN
Sooners Adopt Jones as "The Man" - Dallas Morning News
Tramel: Pull a Leach and Go For It - The Oklahoman
OU Walk-On Tryouts: It's Time to Shine - Tulsa World
Sooner QB Landry Jones Emerges From the Fire - ESPN
Murray, Carter Work With MMA Trainers - The Oklahoman
Coaches Impressed by Aaron Colvin - Tulsa World
Walk-Ons Proud to Have Earned Their Keep - The OU Daily
Finch, Stills, Alexander, Miller, Kickers - The Oklahoman
Bradford: Rough Rookie Initiation? - Dallas Morning News
Clay, Calhoun, Finch, Stills, WR Depth - The OU Daily
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Wednesday, August 25

The Sooners took to the practice fields Wednesday afternoon for the 22nd session of the preseason in Norman. On Tuesday, OU announced the team had elected senior defensive end Jeremy Beal, junior linebacker Travis Lewis and sophomore quarterback Landry Jones as captains for the 2010 season.
Dave Sittler of the Tulsa World: "OU needs one more victory to join one of the most elite fraternities in college sports. With an overall record of 799-302-53, the Sooners are on the verge of becoming the seventh major-college team to record 800 victories. The buzz about this season's opportunity to reach that monumental..."

Sittler: OU's Opener Could Include Celebration - Tulsa World
Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman: "There's always been a folk story that it never rained on a Bud Wilkinson football game at Owen Field. I never believed it but certainly never cared enough to research it. But someone did. And it's dang near true. Gary McManus, associate state climatologist for the Oklahoma..."

Tramel: Never Rained on Bud at Owen Field - The Oklahoman
Sooners Still Looking for a Kicker - Norman Transcript
Kicker, Captains Elected, Stephen Good - Tulsa World
Millard Set to Start at FB for OU - Columbia Daily Tribune
Jones' Leadership Skills Never in Question - The Oklahoman
Emig: Sooners Need More From McFarland - Tulsa World
Notes and Quotes from Sooner Practice - FS Southwest
QB Landry Jones' Mission is Clear - The Oklahoman
Stephenson's Return Bolsters OU's O-Line - Tulsa World
Madu Will Miss Season Opener - Norman Transcript
Kicking is Bob Stoops' No. 1 Concern - The Oklahoman
Texas, Not OU, Big 12 Favorite - Dallas Morning News
Sam Bradford Expected to Play One Half - Tulsa World
Trotter: Who is the Fastest Sooner? - The Oklahoman
Big 12 Conference Preview & Predictions - CBS Sports
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Tuesday, August 24

Oklahoma held its 21st practice of the preseason Tuesday afternoon in Norman. It marked the coolest in the past month for the Sooners with rain and highs in the upper 80s. We talked with senior receiver Cameron Kenney following practice.
From ESPN: "Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops released his latest depth chart on Monday, and likely inspired some double takes from some. Of the 44 spots on the offensive and defensive two-deep, seven are occupied by true freshmen, signees from the 2010 class who arrived on campus just this summer. Two have..."

Freshman Invasion Underway at Oklahoma - ESPN
OU's OL Returns Healthier, Experienced - Norman Transcript
Jonathan Nelson Bulks Up for Double Duty - The Oklahoman
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Analyzing the AP Preseason Top 25 Poll - ESPN
Mossis Madu Separates Himself at RB - The Oklahoman
Sam Bradford to Get First Start With Rams - Associated Press
OU-Texas to Kick Off at 2:30 on ABC - Dallas Morning News
Sittler: Sooners Making Splash in NFL - Tulsa World
Tramel: Murray Chases Scoring Record - The Oklahoman
Predicting the 2010 Sooner Football Season - The OU Daily
Big 12: What We Know With Two Weeks to Go - ESPN
OU-Texas' New Faces Battle-Tested - USA Today
Football Team Adjusts Depth Chart - The OU Daily
  Monday, August 23

After three weeks of preseason practice, the Sooners moved to evening sessions with the start of classes Monday in Norman. View interviews with sophomore DL Casey Walker and redshirt freshman OL Gabe Ikard as OU returned to the practice field.

Video  Post-Practice with Sophomore DT Casey Walker
Video  Post-Practice with R-Freshman OL Gabe Ikard
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Oklahoma enters the 2010 season with national championship expectations. But getting there won't be easy. The slate features nine teams coming off bowl appearances. Two of those teams played in BCS bowl games. Still, OU figures to be favored in every game, with the possible..."

Ranking OU's Games: Toughest to Easiest - The Oklahoman
Analyzing Oklahoma's 2010 Roster - Tulsa World
Palm: OU vs. Ohio State for Title - Austin American Statesman
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For Sooners, Last Season Was Stretcher - Los Angeles Times
As Little Brother, Murray Makes Big Splash - Tulsa World
Adrian Taylor, Kicker, Cameron Kenney - The Oklahoman
Travis Lewis Shows His Serious Side - Tulsa World
Big 12 Not So Secure Behind Center - Dallas Morning News
Ryan Broyles Growing Into Leadership Role - Tulsa World
Jones: Nebraska, Stanford Defining Moments - The Oklahoman
Drew Allen, Bell, Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma Drill - Tulsa World
Tramel: Murray Ranks Among Elite RBs - The Oklahoman
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Big 12 Restocks at Quarterback - San Antonio Express-News
For Health, Stoops Won't Push Future at OU - Tulsa World
Carter, Murray Try MMA Workouts - The Oklahoman
Klein: Road Wins, O-Line Keys for Sooners - Tulsa World
OU Developing Secondary in Era of Spread - The Oklahoman
Punter Tress Way Grateful for Coach Mom - Tulsa World
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Friday, August 20

Oklahoma moved to its regular practice venue, the Bud Wilkinson Practice Facility, for its final session before fall semester classes begin on Monday. Video video and photos from Friday's practice by clicking the links to the right. After practice, we caught up with sophomore OL Tyler Evans to get his take on the preseason so far.

With no official team activities scheduled for the weekend, players get their first break since opening preseason camp three weeks ago. The Sooners will return to the practice field Monday afternoon.
John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "Regardless of how Murray handles the strain of this season, other running backs are going to play. The question is how many, and who. As far as experience goes, OU has senior Mossis Madu ready to go. The former Norman High product has become a full-time running back after..."

OU Finds Solid Ground in Murray, Madu - Norman Transcript
Freshman WRs, Finch, Clay, Scrimmage - Tulsa World
Finch, Clay Opposites, Get Same Results - The Oklahoman
Sooners, Huskers Top List of Elite NFL Prospects - ESPN
Big 12 Top 25: Senior RB DeMarco Murray - FS Southwest
Sooner Receivers Catching On - Tulsa World
Landry Jones Not Pleased With Scrimmage - The Oklahoman
Consistency a Must for Sooner Receivers - The OU Daily
Receivers Working Tennis Ball Drill - The Oklahoman
  Thursday, August 19

The Sooners scrimmaged for the second time this preseason on Thursday at Owen Field. View video clips of the running backs and defensive backs prepping for the scrimmage in addition to photos of the receivers and running backs. We talked with senior running back Mossis Madu following the scrimmage.

Mike Baldwin of the Oklahoman: "Toughness developed at a young age was the foundation for a player now viewed as one of the nation's top defensive ends. But it's his quickness and strive-for-perfection preparation that has put Beal in position to possibly become OU's career sacks leader. "They helped me with my..."

Hard Work, Toughness Nets Sacks for Beal - The Oklahoman
Good Hopes to Live Up to His Name - Enid News & Eagle
Way Could be in Line for Standout Season - Tulsa World
Tyler Evans the Prototype Lineman - Norman Transcript
Nickel Defense, Taylor, Alexander, Lewis - Tulsa World
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Trotter: LB Corey Nelson on the Spot - The Oklahoman
Video: Beal Emerging as Leader on D-Line - FS Southwest
Texas Fans Seeing Red Over OU License Plates - NBC Dallas
OU Plates Stir Up Emotions in Texas - Dallas Morning News
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Wednesday, August 18

Oklahoma completed its final installment of preseason two-a-days Wednesday at the rugby fields in Norman. View practice video featuring the tight ends, fullbacks, running backs and defensive backs by clicking the links to the right. Following practice, we talked with senior safety Quinton Carter.

Mike Baldwin of the Oklahoman: "Preseason All-American Ryan Broyles is locked in as the starting slot receiver but will be moved around, playing all three receiver spots. Dejuan Miller and freshman Kenny Stills are the leading candidates for the other two starting spots. Jaz Reynolds, Cameron Kenney and Brandon Caleb..."

Wide Receiver Competition is Wide-Open - The Oklahoman
Tom Wort Motivated by Love of the Game - Tulsa World
Top Big 12 Offensive Weapon? Ryan Broyles - FS Southwest
Jeremy Beal Among Top Defensive Linemen in Big 12 - ESPN
Getting to Know Safety Quinton Carter - Tulsa World
Linebacker Tom Wort's Time is Now - The Oklahoman
Video: Coach Venables on OU's Defense - FS Southwest
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Texas QB More Simms Than McCoy - Dallas Morning News
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Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Tuesday, August 17

The Sooners knocked out their 15th practice of the preseason on Tuesday. A brief shower followed by a break in the clouds sent the humidity levels soaring in Norman for the morning workout.
Following practice, Coach Stoops, Coach Switzer and Sooner players welcomed members of the Special Olympics for an exclusive autograph session. View practice video of the offensive line and linebackers in addition to interviews with sophomore punter Tress Way and junior deep snapper James Winchester.

From ESPN: "Landry Jones should emerge as a star in the Big 12. Though the nonconference schedule looks daunting with games against Florida State, Air Force and Cincinnati, the Sooners will be favored in all of them. The toughest road game could be at Texas A&M. Even still, a defense missing six starters is going to..."

Sooners No. 5 on List of Teams With Title Shot - ESPN
Sooners Filling Holes at Cornerback - Tulsa World
Hurst, Fleming Move to Starting Roles - The Oklahoman
ISU Opponents: Oklahoma Sooners - Des Moines Register
Kicker, Broyles, Grissom, Air Force - Tulsa World
Cameron Kenney Back With Experience - Norman Transcript
Big 12 South Team-by-Team Previews - FS Southwest
Sooners, Longhorns Start the Season Even - Tulsa World
McFarland, McGee, Walker Battle at DT - The Oklahoman
OU vs. Texas, Florida State Must-See Games - ESPN
Sooners 11th in Magazine's Preseason Poll - Sports Illustrated
Trotter: Kenney Hoping to Stick in Rotation - The Oklahoman
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Monday, August 16

Oklahoma conducts its third installment of two-a-days on Monday at the rugby fields in Norman. View practice video from the morning session featuring one-on-one battles between the WRs and DBs, as well as the TEs and RBs vs. the linebackers. Following practice, we caught up with sophomore DE David King and WR Ryan Broyles.

We've updated the official printable roster with the latest information from the football staff. Of course, the online roster at is always updated first and should be your first place to check for the latest, official information on the Sooners.

Updated Aug. 16: Preseason Practice Roster (PDF)
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman has an interview with Phil Steele: "Bob Stoops has done an incredible job developing offensive linemen. Last year, they went through 10 different starting lineups, had a myriad of injuries, and naturally didn't play well, and I didn't expect them to play well last year. This year, while they lose two..."

Phil Steele Still Sold on Sooners at No. 1 - The Oklahoman
Analysis: Sooners Amp Up Fullback Spot - Tulsa World
Returning Punts is a Tough Gig - Norman Transcript
Rating Big 12 Football by Position - Kansas City Star
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Allen's Experience an Edge at Backup QB - Tulsa World
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  Saturday, August 14

The Sooner football team moved to its regular season home, Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, for its first major scrimmage of the preseason Saturday morning. OU's offense and defense went head-to-head for 95 plays on Owen Field.
"It was a good early-season scrimmage," Head Coach Bob Stoops said. "We got a lot of good work done and had the opportunity to look at a number of players. Like most teams, we still have things that need to be shored up, but that's typical of this time of year. I liked our effort, especially considering the heat."
View video of Coach Gundy working with the running backs prior to the scrimmage, in addition to interviews with with redshirt freshman LB Tom Wort and senior WR Brandon Caleb.

Saturday's scrimmage marked the halfway point of preseason, with 12 of 24 practices now complete. The Sooners have Saturday afternoon off, with team meetings scheduled for Sunday before getting back to two-a-days Monday at the rugby fields.
  Friday, August 13

OU dropped back to just one practice on Friday (the team's 11th overall of the preseason) after its second session of two-a-days on Thursday. View practice video of Coach Shipp and the defensive tackles plus Coach Wright and the defensive ends in position drills.

The photo gallery features the quarterbacks and defensive ends. We also talked with sophomore corner Demontre Hurst following practice to get his views on the competition in the secondary.

John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "Middle linebacker will go to either redshirt freshman Tom Wort or junior Austin Box. Wort gained coaches' attention last year before a preseason ACL tear. He's back, and so is his knee. He's a special player, but has no game experience. Box, too, has battled injuries in his OU career..."

Notebook: Linebackers, Walker, Martinez - Tulsa World
OU's Taylor Close to Full Strength - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
For Austin Box, No Reassembly Required - Norman Transcript
Bob Stoops is King for a Day at ESPN - Tulsa World
Lewis' Big Hits Inspiring Fear, Nicknames - The Oklahoman
Video: Oklahoma's Bob Stoops Visits SportsCenter - ESPN
Five Biggest Hitters in Stoops' Era - The Oklahoman
Tony Jefferson Taking Full-Speed Approach - Tulsa World
Notes on Coach Stoops' ESPN Tour - The Oklahoman
Predicting 10 Trends in College Football - Sports Illustrated
Nelson's Versatility Strengthens Secondary - The Oklahoman
Video: Sooners Have Avoided Injuries - FS Southwest
Switzer: OU-Nebraska Rivalry Will Fade - Associated Press
OU Banks on Stephenson on Blind Side - The Oklahoman
"Hammer" Making Noise in OU's Defense - Associated Press
Notebook: Defensive Ends, Jonathan Miller - Tulsa World
Projections on OU Defense, Formations - The Oklahoman
Oklahoma Aims to Break Losing Habit - Associated Press
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Thursday, August 12

Oklahoma held its second installment of two-a-days Thursday at the rugby practice fields. View video of Coach Gundy teaching blitz pickup, the wide receivers challenging the defensive backs and much more from the morning practice session. We caught up with junior corner Jamell Fleming following practice to get his thoughts on the secondary heading into the 2010 season.

Coach Stoops was at ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Conn., for a series of interviews Thursday. Stoops completed a whirlwind 15 sessions across a wide segment of ESPN radio shows, TV shows and digital media. Check out behind-the-scenes photos and video:

PhotosPhotos: Stoops, Sooners Take Center Stage at ESPN
View video of SportsCenter's segment with Stoops here. His appearance on College Football Live will re-air at 9 and 9:30 p.m. (CT) Thursday night on ESPNU, and also Friday morning from 5-8:30 a.m. View ESPN's complete listings.

  Wednesday, August 11

The Sooners returned to the rugby fields Wednesday morning for the team's eighth session of the preseason. OU conducted just the morning practice today after working twice on Tuesday. View video as Coach Martinez and the defensive backs work in a backpedaling drill while Coach Wright and the defensive ends attack the sled. We've also got a few short clips of the Oklahoma Drill and a photo gallery focusing on the defense.

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "Ronnell is just a monster," OU running back DeMarco Murray said. "We were watching highlights on kickoffs the other day and he's just a beast. He's also a hard worker and I'm glad he's on my team." Lewis doesn't have an explanation for where that hitting ability comes from. Most..."

Venables: Ronnell Lewis a Violent Hitter - Norman Transcript
Mike Baldwin of the Oklahoman: "OU running backs coach Cale Gundy said Murray's renewed confidence was evident this offseason. Instead of rehabbing an injury, Murray concentrated on getting in shape for his senior season. "For me it was hard after those two surgeries," Murray said. "I had to get my step back..."

Sooners Looking for Murray to Cut Loose - The Oklahoman
Notebook: Kicker, O-Line, Broyles, Beal - Tulsa World
Sooners Expecting to Bounce Back - Lawrence Journal-World
Mensik, Ikard Gain Collective 72 Pounds - Tulsa World
RBs Calhoun, Miller Still Vying for Carries - The Oklahoman
Stoops, Oklahoma Score Well in APR - ESPN
Trotter: Cale Gundy Rich in Running Backs - The Oklahoman
Strain: Pay-per-View "Outrage" From OU Fan - Tulsa World
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  Tuesday, August 10

The Oklahoma football team held its first installment of two-a-days Tuesday in Norman. Following practice, we caught up with sophomores Joseph Ibiloye and Jaz Reynolds to get their take on the first session of two-a-days.

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "The usual "freshman 15" wasn't going to be enough for Oklahoma tight end Gabe Ikard. When last season ended, he weighed around 240 pounds. It was big enough to be a tight end, but miniscule by offensive lineman standards. So when OU coaching staff decided to move him and..."

Offensive Line a Big Position - Norman Transcript
Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "This is how you wind up carrying the football as a true freshman for a program like Oklahoma: "Ronnell Lewis, 'The Hammer' as usual, hit little Roy Finch. I felt for him," OU running back Jonathan Miller said of a recent practice scene. "Ronnell is every bit of a man." He's a..."

Roy Finch, Brennan Clay Impress as Freshmen - Tulsa World
Ronnell Lewis Provides Small-Town Inspiration - The OU Daily
FB/TE Trey Millard Impressing in Camp - The Oklahoman
Broyles on Biletnikoff Watch List - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
OU looking for Consistency From Kickers - The Oklahoman
Did OU's Game Against FSU Get Easier? - Tulsa World
Stoops on Players Leaving Early for NFL - Denver Post
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Taylor Trying to Return to Full Speed - FOX Sports Southwest
Stacy McGee Ready to Fill Vacant DT Spot - The OU Daily
Breaking Down OU's Special Teams Units - The Oklahoman
DeMarco Murray Might Return Kickoffs - Tulsa World
RB on Ronnell Lewis: Like a Freight Train - The Oklahoman
  Monday, August 9

OU returned to the practice field Monday morning for the team's fifth session of the preseason. View video of secondary coach Willie Martinez instructing the defensive backs, highlights of the offensive linemen going one-on-one with the defensive linemen and the Sooner running the classic Oklahoma Drill (click links to the right).
Also view photos from the session in addition to post-practice interviews with sophomore linebacker Ronnell Lewis and redshirt-freshman fullback Marshall Musil.

Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Last year, Oklahoma played nine true freshmen, tied for most in the Bob Stoops era. This season's freshman class may shatter that record. Not because the Sooners are thin across the depth chart. This class just appears to be that good. "I'm not too much on talking a bunch about an individual..."

Freshmen Could Make Immediate Impact - The Oklahoman
DT Adrian Taylor Almost Back - Norman Transcript
Heupel's Touch Improves OU Quarterbacks - Tulsa World
Adrian Taylor Back After Leg Injury - Tulsa World
OU Notebook: High Hopes for Secondary - The Oklahoman
Venables Gives LBs History Lesson - Norman Transcript
Mensik and Ikard No Longer Tight Ends - Tulsa World
Sooners Return More Experienced O-Line - The Oklahoman
Stoops: Landry Jones "In That Mold" - Dallas Morning News
Family Roots Helped Mark Stoops - Lakeland Ledger
Jones Says He Has More Confidence - Norman Transcript
Jones Takes Spotlight After Bradford Departure - Tulsa World
Offensive Line Reserves May See Time - The Oklahoman
Sooner Offense Offers Cautious Optimism - Norman Transcript
Sittler: Ronnell Lewis Poised to Set Himself Apart - Tulsa World
Trotter: Mensik at Right Tackle, Landry - The Oklahoman
McFarland Eager to Write New Chapter - Dallas Morning News
Patton Breaks Down the Offensive Linemen - The Oklahoman
Freshman QB Blake Bell is It Says Fans - Tulsa World
Sooners Seek New Superstars - Associated Press
OU Notebook: Safety Tony Jefferson Surging - The Oklahoman
Q&A With Sooner TE Trent Ratterree - Tulsa World
Carlson: Jones Confident, Ronnell Lewis Buff - The Oklahoman
OU Notebook: Fresh Faces for Sooners - Tulsa World
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  Sunday, August 8

Oklahoma completed its fourth practice of the preseason Sunday at the rugby fields in Norman. View video focusing on Coach Gundy working the running backs and Coach Venables with the linebackers (links to right). Following practice, we spoke with a pair of juniors, safety Sam Proctor and offensive tackle Jarvis Jones.

Video  Post-Practice with Junior Offensive Tackle Jarvis Jones
Photos  Sunday, August 8 - Practice No. 4 Photo Gallery

  Saturday, August 7

Oklahoma returned to the rugby practice fields Saturday morning for practice No. 3, donning shoulder pads for the first time during preseason camp. View video and photos featuring the defensive and offensive lines, receivers and defensive ends by clicking the links to the right. OU will conduct two more morning practices before breaking out its first two-a-days session on Tuesday.

  Friday, August 6

The Sooner football team held its annual Media Day on Owen Field Friday morning. View video of Coach Stoops' and Landry Jones' press conferences inside the Red Room, along with quotes from Oklahoma coaches and players:

Video  Coach Bob Stoops Media Day Press Conference
Video  QB Landry Jones Media Day Press Conference
 Media Day Quotes from OU Players & Coaches

The earliest to arrive at Meet the Sooners Day Friday morning received a pleasant surprise when Coach Stoops and a handful of OU players showed up just after 7 a.m. "We just wanted to reward the people who had been out there for a long time," Stoops said. "We thought we'd bring a few of the players early and let them know we appreciate them."
Coach Stoops, Landry Jones, DeMarco Murray, Jeremy Beal, Ryan Broyles and Travis Lewis greeted the first fans in line with doughnuts and signed autographs for about 45 minutes before heading back to the stadium for their media day obligations. They returned, along with the rest of the team, for the scheduled autograph session from 10 a.m.-noon.
  Thursday, August 5

OU opened preseason practice Thursday evening at the rugby fields in Norman. After an early-morning conditioning test, the players attended position and team meetings throughout the day before hitting the practice fields. For the newcomers, it was their very first time to work out in crimson gear in front of the Sooner coaches.

View exclusive video coverage of practice with an emphasis on the linebackers and receivers in addition to practice photos by clicking the links to the right. Following practice, we caught up with sophomore defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland (Lufkin, Texas) and junior offensive tackle Donald Stephenson (Blue Springs, Mo.) to collect their thoughts on Preseason Practice No. 1.

Video  Interview with Sophomore DT Jamarkus McFarland
Video  Interview with Junior Offensive Tackle Donald Stephenson
Photos  Thursday, August 5 - Practice No. 1 Photo Gallery
The 2010 season marks the 116th year of intercollegiate football at the University of Oklahoma. OU's annual Media Day and Meet the Sooners Day are slated for tomorrow. View complete details here.
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman has this prediction from Andre Ware: "...there are some games there early, where they're going to grab some attention. I like them a lot. Where I didn't like them last year, was because of the offensive line. They've got 4 of 5 starters back up front, an experienced QB back and arguably the best..."

Trotter: Ware Predicts Big Season for OU - The Oklahoman
From ESPN: "Oklahoma fans called it "Sooner Magic." Opponents' fans called it "Sooner Misery." As Oklahoma's coach from 1973 to '88, Switzer had a 12-5 record against rival Nebraska, coming from behind eight times to win in the fourth quarter. His teams were 9-5-2 against Texas. The Sooners handed..."

OU, Switzer Had Sooner Magic Versus Nebraska - ESPN
Stoops on NFL, Schedules and Overtime - Denver Post
OU's Lewis Tops List of Big 12's Best Linebackers - ESPN
OU No. 2 in Big 12 Special Teams - Nebraska State Paper
Make Plan for Meet the Sooners Day - The Oklahoman
Carlson: Autographs Should be for Kids - The Oklahoman
Nole Perspective: Looking at Oklahoma - Tomahawk Nation
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  Wednesday, August 4

The OU Athletics Department has released its latest printable roster for preseason practice as the Sooner officially report. The link at the top of this page will be updated automatically throughout practice. Download and print for your reference:

2010 Preseason Practice Printable Roster (PDF)

The 2010 Oklahoma Sooners officially report today in Norman. OU begins preseason practice on Thursday (complete schedule to the right). Friday, the Sooners hold their annual Media Day and Meet the Sooners Day before holding the second session of preseason practice. View exclusive coverage direct from the OU Athletics Department here at

Thursday, 7 p.m. - Oklahoma City Sooner Caravan
Friday, 10 a.m. - Meet the Sooners Day
From the Orlando Sentinel: "Home field advantage can be a huge plus for a college football program. For the Sooners, it's been a major intimidating factor. Oklahoma has won 30 straight and their last home loss was in 2005. Oklahoma, then-ranked No. 5 in the country, opened the season against TCU at Oklahoma Memorial..."

OU: Nation's Longest Home Winning Streak - Orlando Sentinel
John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "It's clear that this year's team shouldn't have much problem replacing ability. The key elements this year's team needs to find in order to return to championship glory are harder to define: leadership and chemistry. Coach Bob Stoops says each year that departing seniors won't be missed as..."

At OU, Football Leadership Gets Replaced - Tulsa World
Lewis Reminds Many of Bosworth - Norman Transcript
Trotter: OU's Tough Schedule Advantageous? - The Oklahoman
Sooner Football Facing a Defining Decade - Tulsa World
Sooners Have Sights Set on Better Season - KBTX
Blog: Bradford, Murray, Big 12 Championship - Tulsa World
Slimmer Murray Sets Big Goals - Topeka Capital-Journal
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  Wednesday, July 28

View complete coverage from Irving as head coach Bob Stoops, Jeremy Beal, Travis Lewis, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles represented the Sooners at the annual Big 12 Conference Media Days:

Blog: Sooners at Big 12 Football Media Days

  Monday, July 28

View the official source of information for Oklahoma football covering the 2010 season. The guide contains official rosters, depth chart, opponent capsules, updated player and coaching staff bios and a 2010 season preview:

2010 OU Football Media Guide | Stats & Records Supplement  Daily Coverage provides exclusive, daily preseason practice coverage direct from Norman. Coverage begins with the first practice on Thursday, August 5. Oklahoma's 2010 season begins with the opener against Utah State in Norman on September 4.