April 4, 2002

Ohio State Head Coach Miles Avery

On Ohio State:
"I told our team to go out and have fun today. We expected to qualify, but we really struggled and had a rough competition. It was not at all what I expected, but we survived and advanced."

On Raj Bhavsar:
"He is our go-to guy and we really needed him today. He was great. He was only scheduled to participate in two events today, but we needed him in all of them. He is a great all-around performer."

Michigan Head Coach Kurt Golder

On Michgan:
"I think today went very well because we had a high hit percentage at 83 percent, which is an improvement since we have struggled this year."

On Kris Zimmerman's injury:
"He jammed his ankle, so we pulled him out of the meet today. We have already had it x-rayed and it was negative, so we will wait and see if he will be able to go tomorrow."

Stanford Head Coach Sadao Hamada

On Stanford:
"Obviously, we came here to finish in the top three today and we did. However, our performance was very off today. Luckily, there weren't any serious disasters, because I don't know how much more stress I can take. I am happy to have qualified for tomorrow."

On the pressure to advance:
"There was much more pressure today because you just want to qualify. Tomorrow there will be less pressure because we will just go for it and see what happens."