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NOVEMBER 26, 2011
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"Good football game today. I credit Paul Rhoades and their staff for continuing to do a great, great job. They came in here hot on a three-game winning streak. We both played under some adverse conditions, and it had an effect on the game. I really feel overall, our players, for the most part, handled it pretty well. I thought Landry [Jones] threw the football really well, considering the conditions. I thought overall we ran the football really well. I didn't realize we ran for 253 [yards], but I guess that's really pleasing on a day like today. I thought the o-line blocked really well, protected and ran the ball. A lot of guys stepped up and did well defensively. I thought the guys tackled well. The big key was really limiting their run game. I thought, for the most part, we did that. It was a good solid day. Mike Hunnicutt was really good kicking the football."

On defense:
"I'm very pleased. The only touchdown they get came off a muffed punt. That sets them up down there. The rest of the day, they don't really get near the goal line and didn't really approach many field goals. It was pleasing to play soundly and to limit them the way we were able to."

On the lack of offensive big plays:
"Hopefully we can get more of them, but today it was tough getting them. I don't know if today was a good gauge of that. It was hard getting the ball down field. Even if you had somebody you didn't know where the wind was going to blow it to. You really had to drive the ball. On some of the intermediate stuff, I thought Landry was really special. We had some of our better drives in the second quarter when we were into the wind. Hopefully, on a decent day, we can find some more big plays."

On the big rushing performance:
"It's always ongoing and each game is different, but running the football sets up a lot of opportunities. Hopefully we will continue to play that way and have some bigger and better runs the way we've been doing."

On Brandon Williams:
"He's playing a bigger and bigger role. He gives you a spark. He is a fast guy, strong runner and very capable. We hope that will continue here with this game coming and the bowl game. He's been developing through the whole year, but he's just shown in the last few games to be reliable by taking care of the football and knowing his assignments. Those kinds of things. He's just getting better and better."
On the challenges of Blake Bell's package:
"I'm not overly surprised (about Iowa State stopping Bell). The more people watch it and the more we do it, we are going to have to adjust it. I think some of that is, the more you do it, the more you're ready for some of the things people are going to do [defensively].It was a little more challenging, but some of it was good too."

On potentially sharing Big 12 Championship:
"What happened to the one true champion that was promoted when I was down there for Big 12 media day? Isn't that what everyone talked about? Wasn't that the whole promotion? So, that isn't the case now? Well I don't know. All I know is that's what was told, as if the other seven [championships] that we had won weren't true. We had to play for them. In the end, that's all I heard. One true champion. So that's what was trumpeted. That means if they [Oklahoma State] win, they are the champions. If we win, we are since we would have beaten K-State and them. It's pretty simple math to me."

  Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On how Landry Jones played:
"He really got it going offensively. The wind was not much of a factor for him in the second quarter (against the wind). He did a really good job of driving the ball, and making some good decisions."

On play calling with poor weather conditions:
"The wind was going both directions. It was a strong north to south, and there were some cross winds in there too. You play a little more, I don't really want to say conservative, but some of the deep passes and shots down the field are tough to take."
On Brandon Williams' play:
"He is a guy that is going to continue to play more. He has earned that opportunity with the way he has practiced. He is playing well when he has the opportunity to get in there. He has the ability to be explosive and make people miss. He has great vision."

On if this is what he wanted going into Bedlam next week:
"We got a 'W', and a chance to play for a conference championship, that's what you are looking for. I think our running game did a really good job. You look at the first half, with the snap over the head, and you lose a bunch of yards there. We were pretty efficient in the run game though. Next week is going to be a big challenge. They are a great football team. They have had a tremendous year. Our kids look forward to going down there and getting to play."

On how he coaches his other receivers with Broyles out:
"You can't replace a guy like Ryan Broyles. You know Jaz Reynolds was out today too. Guys, when given the opportunity to come in and play at a high level, have done well. Dejuan Miller's attitude, his effort and his ability to make competitive plays was really good."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the defense's performance:
"Obviously, pleased with our guys. Their attitude and how they flew around. They were very physical against a physical Iowa State team. Iowa State is playing its best football of the year. Our guys answered a number of challenges throughout the game. Around midfield after turnovers, our guys really responded. Even when Iowa State made some plays, I am really happy with how they responded and handled adverse conditions. It's good to see them smile. It's been a tough week, after an emotional loss last week. With that being said, we still have a Big 12 Championship to play for. We really had to play with everything on the line this week, to have a chance next week. We are really happy for them, and glad that we are in the position that we are."

On the weather conditions:
"Facing the wind is a challenge. The things you do coverage wise changes at times. I would be lying if I said the weather does not factor into that. Especially the way that wind was howling."

On facing Oklahoma State next week:
"They have only stopped themselves really, if they haven't had success. They do a great job. The quarterback is a fabulous player. He is as good as there is in the country. They have great receivers. They have done a terrific job with a group of guys to hook them in to have success all year. They are probably the best offensive line that we have seen all year. They have great backs. They are just a great, complete unit. Despite not winning a week ago, it will be a great, great challenge for us. We have not had the success against other passing teams this year, that we would have liked. There is not a better time than now, to have our best performance of the year."

On how to prepare his players for Oklahoma State:
"I don't even have to challenge our players. They now. Kids are more into it now than ever. They are exposed to other players. They are very familiar with Oklahoma State. With the success that OSU has had, they have respect for them. It can not get a whole lot better than this. I am happy for us and our players and the position that we are in to play for this. It ought to be a great matchup."

  Senior DE Frank Alexander

On his late game injury:
"Got a pinched nerve. Kind of feel it had popped out of place a little bit. I have to take it slow and get treatment on it and stuff."

On the overall performance:
"Overall game, I feel like both teams played well. Offense and defense stepped up and played good. We complimented each other in certain areas of the game. Iowa State, they're a good team too. They just went down and proved to Oklahoma State that they are good. So I'm not taking away from them. We just had a better game this week."

On his feelings for the OSU game:
"It's going to be real exciting. You're always looking forward to this game. Last game of the regular season. You just want to go out there with a win. For me and the rest of the team we want to be able to say 'We won a Big 12 championship too.' It's going to be real important for us to come out and be hitting on every cylinder this next week."

  Sophomore DB Aaron Corvin

On the Oklahoma State game:
"We're just coming down off this Iowa State game, haven't really thought too much about it, but Oklahoma State's a great team and we'll have to get started on it tomorrow."

On the weather conditions:
"It was cold. The wind was no joke, but sometimes you have to play in that and I feel like we played good."

On how the defense performed:
"Oh yeah, I'm proud of my guys, defense. I feel like the play that they scored on was pretty good too. It was just a lucky tip. I'm proud of the defense. And I feel like our preparation during the week showed today."

  Sophomore DB Tony Jefferson

Thoughts on how defense did today:
"I think we stepped up. There were some mistakes in there that need to be fixed up, but I felt like we went in there and played our game like we should."

Thoughts on defense's ability when playing OSU:
"We know we have a lot of weapons. A lot of guys in their offense are stepping up and they have a very good quarterback. But we know that when our defense is clicking, it is hard to get plays on us. We just have to be focused this whole week and know what we are facing this weekend."

Getting fired up for next weekend:
"I know it is going to be even more hectic this year because it is for the championship (Big 12). I know both teams are going to go in firing out and there are going to be a lot of emotions."

On the weather helping the defense today:
"Yes. We were talking about that, our defensive backs. We were talking about keeping the passes in front of us with the wind blowing like that. But then the next quarter, they would have the wind and they could go deep on us. We held our composure and not everything went our way, but we stood our ground and played good defense."

  Junior QB Landry Jones

On the weather conditions:
"It was bad for sure. The wind made it tough, making the ball sail a little bit, or it would start to duck when you wouldn't think it was. So you had to play and throw it through it. It was tough, but I think the offense, as a unit, did a good job, both offensive line picking it up, or we were getting chunks out of our run game that helped a lot."

Leaving points out on the field:
"Yeah, when you get in the red zone and don't score a touchdown, it can be frustrating but we will get better from it and move on."

On any changes in the playbook with new receivers:
"No. We are still going to do what we are going to do. We have talents in enough guys that we are capable of doing that. The weather was tough today but Dejuan (Miller) played good, Kameel (Jackson), Kenny (Stills) and Trey (Franks) stepped it up for us today too. We got a lot of depth at wide receiver."

  Senior WR Dejuan Miller

On how the weather affected the game:
"I think it was just the off-and-on rain, there was gusting winds. Those aren't ideal conditions for football. But at the end of the day we have to go out and play no matter what the weather is."

On the Oklahoma State game:
"I mean this is big, this is Bedlam, this is for the Big 12 title. That's really enough said, there's nothing really else to say. It's for a trip to a BCS Bowl. OSU is playing for their first BCS appearance ever in their school's history. So this is definitely a huge game. This would definitely be a great way to go out as a senior."

On if the OSU game will be affected by missing key players:
"You could say that but at the same time I still feel like we got weapons back there. We still have Roy [Finch]. Brandon Williams played great today. Brennan [Clay] played good today. Kenny [Stills] always comes to play, Kameel [Jackson] stepped up. So I think we have a lot of guys that as a collective group can step in to fill in for those two guys, Ryan [Broyles] and Dominique [Whaley]. It's going to be hard to replace them, but as a group, as an offensive group, we have to play together and replace those two guys together as a group."

  Sophomore WR Kenny Stills

Does offense change without Ryan Broyles or Jaz Reynolds:
"I feel like it changes in the preparation and in Landry's (Jones) confidence. If the guys can sub in and play, it is not a matter of that, it is more of Landry (Jones) confidence in them and being comfortable with them. "

On the lack of deep passes today:
"I think it was more of the weather. There was no reason to put the ball up in the air because it floating all over the place. We could see it in PAT and go and we felt like we had to take advantage of the underneath slots.

"You could tell that once the ball got up there, that it was floating. There was a lot of dropped balls out there so we felt like there was no reason to put it up there."

On if he has confidence in the offense next week:
"Yes. I feel like our weapons are great and we are excited for next week."

  Head Coach Paul Rhoads

Opening comments:
"Oklahoma is a good football team, obviously an unbelievable defensive football team. You can't turn the ball over like we did and stall so many long drives. At some point you have to find success and get the ball in the end zone, and give your whole football team an energy that gives you a chance to win the football game. They were ranked No. 1 in the country for seven weeks at the start of the season for a good reason; they are a very good football team."

On Jared Barnett's performance:
"There are drops, there is pressure, there was a football team that was dropping eight in coverage and was making sure that he did not escape with his feet and convert in that fashion. Oklahoma had a very good game plan, and it was executed very well. As a redshirt freshman, every game is a learning experience and there will be plenty to learn from this week."

On the turnovers and fumbles:
"We worked on it hard last week, and that is the number one, immediate comment on our headsets. Not only ball security, but exchange practice is what we are doing every day. We got penetration on the first one and they did a great job of punching the ball out, and we can't allow that. The other one was an exchange issue. You can't start slow against a football team like this and expect to establish some type of momentum."

On keeping the emotions up after the victory last week:
"Sunday when we came back to work, my focus was on 'where are we at', and I was quickly able to turn my attention to preparation. We are a confident football team and I do not expect to leave Norman with any less confidence with how we are playing right now."

On the Iowa State defense:
"The guys on the defensive side of the ball are really playing well together. You have pieces that you have to fit together to form a puzzle, and they have that figured out. They are hustling, they are tackling, they are taking the ball away, and we are going to continue to need that to take away two more victories."

On if the Iowa State team felt like they were really in the game after OU scored 20 points:
"We survived. That is what needed to happen with those turnovers and field position. We got out of there with just field goals as opposed to touchdowns. It gave us an opportunity to come in at halftime and make some adjustments and corrections and give our kids some answers. We knew we had to go out there in the second half and not allow them to go down the field and make it a 30-6 football game. We did exactly that, we just couldn't keep rolling into the end zone."

On the false starts:
"When you are playing against a defensive front that is as quick and as athletic and strong as they are, you better be ready to move at the snap of the ball so you can execute your block. As that cadence was being called, defensively for them, our guys were just a little anxious and were moving way too much. There is just no excuse, you can't do it."

On Landry Jones:
"I just think he is an exceptional quarterback. Yes, certainly he can throw the ball really well. Each spread offense is a little different, he manages theirs at their line of scrimmage, and he does a lot of the work. He gets the ball snapped when the defense is looking around so they can go out there and execute their play. He provides a multiple offense that you have to master and I just think he is a really, really fine football player. I think he is the fourth quarterback that we have faced this year that will be a first-round draft pick."

On how in the past OU dominated and how it didn't seem that way this game:
"It never felt like that. We never felt like we were out of the football game until we converted the last fourth down. We were ready to close it to 26-13 and we tried to get an onside kick to try and get another quick score, but when that didn't happen it was the first time that we realized that the clock was against us and we probably weren't going to win the football game today. Our football team did not feel that way; we did not get pushed around like we did last time we were here in Norman. We have shown continued signs of growth and development for the Iowa State football program."

  R-Freshman OL Tom Farniok

On what hurt the offense:
"We just made mistakes. At points you make mistakes. If there's a silver lining in it, that's what it is because a lot of the stuff was self-inflicted. Obviously they made plays; they're really good players. With stuff that's self-inflicted, it should be easily fixable."

On the string of false starts:
"They had something that sounded a lot like our snap count, so I don't know what that was about. I called snap counts so I wasn't really listening to them that much. But that background noise, you hear it every now and then. So that could make me flinch a little bit or something."

On redshirt Sophomore RB Jeff Woody's performance:
"Jeff came in and played hard. Our running backs ran hard. I think we ran the ball for 130 yards. I think they had a good game. But anytime you turn the ball over, and I think we turned it over five times and three of them were total killers, it really wears on you."

  Junior LB Jake Knott

On facing an elite offense:
"Throughout the year, we've known that we're a great defense. We can hang with anybody. It's just about how we play. After the Missouri game, we rededicated ourselves. Our last few weeks, we've been playing really good football on the defensive side and offensive side."
  Sophomore DE Patrick Neal

On the mood in the locker room during halftime:
"There was a pretty positive buzz in the locker room. We had about the same deficit we had last week against Oklahoma State. Obviously we would have liked to be in better shape, but we thought we could come into the second half with a shot."

On seeing new formations from Oklahoma:
"We hadn't really seen an option from them, especially in those formations, so I thought they did a good job coming up with some new schemes and some new plays to keep us off balance."

On the comparison between Landry Jones and Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weedon:
"They're two elite quarterbacks. This league has a lot of great quarterbacks. I couldn't really tell a difference between them; they're both great quarterbacks."

On regaining focus after the big win last week against Oklahoma State:
"We celebrated. We enjoyed it Friday and Saturday. But I felt we came back to work. We watched the game film Sunday and then we got back to work on Oklahoma. Our focus was good for preparation, just like the previous four or five weeks."




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