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Spring Break
Video  4/19 - DB Jonathan Nelson Interview
Video  4/19 - DBs, Martinez on Footwork
Video  4/19 - Coach Wilson & Tight Ends
Video  4/19 - Glamorous Life of O-Linemen
Video  4/19 - Coach V & the Linebackers
Video  4/19 - Defensive Backs in Drills
Video  4/19 - Receivers Roll Through Drills
Video  4/19 - Linebackers Shuffle
Video  4/17 - OU Spring Game Highlights
Video  4/17 - Center Ben Habern Interview
Video  4/17 - Safety Quinton Carter Interview
Video  4/17 - Coach Venables on Spring Game
Video  4/17 - Travis Lewis After Spring Game
Video  4/17 - WR Kenny Stills on Spring Game
Video  4/17 - Coach Stoops on Spring Game
Video  4/17 - Legends Flag Football Highlights
  4/17 - Spring Game Archived Blog
  4/17 - Spring Game Recap & Stats
Video  4/15 - Oklahoma Drill 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Video  4/15 - Guards and Centers Pulling
Video  4/15 - Receivers Work on Dragging Feet
Video  4/15 - Coach Wilson, TEs & Fullbacks
Video  4/15 - Tight Ends Work on Routes
Video  4/15 - Corners, Safeties in Drills
Photos  4/15 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 13
Video  4/13 - Receiver Ryan Broyles Interview
Video  4/13 - DE Frank Alexander Interview
Video  4/13 - Oklahoma Drill No. 1 | No. 2
Video  4/13 - Coach Martinez, Defensive Backs
Video  4/13 - Coach Shipp & Defensive Tackles
Video  4/13 - WRs Run Routes for Norvell
Video  4/13 - LBs Drill Footwork, Impact
Video  4/13 - O-Linemen Focus on Pad Level
Photos  4/13 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 12
Video  4/08 - OT Cory Brandon Interview
Video  4/08 - Calhoun, Madu Work on Cuts
Video  4/08 - Reynolds, Broyles Catch, Protect
Video  4/08 - Receivers Blocking Defenders
Video  4/08 - Coach Gundy Works the RBs
Video  4/08 - Miller, Reynolds & WRs Blocking
Video  4/08 - Coach Norvell Drills the Receivers
Photos  4/08 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 10
Video  4/06 - Linebacker Tom Wort Interview
Video  4/06 - Center Brian Lepak Interview
Video  4/06 - Oklahoma Drill at Spring Practice
Video  4/06 - Oklahoma Drill Video | 2 | 3 | 4
Video  4/06 - Coach Martinez & D-Backs
Video  4/06 - O-Line Takes on Blocking Sled
Video  4/06 - Coach Venables & Linebackers
Video  4/06 - Blocking 101 with Coach Wilson
Video  4/06 - Stoops Keeps Eye on Kickers
Video  4/06 - Tight Ends & FBs Coming at You
Video  4/06 - Coach Wright with Defensive Ends
Photos  4/06 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 9
Video  3/30 - DE R.J. Washington Interview
Video  3/30 - Coach V: Gap Control, Leverage
Video  3/30 - Wide Receivers Tune Up Routes
Video  3/30 - Tight Ends Go Head-to-Head
Video  3/30 - Linebackers Keep Foundation
Video  3/30 - Coach V: Strike & Accelerate
Video  3/30 - Linebackers Attack Each Other
Video  3/30 - Venables Coaching Up 'Backers
Video  3/30 - Safeties, Corners Backpedal
Video  3/30 - LBs Leverage, Block Protection
Photos  3/30 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 7
Video  3/29 - Sam Bradford Pro Day Highlights
Video  3/29 - Bradford Discusses Performance
Video  3/29 - Coach Stoops on Sam Bradford
Video  3/29 - Pro Day Highlights: Chris Brown
Video  3/29 - Pro Day: DeMarcus Granger
Video  3/29 - Pro Day: Brody Eldridge
Video  3/29 - Pro Day Highlights: Auston English
Photos  3/29 - Photos from Workout in Everest
Video  3/27 - Quick Scrimmage Highlights
Video  3/27 - DBs Catch Balls in Position Drill
Video  3/27 - Sooners Work on Footwork
Video  3/27 - OL Popping Pads Early in Practice
Video  3/27 - Coach Schmidt, Players Warm Up
Video  3/27 - Blustery Conditions for Saturday
Video  3/27 - RBs Warm Up Catching Passes
Photos  3/27 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 6
Video  3/26 - Junior WR Dejuan Miller Interview
Video  3/26 - TEs/FBs Head-to-Head Blocking
Video  3/26 - O-Line vs. D-Line One-on-Ones
Video  3/26 - Wide Receivers vs. Cornerbacks
Video  3/26 - OL Works on Pulling Technique
Video  3/26 - Coach Wilson Works TEs & FBs
Video  3/26 - WRs Run Curl Routes for QBs
Video  3/26 - D-Linemen Explode Off the Ball
Photos  3/26 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 5
Video  3/24 - Senior DE Jeremy Beal Interview
Video  3/24 - OU Preps for Practice at Everest
Video  3/24 - Shipp, Wright Work D-Linemen
Video  3/24 - Coach Gundy & Running Backs
Video  3/24 - DBs Warm Up With Ladder
Video  3/24 - Coach Wright & Defensive Ends
Video  3/24 - Linebackers Popping Pads
Video  3/24 - DBs Work on Angle Tackling
Video  3/24 - Beal, Franks and Defensive Ends
Video  3/24 - Receivers Inside Everest
Video  3/24 - Coach Martinez and Secondary
Video  3/24 - Inside the Everest Training Facility
Photos  3/24 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 4
Video  3/22 - OT Eric Mensik Interview
Video  3/22 - CB Demontre Hurst Interview
Video  3/22 - OL and DL Go One-on-One
Video  3/22 - Wilson Drills TEs on Blocking
Video  3/22 - Coach Wright and DEs on Sled
Video  3/22 - D-Backs Stay Low and React
Video  3/22 - RBs Catch Passes from QBs
Video  3/22 - Coach V Gets the Defense Going
Photos  3/22 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 3
Video  3/10 - DB Marcus Trice Interview
Video  3/10 - WR Jaz Reynolds Interview
Video  3/10 - Coach Gundy, Running Backs
Video  3/10 - Coach Shipp & Defensive Tackles
Video  3/10 - Centers Work on Snap, Steps
Video  3/10 - Coach Martinez & Secondary
Video  3/10 - Linebackers Hitting for Venables
Video  3/10 - WRs Catch Passes Behind Them
Video  3/10 - Coach Patton & Offensive Line
Video  3/10 - Defensive Line Dives Off Snap
Video  3/10 - Coach Martinez, Second Practice
Photos  3/10 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 2
Video  3/09 - Gerald McCoy at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Jermaine Gresham at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Trent Williams at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Dom Franks at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Brian Jackson at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Matt Clapp at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Mike Balogun at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Adron Tennell at OU Pro Day
Video  3/09 - Coach Stoops With Media
Photos  3/09 - OU Pro Day Photo Gallery
  3/09 - Official OU Pro Day Numbers
Video  3/08 - Jamarkus McFarland Interview
Video  3/08 - Stoops, Sooners Get Started
Video  3/08 - Coach Martinez & Cornerbacks
Video  3/08 - Venables Fires Up Defense
Video  3/08 - Irwin, Woods & Offensive Line
Video  3/08 - Coach Venables & Linebackers
Video  3/08 - Wide Receivers Work Position
Video  3/08 - Martinez, Sooners Warm Up
Video  3/08 - Linebackers First Spring Practice
Video  3/08 - Coach Norvell & Wide Receivers
Photos  3/08 - Spring Practice Photo Gallery 1
  3/08 - Coach Stoops Quotes

 2010 Spring Schedule
 3/08  Practice 1 (Everest Indoor)
 3/09  OU Pro Day | Coverage
 3/10  Practice 2
 3/22  Practice 3
 3/24  Practice 4
 3/26  Practice 5
 3/27  Practice 6 (Scrimmage 1)
 3/30  Practice 7
 4/01  Practice 8
 4/05  Practice 9
 4/07  Practice 10 (Scrimmage 2)
 4/09  Practice 11
 4/10  Practice 12
 4/13  Practice 13
 4/15  Practice 14
 4/17  Practice 15 (Spring Game)
 2010 Schedule | Ticket Info
 09/04  Utah State  Norman
 09/11  Florida State  Norman
 09/18  Air Force  Norman
 09/25  Cincinnati  @ Cincinnati
 10/02  Texas  @ Dallas
 10/16  Iowa State  Norman
 10/23  Missouri  @ Columbia
 10/30  Colorado  Norman
 11/06  Texas A&M  @ College Station
 11/13  Texas Tech  Norman
 11/20  Baylor  @ Waco
 11/27  Okla. State  @ Stillwater
 12/04  Big 12 Title  @ Dallas
OU History & Tradition
The Sooners and great college football. For as long as anyone can remember the two have been one and the same. Unlike some schools where tradition represents ancient history, or others where it harkens back only a few years, OU's tradition is a constant accomplishment unfettered by eras or time.

OU Football History & Tradition | Quick Facts
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2010 Spring Football
  Monday, April 19

Oklahoma concluded spring practice with a final session Monday afternoon in Norman. View video, features, photos and interviews from throughout the spring by clicking the links to the right.

Free VideoSenior DB Jonathan Nelson | DBs, Martinez on Footwork
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Jeremy Beal is the team's best player, and Landry Jones is the team's quarterback, but make no mistake, this is Travis Lewis' team. Don't be confused by Lewis' crazy antics this past week leading up to the spring game, which were all in good fun. Look for the vocal junior linebacker to fill..."

Seven Things Learned About the Sooners - The Oklahoman
John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "The Sooners will have two new starting linebackers this coming season at both middle linebacker and strongside linebacker. Figuring out who those spots will go to is still a guess. Travis Lewis is solidified at the weakside spot. Tom Wort had a solid day at middle linebacker Saturday and..."

Notes: Linebackers, Macon, TEs - Norman Transcript

OU Football Headlines
Marshall Musil Makes Impact - Tulsa World
Sooners Answer Questions on Saturday - The OU Daily
Three Sooners in First Four Picks of Draft? - Sports Illustrated
QBs Are High-Risk Pick at No. 1 - Tulsa World
It's Landry Jones All the Way - Norman Transcript
Rams: Start With Bradford, Then Receiver - CBS Sports
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Sunday, April 18

Spring Game Thoughts & Observations - The Oklahoman
Sittler: 2009 Experience Benefits Jones, OU - Tulsa World
Musil May Work Beyond Saturday - Norman Transcript
Freshman Kenny Stills Steals the Show - Tulsa World
Kenny Stills Shines in Spring Game - The Oklahoman
Jones More Comfortable as OU's Starter - Associated Press
Drew Allen, Kenny Stills, Placekicking - Tulsa World
Good News for OU's Offensive Line - The Oklahoman
Spring Game Had Players' Attention - Norman Transcript
White Team Blanks Red in Rainstorm - Tulsa World
LB Tom Wort Won't Let the Boz Down - The Oklahoman
Greatest Draft in History of Sooner State? - Tulsa World
Travis Lewis Leads Game in Trash Talk - The Oklahoman
Stills, Kicking Struggles, Beal, Wort - Norman Transcript
Sunny Day for Marshall Musil, Family - The Oklahoman
Red/White Spring Game Report Card - The Oklahoman
  Saturday, April 17

The white team shut out the red team, 23-0, in Oklahoma's annual spring game on Saturday at Owen Field. View SoonerVision highlights, a recap and statistics here. We also caught up with safety Quinton Carter and center Ben Habern after the game:

Free VideoBen Habern Interview | Quinton Carter Interview
The Sooners are set for the annual Red/White Spring Game on today at 2 p.m. Seniors have drafted their teams and the coaching staff has been divided. See complete info and details on all the events for Sooner fans coming to Norman on Saturday:

Spring Game Information & Events | Spring Game Tickets
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "It won't be difficult to find a member of the 2009 football recruiting class on the field at the start of Oklahoma's Red-White Spring Game today. The Red will boast quarterback Drew Allen, wideout Jaz Reynolds, linemen Tyler Evans and Gabe Ikard, defensive back Jamarkus McFarland..."

2009 OU Recruiting Class Deep, Talented - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Sooners Have Spring in Step - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Breaking Down OU's 2009 Recruiting Class - The Oklahoman
Different Vibe at Spring Practice for OU - Norman Transcript
Another Dominant Defense for Sooners? - The Oklahoman
Sooners Eager to Compete in Spring Game - Tulsa World
WR Kenny Stills Best Freshman? - The Oklahoman
Sittler: Bradford Next Stafford or Carr? - Tulsa World
Tramel: Is It Madu's Time to Shine? - The Oklahoman
What to Watch in OU's Red/White Game - The Oklahoman
Oklahoma's Bradford a Keeper - Boston Globe
Rams Work Out Bradford With Week to Go - USA Today
One Last Look at Sam Bradford - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
OU's McCoy Stands Out in Crowd - Pro Football Weekly
Big 12 Rivals Top OL Rankings - Houston Chronicle
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Friday, April 16

Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "Travis Lewis sat down after practice Thursday night, cracked a wicked smile and instantly energized the Oklahoma Red/White Spring Game. All someone did was ask for a prediction. "White," the linebacker said. "We've got some star power. We've got me, J-Beal, Q-Carter. We've got players..."

Sooners Fired Up Ahead of Spring Game - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
OU's Jeremy Beal on Lott Trophy Watch List - ESPN
Sooners Hold Red/White Draft - The Oklahoman
Notes: Spring Game Spice, Whaley, Brent - The Oklahoman
Team Splits for Practice Game - Norman Transcript
OU Seniors Draft Players for Spring Game - Tulsa World
Spring Game Features New Team Selection - The OU Daily
  Thursday, April 15

OU held its final practice Thursday afternoon before Saturday's Red/White Game. Watch five videos showing highlights of the three-on-three Oklahoma Drill Coach Stoops unveiled in the spring plus videos on the guards and centers, receivers, tight ends and fullbacks, corners and safeties from Thursday:

Free VideoThree-on-Three Oklahoma Drill | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5
Thursday afternoon, Oklahoma's seniors chose teams for the annual Red/White game slated for Saturday. Even the coaching staff was split. Coach Stoops will be a defensive coach for the Red Team while Kevin Wilson will be the head coach. Brent Venables will be the head coach for the white team.
On Monday night, after the final spring practice, the winning team will eat a steak dinner (Winner Dinner) and the losing team will eat hot dogs and baked beans. Watch the draft from the Red Room:

Free VideoSeniors Select Offenses for Spring Game Draft
Free VideoSeniors Select Their Defenses for Spring Game Draft
Remember, the seniors were already divided between the teams. First picks on the offensive side of the ball were Landry Jones (White) and Ryan Broyles (Red). On defense, Frank Alexander (Red) and Travis Lewis (White) went first off the board. Here are the lineups:
 Red Team
 Head Coach: Kevin Wilson
C. Brandon
B. Lepak
J. Jones
G. Ikard
T. Evans
J. Reed
B. Irwin
D. Allen
J. Nimmo
B. Gottsch
M. Madu
B. Crow
D. Whaley
B. Davis
B. Caleb
R. Broyles
J. Reynolds
S. McClain
J. Winchester
R. Caro
D. Hellard
S. Adeoye
J. Hanna
L. Johnson
J. McFarland
J. Chaisson
S. McGee
F. Alexander
P. Macon
J. Brown
M. Wilson
T. Wort
A. Box
J. Bird
J. Nelson
T. Jefferson
D. Hurst
L. Harris
S. Proctor
J. Finch
Z. Montana
M. Moreland
P. O'Hara
S. Morrison
 White Team
 Head Coach: Brent Venables
B. Habern
T. Jeffries
D. Stephenson
S. Good
J. Aladenoye
A. Woods
K. Callison
L. Jones
B. Sherrard
J. Calhoun
M. Musil
J. Weakely
C. Kenney
D. Miller
K. Stills
D. Bradley
Z. Brown
J. Sosanya
T. Ratterree
J. New
J. Braid
J. Beal
C. Walker
R.J. Washington
D. Serruto
B. Batchelear
T. Lewis
R. Lewis
J. Ibiloye
D. Franklin
E. Lee
Q. Carter
J. Fleming
J. Harris
K. Brent
G. Lynn
J. Bell
E. Jones
M. Trice
T. Way
J. Stevens
B. Easley
D. Murray*

* Punt Returns Only

Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "I like Jones' chances to respond more than I like Cincinnati's. Remember, the last time anyone saw the OU QB, he was throwing for 418 yards in a Sun Bowl victory over Stanford. The last time anyone saw the Bearcats, Florida was eating them alive, 51-24, in the Sugar Bowl. "This early game should..."

OU at Cincinnati Cause for Concern? - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Switzer, Washington to Coach Legends - The Oklahoman
Rosters Finalized for OU Legends Classic - Tulsa World
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Wednesday, April 14

Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "This year, the Spring Game will be an actual game. Instead of offense vs. defense, the game will be Red vs. White, with the Red having an offense and defense, and the White having an offense and defense. "I'm going to bring in the seniors, split them up, and they're going to have a draft," coach Stoops..."

Notebook: Saturday, Landry Jones, Kicking - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Players Will Draft for Red-White Game - Tulsa World
Spring Game Just a Few Days Away - KTUL Tulsa
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Tuesday, April 13

The Sooners returned to the Bud Wilkinson Practice Facility in Norman for the team's 12th session of spring football Tuesday afternoon. Watch video of the linebackers, defensive tackles and more from the modified, three-on-three Oklahoma drill Coach Stoops has employed this spring. Also check out interviews with junior receiver Ryan Broyles and junior defensive end Frank Alexander:

Free VideoRyan Broyles Interview | Frank Alexander Interview
Coach Stoops also announced that the seniors will pick teams on Thursday and line up for a regular game on Saturday in front of fans at Owen Field. Should make for an interesting (and spirited) Spring Game. The game won't be televised or webcast so the only way to see it live is to be inside the stadium on Saturday at 2 p.m.
Tickets for Saturday's Spring Game are $5 in advance through the end of the day Tuesday. On Wednesday, the price goes to $10. Buy online, call or visit the OU Athletics Ticket Office for advance tickets:

Spring Game Info | Tickets | Spring Football Central
From Steven Jones of the OU Daily: " Saturday will hopefully give fans an opportunity to see what improvements Jones may have made since last year. While he had a mildly successful season in 2009, if he wants to keep the starting spot for three more years, he will have to continue to improve. Saturday may also provide fans..."

Spring Game Serves Dual Purposes - The OU Daily
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OU in Top 12 Non-Conference Games - Yahoo Sports
Trip to Cincinnati Test for Sooners - FOX Sports Southwest
Big 12 Games of the Year Are Oklahoma's - CBS Sport
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Monday, April 12

Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "This spring, as Jackson and Franks both prepare for a shot at pro ball, Nelson, Carter and Hurst are once again the principal players in OU's defensive backfield transition. Nelson, whose role increased as the '09 season continued, provides versatility. "Jonathan can play the corner..."

Nelson, Carter, Hurst Provide Versatility - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Linebackers Young But Capable - The Oklahoman
McFarland Fills Big Role for OU - Tulsa World
OU, Stoops Sponsoring Blood Drive - The Oklahoman
Breaking Down the 2010 Schedules - Yahoo Sports
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Saturday, April 10

From Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "We definitely have guys that know what they're doing right now and we finally have depth with some of these freshman guys coming in. And I think there's even more coming in this summer. So we're going to have ten or 11 guys that may be able to participate and even play throughout..."

Q&A With Center Ben Habern - The Oklahoman
Trent Williams Could Be Top-10 Pick - National Football Post
Stoops: Education Culture Grows in Football - The Oklahoman
  Friday, April 9

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "Oklahoma played a number of freshmen last season, including eight true freshmen in significant roles. The high number had a lot to do with injuries that depleted the Sooners' depth early on. On the other hand, having those young players in the mix has had a positive impact this spring..."

Better Experience, Cohesion on O-Line - Norman Transcript
OU Football Headlines
Best Receiver in Big 12? OU's Ryan Broyles - ESPN
Bradford, Clausen Only QB First-Round Locks - Detroit News
Dreams Coming True for Gerald McCoy - Associated Press
Redskins Take a Look at Trent Williams - NBC Sports
Rating TE Prospect Jermaine Gresham - Providence Journal
Sooner Linebackers Set to be Solid - Sooners Illustrated
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Thursday, April 8

Oklahoma completed its 10th practice of spring ball in near perfect weather in Norman Thursday afternoon. The Sooners will hold their second scrimmage of the spring on Saturday exactly one week prior to the annual Red-White Game on April 17. Check the highlights including a focus on the receivers and running backs. We also talked with senior offensive tackle Cory Brandon after practice.

Free VideoJermie Calhoun, Mossis Madu & RBs Work on Cuts
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Rising senior RB Mossis Madu continues to impress this spring, showing he hasn't lost his feel at RB, despite spending last season at WR. "He definitely has to be a major contributor and factor for us," Stoops said. "Mossis is quicker and faster right now. He's trimmed some weight and he really..."

Notebook: Habern, O-Line, Madu, Leach - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Castiglione: Fans Want OU-Texas Unchanged - Tulsa World
Jesse White Following in Father's Footsteps - The OU Daily
Gerald McCoy Has Visits With Four Teams -
Three Sooners in Top Five of Mock Draft - Sports Illustrated
Kiper Predicts Bradford to Go No. 1 - Tulsa World
Dilfer Denies Conflict of Interest - Pro Football Talk
Rams Must Decide if Bradford is Real Deal - USA Today
Bradford No. 1 Quarterback in Draft - Chicago Tribune
Kiper: Seahawks Get OU's Williams - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Kiper Addresses State's Prospects - Tulsa World
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Wednesday, April 7

Coach Stoops announced that Friday's practice has been cancelled and the Sooners will instead add a final practice on Monday, April 19, two days after the spring game.
Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World: "Auston English feels he still has some quarterbacks to sack. "I love playing football," said English, whose career as an Oklahoma defensive end included three All-Big 12 Conference awards, several academic honors and a full medical file. "I'll play the game as long as I'm able to." And despite..."

Studious Sooner Readies for NFL Draft - Tulsa World
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Notebook: Mensik, Coaches, Habern - Norman Transcript
Three Sooners in Top Six of Draft? - Sporting News
Q&A With Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford - Yahoo Sports 
What Did Boise's Coach Learn in Oklahoma? - Tulsa World
Rams' No. 1 Pick Still Uncertain? - Norman Transcript
Rams Need to Protect Bradford - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bradford Eager for Visit With Redskins - Washington Post
Lions Announce Visit From Trent Williams - NBC Sports
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports 
  Tuesday, April 6

Oklahoma held its ninth session of spring practice Tuesday afternoon in Norman. View video coverage of position drills including time with the offensive line, tight ends, fullbacks, defensive ends, linebackers and defensive backs. Also watch as Coach Stoops takes stock of his kickers and intense video of the Oklahoma Drill in spring ball. Also view interviews with linebacker Tom Wort (rocking his spring ball mohawk) and center Brian Lepak:

Free VideoLinebacker Tom Wort Interview | Center Brian Lepak
From the Sporting News: "When healthy, Gresham was the most dynamic tight end in college football. He spent two years as one of the main cogs in Oklahoma's offense, catching 103 passes and scoring 25 touchdowns combined as a sophomore and junior before missing his senior season with his second major knee injury in..."

NFL Draft Picks Grown Here: Oklahoma - Sporting News
OU Football Headlines 
Should Sam Bradford be the Top Choice? - Yahoo Sports
Rams Clear Way for Sam Bradford? - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
DeMarco Murray a Spectator No More - The Oklahoman
Ravens' Search Might End With Gresham - Baltimore Sun
O-Line Seeking Off the Chart Chemistry - Tulsa World
Notebook: Calhoun, Broyles, Spring Game - The Oklahoman
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Sunday, April 4

John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "Among the most significant developments at Oklahoma's spring practice last week was the return of center Ben Habern, who broke his leg in the Texas Tech game and wasn't expected to participate at all. "We actually got Ben Habern to do a little team today," offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson..."

Notebook: Ben's Back, TEs, Landry's Team - Tulsa World
OU Football Headlines
Landry Jones Talks Scrimmage, Experience - The Oklahoman
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Friday, April 2

From ESPN: "McCoy is so good that he may very well be the first pick in this month's draft. There was a time when Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was deemed the only defensive player in this class worthy of that honor. Now McCoy -- who could've been a high pick after his redshirt sophomore season in 2008..."

There's No Containing OU's Gerald McCoy - ESPN
OU Football Headlines
Bradford: Going to Rams a Great Opportunity - St. Louis Post
Rams Satisfied With Bradford's Prognosis - Tulsa World
Could Bradford Pull an Eli Manning? - The Oklahoman
Sam Bradford Banter - San Francisco Chronicle
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Thursday, April 1

Stoops Thrilled With Success of Women's Hoops - KRMG
Perception vs. Reality in Bradford's Rise - ESPN
Four Sooners Projected in First Round of Draft - USA Today
Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams to Attend Draft - ESPN
Rams Confident Bradford is Healthy - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Wednesday, March 31

Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Running back Jermie Calhoun rushed for 3 TDs. A pair of 1-yarders and a 20-yard scamper. "I think I dragged one of our players a couple times," Calhoun said. "It was a good day for me." Calhoun's teammates and coaches were impressed with the sophomore running back's performance..."

Notebook: Calhoun, Stills, Habern, Miller - The Oklahoman
OU Football Headlines
Bradford, Nichol Travel Different Roads - Tulsa World
NFL Eyes Players from OU - Norman Transcript
Sam Bradford Aftermath, Headlines - The Oklahoman
Bradford Scenarios Could Play Out - Washington Post
Do Redskins Have a Shot at Bradford? - Sports Illustrated
Bradford Prepares Like a Pro - Chickasha Express-Star
Gresham: Bradford's Arm is Stronger - USA Today
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Tuesday, March 30

The Sooners were outside at the Bud Wilkinson Practice Fields Tuesday afternoon for the seventh session of the spring. Hard to believe, but OU is nearing the middle of its spring practice with just seven workouts before the annual Spring Game on April 17. View extensive coverage of Coach Venables and the linebackers from practice in addition to receivers, tight ends and photos:

Free VideoPost-Practice Interview: Defensive End R.J. Washington
Free VideoCoach Venables & LBs: Gap Control, Leverage
From the New York Times: "The guy was fantastic," Brandt said in a telephone interview. "The thing that is a little surprising is he had the velocity on the ball he did. He's only been throwing the ball for four weeks. I would imagine it's like baseball pitchers, you build up your arm strength. The guy threw every route. He did not throw..."

Bradford Awes Observers in Norman - New York Times
OU Football Headlines
Bradford Displays Sublime Skills to NFL - Tulsa World
Bradford's Efforts Draw Rave Reviews - The Oklahoman
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McCoy Likely to be in Top Three Picks - Tulsa World
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  Monday, March 29

After streaming Bradford's workout live online, has video and photos of the event below. Bradford and head coach Bob Stoops also met with the media following the workout:

Free VideoView Highlights of Sam Bradford's Pro Day Workout
Free VideoSam Bradford Discusses Performance | Coach Stoops
PhotosPhotos from March 29th Workout in Everest
  Quotes from Bradford and Stoops Following Workout
The Cleveland Browns had the largest contingent at the workout with nine representatives. In all, 21 teams were in Norman including the teams with the first four picks in the Draft (Rams, Lions, Redskins, Buccaneers). Noted in the crowd: Browns' President Mike Holmgren, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Browns' head coach Eric Mangini, Rams' GM Billy Devaney, Rams' head coach Steve Spagnuolo and 49ers head coach Mike Singletary.
Gil Brandt of "Bradford threw over 100 passes during the workout and in my estimation, didn't have one that was uncatchable. He moved around well, including throwing on the run out of the pocket, and went through the entire route tree. It really was a treat to watch, and I think everyone here was in awe of his..."

Bradford's Performance Leaves Observers in Awe -
Ball Didn't Drop During Performance - Pro Football Weekly
Bradford: "I Think I Performed Well" - USA Today
Bradford Impresses at Workout at OU - Washington Post Live Stream "Cool" - Pro Football Weekly
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Pete Carroll Tweets: "Sam Lit It Up" -
Only One Pass in 63 Hit Ground - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bradford Reportedly Aces Workout - Detroit Free Press
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Bradford's Workout in Perspective - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bradford wasn't the only Sooner to perform drills in front of the NFL personnel on Monday. Chris Brown, Brody Eldridge, Auston English, Adron Tennell and DeMarcus Granger put up these numbers. Complete coverage of OU's March 9 Pro Day is here.
 March 29
 Vertical Jump
 Broad Jump
 40-Yd Dash
 3 Cone Drill
 60-Yd Shuttle
Free VideoMarch 29 Pro Day Highlights: Chris Brown
Free VideoMarch 29 Pro Day Highlights: DeMarcus Granger
Free VideoMarch 29 Pro Day Highlights: Brody Eldridge
Free VideoMarch 29 Pro Day Highlights: Auston English
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Today, Bradford will showcase his surgically mended throwing shoulder in front of NFL scouts for the first time. And the sentiment among the experts is that if he shows he's healthy, the St. Louis Rams, in need of a franchise quarterback, will pass on blue-chip defensive tackles Gerald McCoy..."

Trotter: Big Day Arrives for Sam Bradford - The Oklahoman
John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "Time will tell if the Sooners' offensive line has really turned a corner. The Sooners aren't even halfway through spring practice and September is still five months away. But the group seems to understand the error of its ways. Mistakes are going to be made when young players are forced..."

OU's O-Line Learning From the Past - Norman Transcript
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  Saturday, March 27

Oklahoma held its first scrimmage of the spring Saturday at Owen Field in blustery conditions in Norman. View brief highlights from the short scrimmage, position drills and more video from practice by clicking the links to the right. The photo gallery for Saturday focuses on the defensive backs and offensive linemen. OU has a light upcoming week with practices slated for Tuesday and Thursday.

Photos Spring Practice Photo Gallery for March 27
  Friday, March 26

The Sooners went back outside for their fifth practice of the spring Friday afternoon, working out in front of numerous local high school and college coaches in town for OU's annual coaches' clinic. View video and photos from Friday's session by clicking the links to the right. We talked with big junior wide receiver Dejuan Miller following the extremely windy practice at Owen Field:

Video Junior Wide Receiver Dejuan Miller
Sam Bradford will throw in front of NFL scouts and coaches for the first time on Monday, March 29 inside the Everest Indoor Training Facility. will be there to bring you a live look-in at Bradford's workout beginning at 10:45 a.m. The webcast will be free through our All-Access platform:

Video Sam Bradford Pro Day Webcast | Oklahoma All-Access
John Hoover of the Tulsa World: "Ryan Broyles showed everyone last season he can be a go-to guy, a playmaking wide receiver of the highest magnitude. Now, Broyles wants to show something else. "What I'm doing is stepping up and becoming more of a complete player," the University of Oklahoma junior said. "And not..."

Ryan Broyles Aims to be Leader - Tulsa World
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Back at RB, Madu Raring to Run - The Oklahoman
McCoy, Williams Confirmed to Attend Draft - Tulsa World
Q&A With Linebacker Travis Lewis - The Oklahoman
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  Thursday, March 25

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "It's not that amount of time on field that has changed for the Sooners. It's how they are doing things. This spring, OU has divided the squad into two units and split the field in half at the 50-yard line or sent units to a separate practice field. One unit works on one side, while other does the same..."

OU's Practices Aren't a Bed of Roses - Norman Transcript
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Trotter: Practice Report Day 3 - The Oklahoman
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  Wednesday, March 24

For the third time in four sessions this spring, the Sooners were forced inside the Everest Training Facility for practice due to weather conditions in Norman. View photos of the workout from the video platform above the field, video of position drills and an interview with senior defensive end Jeremy Beal following practice.

Video Senior Defensive End Jeremy Beal
Oklahoma's annual spring football game is set for Saturday, April 17, with a kickoff time of 2 p.m. at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Tickets are available for $5 each through the end of the day on Tuesday, April 13. After April 13, tickets will be $10 each. Choose one of three ways to purchase your tickets now:

Order Online | Call (800) 456-GoOU | Visit Ticket Office
From Gerald McCoy's draft diary for the Sporting News: "I'm staying in Oklahoma now after spending most of my time after the season training for the Combine in Arizona. I'm in Oklahoma working out there, staying in shape, trying to get stronger, get faster--you know, all those things. I've just been staying prepared..."

Gerald McCoy's Draft Diary - Sporting News
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  Tuesday, March 23

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "It's almost become a tradition at Oklahoma. When spring practice begins, one emphasis is finding ways to make Mossis Madu a bigger part of the offense. Another tradition has been it not carrying over to the fall. But offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson didn't sound like he was blowing..."

Mossis Madu Back at Running Back - Norman Transcript
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DeMarco Murray Uses Yoga for Flexibility - Tulsa World
So Much for Bradford as Cautionary Tale - Yahoo Sports
Mock Draft Consensus for Bradford, McCoy -
Bradford Needs Pro Day to Ease Concerns - Sporting News
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  Monday, March 22

With spring break and the weekend winter weather behind them, the Sooners returned to practice Monday, working outdoors for the first time this spring. View practice video, a photo gallery focusing on the defensive backs and offensive line plus interviews with Eric Mensik and Demontre Hurst by clicking the links to the right.
We caught up with senior offensive tackle Eric Mensik and sophomore cornerback Demontre Hurst following Monday's practice. Mensik, wearing No. 69 and 20 pounds heavier, has made a full transition to the offensive line while Hurst looks to build on his freshman season and contribute for OU under new secondary coach Willie Martinez.

Video Interviews: OT Eric Mensik | CB Demontre Hurst
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Linebacker Ronnell Lewis delivered several memorable hits during his freshman season. To him, none more memorable than when he knocked Kansas' Dezmon Briscoe out of the game with a pop to Briscoe's chest on the game's second kickoff. From there, Lewis, nicknamed "The Hammer..."

Hits Just Keep Coming for Ronnell Lewis - The Oklahoman
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  Wednesday, March 10

Oklahoma stayed inside the Everest Training Facility for its second practice of the spring on Wednesday afternoon. With spring break for the Norman campus next week, the Sooners won't practice again until March 22. View highlights and photos plus interviews with a pair of sophomores: DB Marcus Trice and WR Jaz Reynolds.

Video Interviews: DB Marcus Trice | WR Jaz Reynolds
The equipment room sent us an updated roster as spring ball gets underway with new numbers for returning players, a few position switches and information on four walk-ons. We'll update Sooner fans with more information as we receive it from the Switzer Center. Remember, the online roster at will always have the latest, official information from the football office.

Printable Roster (Updated March 10) | Online Roster
John Shinn of the Norman Transcript: "There was a strange sighting at Oklahoma's first spring practice Monday at the Everest Indoor Center. DeMarco Murray was there, going through a spring practice with no physical limitations. It was the first time that's been the case since the spring of 2007. "Other than full-out..."

Notebook: Look, It's DeMarco - Norman Transcript
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Trotter: OU Pro Day Tidbits - The Oklahoman
McCoy, Sooners Carry First-Round Clout - The OU Daily
Dr. Saturday College Football Blog - Yahoo Sports
  Tuesday, March 9

Representatives from 31 National Football League franchises were in Norman Tuesday morning for OU's annual Pro Day. The Sooners worked out inside the Everest Training Facility. View complete results, highlight videos and photos from Tuesday's event:

Official Coverage of 2010 OU Pro Day From Norman
From Yahoo Sports: "Year in and year out, Stoops has a strong football team. Whether the Sooners are championship caliber largely depends on how adequately they can patch holes in the starting lineup. They must replace potential first-round draft choices at defensive tackle (McCoy) and offensive tackle (Williams)..."

Work to Do, But History in OU's Favor - Yahoo Sports
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Life has radically changed," Jones said Monday night after OU's first practice of the spring. "A year ago, I was the backup quarterback. This year, I get to compete for the starting job. Obviously, it's still an open competition so I'm not safe yet. I don't have the spot yet. I have to..."

Landry Jones is the Man on the Spot - The Oklahoman
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  Monday, March 8

Oklahoma opened spring practice inside the Everest Training Facility Monday afternoon in Norman. View video and photos from the session by clicking the media links to the right. We also talked with defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland following practice. The sophomore from Lufkin, Texas, is going through his first spring practice with the Sooners after playing his freshman season.

Video Sophomore DT Jamarkus McFarland Interview
Coach Stoops met with the media Monday afternoon as the Sooners prepared to open spring practice in Norman: "I feel like our team has had a great winter. I'm really excited about the way everyone has worked and the overall attitude of the team and the way they have prepared and trained leading up to spring ball. We're anxious as coaches to get back out on the field..."

View Coach Stoops' Complete Quotes
Oklahoma begins spring football with a practice Monday in Norman. will provide complete coverage including video and photos. Sooner fans will also have their first opportunity to watch OU's annual Pro Day live with an exclusive webcast from the Everest Indoor on Tuesday. Watch for more info later today.

2010 Spring Football Guide | 2010 Spring Printable Roster
Jake Trotter of the Oklahoman: "Going into the spring, offensive line remains an unknown. The Sooners lose their top three linemen from last season, and this spring also will be without injured returning starters Ben Habern (leg) and Jarvis Jones (foot). But OU's coaching staff is excited about the potential of Donald..."

O-Line Still Big Question Mark - The Oklahoman
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McCoy: Can't Wait to Line Up and Play - Sporting News
A Sooner Will Go Soonest in Draft - Los Angeles Times
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  Wednesday, March 3

The OU Athletics Communications office completed the 2010 Spring Football Guide and it's online at in PDF format. We've also created a one-page printable roster for fans. Spring practice begins Monday, March 8 with the OU football program holding its annual Pro Day on Tuesday, March 9.

2010 Spring Football Guide | 2010 Spring Printable Roster
  Wednesday, February 10

The five early football enrollees received their jersey numbers today. All five will participate in spring practice with the Sooners which begins March 8. OU also released a tentative spring depth chart. will provide complete coverage of OU Pro Day, 2010 Spring Football and Sooners in the NFL Draft.

DB Tony Jefferson (Chula Vista, Calif.) - Jersey No. 1
WR Kenny Stills (Encinitas, Calif.) - Jersey No. 4
OL Austin Woods (Rockwall, Texas) - Jersey No. 50
OL Bronson Irwin (Mustang, Okla.) - Jersey No. 68
WR Sheldon McClain (Cibolo, Texas) - Jersey No. 88
  Tuesday, February 9

Football released a tentative spring depth chart on Tuesday. The Sooners begin spring practice on March 8 with the annual Spring Game slated for Saturday, April 17. As always, will have exclusive coverage of spring practice direct from Norman.

Updated Depth Chart | 2009 Spring Review | 2008 Review  Daily Coverage provides exclusive, daily spring practice coverage direct from Norman. Coverage begins with the first practice on Monday, March 8. Oklahoma's 2010 spring game is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, at 2 p.m.