All-American: Bob Kalsu

Brian Bosworth

Bob Kalsu, OT - 1967
Bob Kalsu earned All-America honors in 1967 for his outstanding play at offensive tackle. "Bob was our best offensive lineman, the best athlete we had," said-then offensive coach Barry Switzer. "Bob wasn't only a great player, he was a great leader. He had the maturity and leadership abilities we needed at that time with our program in transition."

Kalsu was also a member of the ROTC at OU. Kalsu was drafted in the eighth round by the Buffalo Bills in 1968.

After his first year, Kalsu was called to join the U.S. Army's highly decorated 101st Airborne Division. On July 21, 1970, he was killed by North Vietnamese mortar fire. He was the only professional football player to be killed during the Vietnam Conflict.

In 1977, Kalsu was recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The plaque in his honor reads: "No one will ever know how great a football player Bob might have been, but we do know how great a man he was to give up his life for his country." He also was memorialized by his teammates and the "O" Club with the Benien-Kalsu-Henderson Scholarship. It is presented annually to student-athletes who have completed their eligibility.

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