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 07 Thursday   Sooner Report
  Pre-Spring Hub
 Video  Bob Stoops
 Video  Josh Heupel
 Video  Mike Stoops
 Bob Stoops Quotes
 Josh Heupel Quotes
 Mike Stoops Quotes
 08 Friday's Spring Football Outlook
 09 Saturday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 1
 Video  P Jed Barnett
 Video  DB Ahmad Thomas
 Video  Vine: Linebackers
 Video  Vine: D-Line
 Photos Practice One Photos (82)
 10 Sunday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 2
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Kish
 Video  LB Corey Nelson
 Video  LB Frank Shannon
 Video  Vine: Thompson to Shepard
 Video  Vine: Defensive Backs
 Photos Practice Two Photos (61)
 12 Tuesday   Sooner Report  Video  OU Football Harlem Shake
 Video  Practice Report: Day 3
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Bedenbaugh
 Video  Vine: Wide Receivers
 Video  Vine: Linebackers
 Video  Vine: Running Backs
 Photos Practice Three Photos (75)
  Post-Practice Quotes
 14 Thursday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 4
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Wright
 Video  DB Aaron Colvin Interview
 Video  Vine: Oklahoma Drill 1
 Video  Vine: Oklahoma Drill 2
 Video  Vine: Oklahoma Drill 3
 Video  Vine: Oklahoma Drill 4
 Photos Practice Four Photos (55)
  Post-Practice Quotes
 25 Monday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 5
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Gundy
 Video  Sooner Sound Bytes
 Video  RB Brennan Clay Interview
 Video  RB Damien Williams Interview
 Video  Vine: OU Breaks Huddle
 Video  Vine: Durron Neal Catch
 Photos Practice Five Photos (56)
  Post-Practice Quotes
 27 Wednesday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 6
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Montgomery
 Video  DL Chuka Ndulue Interview
 Video  Sooner Sound Bytes
 Video  Coach Mike Stoops w/Media
 Video  Vine: Metoyer 1-Handed Catch
 Video  Vine: Linebacker Drill
 Photos Practice Six Photos (52)
  Post-Practice Quotes
 29 Friday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 7
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Mike Stoops
 Video  Oklahoma Drill at Practice
 Photos Practice Seven Photos (63)
 02 Tuesday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 8
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Norvell
 Video  Sooner Sound Bytes
 Video  WR Sterling Shepard Interview
 Video  Coach Josh Heupel w/Media
 Video  Vine: WRs Stay Inbounds
 Video  Vine: Dannon Cavil Touchdown
 Photos Practice Eight Photos (36)
  Post-Practice Quotes
 05 Friday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 9
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Boulware
 Photos Practice Nine Photos (64)
 06 Saturday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report: Day 10
 Video  Coach Bob Stoops Interview
 Video  Wideouts vs. Defensive Backs
 Video  O-Line vs. D-Line
 Photos Practice 10 Photos (47)
  Spring Game Scoring
 07 Sunday  Oklahoma Spring Football Practice 11 - Closed Scrimmage
 09 Tuesday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report No. 12
 Video  Mic'd Up: Coach Heupel
 Video  Coach Bob Stoops w/Media
 Video  Sooner Sound Bytes
 Photos Practice 12 Photos (44)
  Coach Stoops Quotes
  Post-Practice Quotes
 11 Thursday   Sooner Report  Video  Practice Report No. 13
 Video  The Best of Spring Mic'd Up
 Photos Practice 13 Photos (49)
 13 Saturday   Spring Game  Video  Full Spring Game Replay
 Video  Spring Game Highlights
 Video  Sooners Thank the Fans
 Video  Postgame Presser: Bob Stoops
 Video  Postgame Presser: Offense
 Video  Postgame Presser: Defense
 Video  QBs Impress in Spring Game
 Video  Sooners Sports TV Pregame
 Photos Spring Game Photos
  Box Score
  Postgame Quotes
 16 Tuesday   Final Practice Sooner Report