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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 31, 2009
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"Compliments to Kansas State. It was a well-played football game on both sides. Exciting overall our play through the whole day to come back in the second half, to answer back anytime they came up and got a touchdown. Really pleased overall just with everything we have gone through offensively through the year with personnel changes and all, to answer back and to keep answering back was really special.
"Defensively there in the fourth quarter they came up with a few stops when we had to have them. It was a positive game that way. No turnovers for us was really great. I thought we ran the ball and that was really positive.
"Really excited about what Landry Jones did today again with a host of receivers that really stepped up. Ryan Broyles had a huge day and Pooh (Adron) Tennell came up with some nice catches to overcome a first and forever. Really excited about Landry and our overall execution to overcome it. Displeased with of course the penalties that put is in that position, but excited in the way we were able to overcome it when we really had to. All of that was really positive and excited about the win."

On OU's play makers during third and long all day:
"I thought the line held up and protected. Landry threw good balls. Those guys came up in open spaces and caught the ball better, and we made more competitive plays that way. It was good to see our running game be productive. I thought Chris (Brown) and DeMarco (Murray) really ran physical."

On Ryan Broyles:
"The guy is something. He is really talented with his quickness, ability to make big plays, make people miss him right after the catch. He is a great competitor."

On his team's red zone performance:
"That was really positive to have all touchdowns. That's a big factor in the game to punch the ball in when we had our chances. I thought Kevin Wilson and our offensive coaches have done an excellent job to continually mold our offense with the changes we have had to make. Today I thought we were really sharp. We started the game in a really good way and in the second half they answered back when they had to. It was pleasing."

On Landry Jones' 14-for-14 performance in the last two scoring drives:
"The young guy has done an awesome job. He is just really poised and trusts the young guys around him. He will get better too. There are still some spots out there that he'll see, geez I could have gone a few different places. He throws a good ball and stayed in there and did a nice job with it."

On defending the downhill run game:
"They do an excellent job of using the quarterback in the run game, so right there they are outnumbering you and then changing up their fits and gaps and where they are going with the football. They caught us a few times, but overall I thought we really held up in the first half and were really strong. In the second half, they worked us a little bit but we came up with those stops in the fourth with the last couple of drives when we really had to."

On Dejuan Miller:
"Dejuan (Miller) made some really good plays and competitive plays. It appears to me that a lot of those guys are just settling in and getting more comfortable competing in those moments and making those plays they are capable of making."

On Quinton Carter:
"He had a big night. Tackling was excellent. His run fits and all, covered well and had a big interception towards the end."
  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On Landry Jones:
“Yeah, he settled down and I don’t think it was just him or the whole group.  It was really nice to see in the end, the way Kansas State was playing, our offense responded with a couple of really good drives and overcame a couple of negative plays too. I think that Landry played really solid in the end.”

On overcoming first and 45 in the fourth quarter:
“My first idea was that we had so many negative plays that I ran it, to settle everybody down and see where we were at and see if we could get in that 50 yard field goal range. As we always tell the quarterbacks, you don’t have to throw it and both of those throws were check down throws. When it is third and real long, and you throw it underneath and make a guy miss, getting the ball in space is good. So the nice thing is that Landry (Jones) didn’t force it.”

On Ryan Broyles:
“Yeah, he just catches the ball around five (yards) and makes 10 or 15 out of it. You don’t force it to him when it is covered, but you can get him the ball in space and he will make a guy miss.”

On Oklahoma offense:
“The running backs did well and we got it running down hill a little bit better. It was nice for a couple other tight ends to step up a bit and we had some continuity. We got into a rhythm and did some things better this week than we did last week.”  

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On Kansas State offense:
“I thought that we gave up some third downs and they did a good job of converting. In spurts, I don’t think that we tackled the way we are capable of tackling and we didn’t contain the quarterback at times on some pressure. I think that they did a good job and they never gave you a steady dose of one thing.”

On Grant Gregory:
“Even though we were after him, we were still trying to make adjustments. We hit them just right a few times early in the first quarter and they kept us off balance. They made some plays to get themselves back in it.

On defending the Kansas State Wildcat offense:
“Anytime, that the guy getting the ball from the shotgun can run with the football with a couple of blockers, it makes it difficult.  They have you outnumbered to a certain degree and it is a downhill play. It is not a normal play, it is a downhill play.”
  Junior DE Jeremy Beal

On the performance of the defense:
“Everyone was good.  We had some adversity there in the second half.  It was good to go through that and get a win like that.”

On the offense:
“I thought the offense played exceptionally well.  Especially in the second half when they answered every time they scored.  That helped us out a lot.  The defense, we didn’t play as well as we needed to, especially in the second half, but we came out in the fourth and made some key stops that helped us to a win.”

  Sophomore WR Ryan Broyles

On the performance of the wide receivers:
“It’s good when guys step up, it’s definitely a good thing.  We just have to keep moving up from here.  We have a lot of talent and a lot of guys have the chance to play, we just have to make the best of it.”

On the younger wide receivers:
“I tell all the guys that anybody can make plays.  You have to get out there and make an opportunity and you have to make it happen when you get the chance.  I’m glad the guys did.”

On the offensive performance during the fourth quarter:
“We definitely stepped up.  After the first half, we came in here and made some corrections.  We kind of settled down and we knew we had to make plays.  Landry (Jones) definitely stepped up.”

  Junior DB Quinton Carter

On his performance:
“I just think they ran to my side a lot.  I had a lot of fits and had a lot of chances to make a lot of plays.  I just try to tackle better and I did that.”

On his improvements this season:
“Just getting experience, being able to read the quarterbacks better, being able to break down film better, really just the whole feeling of the game and the whole speed of the game.  I have been adjusting pretty well.”

  R-Freshman QB Landry Jones

On the first-and-45:
“I was just thinking take care of the ball. If it’s the route that’s not there, take your checks down and let your playmakers go run. And fortunately for us, Ryan [Broyles] made a great play on that third down and got the first down for us.”

On the performance of Ryan Broyles:
“He is just a playmaker. That’s all you can define him as. You go out there and put it in his hands and he’s going to make something happen.”

On the performance of the offense:
“We stepped up, and in the second half, we just got things rolling again like we did at Kansas. We just have to keep it going and get better every week.”

On his confidence leading the team:
“Every game you just have to keep getting better. And I’m getting better. I’m seeing the stuff easier out on the field and seeing the coverages more.”

On his confidence in his receivers:
“I don’t know if it’s knowing which guys are standing out and making plays. I have confidence in all my receivers. It’s just getting the ball to them and putting it on target and they’re going to make plays for me.”

  Sophomore WR Dejuan Miller

On his game performance:
“I felt like I was getting my chance to show what I can do. I’m more talented. I don’t want to sound too cocky, but that’s just the inner confidence that I have in myself that I know I can play at a high level. When my number is called on third down, those catches are the biggest catches for me and to keep the drive alive and to keep it going. I felt real good today. I felt in a rhythm, and we really came out with a good victory today.”

On the performance of the offense:
“The offense knew that we needed to go out and every time we touch the ball, score. Whether it’s a touchdown or a field goal because we knew at that point the defense was kind of struggling, so we knew we had to pick up the slack.”

  Junior RB DeMarco Murray

On Quarterback Landry Jones’ performance:
“Landry is growing each week. He’s a great player and a great competitor. He knows the job is his now, and he’s a great guy.”

On the overall game performance:
“It was good for us to be on top in the fourth quarter and have a close game. I don’t think we’ve done that yet, so that was a good job by us. We completed the challenge. It was a great game. Kansas State played their hearts out. We were just able to come out on top this week.”

On the offense  helping out the defense:
“We know how talented our defense is. The thing is we just have to play smarter. We can’t have forced turnovers. All year long the defense helped out the offense. They gave us opportunity after opportunity, so tonight was our turn to help the defense and keep them off the field.”

On preparing for the game this week after missing a game due to injury:
“It was a little tough. I wasn’t sure I was going to play this game until we were stretching. It was tough missing last week. It was a great rest for my body, but it was hard.”

  Head Coach Bill Snyder

On what pleased you the most and message to the team:

“Not a whole lot. That we had a chance to do something that really would have been something special in their lives and we failed to do it. We didn’t coach them well enough to get what we needed accomplished. “

On difference between the first and second half:
“We moved the ball a little bit better and got some points on the board. We didn’t play any better defense really. We were stifled on all our kickoff returns until the second half.”

On Daniel’s performance:
”He played well, played hard and I was pleased about that. He threw a duck up there that we managed to catch.”

On Brandon Banks:
“Brandon played well in a lot of different ways. Obviously with things that you see, he caught the ball well. You begin to expect him to do some things with kickoff returns. But I thought he went up and competed well and made some catches in coverage and went up and made some that normally a guy that is 5-foot and a half inch tall wouldn’t make against a 6-foot corner but he did.”

On what this says about your team:
“You have got to be proud of the fact that they didn’t give up, which I am. On certain areas that we have played better and not giving up and playing better was the most important thing to us and I think we did that. You know when you do those things and take it a step at a time, a play at a time, then all of a sudden you have got a chance and you are back in the ball game. But when they have got the ball and its first and 100 and then they end up getting a first down you have got some real problems.”

On what happened at the beginning of the game...was it the speed?
“We kicked the ball out-of-bounds at the beginning to the 40-yard line and the game had hardly gotten started and they’ve got 14 points on the board. I think they had gotten a total of 96 yards, or so, field position and then the offense was pretty poor with minus nine yards. And why, I don’t know. Probably because I made them work too hard and they are tired.”

On scoring on OU’s defense in consecutive drives:
“Well one of those was on a kickoff return but I thought our offense did some good things. We threw the ball better and made some catches and made some plays. We had some guys that stepped up and made some plays that maybe we hadn’t seen as frequently as we should have one that side of the ball.”

On what you will take out of this game and with you to next week against Kansas:
“A loss is a loss. I think the fact that the youngsters did come back and made the effort and got back in the ball game, I think that’s a positive. I don’t know though, this is the first time I have been around them and I still don’t know how they respond. I mean the Texas Tech loss you go down and get beat 1,000 to nothing and then you turn around the next week and beat a Texas A&M team pretty good and everything goes right for a couple quarters and a few minutes. So I don’t know in all honesty. They ought to be upset and disappointed that they lost a ball game against no matter who it is.
"That was a great football team down here at Oklahoma but you ought to be disappointed you lost because that is what the competitive nature is all about. We will find out over the weekend and on Monday. If indeed that is the case then I think they will recommit themselves and try to continue to get better. And in some form or fashion, we did get a little bit better today in some areas, but not collectively. But Oklahoma had a lot to do with that.”

  K-State WR Brandon Banks

On the attitude on the sideline when Kansas State was down 21-0:
“You know, we had a pretty good attitude.  We had to rally up on the sideline and we came together by cheering our team on the offensive side of the ball and defensive side of the ball to keep pushing, which we did.”

On if this is the best they’ve played offensively all year:
“Oh yeah.  I think that’s the best we’ve played all season.  We were moving the ball.  We made a couple mistakes and penalties, and took a couple of timeouts that we didn’t want to because of the play clock, but we played real good.”

On how it feels to have the best offensive game against the OU defense:
“It means a lot because our next game is against a Big 12 North team.  We’re trying to stay on top of the North, so hopefully we can continue to do that and carry on next week.”

On the positive things he took from this game:
“That we were capable of moving the ball anytime we want to.  I think we have a little more confidence on the offensive side of the ball and just knowing that we can put points on the board. Thirty points tonight, we’re pretty excited about that.”

  K-State DB Darious Thomas

On the first and 45 conversion for Oklahoma:
“That would have been a major stop for us.  We just didn’t come up to the best of our ability.  We had the momentum, we just didn’t get the first down stop.” 

On mentality of team in the locker room after the game:
“We hurt, but we still have to move on.  We have another game next week.  We’re playing a good football team.  We’re playing another good football team next week. Just got to bounce back.”

On being down 21-0 at the beginning of the game:
“We didn’t quit.  We were still in the game.  We knew that it was going to be a good game.  Although they came out 21-0, we hung in there.”

On why Oklahoma came out ahead 21-0:
“The game was moving too fast.  We had to slow it down a little bit.”

On how he felt on playing tonight:
“I knew I had to play.  I knew it was my time to get it done.”



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