Ten Questions with Luke Bryant
November 01, 2011

Nov. 1, 2011

Leading up to the 2012 season, will feature a different track and field student-athlete each week to showcase the Sooners' off-the-track personalities. This week we sat down with senior thrower Luke Bryant.

  1. What's the most random thing you've ever done?
    I do random things every day.
  2. What's your best asset?
    My work ethic
  3. If you could relive one moment what would it be?
    2010 Big 12 Outdoor Championships
  4. If you could be one age forever, how old would you be?
  5. If you could play any other sport what would it be?
  6. Who is your dream date and where would you take her?
    Scarlett Johansson. I'd take her anywhere she wants to go.
  7. If you could be one animal, what would it be?
    A shark
  8. What's your favorite home-cooked meal?
  9. What's your biggest obsession?
    Dr. Pepper
  10. What's one thing your teammates don't know about you?
    I grew up on a farm.
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