March 22, 2003

2003 NCAA Women's Basketball First and Second Rounds
Lloyd Noble Center - Norman, Okla.
Host: University of Oklahoma

Head Coach Myndi Hill

On the tournament:
"We're excited to be back in the NCAA tournament this year. It's been a great trip out here and Oklahoma has done a terrific job so far with everything. We know we have a tough challenge ahead of us with Villanova. They're a solid ball club offensively and defensively. Coach Perretta is one of the best coaches out there. We're exited about the tough challenge. We're going to have to play the best game we have played all year as a team in order to come away with a win. I don't think that scares us because this same team, minus one player, was in this exact position last year. We're not asking our players to give their best individual performance, just the best game we can play as a team. This tournament is not just icing on the cake for us. That is not our attitude. St. Francis has been in the NCAA seven of the last eight years and we want to do more than just one and done."

On neutral site:
"I was more excited about a neutral site than I was the 15th seed. A lot of 15 and 16 seeds aren't doing that because of the predetermined sites for the tournament. A lot of top seeds are still hosting. We were very fortunate to play at a neutral site. In fact, we may have more fans because if I am Oklahoma and George Washington, I would want St. Francis to beat Villanova. This is the first time that we might have more fans as the game progresses than Villanova. I was very excited about the opportunity of playing a top seed away at a neutral site."

Tonjee Ward (Junior, Guard)

On Villanova:
"We've seen highlights and we know they are a good perimeter team. They depend on their guards a lot. If we play the defense we have been playing all season then I think we have a great chance of beating them."

Carlin Chesick (Senior, Forward)

On being seeded 15th:
"It's not frustration because we feel we worked hard. This year we won some non-conference games. Most people think being rewarded with a 15 or 16 seeds means one and done. If we go in and get the job done on defense, play our game and communicate there's no telling what can happen."