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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 16, 2010
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"I was really just pleased overall with all of the players. I thought they executed really solid throughout the evening. Couldn't ask for much more. Run blocking, pass blocking, executions, penalty-free. They took care of the ball well all but one time. I thought Landry Jones was once again just sensational. That guy just continues to get better and better, and guys around him are playing well. I'm really proud of DeMarco Murray setting the record for touchdowns. You talk about a special record, you know, with the great history of all of the great players that we've had, all of the All-Americans and special, special running backs, for him to have that record is really special. We're just proud of him. Ryan Broyles once again was just unbelievable. He just amazes me sometimes when I'm on the sideline. That guy just amazes me every weekend. So a lot of solid play. The o-line was great, the defense was really solid, just disciplined, tackled well, played well and covered well, just a solid day. The last couple years I think the quarterback has always done a really good job. You watch all of last year and this year and I'm really proud of the guys and they we played."

On Landry Jones' play:
"It's clean play at the line of scrimmage, getting communicated, without having procedures, not having problems with motion. And, you know, all of those different screens off of our run game. Those don't happen when the ball is thrown behind you and when he has to stop for the ball. When you watch sometimes other people it goes that way. He's hitting people right on stride. The timing is where it needs to be. He's playing great and I just think he's going to continue to get better. He is a hard worker, he's got talent and the guys around him are starting to play better."

On the state of the team halfway through the season:

"Everybody wants to label all of these teams, which obvious by what happened around the country today, and in the three or four weeks, five weeks, and some people had soft schedules and some people haven't been on the road. There are all kinds of different reasons. And I have not been totally pleased at all with where we were, but I felt we were getting better. I felt like a lot of the issues we had in a lot of areas were correctable. We were not asking guys to do things they couldn't do and we would improve. We are a really young team. And the better teams, as you go through the year, make fewer mistakes, play better, play stronger, play more consistent as you go through. And that's what I told our team coming into this game. That's what we needed to see if we have a chance to have a special year. Be a really good team for while, but we had to make this improvement and not have the few breakdowns that we had in some other games. And our guys did it. We are halfway through the year and the whole big half is coming. In the end, we are so far from the finished product because all of the young guys we have, we have to keep being hungry to get better and improve."

On playing Missouri next week:
"We are going up to play a 6-0 team at Missouri and they're not handing anything out. Right now that means absolutely nothing. Our whole deal is to build on today, to be better, improve and get better."
On Roy Finch:
"You can see why we want him on the field. These guys have a lot to learn and they are exciting. Along with the rest of this freshman class that everybody's been talking about. These guys don't take a back seat to anyone. They have a chance to be really good."

On Frank Alexander:

"Frank seemed to play well. It's hard for me, the lines guys are hard to see, but we're always happy with Frank. Everybody's made too much of a deal. He plays a lot in every game and those guys are always rotating. Whether they start or not they always end up by the end of the night having some number of stats."

On the run game:
"It's always exciting to run the football. And running the football sets up a lot of things. It sets up all those screens, all the play action passing, and it leads to a lot. It can lead to a lot."
  Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

On going to Ryan Broyles and the option:
"A couple times he (Landry Jones) threw it, I was kind of mad about. It still worked. We are trying to get Ryan touches. We have been doing that for many years. It's part of the offense."

On the freshmen's performance:
"Roy's [Finch] first time, we thought he could give us a little juice, play making ability. We have some young guys we want to play and sometimes we have to play through some hiccups and growing pains. It was nice to get Roy going."

On Murray's record:
"He's played on the No. 1 and No. 3 teams (scoring) teams in school history. We're not too bad now. It's a different era where all the passing games, more plays, the clock stops. When Steve Owens and the wishbone guys played there weren't as many plays. He is getting more opportunities. He would probably be pretty gracious to a lot of players over the years who helped him get it done."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On Travis Lewis:
"Travis is very proud and has been around some good defenses. He knows what good defense is and what it looks like. He backs it up with his preparation and investment."

On the young players:
"All those guys played hard. Jackie (Shipp) does a great job of getting them ready. They made it difficult for them to throw the football. Defense played really well."

On the shutout:

"I'm happier we played well and played for four quarters. The end result was a shutout. They are hard to get and we realize that's the same team that put of 52 points on Texas Tech. The shutout is a by-product of the investment and hard work and playing with an attitude where our guys were on edge, guys were doing their job. We played much closer to where we are capable of playing."

On Austin Box:
"I'm very, very pleased and happy for him. He was looking at a possibility of ending his career as of x-number of weeks ago, so to see him go back out there and play well and sure of himself I was very surprised. He went out and played like his old self."
  Junior WR Ryan Broyles

On Landry Jones:
"He played very consistently. That's what we want, and that's what we expect from Landry. We definitely worked on that through this off-season and the confidence is paying off in his receivers and offensive line and things are starting to click. Everyone has good games and bad games and this was a good game for him. You expected the ball to be in the right place and he put it there."

On his performance:
"It felt like practice. I get a bunch of balls in practice, just like in the game. I'm blessed with the opportunity. Play calls, Landry throwing me the ball, the line is blocking, so I'm just blessed all around."

  Junior DE Frank Alexander

On the victory:
"It was a good win. We came out there and had to prove a goal. Everybody played hard and we accomplished that goal. I felt like I had something to prove to myself and to the team. Overall, I wanted to do better, but I felt good getting out there and playing better. We are ready to take the team on the road. Travis Lewis was talking about making the same preparation that we took this last week, for next week. So that's what we are planning on doing."
  Freshman RB Roy Finch

On playing as a freshman:
"Its really encouraging to know that my fellow freshmen teammates are playing because you see them making plays and you know you're just as good. You're happy for them and you just want to go out there and make plays with them."

On summer and practice:
"We put in so much work this summer. Two-a-days was the hardest time of my life. I wanted to go home, I was crying everyday. It was something I had to build on and become a man. I had to grow up. We work so hard every day at practice and what you see is not a gimmick. It's just something that we do every week."
  Sophomore QB Landry Jones

On his solid performance:
"It comes through the week. Prepare like we are supposed to, and I went out there and executed. There were a couple of passes that weren't exactly where I wanted them to be, but all in all, it was a good night. I feel like I have had a couple of good games like Florida State and Cincinnati, but this one was a really special night and it felt good."

On the importance of the team improving each week:
"We felt like we were finally putting a complete game together. We feel like this week, we actually came out and played the whole time like we were supposed to. It was finally what we were looking for, and I know the defense felt really good about putting the first and second halves together."

On playing Missouri next week:

"It's exciting. We are going to get to play a great team and it's a really big match up. The game against Missouri is really going to be a great game."
  Junior LB Travis Lewis

On OU's defensive play:
"We were the most healthy we have been all season. We are up in that 90 percent range. I was the healthiest I have been all season. The last two weeks we have really changed. We don't want to be as inconsistent and we were really trying to put two complete games together."

On the defense having something to prove:
"It's huge to put a game like this together right before Missouri. It was nice to put all three phases together and prove that we could do this. But there really isn't much to celebrate. We have a lot ahead of us."

On where OU should be in the BCS:
"We don't deserve to be number one. We have only put two good weeks together. We need to bring ourselves together. We need to prove to the nation that we really deserve it. We don't deserve it. Put Boise State, Oregon or someone else up there. Let us work our way up there."
  Senior RB DeMarco Murray

On breaking the career touchdowns record:
"It's great. The Lord has blessed me tremendously. My offensive line has done a great job blocking and making holes, so I give credit to Jesus, and I give credit to my line."

On the win:
"It's the best one all year, but we can definitely do a lot better. We left some points out there and Iowa State is a great team and has a great defense. We can definitely get better."
  Head Coach Paul Rhoads

On Oklahoma's individual playmakers being the difference in the game:
"They're great players. They played fast, they executed well, maintained blocks. You didn't see our guys getting off blocks and making plays. Much better execution by their football team."
On pulling Senior quarterback Austen Arnaud out of the game in the third quarter:
"We would have played Jermone (Tiller) tonight regardless and at that particular time, it was time to make a change and see what he could do with the football team."
On how the team needs to move on after tonight's loss:
"Keep working, you just keep working. Our schedule is tough, we just talked about that it won't get any easier. We play Texas next week, who just beat an undefeated Nebraska team. You go back to work, you practice and you prepare."
On the team's injury situation:
"The one that appeared the most serious was Rashawn Parker, a knee injury. Won't know until we get back and get him worked on and look at it tomorrow. Darius Darks took a shot to the ribs he had x-rays and they showed up negative, he will be very limited in practice and hopefully make it back for next Saturday's game."
  Punter Kirby Van Der Kamp

On kicking in his biggest stadium to-date:
"I am so focused on the ball that it doesn't really effect me. Before the game when I walked out there I was pretty amazed, but during the game I didn't notice it."
On punting to Ryan Broyles:
"I just tried to get the ball to our side of coverage and have faith in them. I had a few good balls that were inside the 10 that he left alone which really helped."

On the mood of the team:
"Of course after a loss like this it would be down, but tomorrow is a new day. We just have to watch film, put it behind us and learn from our mistakes definitely. Not to forget it, but to keep pushing forward. "
  Defensive Back Ter'Ran Benton

On OU's offense:
"I can tell you that they're coachable. They're very disciplined and very physical."
On OU's speed and tempo on offense:
"Very fast. But it's not like we couldn't keep up with them. What makes them really fast is that they're physical with their speed. When they were getting back on the ball, we were still looking at the sidelines. By the time we look up, the linemen and the receivers were all in our face. We practiced the tempo but it was totally different when we got out there."

On Ryan Broyles:
"He was getting open. He is a good receiver. Sometimes it was like a turtle guarding a rabbit. The next thing you know he was open. He has good hands and he caught everything that was thrown to him."
  Running Back Jeff Woody

On the team's mood:
"You can probably guess that one. We just got beat, 52-0. It's not real great. We're upset about the loss. We had about four guys go down with injuries, bumps and bruises. So it's kind of a frustration. It's what you would think it would be."
On regrouping:
"We get back to work. We didn't have the best week of practice. It's something we have to change going into this next week against Texas."

On what went wrong:
"We're playing the No. 6 team in the country. They're coming off of a bye week and we're coming off a beat down from Utah. We came down and they hit us hard. We couldn't hit them back as fast as we needed to. The momentum of the game carried the rest."



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