Tuesday, August 21
  Media w/ Coach Bob Stoops
Video  Media w/ Coach Mike Stoops
Video  Media w/ Coach Josh Heupel
Video  Media w/ Coach Tim Kish
Video  Media w/ Coach B.J. Wright
Video  Media w/ QB Landry Jones
Video  Media w/ DE David King
Video  Media w/ CB Aaron Colvin
Video  Media w/ CB Demontre Hurst
Video  Media w/ CB Gabe Lynn
  Bob Stoops Quotes (PDF)
  Mike Stoops Quotes (PDF)
Monday, August 20
  Senior DB Javon Harris
Video  Junior LB Tom Wort
Video  Media w/ Bob Stoops
Video  Media w/ RB Brennan Clay
Video  Media w/ OT Daryl Williams
Video  Media w/ OT Tyrus Thompson
Video  Media w/ TE Geneo Grissom
Video  Media w/ WR Trey Metoyer
Video  Media w/ WR Kenny Stills
  Sooner Report: August 20
  Bob Stoops Quotes (PDF)
Friday, August 17
Soph. TE Geneo Grissom
Video  Senior Punter Tress Way
Video  LBs Stress Footwork
Video  Coach Kittle w/ Tackles, TEs
Video  Media with Bob Stoops
Video  Media with Mike Stoops
Video  Media with DE David King
Video  Media with LB Tom Wort
Video  Media with S Tony Jefferson
Photos  Practice 19 Gallery (55 Pics)
  Bob Stoops Quotes (PDF)
  Mike Stoops Quotes (PDF)
  Sooner Report: August 17
Thursday, August 16
Video  Senior LB Joseph Ibiloye
Video  Junior WR Kenny Stills
Video  DBs Work on Wrapping Up
Video  D-Ends Prep for Scrimmage
Video  QBs Warm-up for Scrimmage
Video  DEs Work Pass Situations
Photos  Practice 18 Gallery (60 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 16
Wednesday, August 15
Video  Red Zone: WRs vs. DBs
Video  Mike Stoops Works the DBs
Video  Patton Works Centers/Guards
Video  Defensive Backs Anticipate
Video  Defensive Ends Put In Work
Photos  Practice 17 Gallery (64 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 15
Tuesday, August 14
Video  Junior LB Corey Nelson
Video  Running Backs Through Chute
Video  WRs Change Direction, Catch
Video  RBs vs. LBs Pass Protection
Video  D-Tackles React to Snap
Video  Kittle Works w/Tackles, TEs
Video  Gundy & Running Backs
Video  Media with Bob Stoops
Video  Media with QB Landry Jones
Video  Media with WR Justin Brown
Video  Media with OL Bronson Irwin
Video  Media with WR Roy Finch
Video  Media with OC Jay Norvell
Video  Media with OC Josh Heupel
Photos  Practice 15 Gallery (51 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 14
Monday, August 13
Video  Coach Wright, DEs vs. Sled
Video  RBs Work Blitz Protection
Video  LBs Backpedal & Burst
Video  Defensive Ends & Pad Level
Video  DEs Work with Sleds
Video  Head-to-Head: WRs v. DBs
Video  Patton & Interior Linemen
Video  RBs Run Through Chute
Photos  Practice 14 Gallery (53 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 13
Sunday, August 12
Junior RB Brennan Clay
Junior Corner Aaron Colvin
Photos  Practice 12 Gallery (41 Pics)
Photos  Best of Each Sooner So Far
Saturday, August 11
Sophomore OL Adam Shead
Video  LBs Prepare for Scrimmage
Video  DBs on Angle Tackles, More
Video  RBs, WRs Prior to Scrimmage
Photos  Practice 11 Gallery (16 Pics)
Friday, August 10
Video  Prepping OU's Game Helmets
Video  Receivers Burst Off Line
Video  QBs on Rollout, Checkdowns
Video  Coach Shipp & D-Tackles
Video  Patton Works Centers/Guards
Video  DTs Stress First Steps
Photos  Practice 10 Gallery (72 Pics)
Thursday, August 9
Video  TE Brannon "Moose" Green
Video  Senior RB Dominique Whaley
Video  FB Trey Millard Mic'd Up
Video  Kittle Works Tackles, TEs
Video  DBs on Footwork, Angles
Video  LBs Breaking Through
Video  Norvell Drills Coordination
Photos  Practice 8 Gallery (72 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 9
Wednesday, August 8

Video  Linebackers Take Down Sled
Video  Coach Kish Works the LBs
Video  R.J. Washington Video Series
Video  DEs on Explosion, Pad Level
Video  RBs Work on Read Routes
Video  DBs Lock Down Receivers
Photos  Practice 7 Gallery (79 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 8
Tuesday, August 7

Video  Soph. DE Chuka Ndulue
Video  LB Tom Wort Mic' Up
Video  WRs Work To Break Free
Video  WRs Work On Footing
Video  Oklahoma Drill Highlights 1
Video  Oklahoma Drill Highlights 2
Video  Oklahoma Drill Highlights 3
Video  Media with WR Justin Brown
Video  Media with DB Aaron Colvin
Video  Media with DE David King
Video  Media with P Tress Way
Video  Media w/ DT J. McFarland
Video  Media with Bob Stoops
Video  Media with Mike Stoops
Video  Media w/ Bobby Jack Wright
Photos  Practice 5 Gallery (45 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 7
Monday, August 6
Video  Junior Fullback Trey Millard
Video  Freshman WR Trey Metoyer
Video  OL Gabe Ikard Mic'd Up
Video  Gundy Works the Young RBs
Video  Tackles, TEs On Technique
Video  LBs Hit Sled, Knock Heads
Video  O-Line, D-Line Go At It
Video  Running Backs & Ball Security
Video  Media with OL Bronson Irwin
Video  Media with RB Brennan Clay
Video  Media with OL Adam Shead
Video  Media with Coach Stoops
Video  Media with Coach Gundy
Photos  Practice 4 Gallery (66 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 6
Sunday, August 5
Video  Head-To-Head: DBs v. WRs
Video  D-Tackles Work Positioning
Video  QBs Reiterate Mechanics
Video  Running Backs & Receivers
Video  WRs Work On Getting Open
Photos  Practice 3 Gallery (102 Pics)
  Sooner Report: August 5
Saturday, August 4
Video  Coach Kish, Linebackers
Video  Tackles & TEs Put In Work
Video  OU's Competitive Warmups
Video  Centers & Guards Grind Early
Video  D-Ends Work on Leverage
Video  Meet the Sooners a Success
Video  Video Shoot Outtake Reel
Video  Media Presser: Bob Stoops
Video  Media Presser: Josh Heupel
Video  Media Presser: Jay Norvell
Video  Media Presser: Mike Stoops
Video  Media Presser: Tony Jefferson
Video  Media Presser: Landry Jones
Video  Media Presser: Kenny Stills
Video  Media Presser: Gabe Ikard
Photos  Meet the Sooners (127 Pics)
Photos  Media Day Gallery (57 Pics)
Photos  Practice 2 Gallery (70 Pics)
  Media Day Presser Quotes
Friday, August 3
Video  R.J. Washington on First Day
Video  D-Ends Stress Pad Level
Video  Patton, O-Line Work Early
Video  Stoops, Wright Work Kickers
Video  RBs Hit Chute, Catch Passes
Video  Kittle With Off. Tackles, TEs
Video  QBs Connect With Wideouts
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Thursday, August 2
Video  Sooners Report for 2012
Photos  OU Reporting Day (42 Pics)
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  Thursday, August 23

From the National Football Post: "Injuries and uncertainty along the offensive line have some worried about whether the OU offense has enough balance to make a run at the national title. But keep in mind that the team has a deep backfield, led by Whaley and Roy Finch. If the O-Line gels, Whaley should flourish as the primary..."

Worried About OU's Run Game? - National Football Post
Never Mind How, Just That Mike Stoops Does - Tulsa World
Want a Heisman Trophy? Play for Oklahoma - CBS Sports
Oklahoma Sooners Need a Healthy Tom Wort - ESPN
Five Newcomers to Watch for the Sooners - KOTV 6 Tulsa
King Willing to Do Whatever is Needed - Norman Transcript
OU No. 3 in This Preseason Poll - San Antonio Express-News
Whaley Just Takes the Ball and Runs - The Oklahoman
Video: Trey Millard on Expanding Role in Offense - ESPN
Justin Brown Fills WR Need for Sooners - Tulsa World
The Man Beneath the Helmet: Tress Way - The Oklahoman
Trey Millard a New Breed of Fullback - The OU Daily
Video: Predicting the Big 12 Conference and OU - ESPN
OU Makes Smart Move Naming Backup QB - Tulsa World
Gary Simon Product of Mike Stoops' Return - The Oklahoman
CB Demontre Hurst Wants to Continue to Improve - ESPN
Previewing the Oklahoma Sooners - Tahlequah Daily Press
Trevor Knight, ESPN, Herbstreit, Farniok - Tulsa World
CBs Hurst, Colvin Sticking to Sides of Field - The Oklahoman
UTEP's Lamaison Wants to be Best QB vs. OU - Tulsa World
Can RB Damien Williams Carve Out a Role? - ESPN
Trey Metoyer: Geneo Grissom is a "Freak" - The Oklahoman

  Wednesday, August 22

Coaches have said that the days closest to the season-opener are among the most mentally challenging times for the players. For fans, after eight months of waiting, the season is almost here. Catch up on Wednesday morning's headlines on the Sooners:
Predicting the Big 12 2012 Season - College Football News
Video: LB Tom Wort on OU's New Defense - ESPN
Bell Named Sooners' No. 2 Quarterback - Tulsa World
Lineman Gabe Ikard Right Man for Job - The Oklahoman
Previewing the 2012 Oklahoma Sooners - FOX Sports
RB Alex Ross Reminds of Mike Gaddis - Tulsa World
Five Elite Players Announced as Captains - The OU Daily
Has Jefferson Found Position on Defense? - The Oklahoman
No. 4 Sooners Choose Blake Bell as Backup QB - AP
Notebook: Franks, Mentally Challenging Time - Tulsa World
The Five-Minute Guide to OU's Season - The Oklahoman
Oklahoma Defensive Line a Question Mark - CBS Sports
Grissom: Could He Fill Hole at TE? - Norman Transcript
Oklahoma Football Chat Recap With Jake Trotter - ESPN
Blake Bell Named OU's Backup QB - The Oklahoman
Kenny Stills Among Most Intriguing Players - Yahoo Sports
Metoyer Doesn't Feel Like Typical Freshman - Tulsa World
Hurst Trying to Fill Vocal Void Left by Lewis - The Oklahoman
O-Lineman Nila Kasitati Back in the Game - Edmond Sun
Blake Bell Sooners' No. 2 Quarterback - Norman Transcript
Oklahoma Football Depth Chart Analysis - The Oklahoman
Renewed Sense of Optimism in Big 12 Conference - ESPN
Oklahoma, Texas Still Biggest Boys in League - Sporting News

  Tuesday, August 21

Coach Stoops officially announced Blake Bell as OU's No. 2 quarterback following Tuesday's practice. The sophomore from Wichita, Kan., played in seven games last season and finished second on the team in scoring with 13 touchdowns from the short-yardage "Belldozer" package. View media interviews to the right.

  Bob Stoops Quotes (PDF) | Mike Stoops Quotes (PDF)
Just 10 days remain until the Sooners open the 2012 season in El Paso against UTEP on Saturday, Sept. 1. Coach Stoops announced Monday the team had voted for five captains: Gabe Ikard, Landry Jones, David King, Trey Millard and Tress Way.
Defense Looks to Keep Eye on Ball - Tulsa World
Sooners Name Captains, Kasitati Speaks - The Oklahoman
OL Nila Kasitati Back in the Game - Norman Transcript
Coaches Trying to Get Roy Finch Touches - ESPN
Notebook: Whaley, Ross, Kasitati, Captains - Tulsa World
Geneo Grissom Saw Writing on the Wall - The Oklahoman
Team Votes on Five Captains for 2012 - KOTV 6 Tulsa
Trevor Knight Future Heisman Candidate? - CBS Sports
Geneo Grissom on Track to Start at Tight End - ESPN
Stills on Wide Receivers, Remembers Austin Box - Tulsa World
Grissom to Start at TE, Freshmen, Diamond - The Oklahoman
Sooners Top All-Time AP Poll - College Football News
Tony Jefferson Embraces New Role at Free Safety - ESPN
UTEP Defensive Coordinator on Landry Jones - Tulsa World
Landry Jones No. 4 in QB Rankings - College Football News

  Monday, August 20

The Sooners returned to practice Monday afternoon after completing preseason camp Friday and taking the weekend off. Following practice, caught up with senior DB Javon Harris and talked to him about his switch back to strong safety, coach Mike Stoops and his impressions of this year's team:
We also caught up with junior linebacker Tom Wort who obviously had a rough day with a gorilla loose on campus. Wort has a little fun with the wild internet reports on his physical condition:


2012 Oklahoma Football Roster Analysis - Tulsa World
Will Attrition Cost OU Shot at National Title? - CBS Sports
Is Mike Stoops Simplifying OU's Defense? - The Oklahoman
Blake Bell Vying for Backup Quarterback Spot - ESPN
Trey Millard Expected to Have "Huge Year" - Tulsa World
Hunnicutt Keeps Coaches Resting Easy - Norman Transcript
Daryl Williams Locks Up Right Tackle Spot - ESPN
It Was One Crazy Preseason Camp for Sooners - Tulsa World
Stoops Planning Redshirt Talks Monday - The Oklahoman
Competition, Trust Fuel Bob, Mike Stoops - Tulsa World
Video: Gabe Ikard on OU's Offensive Line - ESPN
New Defense Sets Foundation for Team - Norman Transcript
Voting OU No. 1, Freshmen, Maximus King - Tulsa World
Tailback Brennan Clay Feels "110 Percent" - ESPN
Selmon Brothers Linked by Unshakable Bond - Tulsa World
Stoops Remains Positive, Hurst, OL, King - The Oklahoman
Coaches: Spring Helped TE Taylor McNamara - ESPN
Meet the AP Voter Who Gave OU His Vote - Tulsa World
Meet the Man Who Voted Oklahoma No. 1 - ESPN
OU: Crucial Games, Players, Questions - Dallas Morning News
Oklahoma Finds Right Fit at Left Tackle - Tulsa World
Coaches Excited About Frosh WR Durron Neal - ESPN
Tyrone Rodgers Knows How Brown Feels - The Oklahoman
Burris Quintet Stars During Wilkinson Era - Tulsa World
Sooners Seek to Shore Up Defense - Lawrence Journal-World
Sooners Start Season Fourth in AP Poll - Norman Transcript
Nickelback, Breaking Camp, Geneo Grissom - Tulsa World
OU Still Waiting on Word on Jalen Saunders - ESPN
Family Ties for Sooners: Thompson, Shead, Way - Tulsa World
Loss of Linemen Doesn't Impact Ranking - The Oklahoman
  Friday, August 17

The Sooners are in their final day of preseason camp and can look forward to a day or two away from the grind this weekend. To mark the milestone, the team rolled out in "alternative" jerseys:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 19 Photo Gallery (55 Pics)
  Bob Stoops Quotes (PDF) | Mike Stoops Quotes (PDF)
OU should field one of the stronger special team units in college football this season. A big part of the equation is punter Tress Way and his ability to flip field position with his accuracy and big leg. We talked with the senior from Tulsa following practice:

With no returning tight ends on the roster in 2012, sophomore Geneo Grissom jumped at the opportunity to provide depth at the position, switching over from defensive end this summer. The Hutchinson, Kan., native talked about that and his progress with us after practice:

New Year But Same High-Octane Oklahoma - CBS Sports
Lindley, Favors Facing Learning Curve at DE - ESPN
Oklahoma Finds Right Fit at Left Tackle - Tulsa World
Woods' Determination Sets Example - Norman Transcript
OU's Left Tackle Battle Hot and Heavy - Muskogee Phoenix
Roy Finch Juggling Two Positions: RB and WR - ESPN
New Look for Kickoffs, Tight End, WR Depth - Tulsa World
Woods Talks About Hodgkin's Lymphoma - The Oklahoman
Sooners in Familiar Spot as Team to Beat in Big 12 - ESPN
Mike Stoops Wants OU Defense to Return - The Oklahoman
So Is It Blake Bell or Drew Allen? Well... - Tulsa World
Safety Javon Harris Taking Criticism in Stride - The OU Daily
Bob Stoops' Coaching Tree Bears Fruit - ESPN
Comparing OU, OSU in TV Coverage - The Oklahoman
Sooners No. 1 in Big 12 Ratings - Kansas State Collegian
Mountaineer Fans Have OU Game Circled - Register-Herald
  Thursday, August 16

The Oklahoma football team scrimmaged on Owen Field at the stadium under mercifully cloudy skies Thursday morning in Norman. We won't have a lot of video but photos are below:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 18 Photo Gallery (60 Pics)

Junior WR Kenny Stills took time out after practice to talk to about playing in the slot, the wide receiver corps and whether he will change his hair before the season:

Oklahoma's final days of preseason practice include a scrimmage Thursday morning at Owen Field. We'll have photos, video and interviews later in the day. Here's Thursday's headlines on OU:
Scouting the Oklahoma Sooners for 2012 - Sports Illustrated
Sorry Texas But Oklahoma Owns the Big 12 - NBC Sports
WR Trey Metoyer Among Big 12 Breakout Players - Athlon
Bell Expected to be Weapon of Mass Production - Tulsa World
Ranking the Big 12's Top 25 Players: Tony Jefferson - ESPN
Landry Jones No. 3 in Brutally Honest Heisman Race - CFN
The Day Irwin's OU Dream Came to School - The Oklahoman
Corner Aaron Colvin "Comfortable" at True Position - ESPN
Sooners, Stoops Out for Redemption in 2012 - AP
Corey Nelson: Linebackers Trusting Each Other - ESPN
Sooners Still Have Position to Settle - Norman Transcript
Stoops: RB Dom Whaley Looks "Really Good" - ESPN
Slot Receiver, Dom Whaley, Cover Boy - Tulsa World
Jay Norvell Breaks Down the Freshmen Receivers - ESPN
Roy Finch Also Working With WRs in Slot - The Oklahoman
Timeline for Oklahoma, Texas National Titles? - ESPN
Versatile Finch to Fit Where OU Needs Him - Tulsa World
2012 Defense Should Impress, Still Not 2000 - The OU Daily
Freshman Running Back Daniel Brooks to Redshirt - ESPN
Peterson Never Doubted Playing in Vikes' Opener - AP
Venables' Clemson D Needs to be Like OU's - Sporting News

  Wednesday, August 15

The Sooners completed their final two-a-day session of preseason camp on Wednesday. On Thursday, the team will hold a closed scrimmage before wrapping up preseason practice on Friday. Classes begin on the Norman campus Monday. View photos:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 17 Photo Gallery (64 Pics)
Oklahoma holds its final session of two-a-day practices on Wednesday as preseason practice winds to close. The following are Wednesday morning's headlines on the Sooners:
Oklahoma: Consistently Winning at Highest Level - ESPN
Sooners Get Help From Unusual Source - Tulsa World
Newest Sooner Tells His Story - Norman Transcript
OU Receivers Ranked No. 6 Nationally - Yahoo Sports
Metoyer Among Top Freshman Skill Players - CBS Sports
Punt Returner, Scrimmage Recap, OL, Slot - Tulsa World
Justin Brown Peels Back Curtain on Journey - The Oklahoman
Q&A With Oklahoma Center Austin Woods - ESPN
Scrimmage News, No. 2 Quarterback - Norman Transcript
Stoops Takes Vote in Coaches Poll Seriously - Tulsa World
Bronson Irwin "Fighting to Start Anyway" - The Oklahoman
Full Chat Transcript on Oklahoma Football - ESPN
Scrimmage, Saunders, Kasitati, OU Tickets - The Oklahoman
Woods' Battle Inspires OU Football Team - Tulsa World
Lott & Blevins: the Belldozer in Reverse - The Oklahoman
Sooners Hope Familiar Hire Shores Up Defense - AP
Defensive End Rotation Set for Sooners? - ESPN
Woods Battles Through Chemotherapy - The Oklahoman
Kasitati Returns, Heart Procedure - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  Tuesday, August 14

The OU football team held practice No. 15 of the preseason Tuesday morning in Norman. After 12 straight days of football, the Sooners can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Saturday the 18th will be their first day without practice. View photos and video:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 15 Photo Gallery (51 Pics)
Following practice, junior Corey Nelson discussed his comfort level at weakside linebacker, the transition with new position and coordinator coaches and his goals for preseason camp:

More Carries for Millard, Nelson Settling - The Oklahoman
Tress Way Hopes to Build on Stellar Seasons - Tulsa World
Burning Questions for the Sooners - Dallas Morning News
Stills in the Spotlight for Sooners - Tahlequah Daily Press
Shepard Compared to More Than Father - The Oklahoman
Sooners See Good Things in Sterling Shepard - Tulsa World
Gabe Ikard Better Suited for Center in NFL - The Oklahoman
Why Oklahoma Can't Challenge SEC - Sports Illustrated
Chat Recap With OU Beat Writer Kersey - The Oklahoman
Kenny Stills and the NFL, Asked and Answered - Tulsa World
Gerald McCoy poised for Breakout Season - The Oklahoman
  Monday, August 13

Oklahoma ground out its 13th and 14th practices of the preseason on Monday with the third two-a-days session in Norman. We spent time with Coach Bobby Jack Wright and the defensive ends plus Coach Patton and the interior linemen during the evening practice. View pics below and video in the links to the right:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 14 Photo Gallery (53 Pics)
OL Bronson Irwin Used Offseason to Improve - ESPN
Oklahoma No. 1 Toughest Place to Play - Sporting News
Senior DE Washington: "I Got in My Own Way" - ESPN
Gundy Compares Clay to Chris Brown - The Oklahoman
Sterling Shepard Realizing His Destiny - Tulsa World
Picking Up the Slack on Offensive Line - Norman Transcript
Team Countdown: No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners - Yahoo Sports
Torch Now in Hands of Kenny Stills- Muskogee Phoenix
R.J. Washington Ready for His Close-Up - The Oklahoman
Overlooked Aaron Colvin Says "It's On Me" - ESPN
OU Not Burdened by Preseason Hype - Norman Transcript
What Landry Jones Has to Do to Win Heisman - CBS Sports
Coach Kish: Corey Nelson Focused, Improved - ESPN
Nickelback, Bronson Irwin, Dinner at Landry's? - Tulsa World
Onus On Kenny Stills to Set Example - Norman Transcript
LB Eric Striker Won't Redshirt, is "Special" - ESPN
Offensive Line Suddenly Short on Experience - The Oklahoman
Stills Reflects on Spring Sitdown With Norvell - ESPN
Washington Keeps Things Light-Hearted - Tulsa World
Jones' Decision More Than About Football - The Oklahoman
National College Football Power Rankings: No. 4 OU - ESPN
  Sunday, August 12

Aaron Colvin was eager to return to the field after missing spring practice recovering from shoulder surgery. The junior corner from Owasso tied for the team lead in tackles in 2011 and led OU with 58 solo tackles last season playing at safety. Following practice, Colvin discussed his move back to CB, Mike Stoops' direction, the competition in the secondary and his favorite receiver to challenge:

Running back Brennan Clay has his sights set high this season for OU and himself. Following practice, Clay talked about his goals, Sunday's walk-through and receives a special visit from Tony Jefferson:
After nine morning and two evening practices, the Sooners notched their first afternoon practice of the preseason at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. The team held a walk-through following yesterday's scrimmage and with two-a-days on tap for Monday. View photos:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 12 Photo Gallery (41 Pics)
Now that Oklahoma is in the heart of the preseason, here's a photo gallery consisting of the best pic of each player from practice so far, from No. 1 Tony Jefferson to No. 99 Chaz Nelson:

Photos  Best Pic of Each Sooner From Preseason Practice (So Far)
  Saturday, August 11

It's Saturday and the Sooners were out on Owen Field. This morning, the team held a preseason scrimmage but just two more Saturdays and OU will be in game week. We have a limited amount of video and photos (scrimmage footage will be for the coaches).

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 11 Photo Gallery (16 Pics)
Oklahoma offensive lineman Adam Shead stopped by to talk a little scrimmage, a little about his expanded role, a little weather and much more on Saturday morning:

  Friday, August 10

Oklahoma finished its second practice of the day Friday evening and is now officially halfway through two-a-days. The Sooners have two more days of the double sessions planned for August 13 and 15. Check photos below and video highlights to the right:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 10 Photo Gallery (72 Pics)
Practice helps the Sooners prepare for the season but what does it take to get the famed OU helmets ready for gameday? Blake Kuenzi in OU Athletics Equipment takes you through the process. Kuenzi estimates he's got the art and science of prepping each helmet down to five minutes (but he's got 115 helmets on deck):

Oklahoma football players strap on the helmets twice today in the second of four sessions of two-a-days in preseason practice. We'll have video and photo coverage of both morning and evening sessions. For now, here's Friday's headlines on Sooner football:
Hunnicutt Looks to Repeat Freshman Success - Tulsa World
Florida Freshmen Shining Early for Sooners - ESPN
Colvin Gives Boost to Sooner Secondary - Enid News & Eagle
Millard Prepping for Multiple Positions - Norman Transcript
Mike Stoops, OU Defense Want Redemption - ESPN
Preseason: Five Early Stars of Two-a-Days - The Oklahoman
OU's Jones, Metoyer Developing Chemistry - ESPN
Ikard, Jefferson on Preseason Second Team - Sports Illustrated
Video: Bronson Irwin Ready to Step Up on O-Line - ESPN
Notes: Linebacker, Reinforcements, Clay - Tulsa World
OU Great Prentice Gautt Joins Wall of Fame - The Oklahoman
Preseason Camp: Biggest Story Line, Questions - ESPN
Washington on Silly Teammates, Not Judge - Tulsa World
Big 12 Syllabus: Oklahoma Sooners - Saturday Blitz
Mike Stoops Getting to Know His Players - Norman Transcript

  Thursday, August 9

After its first session of two-a-days on Wednesday, the Sooners return to the practice field Thursday morning with a mini-scrimmage on the schedule. Check out photos from practice:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 8 Photo Gallery (72 Pics)
Sooner fans hope the Moose gets loose in Norman this fall. Junior tight end Brannon "Moose" Green shares the origin of his nickname, his role in the offense and his excitement about putting on that OU jersey and helmet come September 1:

Colvin Returns to Corner, New System - Norman Transcript
Our Preseason No. 2 Team: Oklahoma Sooners - NBC Sports
Dom Whaley "Ready to Go" After Injury - Tulsa World
Football Countdown: No. 5 Oklahoma - Orlando Sentinel
Hunnicutt Didn't Kick Back During Summer - The Oklahoman
OU-West Virginia, Big 12 Title on Line? - News & Sentinel
Ranking the Big 12's Best Players: Kenny Stills - ESPN
Trey Millard, Two-a-Days, Strength, Offense - Tulsa World
Brown Excited to Work With Landry Jones - The Oklahoman
Video: Oklahoma Safety Tony Jefferson - ESPN
Bronson Irwin: "I Trust Every Guy on O-Line" - The Oklahoman
Preseason Losses Plaguing OU Football Team - ESPN
  Wednesday, August 8

Wednesday marks OU's first session of two-a-days with practices slated for the morning and evening. The Sooners will hold a total of four two-a-days over the course of preseason practice.

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 7 Photo Gallery (79 Pics)
Senior defensive end R.J. Washington is back with another episode in his video series. This time, R.J. explains spades, explores OU's hot and cold tubs plus provides his opinion on Titanic:

Receiver Kenny Stills Embraces Leadership Role - ESPN
Justin Brown Practicing for Sooners - Norman Transcript
Brown Impresses at First Oklahoma Practice - USA Today
Addition of Brown Strengthens WR Corps - The Oklahoman
New Receivers Impressing Josh Heupel - ESPN
Redemption the Theme for Oklahoma Defense - KOTV 6
Oklahoma Drill? Striker, Ripkowski, Gundy - Tulsa World
What We Do and Don't Know About RBs - C&C Machine
Gabe Ikard Talks About Replacing Ben Habern - ESPN
Brown Gives Instant Upgrade - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Colvin Excited About Return to Corner - The Oklahoman
Home-Field Advantage in Norman - College Football News
Onuoha, Shepard Players to Watch - The Oklahoman
Jake Trotter: Oklahoma Football Chat Recap - ESPN
Center, Wort, Freshmen Defensive Ends - Tulsa World
Sooner Receiving Corps Strengthened With Brown - KOTV 6
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During Monday's practice, junior offensive lineman Gabe Ikard wore a microphone in his pads, as part of SoonerVision's Mic'd Up series (check out Gabe here). On Tuesday, junior linebacker Tom Wort took his turn at the mic representing the defense:

  Tuesday, August 7

After a surprise 10-minute shower this morning, the Sooners broke out a favorite. Developed by Oklahoma's Bud Wilkinson, the Oklahoma Drill has become a tradition not only at OU, but at football practices across the country from high school to the pros:

Video  Oklahoma Drill Highlights No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3
Photos  OU Preseason Practice 5 Photo Gallery (45 Pics)
Sophomore defensive end Chuka Ndulue describes the energy of the Oklahoma Drill for the players, his observations on the newcomers and breaks down the personalities at defensive end:

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  Monday, August 6

Just received this cool video from SoonerVision of offensive lineman Gabe Ikard mic'd up during this morning's practice. If you've ever wanted to know what really happens when the shoulder pads get strapped on, let Ikard tell you. Literally:

Oklahoma's fourth practice of the preseason was, by far, the warmest yet -- despite a 9:45 a.m. start. Temps were in the upper 80s (not bad considering the record heat in the state) but the players drilled under a direct sun with little breeze. The coaches dictated frequent water breaks with OU's cadre of trainers keeping a watchful eye on the team throughout the morning. View a full photo gallery and interviews below with videos linked on right:

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 4 Photo Gallery (66 Pics)

Below, freshman wide receiver Trey Metoyer talks about his observations on fellow young wideouts, how excited he'll be to put on the Sooner uniform Sept. 1 and more:

We also caught up with another Trey, junior fullback Trey Millard, who spoke about getting back to work, what's surprised him most in the first four practices and much more:

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  Sunday, August 5

Progressively adding more equipment and heat, the Oklahoma football team practiced in shells for the first time this preseason. The session started later in the morning, at 9:45, but light cloud cover helped hold temps to the upper 80s. View photos of the Sooners at work while we process more content and video.

Photos  OU Preseason Practice 3 Photo Gallery (102 Pics)
In addition to our preseason video, photos and interviews from the practice fields, we'll also be bringing you the latest information direct from the players and coaches themselves. Watch for a little different angle on OU football in our new series, Sooner Report:

  Sooner Report: One Goal, Landry's Last Go, Ikard
  Saturday, August 4

Big day for the Sooners and their fans Saturday in Norman. The team started bright and early with a practice down at the Rugby Fields at 6:45 a.m. The annual Meet the Sooners Day followed and Media Day wrapped up the afternoon. Full coverage from with photo galleries below and video links to the right.

Photos  Meet the Sooners Day Photo Gallery (127 Pics)
Photos  Sooner Football Media Day Photo Gallery (57 Pics)
Photos  OU Preseason Practice 2 Photo Gallery (70 Pics)
  Friday, August 3

Oklahoma opened preseason camp with a 6 a.m. practice on campus in Norman. Coach Stoops moved the start of the workout to the early morning to avoid the record heat that has settled over the state. Temps were already in the mid-80s when the players, wearing shorts and practice jerseys, began stretches. View a photo gallery and check out practice highlights via the links to the right.

Photos  OU Preseason Practice No. 1 Gallery (73 Photos)

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  Thursday, August 2

The Sooners report today for preseason camp as Oklahoma begins preparations for its 118th season of football:

The Sooners have officially arrived and reported for preseason camp, which kicked off with a team meeting to review important details surrounding compliance, academics, equipment and other necessary information. Click here or the photo below to view a photo gallery from the Sooners report day and check shortly for more from Norman.

As OU gets closer to officially reporting for camp, check out a panoramic view from the Adrian Peterson Team Meeting Room as well as Owen Field, both of which will see the Sooners quite a bit over the next few months.


Sporting News Agrees With Coaches - 1:27 p.m.
The USA Today Coaches Preseason Poll was released earlier this morning, where the Sooners were ranked fourth. According to Sporting News, the coaches got it right. The national outlet released its preseason Top 25 recently, slotting OU fourth also. SN says, "Both sides of the ball are loaded with playmakers."
Click here to check out the Sporting News' Preseason Top 25 and its take on the Sooners.
Switzer Center Panoramic View - 9:25 a.m.
In just a few hours, Sooner football players will be swarming this area of the Barry Switzer Center, right outside the locker room and equipment room. Check out a 360 panoramic view of the calm before the storm by clicking here or the photo below.
Click for 360
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  Monday, July 30

OU players report for preseason practice on Thursday in Norman. The first practice of the preseason begins Friday morning as the Sooners prepare for the 2012 season-opener at UTEP on September 1. Watch for full coverage on

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Stoops: Season Finale at TCU a Challenge - ESPN  Daily Coverage provides exclusive, daily preseason practice coverage direct from Norman. Coverage begins with the first practice on Friday, August 3. Oklahoma's 2012 season begins with the opener at UTEP in El Paso on September 1.