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MAY 20, 2013
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2009 (5)
Phil Loadholt
Juaquin Iglesisas
Nic Harris
Bills 5th 147th
George "Duke" Robinson
Panthers 5th
Manuel Johnson
WR Cowboys 7th 229th

2008 (4)
Curtis Lofton
Malcolm Kelly
Reggie Smith
Allen Patrick

2007 (3)
Adrian Peterson
Rufus Alexander
CJ Ah You

2006 (6)
Davin Joseph G Buccaneers 1st 23rd
Chris Chester C Ravens 2nd 56th
Dusty Dvoracek DT Bears 3rd 73rd
Travis Wilson WR Browns 3rd 78th
Clint Ingram LB Jaguars 3rd 80th
J.D. Runnels FB Bears 6th 195th

2005 (10)

Jammal Brown T Saints 1st 15th
Mark Clayton WR Ravens 1st 22nd
Brodney Pool S Browns 2nd 34th
Mark Bradley WR Bears 2nd 39th
Dan Cody DE Ravens 2nd 53rd
Brandon Jones WR Titans 3rd 96th
Antonio Perkins CB Browns 4th 103rd
Donte Nicholson S Buccaneers 5th 141st
Lance Mitchell LB Cardinals 5th 168th
Wes Sims G Chargers 6th 177th

2004 (3)

Tommie Harris DT Bears 1st 14th
Teddy Lehman LB Lions 2nd 37th
Derrick Strait CB Jets 3rd 76th

2003 (4)

Andre Woolfolk CB Titans 1st 28th
Quentin Griffin RB Broncos 4th 108th
Jimmy Wilkerson DE Chiefs 6th 189th
Trent Smith TE Ravens 7th 223rd

2002 (2)

Roy Williams S Cowboys 1st 8th
Rocky Calmus LB Titans 3rd 77th

2001 (2)

Torrance Marshall LB Packers 3rd 72nd
Josh Heupel QB Dolphins 6th 177th

2000 (2)

Stockar McDougle T Lions 1st 20th
William Bartee CB Chiefs 2nd 54th

1999 (3)

Jermaine Fazande RB Chargers 2nd 60th
De'Mond Parker RB Packers
5th 159th
Kelly Gregg DT Bengals 6th 173rd

1998 (4)

Stephen Alexander TE Redskins 2nd 48th
Martin Chase DT Ravens 5th 124th
Travian Smith LB Raiders 5th 152nd
Sammy Williams OL Ravens 6th 164th

1997 (2)

Barron Tanner DL Dolphins 5th 149th
Rod Manuel DL Steelers 6th 199th

1996 (6)

Cedric Jones DE Giants 1st 5th
Jerald Moore RB Rams 3rd 83rd
Darrius Johnson CB Denver 4th 122nd
Harry Stamps OL Cardinals 5th 161st
Wendell Davis CB Cowboys 6th 207th
J.R. Conrad OL Patriots 7th 247th

1994 (2)

Aubrey Beavers LB Dolphins 2nd 54th
Rickey Brady TE Rams 6th 167th

1993 (2)

Darnell Walker DB Falcons 7th 178th
Joey Mickey TE Eagles
7th 190th

1992 (9)

Joe Bowden LB Oilers 5th 133rd
Brian Brauninger T Cardinals 6th 146th
Mike Gaddis DB Vikings 6th 152nd
Stacey Dillard DT Giants 6th 153rd
Terry Ray DB Falcons 6th 158th
Jason Belser DB Colts 8th 197th
Corey Mayfield DE 49ers 10th 269th
Brandon Houston T Eagles 12th 326th
Chris Wilson LB Bears 12th 331st

1991 (5)

Adrian Cooper TE Steelers 4th 103rd
James Goode LB Falcons 5th 114th
Frank Blevins LB Packers 7th 169th
Scott Evans DT Cardinals 8th 209th
Tom Backes DE Bears 10th 272nd

1990 (3)

Kevin Thompson DB Eagles 6th 162nd
Leon Perry RB Raiders 9th 230th
Ken McMichel DB Cardinals 12th 330th

1989 (4)

Anthony Stafford WR Denver 6th 152nd
Eric Mitchel DB Cardinals 6th 165th
Tony Woods DT Bears 8th 216th
Anthony Phillips G Bears 12th 333rd

1988 (13)

Rickey Dixon DB Bengals 1st 5th
Keith Jackson TE Eagles 1st 13th
Dante Jones LB Bears 2nd 51st
Mark Hutson G Cowboys 3rd 67th
Greg Johnson T Dolphins 4th 99th
Lydell Carr RB Saints 4th 106th
Darrell Reed LB Packers 5th 116th
Troy Johnson LB Bears 5th 133rd
Jon Phillips G Cardinals 6th 148th
Derrick White DB Vikings 6th 164th
Derrick Crudup DB Raiders 7th 171st
Caesar Rentie T Bears 7th 189th
Patrick Collins RB Packers 8th 200th

1987 (4)

Brian Bosworth* LB Seahawks 1st 1st
Steve Bryan DE Bears 5th 120th
Spencer Tillman RB Oilers 5th 133rd
Paul Migliazzo LB Bears 8th 221st
* NFL Supplemental Draft

1986 (4)

Tony Casillas DT Falcons 1st 2nd
Kevin Murphy LB Buccaneers 2nd 40th
Jeff Tupper DE Cardinals 5th 116th
Marcus Dupree RB Rams 12th 327th

1985 (5)

Steve Sewell RB Denver 1st 26th
Buster Rhymes WR Vikings 4th 85th
Danny Bradley WR Rams 7th 189th
Chuck Thomas DT Oilers 8th 199th
Jim Rockford S Buccaneers 12th 316th

1984 (7)

Rick Bryan DT Falcons 1st 9th
Jackie Shipp LB Dolphins 1st 14th
Dwight Drane DB Bills 1st 14th
Bob Slater DT Redskins 2nd 31st
Scott Case DB Falcons 2nd 32nd
Thomas Benson LB Falcons 2nd 36th
Paul Parker G Cardinals 12th 325th

1983 (3)

Steve Haworth DB Oilers 6th 142nd
Weldon Ledbetter RB Buccaneers 7th 185th
Stanley Wilson RB Bengals 9th 248th

1982 (4)

Bill Bechtold C Rams 3rd 67th
Terry Crouch G Colts 5th 113th
Mike Reilly DE Rams 8th 207th
Lyndle Byford T Chiefs 9th 241st

1981 (8)

David Overstreet RB Dolphins 1st 13th
Keith Gary DE Steelers 1st 17th
Steve Rhodes WR Cardinals 4th 88th
Richard Turner DT Packers 4th 105th
Louis Oubre T Saints 5th 112th
Ken Sitton DB Colts 8th 204th
J.C. Watts DB Jets 8th 213th
Forest Valora TE Packers 11th 282nd

1980 (9)

Billy Sims RB Lions 1st 1st
George Cumby LB Packers 1st 26th
Darrol Ray DB Giants 2nd 40th
John Goodman DE Steelers 2nd 56th
Fred Nixon WR Packers 4th 87th
Paul Tabor C Bears 5th 130th
Bud Hebert DB Giants 7th 179th
Barry Burget LB Patriots 9th 235th
Mike Babb DB Falcons 11th 284th

1979 (10)

Greg Roberts G Buccaneers 2nd 33rd
Reggie Mathis LB Saints 2nd 38th
Sam Claphan T Browns 2nd 47th
Kenny King RB Oilers 3rd 72nd
Phil Tabor DE Giants 4th 90th
Victor Hicks TE Rams 5th 122nd
Daryl Hunt LB Oilers 6th 143rd
Thomas Lott RB Cardinals 6th 144th
Uwe Von Schamann K Dolphins 7th 189th
Reggie Kinlaw DT Raiders 12th 320th

1978 (4)

Elvis Peacock RB Rams 1st 20th
David Hudgens DT Cowboys 3rd 84th
Karl Baldischwiler T Dolphins 7th 178th
Richard Murray DT Lions 11th 289th

1977 (5)

Horace Ivory RB Patriots 2nd 44th
Sidney Brown DB Patriots 3rd 82nd
Mike Vaughan T Giants 4th 88th
Jerry Anderson DB Bengals 4th 105th
Jim Culbreath RB Packers 10th 260th

1976 (7)

Lee Roy Selmon DE Bucaneers 1st 1st
Joe Washington RB Chargers 1st 4th
Billy Brooks WR Bengals 1st 11th
Dewey Selmon DT Bucaneers 2nd 60th
Tinker Owens WR Saints 4th 96th
Jimbo Elrod LB Chiefs 5th 144th
Tony DiRienzo K Chargers 8th 212th

1975 (10)

Rod Shoate LB Patriots
2nd 41st
Tony Peters DB Browns 4th 82nd
Randy Hughes DB Cowboys 4th 96th
Kyle Davis C Cowboys 5th 113th
John Carroll WR Chargers 6th 134th
Wayne Hoffman TE Chiefs 8th 189th
Clyde Russell RB Dolphins 10th 239th
Jerry Arnold G Denver 14th 355th
John Roush G Chargers 15th 370th
Grant Burget RB Saints 15th 372nd

1974 (7)

Durwood Keeton DB Cardinals 4th 85th
Gary Baccus LB Jets 5th 110th
Clyde Powers DB Giants 5th 119th
Kenith Pope DB Raiders
9th 227th
Eddie Foster T Patriots 12th 296th
Dave Smith LB Eagles 14th 349th
Lucious Selmon DT Patriots 16th 399th

1973 (11)

Derland Moore DE Saints 2nd 29th
Greg Pruitt RB Browns 2nd 30th
Al Chandler TE Bengals 2nd 43rd
Leon Crosswhite RB Lions 2nd 44th
Joe Wylie WR Raiders 4th 101st
Tom Brahaney C Cardinals 5th 108th
Ken Jones C Cardinals 7th 164th
Dan Ruster DB Patriots 10th 238th
Dean Unruh T Cardinals 12th 292nd
Ray Hamilton T Patriots 14th 342nd
Larry Roach DB Bears 17th 424th

1972 (4)

Jack Mildren DB Colts 2nd 46th
Al Qualls LB Colts 8th 191st
Roy Bell RB Cowboys 9th 234th
John Shelley DB Bills 17th 417th

1971 (3)

John Watson T 49ers 7th 179th
Steve Castell LB Browns 10th 248th
Monty Johnson DB Packers 17th 427th

1970 (6)

Steve Zabel TE Eagles 1st 6th
Jim Files LB Giants 1st 13th
Steve Owens RB Lions 1st 19th
Ken Mendenhall C Falcons 5th 116th
Jack Porter G Jets 8th 167th
Joe Killingsworth WR Patriots 17th 420nd

1969 (1)

Eddie Hinton FL Colts 1st 25th

1968 (3)

Bob Kalsu T Bills 8th 199th
Granville Liggins LB Lions 10th 256th
Ron Shotts RB Cowboys 11th 292nd

1967 (5)

Jim Riley T Dolphins 2nd 29th
Ben Hart RB Saints 3rd 80th
James Roy Jackson WR Raiders 4th 96th
Eugene Ross DB Saints 4th 237th
Tom Stidham K Giants 13th 320th

1966 (2)

Carl McAdams LB Cardinals 1st 8th
Mike Ringer DB Cardinals 10th 149th

1965 (6)

Lance Rentzel WR Vikings 2nd 23rd
Ralph Neeley T Colts 2nd 28th
John Flynn E Lions 5th 67th
Jim Grisham B Vikings 6th 79th
Larry Brown B Lions 14th 193rd
Ed McQuarters G Cardinals 18th 250th

1964 (3)

Joe Don Looney RB Giants 1st 12th
Glen Condren G Giants 11th 152nd
John Garrett LB Rams
14th 189th

1963 (3)

Jim Cook G Cardinals 8th 101st
Dennis Ward T Eagles 9th 116th
Paul Lee B Cardinals 14th 185th

1961 (3)

Ron Hartline RB Lions 4th 51st
Mike McClellan B 49ers 6th 80th
Phil Loman C Browns 14th 195th

1960 (3)

Prentice Gautt RB Browns 2nd 19th
Bobby Boyd DB Colts 10th 119th
Gilmer Lewis T Packers 20th 233rd

1959 (3)

Dave Baker QB 49ers 1st 5th
Bob Harrison C 49ers 2nd 17th
Ross Coyle E Rams
20th 237th

1958 (4)

Clendon Thomas B Rams
2nd 19th
Bill Krisher G Steelers 3rd 32nd
Doyle Jennings T Steelers 14th 164th
Dennit Morris B 49ers 18th 215th

1957 (7)

Jerry Tubbs C Cardinals 1st 10th
Tommy McDonald WR Eagles 3rd 31st
Jimmy Harris QB Eagles 5th 50th
Billy Pricer B Colts 6th 65th
Ed Gray T Rams
7th 75th
Bob Derrick B Cardinals 12th 142nd
Tom Emerson G Bears 28th 336th

1956 (4)

Cecil Morris G Packers 4th 44th
Bob Burris B Packers 6th 68th
Bo Bolinger G Cardinals 13th 149th
Joe Mobra E Browns 20th 241st

1955 (6)

Max Boydston E Cardinals 1st 2nd
Kurt Burris C Browns 1st 13th
Buddy Leake B Packers 3rd 29th
Bob Herndon B Cardinals 16th 182nd
Steve Champlin T Browns
18th 217th
Carl Allison B Bears 22nd 263rd

1954 (4)

Larry Grigg B Colts 2nd 16th
Merrill Green W Redskins 10th 116th
Roger Nelson T Redskins 14th 164th
J.D. Roberts G Packers 17th 195th

1953 (6)

Billy Vessels B Colts 1st 2nd
Eddie Crowder QB Giants 2nd 22nd
Buck McPhail B Colts 3rd 26th
Tom Catlin C Colts 4th 38th
Dick Bowman G Giants
15th 177th
Tom Carroll B Rams 15th 180th

1952 (2)

Jim Weatherall T Eagles 2nd 17th
Ed Rowlands T Browns 16th 192nd

1951 (6)

Leon Heath B Redskins 1st 4th
Clair Mayes G Bears 8th 95th
Nolan Lang B Rams 9th 107th
Frankie Anderson E Lions 11th 128th
Ed Lisak G Bears
19th 229th
Jim Owens E Cardinals 23rd 271st

1950 (6)

George Thomas B Redskins 1st 6th
Stan West G Rams 1st 12th
Leon Manley G Packers 7th 82nd
Dee Andros G Cardinals 14th 177th
Darrell Royal B Bulldogs
20th 250th
George Brewer B Lions 21st 265th

1949 (2)

Myrl Greathouse B Cardinals 7th 62nd
Jim Owens E Steelers 23rd 225th

1949 (2)

Nute Trotter T Yanks 17th 149th
Ray Pearcy C Redskins 18th 158th

1947 (7)

John Repacz C Yanks 3rd 15th
Paul (Buddy) Burns G Packers 5th 31st
Dave Wallace B Cardinals 11th 90th
Charley Sarratt B Cardinals 12th 101st
Jack Mitchell B Packers 14th 122nd
Wade Walker T Cardinals 22nd 201st
Bill Morris E Bears 27th 255th

1946 (5)

Joe Golding B Cardinals 5th 31st
Thurman Tigart G Yanks 6th 42nd
Tom Tallchief T Steelers 15th 133rd
Derald Lebow B Rams 23rd 220th
John West B Rams 32nd 300th

1945 (4)

W.G. (Dub) Wooten E Rams 3rd 21st
Lee Kennon T Rams 18th 180th
Stan Green T Lions 25th 260th
Don Fauble B Dodgers 28th 288th

1944 (5)

Jim Tyree E Dodgers 12th 111th
Ed Davis B Bears 22nd 227th
Clare Morford G Yanks 22nd 230th
Max Fischer C Lions 23rd 223rd
Joe Golding B Dodgers 27th 276th

1943 (4)

Homer Simmons T Rams 10th 85th
Walt (Dub) Lamb E Bears 10th 89th
Bill Campbell B Cardinals 17th 153rd
Huel Hamm B Lions 25th 231st

1942 (4)

Jack Jacobs B Rams 2nd 12th
Roger Eason T Rams 3rd 17th
Orville Matthews B Rams 5th
Marvin Whited B Redskins 15th 136th

1941 (2)

Hal Lahar G Bears 9th 79th
Johnny Martin B Bears 14th 128th

1940 (9)

Dick Favor B Eagles 3rd 17th
Cecil Shirk E Cardinals 4th 26th
Frank Ivy E Steelers 4th 27th
J.R. Manley G Packers 9th 79th
Bob Seymour B Redskins 10th 88th
Alton Coppage E Cardinals 13th 111th
Justin Bowers T Lions 13th 116th
Beryl Clark B Cardinals 16th 141st
Ralph Stephenson G Rams 18th 165th

1939 (5)

Waddy Young E Dodgers 3rd 20th
Hugh McCullough B Steelers 4th 26th
Earl Crowder QB Cardinals 10th 82nd
Jim Thomas G Cardinals 12th 102nd
Gil Duggan T Giants 15th 140th

1938 (2)

Pete Smith E Lions 2nd 15th
Ed Parks C Redskins 9th 79th

1937 (3)

William Breeden E Steelers 3rd 25th
Elmo "Bo" Hewes B Steelers 4th 35th
Bill "Red" Conkright C Bears 5th 48th

1936 (1)

J.W. Wheeler T Packers 2nd 16th
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