Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale:
"I was pleased with our effort in the first half. I thought we played uninspired in the second half. We don't have an excuse for playing unfocused. We really got up to control the first half of play. I thought that all five starters did a great job. This is a good game to prepare us for two tough games in Texas. I thought our transition offense in the first half really was a factor for this win. I think this will help us in conference play."

"Our team's chemistry is improving. It gets stronger each time we come out to play a game. The players are becoming more consistent, and that gives the team production with one another."

Oklahoma Sophomore Guard Stacey Dales:
"I thought that we put out a great team effort tonight. We really got out on the court and had chemistry with each other. When we go out to have fun, we play as a better unit. I am really comfortable playing at point guard and two position."